Auf Wiedersehen Pet - Season 2

ITV (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Quo Vadis, Pet
    Quo Vadis, Pet
    Episode 13
    Barry has a dilemma, which of the lads should he choose as his best man? Ally travels to Switzerland and Tangiers to collect his money, while he's away, Oz takes the opportunity to get close to Vicki. That's not the end of his luck either, his numbers come up in the Spanish lottery.moreless
  • For Better or Worse
    For Better or Worse
    Episode 12
    Ally sends Dennis back to Newcastle to collect some documents, unknown to Dennis is that this is a pretext to smuggle cash into Spain. A 'tired and emotional' Barry finally puts his foot down with Hazel and takes decisive action regarding their wedding plans.
  • Law and Disorder
    Law and Disorder
    Episode 11
    The press in Britain have the lads marked down as the Sheffield payroll robbers. In order to prevent their real illegal activity - working in Spain without permission, Ally gives the lads a few days off. Posing as tourists, they hit the beach only to be approached by two journalists. Hazel arrives in Spain to Barry's delight, but her delight turns to disappointment when she realises that Barry really isn't an armed robber.moreless
  • Scoop
    Episode 10
    The boys are accused of pulling off a bank job in Sheffield, they end up on the front pages of the newspaper back home, much to Ally's annoyance.
  • Hasta La Vista
    Hasta La Vista
    Episode 9
    After a short delay, the lads finally set out for Spain, or so they think. Before they do, there's time for an altercation in a local nightclub and for Moxey to go missing. Then the guy who causes Moxey's dissapearance turns up looking for a job and Ally has arranged for him to replace Moxey! Eventually, they fly out posing at tourists sharing a plane with the Spennymoor and District Senior Citizens Society, much to Wayne's disappointment.moreless
  • Marjorie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    It's been so long since Oz saw his wife, he arrives at the flat to discover that she's moved and there are new residents. Keen to see his son, he goes to meet him at school, only to discover that he and Marjorie are soon to leave Newcastle for Milan.
  • No Sex Please, We're Brickies
    Ally offers the lads more work building a swimming pool at his Spanish villa once they complete the renovation of the manor. Arthur Pringle overhears Wayne telling Neville that he didn't import his car legally from Germany. After tipping-off customs & Excise, Wayne's car is impounded. When the lads discover it was Arthur who gave them the tip-off, they leave him a little present.moreless
  • Cowboys
    Episode 6
    Harry Blackburn; plumber and Country & Western fan arrives at the manor. When he discovers that he and Oz have a mutual passion for C & W, he invites the lads to his local for a beer and a sing-song. The sing-song comes courtesy of Oz who takes to the stage under the name of, Big Willie Osbourne. Back at the manor, the lads go on strike in protest at the low quality building materials being used and Ally's treatment of Dennis. Ally sends some 'strike breakers' to the manor and a fight ensues.moreless
  • A Home from Home
    A Home from Home
    Episode 5
    Wayne's afternoon of passion with Carole has come at a price - for everyone. Arthur has thrown them out of the Barley Mow. With nowhere else to stay, the lads move into the manor. Whilst clearing the cellar, the lads discover an old video cassette, it's a tape of a party at the manor and it's star is a certain Mr Pringle from the Barley Mow.moreless
  • Another Country
    Another Country
    Episode 4
    Thornley Manor is a listed building, so work has to stop until the appropriate planning permission is granted. Whilst at a loose end, the lads find ways to entertain themselves. For Wayne, this involves Arthur's daughter, Carole.
  • A Law for the Rich
    A Law for the Rich
    Episode 3
    The lads arrive at Thornley Manor to begin the renovation. They aren't the ones, two policemen from London have arrived, suspicious about the sale of the manor for such a low price. It's not long before the lads attract the attention of the local law when one of the local's see them at the manor. It's also not long before the landlord of the Barley Mow takes a dislike to them - a mutual feeling.moreless
  • The Return of the Seven, Part 2
    Ally Fraser has returned home unexpectedly and Dennis has to return to Newcastle where he meets up with, Oz. Unhappy at not being met at the airport, Ally is even less pleased to find his Jaguar has had a run-in with a skip.
  • The Return of the Seven, Part 1
    In need of help to renovate his house in time for his wedding, Barry reunites the lads when he asks them to help him complete the job in time. Wayne, Dennis, Neville and Bomber arrive. When they return from an eventful night-out in which Barry gets breathalysed and Neville crashes the car belonging to Dennis' boss into a skip, they then find an intruder has found his way into the house; it's Moxey and he's on the run.moreless
  • Educating Oz
    Dennis has to convince 70 bricklayers to be aware of the dangers of the AIDS disease. But when he goes to the pub he finds Oz at the bar. When Dennis speaks to him Oz won't listen as usual and if Dennis has to convince 70 brickies he has to make Oz aware of the disease too.moreless