Austin City Limits

Saturday on PBS Premiered Jan 03, 1976 In Season


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  • An Infinite Review of The Best in Music Present and Past

    I cannot believe ACL doesn't get more viewers than it does. TO spend an intimate hour with some of the most influential bands and artists of our time FOR FREE!!!! This is a simple decision. No where else can you watch Beck one week, Radiohead, the next, and some band I've never heard of the next week. The sound quality is TOPs. It's never blaring. It's always clear sounding as it can be. Bands who are tight can get up there and come close to a near studio sound to their performance and if not studio we have some of the best recorded live performances from this show. I've always felt younger people always mistook like when I was young for a country mostly show, boy was I ever wrong years a decade ago or so ago and started to watch it. Just not long ago, Reznore and Nine Inch Nails opened up the season for them. It is both an honor for the celebs who perform and for the show and venue. People need to get the word out and let folks know about how much they need to watch this show and buy the DVD collections, awesome stuff like this free for all! Thanks for listening to me rant. be well and Good Care - MediaGod
  • Austin City Limits Season 6 Episode 7 ,,,,1981 Johnny Rodgiuez & Alabama.....

    I am wanting a copy of (Season 6 episode 7 ) it was ,Johnny Rodriguez and Alabama in 1981.

    If anyone knows who I can contact to get a copy please e mail me @

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  • one of the best

    anyone who is anyone has been on austin city limits. i am a big fan of country music, and this show has showcased some of the best ever. i remember watching hank williams jr when i was a kid. it was and awesome set. it put me on the path to musical enlightenment.