Australia's Next Top Model

Tuesday 7:30 PM on FOX8 Premiered Jan 01, 2005 In Season


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  • This is an awesome version of Top Model, and although I'm probably the only person to hold this opinion, I think it's actually better than the American version of Top Model.

    This show is in it's 4th season, but I don't get to see it now that I'm at uni. But I have followed the first 3 seasons and I think the models have more potential than the American girls. I guess I hold the same opinion one American designer had about the Oz models and the US models which go on this show. It's an excellent show - firstly, it doesn't have Tyra who drives me crazy and secondly it has girls who are more relatable and have more potential than on the American version.

    This show has actually brought many of my favourite reality tv models. But I didn't agree with the winner of the first 2 seasons - Gemma and Eboni. I think they were bad decisions, but I like them better than the 3rd season because of Erika, who was a good host, and it kind of sticks true to the American version of the show - follows the same format the show took, but obviously being orginal enough to change it over quite a bit. But when Erika left and the age got lowered, I thought it was the biggest mistake Top Model made. Firstly, I don't care to watch teenage models fight all of the time. We got some pretty childish stuff the third season, especially from Paloma and Jordan. But, of course, it made it kinda entertaining too. I actually respected Jordan and her crew (everyone but Steph and Paloma) get into trouble for childish behaviour - I just hate how Tyra and everyone on the American show (think Janice Dickinson) say modelling's about cattiness - it might be true, but you don't have to put up with it!

    But, then, Australia's Next Top Model made a mistake by having a live finale - not nearly as entertaining as the normal grand finals. But the worst thing is, while many of the girls wanted Steph to win (perhaps for more personality reasons than talent reasons), Alice got the votes of the three most important people - and not just because of talent, but because of age too! Steph was a good model, and although I wanted Alice to win, I think in a way she got discriminated because of how young she was, and a couple of people actually said "when she gets older".

    Nonetheless, I still advocate this version above the American version, but I've read quite a few reviews from other people on this show and they all prefer the American version (or at least most) which is cool. I'm just daring to be different!
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