Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 3

Secrets & Songbooks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on Disney Channel



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    • Interviewer: Okay, Austin, I have one last question for you. Why'd you read Ally's book?
      Austin: Huh?
      Ally: You know, my private book that I told you a million times not to touch. Why'd you read it?
      Austin: I... we... wait, is this a... ?
      Ally: ...fake interview for making you look stupid for reading my book? Yeah, that's exactly what it is.
      high fives Trish Whoo!
      Trish: The camera crew was my idea. I'm really good at revenge. If there was a Revenge Store, I'd never get fired.

    • Ally: We should write something totally different for you to play on "South Beach Sound." What about a love song?
      Austin: What about a "like" song?
      Ally: Come on, I've already got a bunch of it figured out.
      (singing) Love love love.
      Austin: (singing) Like like LIKE
      Ally: (singing) It's a special kind of feeling
      Austin: (singing) But not always so appealing
      Ally: (singing) All you want is to get close
      Austin: (singing) But too close is kinda gross
      Ally: (singing) Got to go for what you want
      Austin: But just keeping things on a friendly level is also a good option if you want things to stay the same

    • Trish: Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we retrace your steps from today, and maybe we'll figure out where you left your book.
      Ally: Okay. I got here early so I wrote in my book on the bench next to the cellphone accessory cart. Then I went to work, and on my break I took a walk past the cellphone accessory cart. Then I went...
      Trish: Wait. Why do you keep talking about the cellphone accessory cart?
      Ally: I'm not. I didn't. Why? Did the cute guy who works there ask about me?
      Trish: No way! You have a crush on the cellphone accessory cart guy. That's what you wrote in your book, isn't it?
      Ally: Whaat?! The cellphone guy. That's crazy. Why would I...? Holy unlimited texting! He is so cute.

    • Austin: I can't believe Ally has a crush one me.
      Dez: I can't believe I ate all that jelly.
      Austin: Ally's awesome, but I just don't feel that way about her. We're two different people. She likes pickles. I like pancakes. She likes reading books. I like having fun. I'm cool and collected and she chews her hair when she gets nervous.

    • Dez: Found it.
      Austin: Wow, your nose is amazing.
      Dez: No, I didn't smell the book. I just remembered I used it as a roof for my gingerbread house.
      Austin: Why do you have a gingerbread house?
      Dez: What, you want my gingerbread man to live on the street?
      Austin: No, I want him to live in my belly.
      (takes a bite of gingerbread man)
      Dez: Carlos!

    • Austin: What are you doing?
      Dez: Using my superhuman sense of smell to find Ally's book.
      Austin: You have a superhuman sense of smell? What food am I thinking of?
      Dez: (smells Austin's head)
      Cherry pie.
      (Austin looks at him)
      A la mode.
      Austin: Wow.

    • Ally: You guys look for my book here while Trish and I check the Lost and Found. I have to find it before someone reads it. Some of the things I wrote in there are super personal and embarrassing.
      Austin: Like how you have an imaginary friend named Miss Pennyworth you talk to when you're stressed?
      (Dez snickers)
      Ally: How do you know about Miss Pennyworth? I've only ever told one person that secret.
      (looks at Trish)
      Trish: Well, obviously Miss Pennyworth has been blabbing about ya all over town.

    • Ally: (finds sandwich in a tuba)
      What kind of disgusting person puts food in a tuba?
      Dez: Oh, my sandwich. Lost this a month ago.
      (takes a bite of sandwich)
      Austin: Dude, that's just wrong. At least share.

    • Trish: Anyhow, they're coming to film Austin here at the mall tomorrow. I told 'em you would write a new song.
      Austin: Tomorrow? That's not enough time.
      Trish: Hey, if I could get fired from three jobs in one day, I'm pretty sure you could write one song. Lazy!

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