Austin City Limits

Season 21 Episode 3

Asleep At The Wheel's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Aired Saturday Jan 21, 1996 on PBS

Episode Recap

Asleep at the Wheel

* "Take Me Back To Tulsa" * "Miles and Miles of Texas" * "Bump Bounce Boogie" * "Liberty" * "Route 66" * "I"m An Old Cowhand From The Rio Grande" * "House of Blue Lights" * "Choo Choo Boogie" * "Old Enough To Know Better" (with Wade Hayes) * "Roly Poly" (with Tracy Byrd) * "Texas" (with Charlie Daniels) * "Lipstick, Powder and Paint" (with Delbert McClinton) * "Still Water" (with Willie Nelson) * "Ida Red" (All)

Charlie Daniels

* "Texas"

Delbert McClinton

* "Lipstick, Powder and Paint"

Willie Nelson

* "Still Water"

Wade Hayes

* "Old Enough To Know Better"

Tracy Byrd

* "Roly Poly"

Johnny Gimble