Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy - Season 2

(ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Treasure Jest
    Treasure Jest
    Episode 13
    Augie and his new friend, a pirate parrot named Captain Plasma, are searching for buried treasure in the yard. Doggie Daddy sees that they are digging up the yard badly, so he plays the part of a pirate to try and stop them from ruining the yard. Can he put a stop to it?moreless
  • Little Wonder
    Little Wonder
    Episode 12

    After reading about a boy genius, Augie's Dad decides that he should give Augie an IQ test. Will Augie pass the test and prove he's a boy genius too?

  • Playmate Pup
    Playmate Pup
    Episode 11
    Augie creates an imaginary friend after his Dad is too busy to play baseball with him.
  • Horse Fathers
    Horse Fathers
    Episode 10
    Augie gives his dad a horse for his birthday present and Doggie Daddy doesn't want to have a horse in the house. Can Augie convince him to keep the horse?
  • The Musket-Tears
    The Musket-Tears
    Episode 9
    After Doggie Daddy tells Augie that he used to be the fourth Musketeer Augie decides that he wants to become one. However, after he meets the Three Musketeers he finds out that his Dad may have been telling him a fib. Can Doggie Daddy prove the Musketeers wrong for Augie's sake?moreless
  • The Party Lion
    The Party Lion
    Episode 8
    Snaggletooth the lion escapes from the zoo and seeks refuge at Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy's house. Can Augie help his new friend stay at the house by convincing his dad that he's just a rug?
  • Let's Duck Out
    Let's Duck Out
    Episode 7
    Augie and his Dad go ice skating and along the way the come across a little duck that they help and he follows them around. Will Doggie Daddy adopt the little guy or send him on his way?
  • Patient Pop
    Patient Pop
    Episode 6
    Augie thinks that "Dear old Dad" is sick, so he attempts to nurse him back to health and in the meantime, a cat keeps causing problems for Doggie Daddy and makes Augie think his Dad is very sick. Can Doggie Daddy convince Augie that he is fine and get rid of the cat?moreless
  • It's A Worm Day
    It's A Worm Day
    Episode 5
    Doggie Daddy is jealous when Augie goes to his friend, the "Bookworm" named Irving, for help with his homework. What will Doggie Daddy do when he meets Irving?
  • Pint Giant
    Pint Giant
    Episode 4
    Augie Doggie tells his friend Hector that he will grow a beanstalk and catch the giant to show him up since Hector got the part of Jack in the school play. Will Doggie Daddy's plan to dress up like a giant help his son or is this going to backfire?
  • Bud Brothers
    Bud Brothers
    Episode 3
    Augie creates an explosive that doesn't make noise when it blows up. Unfortunately his dad accidentally shakes it and it blows up. As a result Doggie Daddy tells his son to get a safer hobby. Will Augie's new hobby of raising a carnivorous plant turn out to be just as dangerous?moreless
  • It's A Mice Day
    It's A Mice Day
    Episode 2
    Augie's friend, Philabert the mouse gets sick after a he gets scared by a cat. So, Augie Doggie and Daddy Doggie shrink themselves so they can nurse Philabert back to health. Can the little dogs get rid of the cat when he comes back for seconds?
  • Yuk-Yuk Duck
    Yuk-Yuk Duck
    Episode 1
    When Augie befriends Yakky Doodle Duck he must find a way to help his dad recover from his allergies so he will allow the little duck to stay. Can Augie create something to help his Dad?