Australia's Brainiest Kid

Sunday 7:30 PM on Network Ten Premiered Nov 28, 2004 Between Seasons



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Australia's Brainiest Kid

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Australia's Brainiest Kid started as a reality series in the Seven Network but in 2005 it changed over to Channel Ten. Each week, Australian kids would use their wits to answer trivia questions to see who would eventually become Australia's Brainiest Kid. Hosted by Sandra Sully, this television show later became Australia's Brainiest, featuring things like Australia's Brainiest Musician, Housemate, and Footballer etc. There are three rounds of elimination to determine who the winner is. Round 1 The first round contains twelve multiple choice general knowledge questions (four possibilities for each question). The contestant's have five seconds to answer each question and earn one point for each correct answer. The highest five/six go through to the next round. If there is a tie between two or more of the contestant's for the final spot in the second round, a tie breaker is played. Round 2 In the second and third rounds, the order of play is important. This game decides this order. A sequence of digits appears on the screen of 3 digits or more. Each digit corresponds to two or three letters, just as on a telephone keypad. The contestants are given a number code and a word clue. The order of play is the order in which the contestants find the answer. In the second round, the contestants have to choose two categories and had 45 seconds for each category to answer as many questions as possible, earning one point per correct answer. There are twelve categories in all and each category could only be chosen once, making the order of play important. The highest three go through to the next round. Round 3 In the third round, the contestants have to choose numbers from a 6x6 'memory board'. There are five questions in each contestant's special subject and 21 general knowledge questions. The first child's special subject questions were highlighted in red, the second child's in gold, and the third child's in blue. The general knowledge questions are highlighted in silver. Correct answers to general knowledge questions earned one point, questions from their special subject two, and questions from other contestant's special subjects three. The contestants generally choose questions from their own special subject.

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  • Started off so so but now its excellent.

    Australia's Brainiest Kid started of a little dodgy on channel 7 but gradualy it became interesting. I say this because the only difference between each episode is that there were different contestants. When the show moved to Channel Ten with Sandra Sully it was better due to a slight change it the rules and the prize. In the third season when instead of been the Brainiest Kid it was Australia's Brainiest. Each week they had different types of contestants who battled out for the title and $50 000 to the charity of their choice. It is now very interesting and humourous with celebrities. Good job Channnel Ten!!!moreless
  • A shame they don't support children's education any more ...

    When this show first came on the scene I thought it was an excellent concept. In stark contrast to every other quiz show, instead of it being about people trying to make a fast buck for themselves this was about investing in the educating of our future generations. And the questions these kids were answering, considering their age, was impressive and rewarding entertainment in and of itself.

    The only criticism I had then was that the prizes were extremely stingy. Let's face it, the grand prize of a $20,000 trust fund and a laptop computer (I think I have that right) is chicken feed to a commercial television station, especially when you consider the season lasted for 13 episodes ... somehow the phrase "cash cow" comes to mind. I dare say they gave more than this away (on average) every week on Millionaire! All those kids who went to so much effort, especially those who won their heats, but walked away with no contribution to their future education ... makes me sad. (If these kids did receive something I'd love to be corrected, by the way.)

    But I guess all about ratings and people care more about celebrities than a good cause, because now we're expected to watch grown adults struggle to answer the same (or easier) questions. I mean come one, "Australia's Brainiest Football Star" - if that's not an oxymoron, what is??moreless

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