Auf Wiedersehen Pet - Season 3

ITV (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • An Inspector Calls
    An Inspector Calls
    Episode 6
    A police inspector arrives looking for Moxey and a vengeful Grainger puts a spanner in the works with the bridge-build. Dennis negotiates a peaceful solution and Grainger agrees to go to Arizona. The bridge is finally completed - but they have a little surprise planned for Grainger.

  • Another Country
    Another Country
    Episode 5
    The lads find themselves united once more as workers, with a grim little hut for their new home. Barry begins to go off the rails whilst awaiting trial on drugs charges, Neville befriends a prostitute on the road to Las Vegas and Oz is forced into an heroic act of bravery to rescue the bridge project from ruin. Grainger finds out about the bridge project and threatens revenge. Wyman goes missing after an altercation with Oz and the locals in a bar.moreless
  • A Bridge Too Far
    A Bridge Too Far
    Episode 4
    A Native American appears on the banks of the Tees and wants to buy the bridge, but there is a problem; the boys don't own the bridge. Barry discovers the truth about Tatiana and Kadi's relationship and severs all links with them. The boys fly out to the U.S. with the bridge, but Kadi has left a little going-away present on board for Barry.moreless
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
    There is trouble all round as the deal to sell the bridge falls through. Oz finds out his son is gay, a hitman is dispatched to find Moxey and an unexpected buyer for the bridge emerges: a Native American from Arizona.
  • Heavy Metal
    Heavy Metal
    Episode 2
    The foreign workforce arrive and immediately there are problems as half are from Serbia and half are from Kosovo - two countries bitterly divided by the Balkans War. The boys start their roles as gaffers and the bridge begins to come down.
  • Bridging the Gap
    Bridging the Gap
    Episode 1
    The lads reunite in Middlesbrough for Oz's funeral, only to be approached by the man himself and he has an 'irresistible offer' of work at home and abroad. They of course still have their problems and most with their lack of money. With Barry it's problems with his marriage to beautiful wife Tatiana. For Moxey, getting himself on the hit list of a Liverpool gangster called Mickey Startup hasn't really made his day, but things don't get much better.moreless
  • Miami Vice
    Oz, Dennis, Neville and Moxey have just finished work in Venezuela and are in Miami. Moxey discovers a suitcase full of american dollars, so he takes it and leaves his own case behind. Neville isn't too happy as his hairdryer is in the other case, but Moxey assures he will get him another. But Den puts a stop to this as it isn't theres. The lads believe it belongs to a drug dealer, but it turns out it belongs to U2, a popular rock group.moreless