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Austin Moon, an extroverted musician and singer, partners with Ally Dawson, an introverted songwriter, to create music together. Along with the help of Austin's friend, Dez, an aspiring filmmaker, and Ally's friend, Trish, a chronically employed teen, this foursome hopes to make Austin a star.

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  • omg. what did I just read.

    Omg on one review I saw someone write . That Trish was ugly. That made my heart ache . I love raini she's the most talented and beautiful girl I ever seen . Look what social media makes to people . Criticizing other people by how they look . You should all be ashamed of yourself.

    Anyhow I loved everything about this show it made me laugh cry and even angry sometimes .and disappointed. From the pilot episode this show stole my heart and made me realize how wonderful all the characters are . They made me feel like I could do anything . And from that day I wished to become a singer . And I'm still follow that dream. Thanks for the best 4 years austin & ally you always be in my heart thought I don't think I never get over this show. Cause it's the only show that I actually enjoyed watching on Disney Channelmoreless
  • Super funny and creative!

    This show is very unique in a good way! The show has very interesting characters and always makes me laugh! The episodes have an interesting story and the singing is really good!
  • It's just... awful.

    I'm not hating - I'm giving my opinion, and in my opinion. This show is so bad it makes me want to tear my eyes out and just volunteer for the hunger games when blind.

    To me it's THAT bad.

    Ally cannot act for her life - just like Austin too!

    I feel bad for the girl who plays trish because compared to her brother (Manny from Modern Family) she seems like a disappointment...

    Dez is stupid - not a funny stupid just 'annoying and get out of my face how did you graduate kindergarten stupid!'

    Overall there is no good moral to the story exept 'I'M GOING TO GIVE UP MY CHANCE OF A RECORD DEAL (my lifelong dream) JUST SO I CAN WATCH YOU SING THE SAME SONGS EVERY NIGHT FOR 2 MONTHS!!!'

    seriously like I remember when the moral of a story was to not judge someone on their weight...

    Thanks That So Ravenmoreless
  • Nothing good about this show.

    The humour is bland, and the storyline is extremely cliche'd (although that is to be expected from Disney).

    First of all, Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are terrible actors. No exceptions.

    The first episode was pleasing enough to get my attention, but the further it went on the more my disdain grew for the show. The storyline of "overnight sensation" is so stupid... He stole her song. I don't care if it's Disney Channel, in no world is that okay. Besides that, it's SO painfully obvious they're going to date.

    That's where I'm going next -- Austin's complete disregard for any other girl's feelings. When he's dating Kira, it's so obvious he likes Ally that he completely ignores how Kira might feel. Seriously, dude, if you like her, fucking date her. It's not that hard.

    When he's dating Piper, he is such an insensitive dick. The ONLY REASON he's not going after Ally is because Carrie threatened him! How would you feel if you found out your "significant other" never actually liked you? Wouldn't that sting a little? God, he's so insensitive I cannot.

    The humour -- what there is of it, anyway -- is extremely bland, and 99.9% of the jokes are so unfunny it's exasperating. Honestly.

    Laura honestly tries too hard. There's nothing else to say. She just doesn't have any talent in acting. Or singing for that matter. Neither does Ross Lynch. I can tell you from experience that R5 sounds so fucking awful live. Such a disappointment.

    Trish is extremely lazy and a pretty shit manager from what I've seen. At least Raini's character had more emotion in one episode than Austin, Dez and Ally in the entire series combined.

    Dez's character is such a fucking idiot that I can't even give you anything about it. It's just shit. Can't even be used as comic relief it's so stupid.

    Overall, I give the show a 2 because of its bland humour and emotionless characters, and that's not even factoring in the idiotic "love triangle" (when Austin only had "feelings" for Ally). The storyline is stupid and SO unrealistic.

    Yes. I hate the show. Yes, I may be biased.

    No I do not give a fuck. : - )moreless
  • Worst show ever

    No reason to like this show. They all can't act. How about they cancel the show because it ducking sucks. It is like they read off a script then *** each other and *** lick their gay a** p***y and d**k
  • 8:00 pm
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