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  • good best show ever saw

    you should put this on my twitter page for me to watch free online
  • The original format was better. Why must a good concept be butchered.

    I used to look forward to seeing a new episode every year because I find true crime stories interesting even though very, very sad. It's satisfying to see the bad guy who believes he/she is so clever get what's coming to them. However, since the "Ask Dr. Baden" and "Kennedy Assasination" episodes it's no longer about that but rather sensationalizing what the doctor does. You're smart, we get it. I really don't want to see you explain in horrific detail how a mother that she sleepily rolled over onto her child. The fact that a death ocurred isn't what got me watching the show, it's the putting together of the pieces that ultimately tell the complete story and gets justice for the victims.
  • This is a great show with a lot of behind the scenes things. The forensics are so cool and Dr. Baden is a genius, I love watching it!

    If you are into murder and mystery or mysterious deaths, this is the show for you. There is blood and gore so if you are squeamish, then don't watch. Dr. Baden is top notch and he knows his stuff. I am always amazed with how he figures cases out. Sometimes the narrator is a bit annoying but it is well worth the watch. Some of the cases are familiar with a new twist, while others are ones I have never heard of. Dr. Baden explains everything very well in laymens terms and he always seems to solve whatever is put in front of him. The show plays on HBO later at night because of content. A must see for those budding forensic psychologists, or crime afficianados.
  • What?

    Seriously, how is this show getting a perfect 10 rating. I haven\\\'t seen it for years and until noticing that it was #1 didn\\\'t even remember it. Granted it probably helped spark interest in a subject that at the time wasn\\\'t as popular as it is now with all your CSI\\\'s and other procedural dramas that do autopsies. There was no Discovery Health Channel back then or Court TV so this was a novel idea to people at the time. Now it wouldn\\\'t seem so shocking at all after a decades worth of people seeing more and more increasingly real on an everyday basis.