Season 1 Episode 12

Death By Design

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

One of Jack's friends, a cop from out of town, comes to try and get Eric LeBlanc, a professional killer, whom they believe is in town to kill someone. But his friend gets killed. When he is arrested but released cause of technicalities, Jack wants to get him. That's when Walter comes up with a plan; he plans to plant in the computer reports of criminals who after getting released due to technicalities or insufficient evidence, get killed by a vigilante. And it appears a reporter, Tom Sholes who's been hanging around the department looking for a story about cops crossing the line. And Walter is sure he will pick it up and print it. Hopefully when LeBlanc reads it he might think his best way to avoid being taken out would be to admit to his crimes. Jack then goes to Tracy Morgan, the partner of the man LeBlanc killed. It seems that a few years ago her partner was in need of money so he went to a loan shark, Simon Rafferty and despite having paid him back with interest, he came back insisting that their business growth was due to his assistance and that he be given controlling interest. And when her partner refused that's why he was killed. Walter sends Auto to protect her. Rafferty is meeting with his boss about his progress with attaining Morgan's company and he says it's coming along when he is having problems. Eventually Sholes finds the report that Walter planted and suspects Jack of being the vigilante. So inorder to protect Jack, Walter planted another report about a rogue cop whom Auto is only too willing to play. When Rafferty is informed about the vigilante his associate concerned that LeBlanc might turn on them to save his skin but Rafferty is more concerned about his boss whom he promised he would get Morgan's company so he sends for LeBlanc. Later at one of her company's functions LeBlanc makes his move but Auto is there to stop and they confront Rafferty and LeBlanc tells all and Rafferty tries to escape but Auto gets him.