Australian Idol

Sunday 7:30 PM on Network Ten Premiered Jul 01, 2003 In Season


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  • The series started strongly but into its 4th series, it has slowly got worse.

    The series first started in 2003 with huge success becoming the highest rating series that year in Australia. That continued in the 2nd series but the number of viwers almost halved in 2005. This has be attributed to the winners in my opinion not the best and the runner up in each season has turned out to be more successful. A desperate attempt to change the format this year has had some effect but they now focus even more on showing people who have no interest in being an Idol in the auditions. The series isn't helped by the judges who are terrible and need to be replaced. The series needs to give viewers more power in the semi finals but have totally done the opposite this year telling people to vote and then the judges choosing 3 of the 4 wildcards and the votes only counting for the 2 last people.
    Unless things change dramatically then the show will continue to get worse and the so called faviourite to win is terrible and looks like we will have another Idol winner become a failure.