Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 12

Soups and Stars

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Horrible episode

    This episode is stupid.I didn't like the way Ally came back with a bunch like 1'000 stickers and danced so inmaturely around the shop and the others were like OK.This show's going downhill big time and this didn't help at all.CANCEL THIS NOW!
  • This marks the 4th perfect episode of Austin and Ally.

    Ok Ally joins a website called tweeter (parody of twitter) but she wants to get more followers so she post a picture of a fake spider in Mrs. Suzy's Soups but it ruins her business. Well this marks the 4th perfect episode of Austin and Ally. Ok it officail I will change my review of this show really soon. It's definetly gonna be higher than a 8.5 (my old review). This episode was really good and I was laughing a lot in it. Once again this show makes me laugh. It was a fun episode to watch and my new favorite. It even beats Quincerenas and Club Owners. Well anyway the plot was really good and i loved the storyline. Ally posting a picture of a spider was funny. Ally feeling guilty about Mrs. Suzy's soups was funny. The whole commercail scene was absolutly hilarious! Also the very ending was pretty funny. Well Dez was also really funny in this episode. HE had me cracking up!! Anyway this episode prooves why Dez is my favorite character. Also I loved the jingle "Soup, Soup, Soup, Soup Soup, Soup, Soup." Well this was another perfect Austin and Ally. 10/10.
  • After Ally posts a spider on a soup picture to gain more followers on Tweeter, she ruins Ms. Suzy's Soups and feels guilty about it so she tries to help

    Ally joins a social networking website called Tweeter. She is amazed and happy when she gains 5,000 followers after she posts a picture of her spider soup. But when her picture makes people stop eating at Ms. Suzy's Soups, Ally feels guilty and tries to help. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Austin and Ally". I really loved the storyline and the humor was fantastic. It was a very fun episode to watch and it's now one of my new favorite episodes of this show. I already watched this episode like 3 times and I still loved it and nothing changed. Ally posting a spider on a soup picture to gain more followers on Tweeter was funny. It was funny how Ally's spider on a soup picture made everyone stop eating Ms. Suzy's Soups and that she felt guilty about it. The idea Ally and the others making a commercial to save Ms. Suzy's Soups was a fun(ny) idea to see. Dez as the director for the commercial was funny. The fact that Ally is going crazy because she wants to get a gold star from Ms. Suzy was hilarious as well and I also laughed pretty hard when Ally fell on the giant bowl of soup. The Ms. Suzy's Soups commercial was also very funny and awesome to see and the jingle "soup soup soup soup soup soup soup" was actually very catchy and it got stuck in my head afterwards (watch this episode to see why). Ally getting a gold star even though she really doesn't need one according to Ms. Suzy was funny as well. Everything about this episode was just fantastic and I'm sure the whole family will enjoy an episode like this. Overall, a perfect episode of "Austin and Ally". 10/10
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