Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 3

Secrets & Songbooks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Austin and Dez find and read Ally's songbook and mistakenly believe that Ally's secret crush is Austin. When Ally and Trish discover the truth, they plan to teach Austin a lesson.

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  • This epiosde of Austin and Ally was hillarious!!!!!!!! I never wanted it to end.

    Ok this episode is about Ally losing her book but when Dez and Austin find her book they read it and they think that Ally has a crush on Austin. I thought this episode was excellent. Now ,my favorite parts of the episode is Nelson, figuring out that Ally has a crush on a guy named Dallas (After them reading that she like a guy named after a city in Texas.) I liked the song at the end. And there were more good and funny parts of the episode. I really loved this episode and it one of my favorites. Overall 10/10.moreless
  • Amazing.

    This is simply the best episode so far. It displayed a perfect mixture of drama and hilarity.

    Austin's reaction made my day..

    I love a good drama!

  • This episode is the best so far

    Austin and Dez find Ally's book and think that Ally likes Austin. When Ally finds out she sets up some "turn offs" that Austin reads sets after to make sure Ally won't like him because he doesn't like her. But when she sets up an interview to make Austin look like a fool on live television thats exactly what happens. So far, I thought this episode was the best for this new show (until there an episode that is rated higher than this). My only thing that made my score from a 10 was Dez telling the secret that Austin read Ally's book. That's my only problem. No boring scenes whatsoever. There were some funny scenes such as the flashback of Ally telling Austin not to read/look up for her book, Ally's book used as gingerbread house roof, Austin thinking that Ally likes him, Austin orange and sweaty, and Ally biting her hair. I enjoyed the song "Not a Love Song" at the very end. Overall, a superb episode and the best of this show so far. 9/10moreless
  • Three superb episodes in a row

    Austin and Dez find Ally's book and think that Ally likes Austin. When Ally finds out she sets up some "turn offs" that Austin reads sets after to make sure Ally won't like him because he doesn't like her. But when she sets up an interview to make Austin look like a fool on live television thats exactly what happens. Well... it is a very good streak... 3 SUPERB episodes in a row. This show has definitely been SUPERB so far but hopefully I get a PERFECT episode. Oh well, SUPERB is good enough for me to enjoy the show... in fact, it's super good for a user like me. I have never seen a Disney Channel show earning 9 in three episodes in a row from me. My score is a little low because some of the parts in this episode were a little boring and didn't have enough humor in those scenes. The parts I did laugh very hard at was Ally biting her hair whenever she gets nervous, the cutaways with Ally telling everyone "Don't touch my book", Trish eating Dez's gingerbread family and then Dez saying "Huh, you monster" to make Dez confess about Austin reading Ally's diary, Ally realizing that she revealed her secret on broadcast and then bites her hair because she got nervous and embarrassed about it, and a couple of more funny parts. I also thought Austin's song near the end of the episode was good as well but I wouldn't say it's the best song I've heard from this show though. Overall, another superb episode of "Austin and Ally"... terrific job getting a streak of 3 SUPERB episodes in a row, I'm very impressed with this show. 9/10moreless

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    • Interviewer: Okay, Austin, I have one last question for you. Why'd you read Ally's book?
      Austin: Huh?
      Ally: You know, my private book that I told you a million times not to touch. Why'd you read it?
      Austin: I... we... wait, is this a... ?
      Ally: ...fake interview for making you look stupid for reading my book? Yeah, that's exactly what it is.
      high fives Trish Whoo!
      Trish: The camera crew was my idea. I'm really good at revenge. If there was a Revenge Store, I'd never get fired.

    • Ally: We should write something totally different for you to play on "South Beach Sound." What about a love song?
      Austin: What about a "like" song?
      Ally: Come on, I've already got a bunch of it figured out.
      (singing) Love love love.
      Austin: (singing) Like like LIKE
      Ally: (singing) It's a special kind of feeling
      Austin: (singing) But not always so appealing
      Ally: (singing) All you want is to get close
      Austin: (singing) But too close is kinda gross
      Ally: (singing) Got to go for what you want
      Austin: But just keeping things on a friendly level is also a good option if you want things to stay the same

    • Trish: Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we retrace your steps from today, and maybe we'll figure out where you left your book.
      Ally: Okay. I got here early so I wrote in my book on the bench next to the cellphone accessory cart. Then I went to work, and on my break I took a walk past the cellphone accessory cart. Then I went...
      Trish: Wait. Why do you keep talking about the cellphone accessory cart?
      Ally: I'm not. I didn't. Why? Did the cute guy who works there ask about me?
      Trish: No way! You have a crush on the cellphone accessory cart guy. That's what you wrote in your book, isn't it?
      Ally: Whaat?! The cellphone guy. That's crazy. Why would I...? Holy unlimited texting! He is so cute.

    • Austin: I can't believe Ally has a crush one me.
      Dez: I can't believe I ate all that jelly.
      Austin: Ally's awesome, but I just don't feel that way about her. We're two different people. She likes pickles. I like pancakes. She likes reading books. I like having fun. I'm cool and collected and she chews her hair when she gets nervous.

    • Dez: Found it.
      Austin: Wow, your nose is amazing.
      Dez: No, I didn't smell the book. I just remembered I used it as a roof for my gingerbread house.
      Austin: Why do you have a gingerbread house?
      Dez: What, you want my gingerbread man to live on the street?
      Austin: No, I want him to live in my belly.
      (takes a bite of gingerbread man)
      Dez: Carlos!

    • Austin: What are you doing?
      Dez: Using my superhuman sense of smell to find Ally's book.
      Austin: You have a superhuman sense of smell? What food am I thinking of?
      Dez: (smells Austin's head)
      Cherry pie.
      (Austin looks at him)
      A la mode.
      Austin: Wow.

    • Ally: You guys look for my book here while Trish and I check the Lost and Found. I have to find it before someone reads it. Some of the things I wrote in there are super personal and embarrassing.
      Austin: Like how you have an imaginary friend named Miss Pennyworth you talk to when you're stressed?
      (Dez snickers)
      Ally: How do you know about Miss Pennyworth? I've only ever told one person that secret.
      (looks at Trish)
      Trish: Well, obviously Miss Pennyworth has been blabbing about ya all over town.

    • Ally: (finds sandwich in a tuba)
      What kind of disgusting person puts food in a tuba?
      Dez: Oh, my sandwich. Lost this a month ago.
      (takes a bite of sandwich)
      Austin: Dude, that's just wrong. At least share.

    • Trish: Anyhow, they're coming to film Austin here at the mall tomorrow. I told 'em you would write a new song.
      Austin: Tomorrow? That's not enough time.
      Trish: Hey, if I could get fired from three jobs in one day, I'm pretty sure you could write one song. Lazy!

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