Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 15

Bato of the Water Tribe

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 07, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Aang feels neglected as Katara and Sokka reunite with Bato, an old friend of their father's from the South Pole. They begin to reminisce on their times in the past while they wait for a message to arrive from their father; in which Aang believes Katara and Sokka will abandon him and go out to find their father should the message arrive. However, when the messenger gives Aang the message to give to Bato, Aang betrays his friends in a way Katara or Sokka could never imagine. However, when Zuko recruits a bounty hunter named June to track Aang down. His friendship is put to the test, as he must deal with the fact that he betrayed his friends while defending himself from yet another fight.moreless

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  • Once again Avatar scores!

    Avatar is like the complete opposite of Dragonball Z. It makes great use of the limited 30 minutes that it is given and it is extremely proficient with it too. This episode was able to effectively cover a number of issues, such as Aang's insecurity about his two friends potentially leaving him in favour of seeing their father, and Sokka's story about being left behind by his tribe. Not sure how Avatar keeps doing this, but whether it's the acting or the great use of emotional expressions, it can make 10 minutes worth of drama into 2 minutes. Not to mention that it was able to include a sweet fight not only between Zuko and Aang, but Appa as well. Although the fight isn't really strategically smart, but it's still aesthetically pleasing.moreless
  • Bato of the Water Tribe

    Bato of the Water Tribe was a perfect and awesome episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action, drama, intrigue, and humor. We were introduced to new characters, Bato of the Water Tribe, and a female bounty hunter with a crazy beast with a nose for seeking anything out. I find the interactions between Zuko and Iroh fun to watch. Aang made a very bad decision and jeopordized his relationship with Sokka and Katara who had important decisions of their own to make. I also enjoyed the massive battle scene where Zuko, the bounty hunter and her beast were both after the Avatar. Appa had some awesome moves, and it was cool to see him in action. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Katara and Sokka meet their father again!

    This time we got Aang and hsi trustworhty companions out flying again, and they decide to stop somewhere and then they stumble across fellow water benders. Wait did I just say trustworthy? How ironic, because this episode is based on trust, and Aang does something not trustworthy by giving a map to some one else (was it a map or something else? Its hard to remember.) Well now the best part is that Katara and Sokka meet their father again, and towards the end of the episode when they are with him thye here a lonely wolf cry and it reminds them of Aang, even though he lied about something people make mistakes and he still is a god friend, so they decide to go back for him. Another cool part about this episode is Zuko and Iroh are shown again, and they meet a female fire bender who has a creature who looks sorta like a giant anteater, and it has the ultimate sense of smell! It can smell anything and figure out which direction it lies to hunt it down!moreless
  • Will Katara and Sokka finally unite with there father?

    The Gaang find a stranded water tribe boat and decide to camp there for the night. They get woke up by a friend from the water tribe. His name is Bato. Bato was with Katara's and Sokka's father group but had to get left behind because of an injury. Bato is expecting a message to find out the location of the father. Meanwhile, Aang is feeling left out because they are ignoring him. Aang wanders away from the group and a messenger gives Aang to map to their father. He decides to hide it because he feels neglected. Zuko is tracking down the Gaang from Katara's neckalace and Zuko and Aang have to confront each other again. I gave this episode a ten because I didn't know what was going to happen and it was exciting.moreless
  • See classification: Another great installment!

    The action in this episode was great. You got to see two animals fighting each other, a little different touch on the action. You have Aang and Zuko fighting as well, which is the best I've seen from these two in the first season. You get to some of Sokka's intelligence as well, who devises a plan to confuse the Xirxiu, which is blind and attacks by the scent of others. In the end, good prevails, with the Xirxiu temporarily paralyzing June and Zuko.

    The episode also showed how selfish Aang could be, when he hid information about Hakoda (Sokka's and Katara's father). In a way, it should how much he cared for them as well, not wanting them to split away from him. However, Aang gets guilty about withholding information, and reveals the news about Hakoda. And although Sokka was outraged, and he and Katara wanted to see their father, they knew in the end they had to go with Aang to the North Pole, because he needed it more.moreless
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Amy Hill


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Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale


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Jodi Carlisle

Jodi Carlisle

Herbalist Lady

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Aang recovers Katara's necklace (which she lost in Imprisoned) during his battle with Zuko.

    • When Aang and Appa leave the abbey, the front gate is completely changed from its original design. The bell is missing, the designs are missing, and the tiles are missing and replaced with regular wood.

    • After Bato sits down during the ice-dodging and Aang is seen again, the orange bands around Aang's wrists are missing and for the left hand there is no cuff.

    • When Katara looks to Aang in hesitation before deciding to leave and her head is to the side, you can see that her braid is protruding from her bun rather than between her bun and head.

    • While Bato is talking to Sokka and Katara, and before he warns Aang about the headdress, Katara's braid is missing.

    • While Katara and Sokka flee from the Shirshu, June's mouth is missing.

    • Throughout the fight scene, the building automatically repairs itself, and/or moves the damage around. i.e.: when Aang gets up after the big explosion, then jumps over Zuko's fire-blast, he lands next to a spot where all the shingles are destroyed, despite the fact that he landed much farther away. also, the area above where Sokka has his "im getting some feeling back" quote repairs itself.

    • When the Shirshu first jumps on Zuko's boat, it scatters some firebenders who wear the trademark helmet and mask. but when they form up behind Zuko a second later, they are dressed as usual foot soldiers, lacking the special helmet.

    • When Zuko, Iroh, and June are searching for Aang using the scent of Katara's necklace, they stop at the herbalist's house. We last saw the herbalist in The Blue Spirit, but only Aang travels to her, not Katara. Reason behind this is because she and Sokka were sick, which is why Aang went to the herbalist.

    • When Aang recovers from his smack into the roof he's lying on the broken tiles that he made. But then when Zuko runs down the peak of the roof, Aang is suddenly standing on the peak as well.

    • As Aang and Zuko are about to bend to make the large explosion, as Zuko turns it appears that his previous stance has remained behind him, giving Zuko three legs and two waists.

    • When Aang, Katara, and Sokka look at Bato after his explanation of ice dodging, the rope Katara is holding somehow extends to go behind Sokka even though he is many feet behind her yet the rope shows no indication of moving back.

    • When June and her Shirshu leave Zuko's ship and flee along the dock, the stowaway is missing from the Shirshu's back.

    • During the first shot of June's face while arm wrestling, her right ear is red like her lipstick and tattoo.

    • When Aang drops the map in the abbey and the nun scolds him for littering, Aang hides the map in the left pocket of his shawl, but after ice dodging and being marked, Aang pulls the map from his right pocket.

    • When Katara and Sokka are shown lying helplessly on the Shirshu's back as it barges into the abbey and Zuko places his hand on Katara's back, her braid is missing.

    • During an up-close shot of Aang seeing Katara's necklace dangling from Zuko's wrist, the yellow triangular clip is missing.

    • After Aang clears the footprints using his bending, and after he walks over to the others, there's a new trail of footprints behind him. In the middle of the shot, they vanish. Then, the next time we see Aang, they're back!

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Zuko: (as he pushes through the crowd) Out of my way! Step aside, filth!
      Iroh: He means no offense! I'm certain you bathe regularly.

    • Aang: Ok! I get it, everybody wants me gone.

    • Aunt Wu: Care to hear your fortune, handsome?
      Iroh: At my age there is really only one big surprise left, and I'd just as soon leave it a mystery.

    • Aang (just plops in the room): Hey everyone, sorry I was gone so long.
      Katara: Hey Aang, I didn't notice you left.
      Aang: Yup but now I'm back...Suure could go for some delicious sea prunes. (scoops up a bowl and starts shoveling food down, spitting the prunes out and then eating again)ummm,ummmm, blechha, ummmm (Everyone looks at Aang like he's crazy)

    • Aang (very sad, referring to Sokka and Katara): I can't believe they would leave me.

    • Prince Zuko: Your beast trashed my ship, (now angry) you have to pay me back!
      June (as she gathers her money on the table): Aw, I'd love to help you out, but I'm a little short on money. (yells to the people in the bar) Drinks on me!

    • Prince Zuko: I need to talk to you.
      June: Well, if it isn't my new friends, angry boy and uncle lazy. (Iroh laughs)

    • Bato (surprised): Sokka?
      Sokka (weird eye formation): Bato?
      Aang (just waking up): Who the what now?
      Katara (really happy): Bato!

    • June: My Shirshu can smell a rat a continent away.
      Iroh (grins): Well I'm impressed, (June leaves the boat and then Iroh puts his hand on his chin and says with a very smooth tone) very impressed.

    • Sokka: It's one of our boats!
      Katara: Is this… Dad's boat?
      Sokka (rubbing the ship's prow and smiling): No, but it's from his fleet. Dad was here.

    • Sokka: Aang, helm to lee! Helm to lee!
      Aang: What does that even mean?!

    • Sokka: Perfume? Maybe we could dump some on Appa... because he stinks so much. Am I right?
      Bato (frowning): You have your father's wit.

    • Messenger: I'm looking for Bato of the Water Tribe.
      Aang: I know Bato.

    • Katara (taking her necklace from Aang): Aang, how did you get that?
      Aang (sarcastically): Zuko asked to be sure I got it to you.
      Katara (also sarcastically): Oh, that's so sweet of Zuko. Would you give him a kiss for me when you see him? (kisses Aang on the cheek)

    • Prince Zuko: Uncle, I didn't see you get hit with the tongue.
      Uncle Iroh (with Jun laying on top of him): Shhh! (smiles)

    • Uncle Iroh: Plus, we'll pay your weight in gold.
      June: Make it your weight and we got a deal.
      Uncle Iroh: Haha, you got it!

    • Sokka: I'm startin' to get some feeling back. (roof tiles fall over him) Ow.

    • Katara: Sokka?
      Sokka: We need to go back. I want to see Dad, but helping Aang is where we're needed most.

    • Prince Zuko: (showing June Katara's necklace) I need you to find someone.
      June: What happened? Your girlfriend run off on you?
      Prince Zuko: It's not the girl I'm after, it's the bald monk she's traveling with.
      June: Whatever you say.

    • June: (to Zuko about Katara) So this is your girlfriend? No wonder she left, she's way too pretty for you.

    • Aang: Yeah, nothing's more comforting than dead animal skins.

    • Aang (looks down with a sad face): I'm an idiot, Momo.

    • Sokka: I'm strong. I'm brave. I can fight. Please dad.
      Hakoda: Being a man is knowing where you're needed the most. And for you right now, that's here protecting your sister.

    • Herbalist Lady: (to her cat) Miyuki, did you get in trouble with the fire nation again?

    • Prince Zuko: Where is he? Where's the Avatar?
      Sokka: We split up. He's long gone.
      Prince Zuko: How stupid do you think I am?
      Sokka: Pretty stupid. (to Katara) Run!

  • NOTES (5)