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  • Stop bullying

    I love Austin and Ally the haters don't know what they're talking about! Why do u bully them?? What have they ever done to you? What would you feel if someone is doing this to you? They r an amazing cast!!!!!!!!

    Ross is funny,cool,cute and an amazing singer,Laura is a adorable,talented,pretty and an amazing actress,Raini is beautiful,sweet and smart and Calum is hilarious
  • trish

    I love the Austin and ally show. But the one thing I hate about it is true she thinks she's better than everyone and on one episode when dez had to make a movie trish was like make it about me and that was just being a DIVA there should be a different star roll for Trish but a nicer version and not the girl that plays trish
  • Horrible

    Austin and Ally is a show about an unrealistic scenario where a teen ends up being famous along with his singwriter, manager and beat friend/ music vidoe filmer. Austins dancing is horrible, Ally is stupid, Trish is overly sensitive (bullying episode) and Dez is wierder than anyone i ever heard of. There are two things that bother me. One: If theyre famous why arent fans around them like real life? Two: in one recent episode Austin called thier group "The Fearsome Foursome" and it sounds sexual
  • Disney In The Namee

    They already did a part on basically what half of the reviews are saying. Sure, SOME TIMES IT CAN BE REALLY Disney, But of course its meant to be that way its umm Disney Channel. Look past the kidish part and get the message of the show, if you don't you just think about Austin and Ally and just hate it? Personally I miss the old disney, but hey I can work with Austin And Ally.
  • 7.9?!!! Really people?

    I know this show is for 8 yr olds, but come on! This show is so cheesy and cliched! The jokes are so repetitive that even an 8 yr old would facepalm.

    Plus, they went balls to the wall with autotune. If you're going to lip synch, at least attempt to match your lips to the words.
  • I know I never watched the show, but at least I know it's good.

    Humorously, everytime I see or hear the name Ross Lynch, I always ask myself: "Is Ross Lynch really the son of Jane Lynch?".
  • jEALOUS? Are you mental? lol

    Before I write my review on this shitty excuse for television, for all the whiny little ***s calling everyone jealous haters" Shut the fuck up. You think that defending a show makes you look mature and respectable? Then you're pathetic. If I don't have anything nice to say, I say it anyways. Get over it.
  • dont have anything nice to say dont say or type it at all

    Morganatar if you don't like it then maybe you shouldn't say anything and Laura sounds amazing. Raini is not fat and Trish is mean to Dez because that's what the script tells her to do. Austin and Ally is AMAZING.
  • jealous people are bullies!!!

    Everybody sitting here commenting all of these rude, inconsiderate, false comments are just jealous because you probably aren't as Hot/Cute, Talented, Cool, Fun, Awesome, sweet, funny, or smart as all of the Austin & Ally Actors and Actresses on the show. So what I'm trying/saying is STOP WITH ALL OF THESE JEALOUS & RUDE COMMENTS!!!
  • loves

    First off it is very rude some of these comments!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways Trish you are not fat u r beautiful and funny and smart!!!!! Ally ur an awesome actor u have an amazing personality and ur not annoying :-) Dez ur not weird ur a very funny and interisting person I love ur silliness on the show and Austin ur an amazing singer i love ur song timless I have listened to it a million times and I absolutely positively love it and ally ur an amazing singer also <3 <3 <3 <3 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I LOVE YOU GUYS
  • Austin and ally

    I think they are all great and they should not get bullied for what they do because they do they'd every day and every night so they are hreat singers and dancers and whatever alse they do so don't bully them
  • stop hating haters

    Don't give people crap about there show, there just saying what the scrip say's, so go check your self before you wreck your self.
  • Horrible show

    This show is the worst. First of all ally can not sing and is the worst at acting and she is so annoying. And Trish is a FAT pig. She needs to lose some pounds and she is a bully herself anyways to dez
  • Stop you haters bullying

    I am so confused. Why would people say bad thing about the Austin & Ally cast. What did they ever do to you. They work hard day and night to give you the best shows they can. They deserve to be respected. Now all of you people out there is getting lectured by a 10 year old. The Austin & Ally cast deserve so much more then some of you haters give them.

  • be nice

    People just needs to chile out and stop hateing people
  • gr8 and alwsome

    its a gr8 show dont worry bout all the mean haters cuz inside u know u do good so always do what u do and dont let no hater ruin ur day u all rock #teamaustinandally
  • good taste

    I hate that people dont like yalls show im a fourth grader with 58 precent arvrege 62 precent is genius i have good taste. and im 9
  • Great show.

    This is acctually one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel.
  • Its a great show

    Austin and Ally is a really good show ever since it came out i have watched and liked every single episode. I love the singing and the story of each episode. Dez is really funny and austin is to. Ally and Trish are both really talented singers just like Austin. Great and Funny show
  • don't bully

    I was just watching Austin Ali anN I sawTrish getting bullied and I know how she feels because because I was bullied before I'm just want to please stop bully
  • This whole show is hypocritical

    Trish bullies dez but she doesn't like it when someone bullies her? Oh wow.... I don't even feel bad for Trish she's a complete bitch anyway
  • why bully

    why do people have to post such rude things about each other? not just talking about this particular show, but all of them. the fact is that everyone has been bullied one time or another. how did that make you feel? why would you want to make someone feel that bad about themselves? everyone is beautiful in their own way. think about how what you are saying will affect this particular person before you post something mean about them. remember how bad you felt when you were bullied.
  • Stop being mean

    People saying bad comments u guys are just haters and all u guys is hate they are really funny, nice, great and awesome so just stop bullying bullying is not cool because I get bully some times and it's not cool at all so STOP PLZ.

  • Best show on Disney!

    This show is amazing and I can obviously tell that the people writing bad reviews are old sad pathetic losers who want old shows that will never come back to come back. Stop crying about it get up watch something that is in your age group if you don't like it then dont watch it.

    I love Austin and Ally Ross is cute , funny,cool,and is pretty,smart,silly,funny,and talented. I am only 11 years old and i can say me and my little sister love this show.


    On episode 19 season 3 Beauties & Bullies Trish had got bullied and called ugly well guess what that happens in the real world it happens to me and I have done it to somebody and I feel super bad about it. Bottom line is bullying has got to stop.

    So quit with the negative comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good Job

    Great job Ross Lynch,Laura Marano and the group you guess do great every time
  • you guys rock.....

    hi guys im joel and i have 2 kids and i just want to said thankfully for the greatest advices in your show about bullies in special. to raini Rodriguez. ........30 years ago i was bullying and. dont want my kids to experience this horrible you ross,laura,callum and raini..... god bless you.....
  • Stop being mean?!

    I love this show! And if you don't like it then that's your own choice. They all have feelings and we should respect that! I think if you don't like it, OK. But don't try to be rude and hateful! I love Austin and Ally! Keep it up! ;)

  • Insults (Accept or Decline)

    You see here insults are like a bad coin you can't avoid getting them, but you can choose to accept so if you don't like what somebody says to you then just don't accept it. I love the show and wish I could meet you all in person.
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