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Austin & Ally

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Austin Moon, an extroverted musician and singer, partners with Ally Dawson, an introverted songwriter, to create music together. Along with the help of Austin's friend, Dez, an aspiring filmmaker, and Ally's friend, Trish, a chronically employed teen, this foursome hopes to make Austin a star.

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AIRED ON 7/13/2014

Season 3 : Episode 14

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Fan Reviews (210)

  • Unbelievably Terrible

    How could anyone watch this? It's nothing more than a cheap Hannah Montana rip off. The characters are so horribly underdeveloped and annoying that it's painful to watch, the acting is bad, the laugh track plays even though the jokes aren't funny or are incredibly stupid. Disney is really going downhill this shitty abomination of a TV show is getting worse and worse after every episode it's like Disney believes that they can make a show about 3 stereotypical best friends and a pop star who becomes famous out of freakin' nowhere and we'll fall in love with it. Trish is the only tolerable character in my opinion even though she has no depth whatsoever, Ally is the typical goody two shoes who can't sing and is always the butt of jokes, Dez is so unbelievably stupid and annoying that I wish I could reach through the television and stomp his stupid ass into the ground not to mention that he acts like a fucking girl 99.9% of the time. Then there's Austin the idiotic pretty boy pop star with nothing more than basic talent. It's just... Ughh I can't stand it! As soon as it comes on I change the channel or go straight to the DVR. The plot is total garbage Austin and Ally break up and get back together like 40 fucking million times just to create "drama" that's totally clich, overused, and cheesy that you want to smash your head with a brick. I hope that this show gets cancelled I have no idea how it lasted this long but if I was in charge I would cancel this show right now, get better actors and make something that dosen't make you want to rip your eyes out.moreless
  • To AshleighJones

    If you think the show is so stupid then don't watch it. It is also very ignorant that you say you would kill them the first chance you get. Especially just because you don't like the characters they play on a television show and have never gotten to know them personally. But then again what should I expect from a girl who doesn't even know how to spell half of the trash she writes. I'm 11 as well and the fact that you can say that all of the people who watch this show are dumb is another example of your ignorance. Laura Marano is an amazing actress and musician. She stars in the new disney channel movie Bad Hair Day and a new feature film OUTSIDE of disney channel called A Sort of Homecoming. She is also nominated for a teen choice award. Ross lynch is also nominated for a teen choice award. And let's not forget the two new movies he recently starred in, Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach Movie 2.

    Austin and Ally is a phenomenal show that teaches people about friendship, relationships, criticism, etc.

    Next time you talk trash about people make sure you know all of your facts.moreless

    That all suck except for Calum Worthy and Raini Rodreguz. Laura MORONO is a bad acter and is a terrible singer. Ross Lynch is ugly and also a terrible singer. And if I met them in public, I would go to jail right after, because I would of killed them! I am 11 and I absolutely hate that stupid show! Everybody that watches it is so dumb!
  • GTFO!

    This show deserves to be thrown off of a cliff and burnt in the fires of hell. It teaches children that they can basically do nothing to become all of a sudden famous. It also teaches children that it's funny to be violent and act stupid. The actors have disappointing results on the show and have no talents. But, it's not the first Disney show to suck horribly. And it won't be the last.moreless
  • Another Hannah Montana

    Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Linsay Lohan, Shia LaBeouf, Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, and Christina Aguilera. (Some non-Disney people like them include Justin Austin and Ally will probably become nude stars in three years. Like Miley and Vanessa. Austin and Ally are every single one of Diney's "Original" shows, boy meets girl boy, falls for girl, it's obvious they will end up together in a month, Disney needs drama so they make them break up and get together like 10 times. It's obvious that they were written, they have no skills in acting, they think they're doing "hip" things and when I see them try, I cringe. It's like disney directors got together in a room and said "Hey, you know what the world needs more of? Stupid boy bands and singers. What's wrong with these people? They think they can give you any show and you'll love it. Well guess what, Disney? I refuse to put up with your sh***y shows made to promote a singer's career.moreless

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