Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 13

Burglaries & Boobytraps

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Austin accidentally stole Ally's guitar, but it is revealed that he just stole it for something else (plot of this episode)

    This was a decent but not perfect episode for Austin and Ally. Funny parts were Dez making a sand castle, the pirate (Frank) talking like one (while not a work), Austin actually stole the guitar while Trish was shown sleeping, and the ending. This episode wasn't the best at all, but at least it is worth watching. My cons here were the lack of humor parts, the people chasing Austin because they thought he stole the guitar (it was stupid), and a few jokes here. Score 7/10
  • I really liked this episode but some of humor here was either childish or just already used from other DC shows

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Austin and Ally". This is not the best episode that I have ever seen but I found it to be enjoyable for the most part. This show proves, though nowhere near as hilarious and terrific as "Good Luck Charlie", that it really can be an enjoyable show with its funny moments. The humor in this show is starting to become a problem now because it's just gags I've heard from other shows before plus I'm tired of them using overrused gags in this show like if someone asked "You didn't do this and this did you?" and that someone would respond "Whaaaaaaaaat?" and it's like that almost every episode, if not, every episode but I think you get the point. I did laugh at some parts of this episode but my problem with this episode is some of the humor in this episode. For example, when Ally said "Can I get a what what?" and then Trish says "What?" and Dez says "What?"... yeah, I've heard that joke before and it was in the other Disney Channel show "Cory In The House", they used that same exact gag so I don't like how some of the humor in this show was already taken from other shows so try a little harder with the humor writers plus the fact that some of the humor is childish (I know this is a kids show but still) like when Ally said "It will be the last P he will take" then Austin, Trish, and Dez just start laughing like seriously but I guess I can let that go since it's a kids show.. I also didn't like the people chasing after Austin in this episode when they thought that he was a burglar. The storyline in this episode is overall pretty good/great and it has some funny moments while other humorous moments were either stolen from other shows or are just childish but I enjoyed it for the most part. Overall, a great episode of "Austin and Ally" but I honestly thought it could've been better especially with the humor. 8/10