Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 1

Rockers & Writers

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • bad10sa

    I didn't get to watch it bad bad bad bad
  • Austin & Ally

    Best episode
  • loving

    I thing I LOVE it
  • One of the only good episodes along with Secrets & Songbooks and Kangaroo's & Chaos

    This is a really good start for Austin & Ally.I love Austin he's so talented and has a future but Ally is just so mean and bossy.She just wants everything for herself(even her songbook),I just wanna punch her in the face for real.Trish is pretty good and Dez is just a disgusting character.I love the song Double Take and This episode is actuaclly really funny.My fave bit was when Ally was trying to get off the Helen show stage and wrecked the entire show and Austin had to pay for the entire thing.
  • This was a great episode of a great show on Disney Channel.

    Like I said above this was a great episode to a great show. Now it's definetly not my favorite episode of the series. IT was still really great. OK wannabbe rockstar Austin Moon steels Ally's song double take and it goes viral and becomes an overnight sensation, but when he goes on the Helen Show they want him to perform another origanal song. Like I said it was great. Now Dez was probably the funniest character of the whole episodes. HE definetly cracked me up. Probably the funniest line he said was" You know what my dad said to me. DEZ STOP TEXTING THE DOG!!" I was laughing so hard at that part. Now the songs was good Double Take was o.k. Break down the Walls was another awesome song that I really enjoyed. Now the only nit picked was Trish's job lines got really old and I didn't like the fact that Austin stole a song. Well, Overall, a great episode of Austin and Ally and I still might chance my review for this show. 8.5/10.
  • Good start to Austin & Ally

    Wannabe rockstar Austin steals one of shy Ally's songs and uses it to become an internet sensation. But when he lands a big television appearance and needs to write another song to perform, Austin must convince Ally to help him. This episode was a good start for the show in my opinion. At first, the show looks a bit poor, but then I decided to watch it last week (on Tuesday) to see how it looks. This show looks great and kinda interesting. Anyway, this episode had an alright plot. This episode didn't had that much funny parts. I liked what those two had put because I agreed with them. My score is lower because this episode could be done better. Overall, a good start to this show. 7/10
  • I like this show, already. So far #2 favorite show after Good Luck Charlie!


    This show is already awesome. I like how it shows the friendship of Austin & Ally from the beginning and Trish and Dez have that "I don't like you" kind of expression with each other.

    I didn't like how Austin's video got viral with ALL those views. It was so fake and can't happen until they have fans first.

    I like the fact that a male is singing as well, very cool.

    Trish getting new jobs like everyday is also pretty funny.

    I didn't like Ally's "stage fright" at the end, but whatever.

    I thought Trish and Ally getting away from the security guard was funny.

    So far, this show is already #2 favorite show for me, even if it's only one episode. :D

  • This show looks promising and I will definitely be looking forward to it


    Wannabe rockstar Austin steals one of shy Ally's songs and uses it to become an internet sensation. But when he lands a big television appearance and needs to write another song to perform, Austin must convince Ally to help him. Well, the pilot episode of this new show wasn't my favorite but it was still enjoyable. This was a series preview that showed right after the "Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas" Disney Channel Original Movie. This show looks like it could be better than "A.N.T. Farm", "Shake It Up", and "Jessie" but I don't think it could possible beat "Good Luck Charlie" though. Anyways, my score is a little low because the joke with the old lady's spit in the harmonica was gross and a few parts were a little boring. A lot of parts did make me laugh pretty hard such as Trish getting different jobs such as the cupcake store, magician, and more. Dez's line "You wanna know what my dad said? Dez, stop texting the dogs" was drop dead hilarious. Ally saying that she wanted ham and then Dex already having ham was hilarious. Also, Ally's stage fright and destroying the stage cracked me up as well. Overall, a superb pilot episode of "Austin and Ally"... this show looks promising and I look forward to it. 9/10

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