Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 8

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Another perfect episode of Austin and Ally.

    WOW!!! This episode is a reason why everyone should watch this show, I don't know how much of this show I can take. I might change my review of this show since its going so good! I made my review based on 2 episodes. (One of the worst mistake of my life.) But i'm like 80% gonna change it. Ok Austin wants to perform at Trish;s Quincinera so a night would book him at all his clubs, but disaster strikes when he breaks his ankle. Meanwhile, Ally wants to impress Dallas by dancing at her party. This was a perfect Austin and Ally. The third perfect one of the show so far. Now Kangaroos and Khaos was hilarious and Secrect and Songbooks was more funny, but this one is the funniest. I was laughing so hard that my mom thought something was wrong with me. Now the parts that made me laugh out loud was when Dez said you could ride a smart elephant that it shows a picture of an elephant with glasses. Dez swinging from a vine and the whole country club and night club mix up. Now I know it sounds like those things are not funny but watch and you'll see why I think they're funny. Now the storyline was fun and I'm sure that kids will love the storyline. And what made me love it more was Trish didn't say he annoying job lines. YES!!! That's the worst thing about the show. I was annoyed with it with the second episode and I hope this is a sign. Now she did say "Guess who's having a quincenera." And that was actually pretty funny. Well overall 10/10.
  • Another PERFECT episode

    Austin plans to preform for an owner of a popular club at Trish's Quinceanera, but he falls and breaks his ankle. Meanwhile, Ally becomes nervous when she learns her crush Dallas will be at the party. This was another perfect episode of "Austin and Ally". Just like the previous episode "Managers and Meatballs", this episode was perfect and it's now my new favorite. This episode had more humor than than "Managers and Meatballs" however which I really enjoyed. There were so many parts in this episode that really made me laugh so hard but there are just like so many funny moments and I can't remember them at this time. All I can tell you is that it has a fun and well written storyline. It was also nice that FOR ONCE Trish didn't say "Guess who got a job at..... blah blah blah". That gag already got old after the first episode so I hope the writers stop with that gag in the future. Only thing Trish said that it familiar with that is "Guess who's having a Quinceanera" (in a disappointed tone) but I was okay with that since it's WAY different. Ally looked very pretty in this episode and I thought it was funny how Austin is teaching her how to slow-dance so Ally can dance with her crush Dallas. I felt bad for Ally when she asked Dallas if he wanted to dance with her and then he responds "No". It turned out in the end that Dallas isn't a good dancer (just like Ally) which is why he didn't dance with her. Everything about this episode was just hilarious and awesome. The twist with that owner turning to be a "country club owner" instead of a "night club owner" was funny as well. Overall, a perfect episode of "Austin and Ally"... two perfect episodes in a row. 10/10