Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 6

Tickets & Trashbags

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • This was a good/decent episode of Austin and Ally.

    OK Austin get's to perform with Shiny Money at the Miami Internet Music Awards, but he could only bring 1 friend so Austin, Dez and Trish try to be the friend that Austin takes. Like I said this was a good/ decent episode. Now I still think that this show still has to chance of changing my review. I know I've been putting this off but I'm always not so sure because there's always and awesome hilarious episode and then there's a decent, OK episode like this one. Now the only nit picks was that Trish, Ally, and a little bit Dez were being annoying about the whole thing. The Double Take was getting repepitive and annoying. Also it got a little boring in some scenes, but it was decent. Now the parts that I laughed was Nelson at the beginning, the tuba falling on Nelson, Dez taking off his pants and cotton candy man. Pretty every scene with Nelson in it I laughed hard. Well overall, minus some flaws like the characters getting annoying, the song at the end, and some boring scenes this was a decent episode of austin and Ally. 7.5/10.
  • Characters were a little annoying in this episode but it was still great though

    Austin gets to sing at the Miami Internet Music Awards but can only bring one person. Ally, Dez and Trish fight over who should go and Austin accidentally says yes to all three. I thought that this was a great episode of "Austin and Ally". It wasn't a perfect episode as it did have 2 or 3 flaws but it was great for the most part. This show has been very enjoyable except for last week's episode though. The show isn't perfect as it does have some bland jokes that we hear from other Disney Channel shows such as when Austin told Trish "You're not doing this so you can come to the awards with me... right?" and then Trish responded "Whaaaaaaaaaat". You know how many times we have heard the "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat" part in Disney Channel shows and it's obviously not funny as it was unfunny a long time ago. My other problem with this episode was how annoying Ally, Dez (well, not really him), and Trish (especially her) were acting when they were trying to do anything for Austin so he can take him them to the awards AND my final problem with this episode was Austin just saying the same lyric over and over again when he was singing with Shiny Money but he was only saying that same lyric over and over again and he sang that part like 7 or 8 times and it got annoying. Plus the music was awful with Austin just saying the lyric over and over again so I think the song would've been good if it was just that Shiny Money dude singing because it didn't sound right. But yeah, it wasn't bad for the most part as there were some parts that made me laugh hard such as when Trish used the PA and yells "I quit" and then the man (who happens to be her boss) said "You were fired yesterday" (or something like that), Dez giving Austin his pants, Nelson carrying the tuba and falling down on the floor, Nelson being covered with cotton candy, Dez telling Trish that her purple dress was awful, Shiny Money falling down at the conclusion to his song with Trish and Dez realizing that they were supposed to catch him, Dez giving Shiny Money's injured hand a high five and then Shiny Money's cart going back and he hit the wall, and Nelson at the very end of the episode. Overall, despite the characters mainly Ally and especially Trish being a little annoying in this episode and couple of more flaws, this was a great episode of "Austin and Ally". 8.5/10
  • Finally, a perfect episode

    I thought this episode was perfect. In my opinion, this show had been a bit mixed (because there's one mediocre, fair, decent, great, superb, and then perfect), but I kinda enjoyed it. My only problem on the show is that the audience kept gasping in some of the scenes. Anyway, the parts that I laughed at are "I'm Nelon Man!", Dez hates the siren noise and Trish repeats it twice, Trish telling that she quits (and the PA man said that she was actually yesterday), the part with Austin and Dez hanging out (and then Dez took his pants), Nelson carrying the trumpet then fell down, Nelson is stuck in a trumpet, Austin thinking that the stuffs remind him of his friends, the dance scene, Shiny Money's last part, and the very ending. My only problem was Austin getting mad at his friends because he relized that he doesn't want to take them, but it is not much of a big deal, so I'll ignore that. Overall, a perfect episode of A&A. So far, this show had somewhat great. 10/10