Australia's Next Top Model - Season 4

Tuesday 7:30 PM on FOX8 Premiered Jan 01, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 7/1/08
    The last two fight for the title.
  • New York, New York
    Episode 10
    The girls go oversees and go on go-sees. Back in Sydney one will be eliminated.
  • Media Manners
    Episode 9
    This week the remaining four girls learn how to deal with the press.
  • Fashion Wars
    Episode 8
    This week is about knowing your fashion.
  • Tropical Top Model
    Episode 7
    The girls are off to Fiji, with Jonathan turning the aisle of a Boeing 737-800 into a catwalk. After completing a couple of photo shoots over two days, the return to Australia for elimination.
  • Move Your Body
    Episode 6
    The girls wake up to discover their backyard full of acrobats, who deliver a Jodhi mail which explains they need to learn how to move their bodies. The girls explore different dance styles and costumes before performing their own dance routine for the judges at elimination.
  • Working the Brand
    Episode 5
    The girls meet Jonathan and the team at 'Naked Communications' where they are quizzed about their favourite designers and their understanding of the brand. They then do a photo shoot in a car park withthe series winner's prize, the Ford Fiesta Vetec.
  • Reality Bites
    Episode 4
    In this episode the girls will hve to stand on their own high heels, without the assistance of Jonathan. They participate in a catwalk trial and struggle to impress during their first "go sees" with important desingers. Watch out for the 'bitchketeers" they are full swing this episode. Who will they push over the edge?moreless
  • Fears & Fitness
    Episode 3
    Fitness, phobias and heights, who will snap under the demands and who will be sent home?

    This week's focus is on mental and physical strength, Ian Thorpe puts the girls through there paces.

    Who impresses Ian Thorpe? Who overcomes their phobia? Who freaks out during the photo shoot?

    Find out who impresses during the photo shoot and who fails.moreless
  • It's makeover time for the girls, will there be any tears this time? This weeks challenge leaves one girl in tears, who is it? Who does Napoleon upset and who is given a second chance?
  • Are You Model Mterial?
    13 new ambitious wanna-be models have been chosen, have the claws been sharpened, is the backstabbing about to begin?

    Join the girls as they embark on the runway ride of their lives. Season 4 of Australia's Next Top Model has begun!

    Who will win?