Australian Idol

Sunday 7:30 PM on Network Ten Premiered Jul 01, 2003 In Season


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  • As said before it makes a joke of the Australian music industry.

    I really dispise this show or anything remotely like it. I can see why it has its fans by it makes a mockery of the music industry we have.

    There are so many artists and bands who struggle to make money and make it big, but Idol is just a walk-up recording contract to anyone with a half decent voice.

    So far no-one on Idol's career has really taken off, the best they seem to be able to get is to perform at a Christmas Carol show.

    Basically what happens on the show is that each contestant sings "their own version" of a popular song and public votes on who goes and who progresses in the competition to get the recording contract. (Which really is a joke because if you make the Top 5 or 6 you will probably get a contract anyway.)

    By the way do you know why the winner of idol's career doesn't take off? Its because the record company rushes to make an album for the singer before Christmas and therefore it is lacking seriously in quality.

    I only gave this show a score because I like watching some of the talentless wannabes in the early weeks trying to convince the judges that they actually do have a decent singing voice.