Motormouse & Autocat

ABC (ended 1971)


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  • Cat and Mouse on wheels!

    "Autocat and Motormouse" became part of "the Cattanoga Cats" during the 1969-70 season. And I though it was the best series by the hanna-Babara production studios. More on that show later. But for now let's got to "Autocat and Motormouse." It's more like tom and Jerry on wheels. There is a war between Autocat with it big fancey car going after Motormouse in his fancy cars. I don't know how Autocat can afford all the stuff, but his cars keep getting into accidents. Motormouse always come away unharmed. Althought I seen this genre before, I like to say that "Autocat and Motormouse" is an original.
  • And old classic.

    This show was a classic and is spoken of in my family. Its before my time (see classification) but it was a big favorite when my dad was younger. Shows like M&A (motormouse and Autocat) are under appreciated. Its early animation like this that brought us Simpsons, family guy etc...

    The show is almost 40 years old since it was first shown, yet it still has attractive colours, I was under the impression that 40 years ago, everything was black & white. The episodes were short and not many were aired but I'm told that they are currently being sold in auctions on VHS.
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