Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

Season 2 Episode 7

Let's Duck Out

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1960 on

Episode Recap

Doggie Daddy takes Augie out to the frozen pond to teach him how to ice skate and along the way, they come across a little duck. The little duck is trying to hitchhike his way south since he is too puny to fly there. They take him as far as the pond and Doggie Daddy tries to send the little duck on his way but the little guy wants to stay with them and have them adopt him.

Doggie Daddy starts to try and show Augie how to skate and he falls flat and says his skates are rusty. The little duck takes the skates and shows that they aren't rusty and starts to do tricks. Doggie Daddy doesn't like this and takes his skates back and tries again, only to hit the barrels instead of jumping over them.

Doggie Daddy tries a couple of time to get rid of the little duck and the second time he accidentally makes the duck fall into the ice water and the duck gets frozen into a block of ice. Doggie Daddy feels sorry that it happened and they take the duck home. The duck makes himself useful by taking the place of the cuckoo cuckoo bird in the clock.