Austin & Ally

Season 1 Episode 10

World Records & Work Wreckers

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Austin and Dez try to break some world record while Ally hires Dallas (her crush)

    Ally accidentally hires Dallas to work at Sonic Boom even though her dad can't afford an employee. Meanwhile, Austin and Dez try to beat a world record. This was a superb episode. Funny moments were the beginning, the whole world record plot, Trish mentoning that she worked at calendar store, Trish getting Dallas' job, the boss part, Austin and Dez crashing the boxes, Trish showing Ally how to fire Dallas, Austin and Dallas stop spinning the ball, the marching band showing up, and the ending. Score 9/10
  • Austin and Dez try to break a world record and Ally accidentally hires her crush Dallas at music store

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Austin and Ally". Although, the episode wasn't my favorite one ever but I did like the episode a lot. There were many parts that did give me good laughs. I can't remember any funny parts at this moment since it's been like 2 weeks ago that I saw this one but one of the parts that did make me laugh was Austin and Dez trying to keep their world record for spinning the basketball on their finger and they would even keep doing it while they're sleeping which is odd yet funny. And even the subplot has been done thousands or millions of times, it was prettty funny when Dallas turns out to be a horrible employee when Ally accidentally hired him. The twist with Dallas being a horrible employee because he gets nervous around her was funny as well. The most HILARIOUS part in this episode, though, that really cracked me up was Trish doing her "public humiliation firing" on Dallas.... you have to watch this episode to see why it's so hilarious. My score is a little low because Ally's dad irritated me a little and I didn't like how Austin and Dez just lost the world record on purpose (even though it was kinda funny but it still mostly bugged me). Overall, a superb episode of "Austin and Ally". 9/10
  • Well this episode of Austin and ally was a good enough episode to pass.

    I thought this was a pretty good Austin and Ally. Now its definetly not the best but its not the worst. Now Austin and Dez want to set a world record for spinning a basketball on their finger, but one of them could set it. Now the subplot is Ally accidently hiring Dallas (her crush) into working with her but she has to fire she but she doesn't want to. Well I'll get the main plot out of the way. The storyline was really good, it was funny when they were going through stuff like Dez sleeping with a basketball on his finger ect... Now I lowered it by a half point because their fighting did get a little annoying. Now when the realize they've ben fighting when Austin quits then Dez quits so he could have it was pretty funny. Now was for the subplot, it wasn't may favorite but it was just ok. Now we've all seen this before, someones crush is a terrible employee but he/she doesn't want to fire them. We've all seen that like a million times. Now I kind of laughed when Dallas started dropping things, Ally talking to him was pretty funny. Now when Trish did public humilation firing was absolutly hilarious! Now I did lower the score because of the subplot being heard a million times so it drops to a 7.5. And Ally's dad was kind of annoying so my score is a 7. Now the ending of the subplot was that Dallas was so bad that he gets nervous around her. I did not see that coming. Well overall 7/10. It was kind of good.
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