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    I can't believe that they are such close-minded and shallow people out there. Austin and Ally is childish? Well Disney Channel IS for kids right? Personally, I've learnt so much from the show. Austin's taught me that you shouldn't wait around to tell someone how you feel about them, there is no such thing as 'the opportune moment'. Ally's taught me that you shouldn't let your fears define you are and that the day you conquer them, it'll be the best day of your life. Trish's taught me how to be a good friend and Dez has taught me to be yourself no matter how geeky or weird you are. Think about it, wasn't there anything you liked about the show? The cute moments that Austin and Ally share? How great they are on stage? They care so deeply about each other, it's seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Remember when Ally almost sold a very personal song to Kira just so Austin wouldn't get dropped from his label? Or the fact that Ally was able to get over the biggest fear of her life only because Austin was singing by her side? This show is about friendship and amazing music and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they really did a good job with that. . The person who said that Laura Morano couldn't sing can go fall of a cliff, they wouldn't know what good singing was if they're life depended on it.
  • I Want It Off!!!

    I had enough of it I would like it off the air please!

    This is my favorite show on Disney Channel. It is funny and I think the characters and songs are amazing. Season one was not that great, but season 2 started to become amazing and I loved it so much. I'm really sad this show ended, and I think Austin and ally are the best couple in Disney.
  • omg. what did I just read.

    Omg on one review I saw someone write . That Trish was ugly. That made my heart ache . I love raini she's the most talented and beautiful girl I ever seen . Look what social media makes to people . Criticizing other people by how they look . You should all be ashamed of yourself.

    Anyhow I loved everything about this show it made me laugh cry and even angry sometimes .and disappointed. From the pilot episode this show stole my heart and made me realize how wonderful all the characters are . They made me feel like I could do anything . And from that day I wished to become a singer . And I'm still follow that dream. Thanks for the best 4 years austin & ally you always be in my heart thought I don't think I never get over this show. Cause it's the only show that I actually enjoyed watching on Disney Channel
  • Super funny and creative!

    This show is very unique in a good way! The show has very interesting characters and always makes me laugh! The episodes have an interesting story and the singing is really good!
  • It's just... awful.

    I'm not hating - I'm giving my opinion, and in my opinion. This show is so bad it makes me want to tear my eyes out and just volunteer for the hunger games when blind.

    To me it's THAT bad.

    Ally cannot act for her life - just like Austin too!

    I feel bad for the girl who plays trish because compared to her brother (Manny from Modern Family) she seems like a disappointment...

    Dez is stupid - not a funny stupid just 'annoying and get out of my face how did you graduate kindergarten stupid!'

    Overall there is no good moral to the story exept 'I'M GOING TO GIVE UP MY CHANCE OF A RECORD DEAL (my lifelong dream) JUST SO I CAN WATCH YOU SING THE SAME SONGS EVERY NIGHT FOR 2 MONTHS!!!'

    seriously like I remember when the moral of a story was to not judge someone on their weight...

    Thanks That So Raven
  • Nothing good about this show.

    The humour is bland, and the storyline is extremely cliche'd (although that is to be expected from Disney).

    First of all, Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are terrible actors. No exceptions.

    The first episode was pleasing enough to get my attention, but the further it went on the more my disdain grew for the show. The storyline of "overnight sensation" is so stupid... He stole her song. I don't care if it's Disney Channel, in no world is that okay. Besides that, it's SO painfully obvious they're going to date.

    That's where I'm going next -- Austin's complete disregard for any other girl's feelings. When he's dating Kira, it's so obvious he likes Ally that he completely ignores how Kira might feel. Seriously, dude, if you like her, fucking date her. It's not that hard.

    When he's dating Piper, he is such an insensitive dick. The ONLY REASON he's not going after Ally is because Carrie threatened him! How would you feel if you found out your "significant other" never actually liked you? Wouldn't that sting a little? God, he's so insensitive I cannot.

    The humour -- what there is of it, anyway -- is extremely bland, and 99.9% of the jokes are so unfunny it's exasperating. Honestly.

    Laura honestly tries too hard. There's nothing else to say. She just doesn't have any talent in acting. Or singing for that matter. Neither does Ross Lynch. I can tell you from experience that R5 sounds so fucking awful live. Such a disappointment.

    Trish is extremely lazy and a pretty shit manager from what I've seen. At least Raini's character had more emotion in one episode than Austin, Dez and Ally in the entire series combined.

    Dez's character is such a fucking idiot that I can't even give you anything about it. It's just shit. Can't even be used as comic relief it's so stupid.

    Overall, I give the show a 2 because of its bland humour and emotionless characters, and that's not even factoring in the idiotic "love triangle" (when Austin only had "feelings" for Ally). The storyline is stupid and SO unrealistic.

    Yes. I hate the show. Yes, I may be biased.

    No I do not give a fuck. : - )
  • Worst show ever

    No reason to like this show. They all can't act. How about they cancel the show because it ducking sucks. It is like they read off a script then *** each other and *** lick their gay a** p***y and d**k
  • It Got Old...

    I used to love it... Now it's just plain old boring and childish.
  • I know I never watched the show, but at least I know it's good.

    Humorously, everytime I see or hear the name Ross Lynch, I always ask myself: "Is Ross Lynch really the son of Jane Lynch?". I hope Disney Channel lets this show run until season 6 because it really is good.
  • Austin & Ally. Worst show ever

    Raini should be ban from any TV appearances from here to eternity. She is simply gross. Can not act. And actually directing. Walt Disney is definitely rolling over in his grave with the greatest of disgust. Please remove the horrible child from ALL TV. Thank you.
  • Austin and ally and Trish and Des rock

    I think that

    Austin is a great singer and actors and ally is a very talented and writing songs and is a great and Trish I can't even explain on how funny she is and a great actor and des' character is so dumb in tv I can't help but laugh my head of and all of you tougher make a great show and are great actors and if you guys are being mean jest downt because nobody will like that + it takes a lot of cerige to go on even if you know that 100000000000000 of people will be watching them I know I could never do that.
  • Don't listen to the haters rate: 10 (perfect)

    Don't listen to the haters there just jealous there not like you guys you guys try your best to make the show perfect and make everybody happy with it I am people don't know what there talking about they have bad opinions they shouldn't say anything if they don't want to say or rate anything nice I'm just saying don't hate cause you ain't
  • Princess Faith

    Desr Ross Lynch,

    I love your singing and you're not weird, you have a great talent.

  • Pretty good show.

    I'll admit that the first two seasons sucked and made everything as the show progressed, this show is really good. I love how the plot shows that Ally used to show a shy songwriter but now she released an album and her and Austin run a music program. Sure the show is a little unrealistic but I love how the plot goes. It was sad how Austin lost his record deal but he eventually got it back. Austin and Ally make a cute couple but their on and off relationship was annoying. Basically, I love this show.
  • Stop hating haters

    Y'all are just jeoulos cause y'all arnt ousome and famos and how would y'all like it if y'all put yalls dreams to something then people talk negative about and haters are the last thing they have to think about there famos they don't need y'all and Trish you are not fat and dez you dont have a big forehead and Austin you ain't even annoying ally you're beautiful like Taylor Swift haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate but I'm just going to shake shake shake shake shake shake it off shake it off. And do you know how many people in the United States killed himself because of bullies so actually they're not stupid you're not dumb they are really smart for giving up those
  • Austin and Ally Rock!!!!!!!!!

    Austin and ally is amazing! By far the best and most heartfelt show Disney has ever made. No stereotypes, a perfect romantic comedy, great actors, amazing songs, and personalities we all should learn from. Ally shows us to work hard, and face our fears. Dez, despite being an oddball, doesn't care about what other people think of him, a skill most people need to learn. Trish, even if she is mean, is a nice person inside, and will do anything to help her best friend ally. Austin is fun loving and doesn't take too much stress, and these days we really need to embrace fun in our lives. Everyone has their own personality, so let them be themselves. No one is perfect, we all heve our flaws and strengths, and this show really expresses that. This show encompasses everything you want a show to be. It is funny, romantic, and has characters who actually could be real. Other tv shows always just for the stereotypes, like ant farm, liv and Maddie, or good luck charlie. This show has characters who CHANGE, GROW, and DEVELOP. These characters have strengths and weaknesses, and grow and learn with their friends. I learned alot from this show and had a bazillion laughs from beginning to end. So all you austin and ally haters need to rethink your mean comments. Austin and ally rock!!!!!!
  • This show is extremly pathetic!

    The whole thing is full of stupid shit I cant even have the patience to watch. Why cant these stupid ass producers come up with something GOOD FOR A CHANGE, and the one thing that pisses me off is that they have these "STOP BULLYING BE KIND' commercials yet in like every show there is a rude person insulting another... WTF! Anyways lets get started with these shitty characters.

    Ally Cawkson- Annoying bitch who over acts stupid shit and seems as if she has a personality disorder,not funny at all, so bland, AND CANT FUCKING SING OR ACT. Im so sick of disney channel thinking every single fucking person can sing, THEY CANT. And they layer that fact with their shitty ass autotune and I just cant stand it. Her and austin have this annoying ass love connection (WE ALL KNEW IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN CUZ DISNEY FUCKING CLICHES EVERYTHING) and it all ends the same exact fucking way.. PROBLEM SOLVED OR ITS JUST A DREAM, when in reality some things dont get solved. Holy shit.

    Austin Coon- Nasty fuckboy who got famous over the internet (Icarly much) and continued to think he is the most famous singer ever like all these fucking tv shows make it appear. He is such a pussy ass player and breaks up with them in the next episode, BUT DONT FORGET BITCHES, THE *** STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR THAT RACCOON LOOKING PEICE OF SHIT ALLY. Also hes a whiner and needs jesus and thinks his fucking moves are awesome but it isnt bitch no no. The end.

    Dez (Needs Medz)- I FUCKING HATE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH OMGGG. OF COURSE IN EVERY FUCKING *** PIECE OF SHIT SHOW THERE IS ALWAYSSS!! A DUMB PERSON AND IT GETS ME SO DAMN MAD. Hes so utterly stupid it almost makes it look like i can see right through his acting. I would never be friends with him because he ruins fucking everything by running his dumb ass mouth or he does stupid ass things and its so efwijgignhwiwrniwrnrirn. And obviously hes gay or something and they just make him date carrie for a cover up, they make fucking every character date at least 1 person so annoying.

    Trish is a bish- Shes a character in the 4 that gets me least mad but sometimes she can be so selfish,annoying and lazy. Also how the fuck do you book things so easily WTF, but she messes it up anyways so who cares. And in the earlier episodes she gets like 30 jobs like every episode and gets fired from there LMFAOO these shows are so damn predictable and so cliched.

    Carrie- As dumb as dez, the producers needed a perfect match cuz remember they cant fucking have a show without dating in it. Why would she date that transgender looking ass anyways.

    I am just gonna stop there, the rest are all cast needed for extras to keep this peice of show running. My asshole could design a better show than this DA FUCK.

  • u guys are great

    Austin and ally crew are great and stop saying mean stuff about them and the stuff that u been saying are all in their script they have to say it they have no choice
  • Stop bullying

    I love Austin and Ally the haters don't know what they're talking about! Why do u bully them?? What have they ever done to you? What would you feel if someone is doing this to you? They r an amazing cast!!!!!!!!

    Ross is funny,cool,cute and an amazing singer,Laura is a adorable,talented,pretty and an amazing actress,Raini is beautiful,sweet and smart and Calum is hilarious
  • trish

    I love the Austin and ally show. But the one thing I hate about it is true she thinks she's better than everyone and on one episode when dez had to make a movie trish was like make it about me and that was just being a DIVA there should be a different star roll for Trish but a nicer version and not the girl that plays trish
  • Horrible

    Austin and Ally is a show about an unrealistic scenario where a teen ends up being famous along with his singwriter, manager and beat friend/ music vidoe filmer. Austins dancing is horrible, Ally is stupid, Trish is overly sensitive (bullying episode) and Dez is wierder than anyone i ever heard of. There are two things that bother me. One: If theyre famous why arent fans around them like real life? Two: in one recent episode Austin called thier group "The Fearsome Foursome" and it sounds sexual
  • Disney In The Namee

    They already did a part on basically what half of the reviews are saying. Sure, SOME TIMES IT CAN BE REALLY Disney, But of course its meant to be that way its umm Disney Channel. Look past the kidish part and get the message of the show, if you don't you just think about Austin and Ally and just hate it? Personally I miss the old disney, but hey I can work with Austin And Ally.
  • 7.9?!!! Really people?

    I know this show is for 8 yr olds, but come on! This show is so cheesy and cliched! The jokes are so repetitive that even an 8 yr old would facepalm.

    Plus, they went balls to the wall with autotune. If you're going to lip synch, at least attempt to match your lips to the words.
  • jEALOUS? Are you mental? lol

    Before I write my review on this shitty excuse for television, for all the whiny little ***s calling everyone jealous haters" Shut the fuck up. You think that defending a show makes you look mature and respectable? Then you're pathetic. If I don't have anything nice to say, I say it anyways. Get over it.
  • dont have anything nice to say dont say or type it at all

    Morganatar if you don't like it then maybe you shouldn't say anything and Laura sounds amazing. Raini is not fat and Trish is mean to Dez because that's what the script tells her to do. Austin and Ally is AMAZING.
  • jealous people are bullies!!!

    Everybody sitting here commenting all of these rude, inconsiderate, false comments are just jealous because you probably aren't as Hot/Cute, Talented, Cool, Fun, Awesome, sweet, funny, or smart as all of the Austin & Ally Actors and Actresses on the show. So what I'm trying/saying is STOP WITH ALL OF THESE JEALOUS & RUDE COMMENTS!!!
  • loves

    First off it is very rude some of these comments!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways Trish you are not fat u r beautiful and funny and smart!!!!! Ally ur an awesome actor u have an amazing personality and ur not annoying :-) Dez ur not weird ur a very funny and interisting person I love ur silliness on the show and Austin ur an amazing singer i love ur song timless I have listened to it a million times and I absolutely positively love it and ally ur an amazing singer also <3 <3 <3 <3 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I LOVE YOU GUYS
  • Austin and ally

    I think they are all great and they should not get bullied for what they do because they do they'd every day and every night so they are hreat singers and dancers and whatever alse they do so don't bully them
  • stop hating haters

    Don't give people crap about there show, there just saying what the scrip say's, so go check your self before you wreck your self.