Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

Season 2 Episode 12

Little Wonder

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1960 on

Episode Recap

Doggie Daddy reads about a boy genius and wonders if Augie is a boy genius too. He decides to try and give Augie an IQ test. He interrupts Augie's playtime and takes him outside and tells him that they are going to learn about nature. He tells Augie to ask him any question about nature and he will answer it. Augie asks several questions and Doggie Daddy can't answer any of them. He gives up on the nature part and takes Augie to a museum. While they are at the museum, Augie asks his dad what the display of bones is and Doggie Daddy tells him that it was a dinosaur. Augie asks how many bones are on the skeleton and Doggie Daddy is not sure so he starts to count them and climbs up the skeleton. He finishes counting and just then a guard comes in and tells him to get off and Doggie Daddy falls and causes the skeleton to fall on him. Doggie Daddy and Augie run out and go back home. Doggie Daddy asks Augie to split a walnut on the bias and to do it scientifically. Augie does a lot of formulations and figures the exact spot to put the walnut and uses a tree to catapult a boulder to smash the walnut. He springs the catapult and the boulder hits the house. He apologizes to his dad and says that he must not be smart enough to be a genius, just smart enough to love his dad. Doggie Daddy accepts his apology and is glad to have the love of his son.