Australian Idol

Sunday 7:30 PM on Network Ten Premiered Jul 01, 2003 In Season


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  • This show is getting old.

    I would have to say that at first this show was of great entertainment value. But as each season passes and yet the same type of singer is chosen every year it is getting old people. From the small tidbits i seen of last years finales, there were some pretty talented singers selected for a change might i add, but when it came down to the winner an Irish man was chosen. Now that is saying alot. The versitility among the singers was fantastic, but they got kicked off because they did bring a different singing style. So to all fans of this show please do not take this badly, i just believe if the different styles could get more of a chance then maybe i will tune in again. But hell ya can only work with what the judges place in the finale. So who is really to blame for the lack of interest.