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Tuesday 7:30 PM on FOX8 Premiered Jan 01, 2005 In Season


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  • Australia's Next Top Model (ANTM) is nothing compared to the American version based on drama alone. But the viewers learn so much more about the fashion industry and the winners on the show are much more successful.

    Australia's Next Top Model (ANTM) is nothing compared to the American version based on drama alone. I have been watching America's Next Top Model since it hit our TV screens, but I was luck enough to catch Australia's Next Top Model (AusNTM)cycle 3 and 4. And I was glad I did. Here's why:

    At first I thought the AusNTM is ridiculously boring, but I grew to respect it much more ANTM because the Australian version actually teaches more about modeling and the fashion industry. Unlike Tyra (the host of ANTM), the judges are focusing on choosing all girls that will target every designer and will fit in the fashion industry. However, Tyra is much more concerned with rating by airing more of the drama in the house than creating/ finding a top model. Tyra wants to find girls that can "change" the industry, which I respect, but I believe she would rather keep someone around to continue with the drama in the house (ie. Lisa (constantly drunk), Jade, Bianca who tormented a girl on the show with a health problems, etc) rather than keep the ones who will be successful. After watching those episodes, I don't know what designer/agency would hire them based on how they act on the show. Perfect example: Though Bianca made it far on her cycle, she will be looking as the girl who got into a big flight with another actress at an airport rather than be known for a great model. Plus, Tyra and all of the judges do watch the footage as well as each girls' photo shoot each week; therefore, they see who makes rating and who is too boring on TV.

    Australia's Next Top Model's judge have warned the girls to be kind/ behave with one another or they will go home. They admit to watch what goes on the house every week. They explain to the girls the important of personality on set and that they are being watched by fashion designers and people who can change their career. Though it's much more boring watching this version of the show, it's refreshing to watch a real fashion TV show which can give you a real insiders' look into the industry.
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