Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

Season 1 Episode 15

Cat Happy Pappy

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 26, 1959 on

Episode Recap

Doggie Daddy is giving Augie lessons on how to chase cats. While he is talking to Augie, a kitten shows up at the front door and wants to stay with them. Doggie Daddy says no because the kitten will grow up to be a cat with sharp claws that can shred them like coleslaw. Augie wants to keep the kitten because the kitten likes him. Doggie Daddy says they cannot keep the kitten and starts to chase it off.

Meanwhile, a truck is going to the zoo with a mean wildcat in the back when it hits a bump and the crate falls out and the wildcat escapes. The wildcat runs to Doggie Daddy's house and goes into the basement.

Doggie Daddy chases the kitten and it runs into the basement where the wildcat is. Doggie Daddy goes down and thinks that he is just dealing with a kitten and keeps getting scratched whenever he goes down. He keeps thinking that it's the kitten until he finally sees that it's a wildcat and runs out. Augie goes down with some milk to lure the kitten out and runs into the wildcat. The wildcat is about to scratch Augie when the kitten gets in the middle and beats up the wildcat and chases it out of the house.

Doggie Daddy is returning in a tank and sees Augie and the kitten have chased the wildcat away and now he says that Augie can keep the kitten.