Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 2

Kangaroos & Chaos

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Disney Channel
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As the gang prepares for the filming of Austin's latest video, chaos ensues involving an escaped kangaroo, a broken window and the destruction of a jacket belonging to an ultimate fighter named Facepuncher.

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  • An okay episode

    Trish's new job at the pet store interferes with Austin & Ally's songwriting. And a false pretense lures people to the music store where they believe they are going to get a picture with a kangaroo but instead get to her Austin play the new song he and Ally wrote. I thought this episode was okay. It was super boring in most of the parts and the characters were acting out of character. Those were my huge problems for this episode. My biggest laugh were any parts with that kangaroo especially when it had the camera with it. I laughed at a few parts in this episode as well. Overall, an okay episode of A&A. 6/10moreless
  • This was Decent

    I'm not big on a lot of Disney Shows, but this was decent. What i liked- Maddog being Facepuncher's daughter, everyone mistaking Austin for the dog food commercial guy, Dez getting attacked by the kangaroo, Facepuncher chasing Dez, everyone laughing at Ally's dad getting attacked by the kangaroo, amongst other things. I'm definitely going to try to watch more of this show, if they can continue producing episodes like this. B+/A- or so is going to be my final scoremoreless
  • Good show Disney Channel Very Good show.

    Good Show Disney Channel very good show. OK this episode was so funny. i laughed,and laughed and laughed. This show looks promising. The funniest person in this episode was Dez AN he is hilarious. I did like Trish she was funny. I cracked up when the window broke and Ally said the window, and Trish's jacket fell into caramel the jacket and Dez says the door then Austin says what's wrong with the door and Dez says oh nothing i thought we were naming stuff in the room OVerall10/10.moreless
  • Superb just like the pilot episode

    Trish's new job at the pet store interferes with Austin & Ally's songwriting. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Austin and Ally". So far, the two episodes that aired get a 9 out of 10 from me. I know that it's barely the second episode but I can already tell that I am going to enjoy this show a lot and it will be a good replacement for me when my favorite show "Wizards of Waverly Place" ends on January 6th, 2012. After it leaves, I will only have this show, "Good Luck Charlie", and "Fish Hooks" to be my excellent shows. "Jessie" is considered a decent show in my book so I'll say "Jessie" as well. My score in this episode was a little low because I thought some parts were a little boring and some of the lines are stuff we've heard thousands of times from the past Disney Channel shows. Dez definitely brought in the most laughs in this episode. The kangaroo attacking Dez and Trish watching him getting beat up by the kangaroo on screen was very funny. The kangaroo was also very cute. It was also hilarious when Dez attracted the llama instead of attracting back the kangaroo. The song towards the end of the episode was enjoyable. It was also good that the gang gave that muscle guy's little daughter the jacket that turned pink (which she ended up loving). Overall, a superb episode of "Austin and Ally" that is worth watching. 9/10moreless
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Andy Goldenberg


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Don Yates


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Emily Skinner

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Andy Milder

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    • Trish: Uh, guys...
      (Trish holds Facepuncher's jacket)
      Dez: Wait, the jacket looks different.
      Trish: Yeah, 'cause it shrunk and it's pink!
      Dez: No, that's not it.

    • Trish: Here's the deal: an hour from now, Austin is going to perform a concert in the store. I've pre-sold a hundred tickets at sick bucks a piece. Here's 500 bucks.
      Ally: That should be 600.
      Trish: What? I needed a new purse to carry all the money in.
      Ally: Well, this is great. Now we can fix the window.
      Austin: Seriously? A hundred people bought tickets to see me.
      Trish: Yep, seven bucks a piece.
      Ally: You said six.
      Trish: So what? I'm going to get a new purse and not get new shoes to match? Come on.

    • Trish: How could you lose a kangaroo?!
      Dez: Well, I was attaching a camera to its pouch when I accidentally stepped on his tail and woke him up from a deep, dark sleep. And then for no reason, he just freaked out.

    • Facepuncher: I'm here for my jacket.
      Ally: Uh, you're Facepuncher? You don't look like a face puncher. You look like a hand holder or hug giver.
      (Ally moves in to hug Facepuncher)
      Facepuncher: (growls loudly)
      Ally: No hug.

    • Austin: If you wouldn't have taken a whole month to write a new song maybe people wouldn't think I'm the dog food guy.
      Ally: Hang on. Are you actually blaming me because you think you're not as popular as you used to be?
      Austin: No, of course not. I'm just saying that maybe if you'd written the song faster, then we'd have... You know what? Now that I'm saying this out loud, I think that is what I was saying.

    • Ally: Oh, he is so cute. Oh, I just stepped in kangaroo poop.
      Dez: Whoa, whoa, not so fast. You don't know that was the kangaroo. Trish was in here earlier.
      Trish: I will smack those freckles right off your face.

    • Ally: My handwriting was only sloppy because everyone was rushing me. I went to calligraphy camp!
      Austin: Book club, calligraphy camp. Now you're just making stuff up.

    • Austin: Wait, what does the jacket have to do with the music video?
      Trish: It's a line in Ally's song. "My jacket's in the lost and found."
      Ally: "My jacket?" It says, "I like it." The line is, "I like it when you hang around."
      Dez: "Hang around?" I thought it said, "kangaroo." (Dez singing)
      I like it when you kangaroo.
      Ally: Why would I write, "I like it when you kangaroo?"
      Dez: Look, nobody's accusing you of writing good lyrics.

    • Trish: Guess who got a job at the dry-cleaners?
      Ally: What happened to your job at the yo-yo cart?
      Trish: It's a long, complicated story.
      Ally: You got fired.
      Trish: Huh, I guess it's not that long or complicated.

    • Trish: So, Ally, have you finished writing Austin's new song?
      Ally: It's, it's almost done. I've just been really busy lately. I've got work, school, book club. I have to read this by tomorrow.
      (Ally pulls out a very thick book)
      Austin: Tomorrow of what year?

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