Australia's Next Top Model

Tuesday 7:30 PM on FOX8 Premiered Jan 01, 2005 In Season


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  • Blatant racism in Australia's Next Top Muddle

    The first episode aired in Holland last night and I was appalled! It was a rascist emotional gang bang of the dark-skinned girl. The entire group got down on her. And to top it off, her eye-brow was even shaved off! And the judges did not protect or defend her. It was all put down to a big joke. I always knew that rascism was rampant but this, in anno 2009 was really backward. Yuck!!!!!! The judges advised her to chop off the perpetrator's hair. Why, I ask? To diffuse the seriousness of the the offence and to bring the dark girl down to the same disgusting level of the of the classless dirt?

    A big zero for this classless, tasteless show that perpetrates and even applauds rascism!!!!