Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 1

Rockers & Writers

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on Disney Channel
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After aspiring rock star Austin Moon inadvertently steals a song from introverted songwriter Ally Dawson, he becomes an overnight internet sensation. But when he lands a big television appearance and needs to write another song to perform, Austin must convince Ally to partner up with him.

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  • bad10sa

    I didn't get to watch it bad bad bad bad
  • Austin & Ally

    Best episode
  • loving

    I thing I LOVE it
  • One of the only good episodes along with Secrets & Songbooks and Kangaroo's & Chaos

    This is a really good start for Austin & Ally.I love Austin he's so talented and has a future but Ally is just so mean and bossy.She just wants everything for herself(even her songbook),I just wanna punch her in the face for real.Trish is pretty good and Dez is just a disgusting character.I love the song Double Take and This episode is actuaclly really funny.My fave bit was when Ally was trying to get off the Helen show stage and wrecked the entire show and Austin had to pay for the entire thing.moreless
  • This was a great episode of a great show on Disney Channel.

    Like I said above this was a great episode to a great show. Now it's definetly not my favorite episode of the series. IT was still really great. OK wannabbe rockstar Austin Moon steels Ally's song double take and it goes viral and becomes an overnight sensation, but when he goes on the Helen Show they want him to perform another origanal song. Like I said it was great. Now Dez was probably the funniest character of the whole episodes. HE definetly cracked me up. Probably the funniest line he said was" You know what my dad said to me. DEZ STOP TEXTING THE DOG!!" I was laughing so hard at that part. Now the songs was good Double Take was o.k. Break down the Walls was another awesome song that I really enjoyed. Now the only nit picked was Trish's job lines got really old and I didn't like the fact that Austin stole a song. Well, Overall, a great episode of Austin and Ally and I still might chance my review for this show. 8.5/10.moreless
Mim Drew

Mim Drew


Guest Star

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown

Security Guard

Guest Star

Beverly Polcyn

Beverly Polcyn

Old Lady

Guest Star

Andy Milder

Andy Milder

Lester Dawson

Recurring Role

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    • Trish: Guess who got a job as Austin's manager.
      Austin: She has so much job experience. Her résumé was like eight pages.

    • Austin: I want you to be my parnter.
      Ally: Spend more time with you?
      Austin: You're a songwriter with stage fright; I'm a singer who loves being on stage. We're a perfect match. What do you say?
      Ally: We're partners.

    • Austin: Imagine you come home and your living room is just full of cheerleaders.
      Ally: Uh, that's not really my idea of fun.
      Austin: Okay, pretend you're on stage performing...
      Ally: Oh, no way. I have horrible stage fright.
      Austin: Then imagine you're on the beach.
      Ally: Ugh, sand's getting everywhere. Ew, is that guy really wearing a thong?
      Austin: Okay, forget the beach! What do you like?
      Ally: I like pickles.
      Austin: Great. Pretend you're eating a pickle.
      Ally: There's no eating in the store.
      Austin: All right!

    • Austin: What do you got?
      Ally: Okay, um... "The tears of your heart cry..."
      Austin: Too depressing.
      Ally: Okay. Uh. "The midnight sadness..."
      Austin: That's even more too depressing. This song should be fun, like a splash of sunshine. You're like a drizzle of darkness.

    • Austin: Who am I kidding? My dad always said music was a waste of time. He said I had a bazillion to one chance of making it.
      Ally: That's exactly what my dad said to me.
      Dez: Do you know what my dad said to me? "Dez, stop texting the dog!"

    • Ally: (to Austin)
      Okay, uh, how about this.
      I'm not helping you with your song, get out of my store.
      Dez: That doesn't rhyme.
      Ally: (singing) There's the door.
      Dez: That's better.

    • Ally: Okay, the only thing standing between us and telling the world the truth about Austin is that guard. The trick is to act like you're supposed to be here. You gotta exude confidence.
      Security Guard: Can I help you ladies?
      Ally: No! (nervously)
      Yes, we're looking for the kitchen. Or bathroom! We're friends with Bernie. Or Lulu?

    • Ally: I wrote that song and you have to tell everybody the truth.
      Austin: I can't! Do you know how embarrassing that would be for me? Consider my feelings. Are you really that selfish?

    • Entertain Me Tonight Host: It all started with a homemade video and a catchy song. Two million hits later, Austin Moon is a genuine overnight internet sensation.
      Austin: It wasn't exactly overnight. It was more like over... two nights.

    • Ally: Where did you hear that song?
      Trish: It's all over the Internet.
      Ally: The Internet?
      Trish: Uh, that place people go on their computers to look at stuff and shop.

    • Ally: What about your job at Cupcake City?
      Trish: Apparently being a horrible employee is grounds for termination. Isn't that shocking?
      (Trish shocks Ally)
      Magic shock finger.
      Ooh, I'd better go. I started my five-minute break two hours ago.

    • Austin: Here's the thing about the instruments...
      Ally: You don't have any money.
      Austin: What if I pay you back when I get rich and famous?
      Ally: Great! Just have your butler fly over on your private jet and drop off a sack of shiny gold coins.
      Austin: Really?
      Ally: No.

    • Lester: Guess who found 37 more cents.
      Ally: Dad, stop taking money out of the mall fountain. Those are people's wishes.
      Lester: Well, my wish came true. I found 37 more cents.
      Ally: Well, speaking of wishes. Dad, is there any way I could put a piano upstairs in my practice room? The one I'm using is older than the lady I'm dating Sunday. Long story.

    • Ally: Oh, where'd you go?
      Trish: I was on the phone. That was work. Apparently "being there" is part of the job.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music: "Double Take" and"Break Down The Walls"

    • This episode premiered at a special date and time of Friday, December 2, 2011 at 9:30pm (ET) as a special preview of the new series following the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!