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  • Worst show on Disney now

    Just to start 5bitteris, I am only 14 but I hate this show. It's plot is this:

    A very antisocial spineless girl lets some self-involved bitch ass kid use her songs that she wrote yet is never credited for, while said self-involved bitch's mentally challenged friends say pointless jokes that no one gets or videotapes said self-involved bitch doing stupid dance moves and lipsyncing to the most generic, pointless preppy teen love songs. While all this is going on, said spineless girl's lazy friend gets a new job everyday as she never even does any work yet people keep hiring her.

    Point is, Austin and Ally is a pointless show, I hate it more than anything, and especially now that I know Ross Lynch has created the single worst song in human history (called Rock and Roll, it isnt rock and roll, though).

    The music they play on the show is all generic pop garbage, Ross Lynch's soundtrack "Austin and Ally" has all the terrible songs from the show. I don't know how anyone, regardless if you have an IQ of of 70 or not, could enjoy this shit music or this shit show.

    In fact, the lyrics to one of this songs goes like this: "Didn't go nowhere, never left uh

    You really thought that I was

    Gone (gone gone gone)

    I heard you talking like I lost my swagger

    Said I was over you were

    Wrong (wrong wrong wrong)". Then play that against a repetitive power chord rhythm, and call it a song. That isn't music.

    If people want real shows, watch Full House, Seinfeld, and Friends, if you want real music, listen to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. That's all.

  • Alright

    The shows pretty cool. Its one of the shows I enjoy on Disney Channel and it could be funny at some points. Just don't like when they repeat same boring episodes, but still a good show
  • I don't like it.

    I know that's a generic summary, but it's true. This show's not that good. I actually like ANT Farm better. This show is kinda boring. And a lot of the humor is gross. Like the one where they pretend Austin has a drooling problem, I didn't enjoy that. Plus, how could Kira not know her own breath smells bad? Shouldn't you be able to smell your own breath? And then they make Dez dumb beyond belief. He's almost as dumb as Walt the Pig from Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (that's a crappy movie that loosely rips off Charlotte's Web. You can watch it on YouTube).
  • Disney please bring you're amazingness back somehow.

    The humor is dry, the characters are so rude and self-involved. It's not that easy to become famous and uh It's so over-rated.
  • One of Disney's Best!

    It does have it's flaws, but it's about as good as TV gets anymore. Also, yes, it does have a plot similar to other shows. That doesn't make it a rip off. There would be a lot more rip offs in this world if it were.

    There have been times in my life that this show was just about the only thing that could cheer me up, with its puns and the contradictions and the title characters who are my OTP.

    If you've judged it based off commercials-watch the actual episodes. Disney tends to put the worst jokes from their shows in their commercials.
  • Unbelievably Terrible

    How could anyone watch this? It's nothing more than a cheap Hannah Montana rip off. The characters are so horribly underdeveloped and annoying that it's painful to watch, the acting is bad, the laugh track plays even though the jokes aren't funny or are incredibly stupid. Disney is really going downhill this shitty abomination of a TV show is getting worse and worse after every episode it's like Disney believes that they can make a show about 3 stereotypical best friends and a pop star who becomes famous out of freakin' nowhere and we'll fall in love with it. Trish is the only tolerable character in my opinion even though she has no depth whatsoever, Ally is the typical goody two shoes who can't sing and is always the butt of jokes, Dez is so unbelievably stupid and annoying that I wish I could reach through the television and stomp his stupid ass into the ground not to mention that he acts like a fucking girl 99.9% of the time. Then there's Austin the idiotic pretty boy pop star with nothing more than basic talent. It's just... Ughh I can't stand it! As soon as it comes on I change the channel or go straight to the DVR. The plot is total garbage Austin and Ally break up and get back together like 40 fucking million times just to create "drama" that's totally clich, overused, and cheesy that you want to smash your head with a brick. I hope that this show gets cancelled I have no idea how it lasted this long but if I was in charge I would cancel this show right now, get better actors and make something that dosen't make you want to rip your eyes out.
  • To AshleighJones

    If you think the show is so stupid then don't watch it. It is also very ignorant that you say you would kill them the first chance you get. Especially just because you don't like the characters they play on a television show and have never gotten to know them personally. But then again what should I expect from a girl who doesn't even know how to spell half of the trash she writes. I'm 11 as well and the fact that you can say that all of the people who watch this show are dumb is another example of your ignorance. Laura Marano is an amazing actress and musician. She stars in the new disney channel movie Bad Hair Day and a new feature film OUTSIDE of disney channel called A Sort of Homecoming. She is also nominated for a teen choice award. Ross lynch is also nominated for a teen choice award. And let's not forget the two new movies he recently starred in, Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach Movie 2.

    Austin and Ally is a phenomenal show that teaches people about friendship, relationships, criticism, etc.

    Next time you talk trash about people make sure you know all of your facts.

    That all suck except for Calum Worthy and Raini Rodreguz. Laura MORONO is a bad acter and is a terrible singer. Ross Lynch is ugly and also a terrible singer. And if I met them in public, I would go to jail right after, because I would of killed them! I am 11 and I absolutely hate that stupid show! Everybody that watches it is so dumb!
  • GTFO!

    This show deserves to be thrown off of a cliff and burnt in the fires of hell. It teaches children that they can basically do nothing to become all of a sudden famous. It also teaches children that it's funny to be violent and act stupid. The actors have disappointing results on the show and have no talents. But, it's not the first Disney show to suck horribly. And it won't be the last.
  • Another Hannah Montana

    Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Linsay Lohan, Shia LaBeouf, Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, and Christina Aguilera. (Some non-Disney people like them include Justin Austin and Ally will probably become nude stars in three years. Like Miley and Vanessa. Austin and Ally are every single one of Diney's "Original" shows, boy meets girl boy, falls for girl, it's obvious they will end up together in a month, Disney needs drama so they make them break up and get together like 10 times. It's obvious that they were written, they have no skills in acting, they think they're doing "hip" things and when I see them try, I cringe. It's like disney directors got together in a room and said "Hey, you know what the world needs more of? Stupid boy bands and singers. What's wrong with these people? They think they can give you any show and you'll love it. Well guess what, Disney? I refuse to put up with your sh***y shows made to promote a singer's career.
  • Just Awful

    Are you kidding me? How does this have a 7.9 rating? The show isn't even funny, and I absolutly hate Ally Dawson! She's just so stupid and idiotic. just a typical teenage pop trash. And Austin. No. Just no. in one episode he considered quitting just because he got one bad review, I mean- who does that? he has such thin skin. Trish is the only character i like. Also, it only plays the same 5 episodes when it comes on

    BTW I am 12
  • Just the right show for me

    I've never really watched Disney shows before so for me this is a first. I am surprised that I really like the show despite it's predictability.

    Very very stereotypical characters, that must be said. The korean girl in the glee episode is perhaps the best example. As for the main characters, they are straight out of a textbook. No ground broken here.

    The basic plot is again very simple and predictable. The whole show is the road to fame and teen romance, which shows the lack of originality (Being in Miami and away from NY or LA is perhaps the biggest surprise). Most of the time, I can guess what's gonna happen when the problem arises, and it's pretty much that for most episodes.

    To my own surprise as well, the fact that the show is very simple is the reason why I'm watching it. Unlike shows like Sherlock, I watch the show with ease and I enjoy being this relaxed. it's just easy to watch. I can squeeze a laugh now and then as well. Some jokes are pretty lame (Nelson), but some are spot on. The part from when A & A realized that they love each other (both not willing to admit at first) to their first date is pretty fun to watch. Overall, I find season 2 the most interesting, but this is not a show that you can just jump in at anytime, you gotta start from the beginning.

    I am pleased to find some good moral lessons in the show. I feel that Austin is pretty humble throughout the whole show despite being very famous and I like that. The show also promotes friendships and the idea of helping each other out expecting no gain (perhaps except Trish), which are values that need to spread in this very self-centered world. It also encourages people to chase the dream. Fame is not depicted as heavily as in other similar shows, which is good.

    All in all, it's a simple show with some good laughs and good moral values behind it. I am sure that a lot of people can connect with these characters, especially with Ally. I have to say that I enjoy spending 20 minutes to just to sit and enjoy the show after a busy day. I most likely will continue to follow the show. I see the potentially for it to become a long running show (like Glee), but whether that will happen or not depends on the producers and writers.

    Oh, and there are some pretty catchy tunes in there as well.

  • Nothing more than a sorry/cheap Hannah Montana clone

    I will admit that Hannah Montana was a pretty decent show overall with corniness. However this show is nothing really more than a joke that is so painfully unfunny because the real reason it was made was to cash in on the popularity of Hannah Montana. It has overused plots, stereotypical characters without any real depth or development, bad acting, and a laugh track that goes off every someone says something not giving the listeners time to comprehend what they heard. I don't think the laugh track even went 30 seconds without going off. Not every single sentence has to be funny.

    Come to think of it, Disney Channel would have been better off renewing Kim Possible and American Dragon instead of producing this shallow, cheap knock off of a previous show with the same plot. If I had kids I wouldn't let them see this because there's already a great surplus of stupidity and nonsense. I don't think Disney Channel is really trying anymore. Once they create an original show with an interesting premise and good characters they then stall produce a bunch of clones with the same 'winning formula' and stall other promising shows. Now DC is just saturated with a bunch of corny teen sit-coms about teen celebrities/prodigies and has been for years. This is a very overrated show without any plot or character development. So don't waste your time because there are far better things to do than watch this.
  • Awesome and Inspiring

    I don't like what some are say about this show. Most of these bad reviews are from people who watched Hannah Montana and Zach and Cody. I loved those shows. I don't like to be closed minded. Don't you forget, the people who watched Disney before Hannah Montana and all those showd said the exact same thing about those those shows. See the pattern?

    The characters are my favorite aspect of the show. Austin shows that you can do anything and that there is forgiveness even though we screw up. Ally shows that we can conquer anything with the help of our friends. Trish shows that there is consequences for the things we do wrong. Dez shows that even though he is stupid he fan still have a big heart and function just like the rest of society.

    People have complained a lot about the Glee Club episode where Dez was treated like a looser at the beginning. People have said that was a bad influence, but those are the people who are too lazy to watch or pay attention to the rest of the episode where everyone suffered because Dez fought back and became the leader of the Glee Club. See my point? This show has taught me some good life lessons even though I am not the target age group, there is still things any age group can learn from it. Also don't forget that television shows don't have to be realistic. It's called "Fiction" for a reason
  • Austin & Ally

    I like your show on TV and. Your show Austin @ Ally is fun. But

    I want to be on it your show Austin @ Ally show

    But I want Ally

    Austin @ Ally to Leave Austin @ Ally show don't. come back to the on the Austin @ Ally I want to be on it called show is Austin @ Nila show on. not Ally she is not. Good. Songwriter. On the Austin @ Ally Called is team Austin @ Nila

    From Nila Huddleston
  • Austin and Ally? An average Disney Channel show which could use a few improvements....

    Austin and Ally is a show about Austin Moon, the newest teen sensation who sings! With his shy (but now confident) songwriter Ally Dawson, his wacky best friend Dez and his awesomely cool manager Trish, these four get up to all sorts of adventures whilst trying to book venues for Austin's concerts and music tours at the same time!

    I do admit that I didn't like this show too much at first but since I've watched it, it's grown on me a bit. Whilst Austin and Ally has potential for a Disney show, it can still use a bit of improvement and I will explain more in this review.


    Ally was writing a song which Austin secretly records. With the help of Dez, Austin turns the song into a music video and he gets millions of views. Ally and Trish go to his house to take credit for the song and after the end of the first season, Austin is discovered by Jimmy Starr and he becomes famous. Ally also becomes his songwriter whilst Trish becomes his manager and Dez becomes the director. These four pretty much deal with lots of chaos whilst making new songs at the same time. In season 2, Ally overcomes her stage fright and she realises that she has feelings for Austin and things go from there.

    The plot does have potential but it doesn't really interest me that much since the 'main character' gets discovered by a famous record label (similar to how Justin Bieber got discovered) and the fact that the main character is a singer annoys me a bit since that formula is overdone already. I do admit that the plot could be developed a tiny bit more but other than those nit-picky issues, it's average at best.


    In most Disney shows, the characters usually have little to no personality and they're also stereotypical. The characters in Austin and Ally are fine for me but they do have good things and bad things about them and they're still stereotypical, cookie cutter re-hashes of previous characters from past Disney shows. Let's begin!

    Austin Moon: Austin is a teen sensation who is a singer. One of the things I didn't like about him was the fact that he's a singer and the main character and this formula is done way too many times. Another thing I didn't like his character too much because of his immature behaviour but I do admit that he has changed since the second season which is good. He can also be quite naive and stupid at times but he still cares for his friends.

    Ally Dawson: She is (or was) the shy yet smart songwriter for Austin. She bored me a bit in the first season but she has grown on me as a character and sometimes I actually identify with her too. The main thing I don't like about her is the fact that she has the 'good girl' cookie cutter image. Again, Disney has used this formula too much but in this case I can overlook it. Also, she tends to wear the same clothes (almost) every season and she kind of tries too hard to be cool and hip. She also thinks she can dance (when she can't) but I would rather watch her dance than watch Shake it Up. What I do like about Ally is that she overcame her stage fright and she is a good role model because she shows you that you should never give up on your dreams.

    Trish De La Rosa: She is the manager for the gang who can come across as rude, ungrateful and deceitful at times but she does have a soft spot when it comes to her friends. I don't hate Trish but she is a bit of a questionable character in my opinion. The only reason I say this is because of the amount of jobs she goes through in every episode. Usually she gets a new job and she says this catchphrase: 'Guess who got a job as the _______?' The catchphrase did get a few laughs out of me for the first few episodes but it started to get old. Also, she's usually incompetent when it comes to keeping a job and she gets fired. In reality, nobody would go through the amount of jobs Trish does. Also, she is actually funny at times too.

    Dez: Dez is the gang's director. The only thing I don't like about him is the fact that he's just crazy and stupid 99% of the time. Sometimes it seems like he's high on something but I do admit that he has his nice moments every now and then and there are times when he matures enough by being serious when a certain situation arises.

    Nelson: I don't have too much to say about him but he is the only character who annoys me the most. He is basically Flynn from Shake it Up with glasses.


    Although some of the jokes in the show are overused at times, I do get a few laughs from them every now and then. The only thing about the jokes that annoy me is the broken record laugh track. I am not going to continue with a paragraph about the laugh track because I'm sure you all know how much it annoys me.

    Moral values:

    This show actually does teach moral values, like Ally overcoming her stage fright so she can be a more confident person and Trish trying to find work again so she doesn't seem like a failure (although the amount of jobs she goes through is questionable). At least this show has some value unlike Shake it Up, Jessie etc.


    I have decided to give this show a rating of 6.5. The show itself does have some good things about it but I think it could do with a few more improvements. In my opinion, it's nearly reaching the same level as Good Luck Charlie but at least this show isn't something abysmal like ANT Farm.
  • Ish okay...

    It can be pretty funny at times, but I really do think that the humor was better back then.

    Its not the acting that's bad, I think the actors are fine. I think that it is the script behind it that makes it corny.
  • Stop Hating!

    Come on, if you love the old disney channel the just dont watch the new disney go on and cry in bed but everyone else loves it including me!

    The show always makes me laugh and I am so happy that it is getting a fourth season. It also teaches you a lesson - Always follow your dreams unless there stupid.
  • Awesome.

    The show's awesome
  • Best show ever!!!

    This is the best show need another season. If not I'm pretty sure I'll die!!!!!
  • austin and ally

    i like it but jessie is better and this show needs to start improving
  • Sucks A$$

    This show is absolute trash with terrible acting. I have no clue if the producers were stoned or not when making this show. Would never recommend this to anyone.
  • Show sucks

    How can people watch that show. It's so bad just like all of Disney Channel shows today. Bring back all the good shows like That's So Raven, Kim Possible, American Dragon, ect.
  • Fantastic Show

    Hopefully few more seasons!!!

    But seriously though can you guys just stop with this? What I mean is both sides, the ones saying "I LOVE THEES SHOW OMFG STOP HATING" and "THIS SHOW IS DA WORST EVA". No ones really going anywhere with this argument, and its a Disney show, its not something that should cause this much of an uproar. Peace yos
  • More of a miss than a hit

    This show is better at some points than others. Like most Disney Channel shows, it has a lot of over-the-top stupidity (mostly from Dez, the brainless ginger) and some disgusting humor. And in the episode Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing, Ally is STILL is a terrible dancer, yet she is apparently 100% oblivious to it. WOW. Honestly, it seems like Dez's stupidity is apparently contagious, like a disease or something. Seriously, when Ally dances, it really looks like she's just throwing her arms up in the air and trying to swim. She even says she's gotten a lot better, but I think she hasn't improved AT ALL. And what happened to Dallas? He apparently disappeared during the first season without warning, forever. I haven't seen Nelson lately either. And finally, Austin's parents are dorks who own a mattress business AND they gave him the middle name Monica! I mean seriously?! Are the writers THAT desperate for a laugh? The worst part of it is how they ALWAYS make it into a MUCH overused running gag. I mean, it wasn't even funny the first time! More like annoying. WHY would they do THAT? I mean, were his parents expecting a girl or something? It just makes no sense, does it?

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 16): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • My brain, it HURTS!!!

    The fact that this show has a solid 8.0 rating while a cartoon like My Gym Partner's a Monkey has a mediocre 6.4 rating tells me how many idiots this place has.

    And I'm not talking idiots in general, I mean those fans of this show (all 3 of them) that joined forces & decided to make over 50 troll/sockpuppet accounts just to thumb their own reviews up while also making positive (and completely bullshitted) reviews for said sockpuppet accounts & thumbing them up as well, & thumbing down any negative reviews (which are the only ones that are true). Because seriously, no one with sanity & an IQ over over 70 could possibly like this show (I recall one positive review around here had around 66 thumbs up, further telling me that those thumbs up ARE from sockpuppet accounts). And no one is fucking ret@rded enough to believe that this show is decent or has positive things about it.

    Disney Channel finally cancelled Shake it Up (another tumor in the network), they're just missing this one, ANT Farm, So Random, Jessie, & any other live action show on there.

    Seriously, I never thought Disney Channel could have gone so bad. I thought Shake it Up, So Random, Farm, & Jonas were bad (they still are), but this show somehow manages to break the barrier on bad. People around this page or anywhere can't seriously expect me to believe that they think shows like iCarly, True Jackson VP, & Victorious are the worst ever & worse than this. iCarly & True Jackson aren't THAT bad, honestly, & Victorious IS crap, but those shows are a hundred times better than this garbage & anything Disney Channel has shitted out. This show is horrible, & I mean HORRIBLE! It gives the word "horrible" a bad name!

    Just one episode of this trash made me die inside! Every agonizing minute of watching this show slowly hurt my brain cells & they are still badly damaged to this day! They will take a LONG time to recover from this awful experience. It was only a handful, read it carefully, HANDFUL, of minutes that I sat through this trash, & I really wanted to rip my eyes out of their sockets to make it stop, & then have a doctor cut my head open to both prevent my brain from exploding out of swelling, & checking if I had become mentally disordered after watching it. I do NOT recommend anyone watching this horrible excuse for a show. You know what is funnier than this? Do you REALLY want to know what crap is hilarious compared to this? You Don't Mess with the Zohan, & Grown Ups are pure comical genius compared to this show (and those were some piece of shit abominations to comedy & cinema); yes, it's really that bad.

    None of the actors in this show can act to save their lives, the song lyrics are poorly written crap that even a beginner in music can do better, the songs in general are awful with crap lip-syncing, auto-tune abusing & mainstream crap singing in general, unlikable & unrealistic characters that take annoying to a new level, dreadful dialogue, & jokes as funny as Disaster Movie. The show also suffers from not having any plot, story, or even a point. Hell, & just like the rest of Disney Channel's recent crap, it doesn't offer any lessons or morals to kids.

    The sets, oh man, are just cheap-looking. All of the set pieces in here look like low-budget stock crap that was recycled from the set pieces in Hanna Montana. Seriously, all of the sets in here look like they just borrowed them from some Disney Channel warehouse that were used previously in other sitcoms, & then just threw them in here. At least Hanna Montana's sets looked a bit more authentic than in here (for what it's worth [and please take note that I do NOT like Hanna Montana]). Its clear that the producers of this show weren't trying in the least, & were too cheap to get better set productions.

    The characters are mind-numbingly awful, & the worst thing in this show. Austin is some sort of rockstar who was discovered on the internet (Justin Bieber much?), but is so obnoxious & stupid that you wonder if he is mentally challenged. He is like some teen or pre-teen, but acts like some 1st or 2nd grader. And just a quick FYI, I have no idea how he was 'discovered' because he has no talent. Ally, an annoying, no real personality girl who looks bored, forced to act, always irritated, & ready to shoot herself at any moment. And what I mean by no real personality is that she switches her personality many times in just one episode. At first she can be a complete idiot, then she is sweet, caring, & friendly, & then she can be an evil & VERY anti-social. Another thing with her, she tends to ruin any jokes that come around (not to say that the jokes are any good to begin with).

    As for Trish, oh man, she is unlikable, annoying, irritating, & stupid from the moment she enters the show! Her personality consists of being a complete an udder moron, lazy & a good-for-nothing, always looking like she drank a bottle of monster mixed with candy corn, & obnoxious in every level. She is also a horrible role-model for kids, because she teaches them that every time you get a new job, you get fired from it in the very next hour or day because you're too lazy & are worthless at it, & then seek another one to do the same thing (and she somehow enjoys it). She is also Austin's manager, & a terrible one at that. From the start of the show, she walks in & is always stating how she already has around 10 jobs in which she will get fired from in the next few hours. And how is that even possible? Why would anyone hire a girl who doesn't do shit all day & has been fired countless time from other jobs? And, how can she have so many jobs anyways? It's not like there are over 100 jobs that are always hiring.

    I really need to say anything? This character is such an incompetent idiot, that he makes special-ed kids look smart. I am sorry, I know that is horribly mean/rude, but I kid you not when I say that. I have seen special kids act far more intelligent than he does. Dez does nothing but jump into a scene, act like the biggest idiot in the world, & then just run off to do more idiotic crap, sometimes with Austin. He is supposed to be the director of Austin's music videos, but seeing how much of an idiot he is, it explains why they're such shit.

    The costumes are another thing; no character in this show is dressed realistically, because no normal, sane teen dresses like them. Each character, especially Austin, dresses like they're going to be on some Polo or Gap ad. Any teen or child that thinks the way these teens are dressed is the style or cool, seriously doesn't know what cool is. You can reach for any mixture of clothes from a 70s store, put them on, & you'd look ten times better than these morons do.

    Another thing that really unnerves me about this show is how the laugh track is always being played every 5-10 seconds! A character says one thing, laugh track goes off. Another character says another thing, the laugh track goes off again. Another one says something more & the laugh track goes off again! The laugh track will play over 20 Neptune-forsaken times in less than a minute or two. That poor laugh-track, I'm betting, doesn't even breathe of how much it is played on less than 2 minutes. The jokes in this show are NOT FUCKING FUNNY! Watch some REAL comedy, like The Big Bang Theory.

    The show isn't even about Austin & Ally, for the most part, it's mostly involving Ally & Trish, while Austin is just off with his other mentally-challenged moron best friend to do random, pointless shit.

    And to the moron fans, NO ONE is jealous of anyone on this show or Disney Channel because no one who has an IQ of over 60 would want to be like Austin of the others (that's how bad they are). If I'm going to be jealous of someone, I'm going to be jealous of someone who had TALENT; like John Lennon, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Zapp & Rodger, Earth Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers, Adam Levine, Cher, Robbie Williams, Kaskade, Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs, Beyonce, Lenny Williams, Jodie Benson, Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Lady gaga, Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, Johnny Depp, T-Pain, & even Usher.

    You can eat the worst shows on any other channel that isn't Disney Channel, & still crap out better shit than Austin & Alley. Being in a room filled with horse shit is better than watching this; no joke.

    Also disneyprincesslover12345, at least give me credit for taking 95% of what I had already said about this show & pasted it into your own review.
  • Best show on Disney Channel!

    I adore this show! I really used to dislike it at first, but now I just adore it! It's the best show on Disney Channel, and omg, I just don't know what to say! So let's see why I like it:

    PLOT: Awesome!!! I love how much it's Justin Bieber like, even though I don't like Justin. I also love how they change names, like Justin-Austin, Twitter-Tweeter. The plot is really intriguing and it sticks me to my TV screen. The show is both funny and dramatic, just when it needs to be. It's just, I'm out of words.

    ACTING: I don't know what to say here. These people are so talented and such amazing actors and singers! They all lighten up my day and I love seeing them on screen!

    CHARACTERS: I love the four friends! Austin is the cool, dumb, childish kind of extroverted singer, Ally is the shy, nice, helpful songwriter, Dez is the stupid, funny, cute filmmaker and Austin's best friend, and Trish is the lazy, hilarious, talented manager and Ally's best friend. Austin taught me to follow my dreams, Ally taught me that friendship is what matters, Dez taught me that even stupidity can be smart sometimes, and Trish taught me to always do my best (even though she always does the opposite).

    OVERALL: BEST SHOW DISNEY CHANNEL HAS EVER MADE! Literally. I love it. On the scale of 1-10 I give it an 11, which means it's a definite A+.

    UPDATE: I don't consider it the best show Disney Channel ever made anymore. It's still absolutely amazing, but is going just a bit downhill with the newer episodes and I mostly like to focus on the season 1 and 2 episodes (:
  • The fact that this show has a solid 8.0 rating on this website proves how many idiots there are on this website.

    Seriously, I never thought Disney Channel could have gone so bad. This show is a total joke. None of the actors in this show can act to save lives, the song lyrics are poorly written crap that even a beginner in music can do better, the songs are awful, generic pop trash with no meaning and crap lip-syncing, auto-tune abusing & mainstream crap singing, unlikable & unrealistic characters that take annoying to a new level, dreadful dialogue, & jokes as funny as math class. All of the set pieces in here look like low-budget stock crap that was recycled from the set pieces in Hannah Montana (which was one of Disney Channel's best). And to the morons who actually like this show, NO ONE is jealous of anyone on this show or Disney Channel because no one who has an IQ of over 10 would want to be idiots like Austin Moon or Ally Dawson. And why is the laugh track being played every 2 seconds? And also, no character in this show is dressed realistically, because no normal or sane teen dress would dress like the idiots on Austin & Ally.
  • Great show for children

    I don't even know why adults came to this site to rate some kind of kids show, I'm sure most of you are over 15. I understand if a kid hate it because it is created for them to watch it and they don't have to like it, but adults don't have to watch the show, don't you have something else to do other than watch and judge kids tv shows? If it was the kids who watch it who are rating it, this show would have got 10. So stop complaining and watch something you like and watch something created for your own age because Austin & Ally is for younger audience and it may not suit you.