Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 6:30 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Imprisoned

    Imprisoned was a perfect episode of Avatar The Last Airbender because it had a lot of character and heart as well as humor. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the whole concept of element bending is awesome and the characters are really complex and connect with viewers. In this episode we get to see more of Earthbenders, however they have been enslaved by the Fire Nation and have are stuck at sea with no way to use their gift until Katara gives them hope. This episode was very deep and character driven, the Earthbenders were really cool, and we got to see more of how the Fire Nation operates. I enjoy the humor between Aang and Appa the flying Bison or Buffalo, and thought it was hilarious this was brought up in the episode. This episode showcase's how great the series applies humor to the show. I look forward to watching more episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • Not up to par

    Avatar is one of my all time favorite shows, so don't get me wrong...but I just don't think "Imprisoned" was up to par. First of all, Haru REALLY irked me...he struck me as a very boring, stock character with nothing special about him. Plus, the think Katara was mildly out of character by putting herself on that ship, even to save the earthbenders. There were other ways the kids could have approached that problem. The earthbenders themselves were irritating...I mean, they had such a great gift, but were so run down and depressed that they were not willing to fight anymore. I don't know...it was a detour in the plotline that was unneccessary and not particularly exciting. I'm glad the series has moved on.
  • The gang travels to a small Earthking village for food, but after Katara and her new friend Haru do a good deed, it ends up turning bad.

    Although some people arent as crazy about this episode, i am. I thought, it was funny, creative, and very inspiring. The beginning starts off with Sokka being made fun of for finding the gang a delicious dinner... nuts. Very funny to me how Katara makes fun of him later. The gang fianlly arrive at a village for food besides nuts and discover the Fire Nation occupies it. I like that they showed the firenations as bullies cause they sort of are, it was also sad how they just too the money from Harus family. Kataras words were very encouraging when she talked about why Haru should Earthbend, and she was right too. The two also got a little personal time and we find out Kataras necklace is her moms. Very sad part. After they save to old man, he rats Haru out for earthbending... stupid old man. Katara decides to go to where Haru is being held to save him. How she gets caught for earthbending is hands down, the funniest part of the whole show. I liked how Sokka told Katara to seriously back down, and her face when she said Earthbending power was sooooo funny and then the soliders though Momo was earthbending and sokka had to say it was katara, too funny. At the prison, There is supposedly no earth around. Katara finds Haru. The part where Katara tries to get the earthbenders to escape is just pure gold. Its a very inspiring moment even though its just a cartoon show. I also just turn everything off and listen to her short, but very meaningful speech. And how Katara doesnt give up on the people shows alot about her character and shes like that throughout the series. When they get the coal out and nobody does anything, that was another sad moment, for a secound i could feel katara. We all know what its like to fail at something we try so hard to fix and when Katara did i felt for her. Finally everybody attacked!! I was expecting a bit more from the battle they were beaten often quick. In the last few episodes they were able to deliver great battle scences but this one wasnt quite up there. And then we get a cliffhanger with Zuko having Kataras necklace. Good ending and its great to see Zukos back on track in the story. Just amazing episode right here. One of the best of season 1
  • As always, this episode of Avatar is both proficient and effective.

    Here's the biggest difference between Avatar and the general anime; it doesn't waste a second of time with nonsensical fillers, dragged out scenes, etc. In just a matter of a half hour, this lone episode of Avatar was able to send out a stronger message than most full length movies can do in its couple of hours. Katara's inspirational words to the earth benders was one of the more well executed speeches I've seen, and the fact that it didn't get through to the earth benders at first just made it that much more effective. Although even before the earth benders rebelled, everything before that sequence was still a solid watch.
  • Katara convinces an earth bender to use his powers to help an elderly man. When the bender gets captured, Katara tries to save him.

    Many people say they don't care for this episode, but I think it's very important to the series. It's this episode that we see just how strong, clever, and leading Katara can be. Not very many people could have rallied a group of prisoners to risk their lives and revolt against the Fire Nation benders that held them. It's also this episode that the people realize just how helpful and strong the Avatar can be. It builds trust, and bonds the people to Aang. This will come in handy in the later episodes. Another important part was when Katara lost her mother's necklace. In the end, we find out that Zuko found it and is going to keep it to help in his search for the Avatar. All in all, a very good episode.
  • Hey this episode wasn't that bad.

    After the party at Omashu and Aang seeing an old friend (Bumi.) Famous quote: "Bumi, you're a mad genius!" Aang and his friends are walking in the woods and soon come across someone, next they stumble upon a village after the person they scare runs away from them. (He was trying to hide his Earth Bending as his town does not allow it, rules from the Fire Benders.) They meet his mom and she is frightened to hear the news, fortunately you can trust Aang and his friends since they won't tell anybody about her son being an Earth Bender. Buty the unexpected happens as a mean old man rats him out after he saved im from death for crying out loud, but i guess that had to happen. Now Katara is trying to be imprisoned on the same ship as him. This episode did have some funny parts, but it isn't one of my absolute favorites. I do like this episode alot though. It ends good when the Earth Benders strike back and defeat the Fire Benders, but towards the end we see Zuko up to something.
  • Another Earth Bender episode

    This episode was good about a village of earth benders under the rule of the Fire Nation and the thing that "earth bending its forbiden"
    Katara makes a great job by encouraging the earth bender to fight it was a great episode abotu earth benders "imprisoned" on a fire nation work-camp-island or something like that
    Great episode we saw more earth bending skills but i still love water bending most and wow such a great fire bending

    Katara lost his necklace and Zuko founds it no!!!!!!

    To bad about that they need to recover it its the last memory Katara has of her mother... :(:(
  • katara tries to save imprisoned earthbenders

    this is probably the worst episode so far but it still was quite good, even on a bad day avatar is brilliant. aang, katara and sokka stop for a rest when they come across an earthbender who gets spooked when he spots them. They come across a village where they meet the boy again his name is haru. The fire nation have full control of this town, this is the first time we get to how ruthless the fire nation are they arrest anyone who happens to be an earthbender. Haru gets caught earthbending and is sent to jail.

    Katara really wants to help haru and in a funny scene she pretends to earth bend with the help of aang. She gets sent to jail which happens to be on the ocean and is also metal. the gaang come up with a plan to get coal onto the platform so the earthbenders can bend in an interesting battle the earthbenders fight free. At the end katara realises she lost her neckless which zuko finds while searching the prison This is very much a filler episode the only thing that brings the story forward is zuko finding the neckless at the end. I think the aim of the episode is to show how bad the fire nation really are. Aang takes a backseat in this episode with katara as the key character as she tries to give hope to the prisoners. overall a good but slightly dissapointing episode.
  • The Gaang visit a little earth kingdom town, but it's under the control of the fire nation.

    The gaang meet a earth bender but right when they try to talk to him, he runs off. The gaang follows him and they end up in a small little town that is controlled by the fire nation. They find the earth bender, Haru, and find out that earthbending is forbiden in the town. When Katara and Haru go for a walk they hear a cry for help. Haru would have to use earthbending to save the helpless man. The helpless man turns Haru into the fire nation and Haru gets arrested. Katara must get herself arrested to try to save Haru. This episode recieves a ten because it is suspensful and you don't know what's going to happen next.
  • Not the best one, but I still liked this episode.

    This was a pretty good episode. It starts out with the Gaang finding an Earthbender, Haru, in the woods practicing his bending. After Katara says hi to him, he runs off to his house. They follow Haru and learn that the Fire Nation is in control of his village, using their rocks as fuel for the Fire Nation ships. However, in the village, the Fire Nation made it forbidden to Earthbend.

    Haru and Katara get to know each other when they spot an old man being crushed by rocks. Katara convinces Haru that the only way to save the man is by Earthbending. Haru does so, but the old man later gets him in trouble with the Fire Nation for Earthbending. He is taken to a prison ship and Katara decides since she convinced him to Earthbend, she had to get him out of jail. With Aang's help, she appears to Earthbend and the Fire Nation takes her to the same prison ship as Haru. There, Haru introduces Katara to his father, Tyro. Katara says some motivational words to the prisoners, telling them how her village was rocked to sleep with stories of the brave Earthbenders and how the Fire Nation should really be afraid of their will and strength. This has almost no effect on them, and the Warden says their spirits were already broken.

    Later, Aang and Sokka fly to the prison ship on Appa, ready to break Haru and Katara out. Once Katara tells them what happened, they stay with Katara. Sokka then has an idea: Aang points out there's earth in the form of coal on the ship. Sokka tells Aang to close off all the vents except one in the place where the coal is. Then, Aang should Airbend the coal up, causing it to go up and fall in front of the Earthbenders. Aang does so, and Katara gives more motivational words to the prisoners again. Just when it seemed to fail and all hope was lost, Haru attacked the prison warden, then his father did, and then so did the rest of the prisoners. Haru, Tyro, and some other prisoners then got the warden and his guards onto a huge rock and had them fall into the ocean. The Gaang and the prisoners get out of the prison, and the Earthbenders get ready to go back to their village. Katara reaches to her neck where her mother's necklace was, but she finds that it's not there anymore. The episode ends with Zuko walking into the prison and finding Katara's necklace on the floor.
  • katara loses her necklace and zuko finds it.

    while relaxing and looking for food, the gaang see and earthbender. the earthbender ran away before introducing himself. the gaang walk into a small town and see the earth bender again. the town is very poor and the fire nation is control of it. there can be no earthbenders allowed in the town. once haru gets caught and been sent to a ship, katara has to pretend to be an earthbender to save haru and his dad who's also an earthbender. katara gives courage to all the earthbenders in the ship and are now free from the fire nation. then katara loses her necklace while zuko finds it.
  • Character developement for katara

    Another filler episode, but it's another good one. Katara, feeling guilty about having Haru sent to prison, decides to "Earthbend" to get herself thrown in prison, so that she can help Haru and the other Earthbenders. This is done in a comical way, in that Katara uses Sokka to have a fake argument with so that Aang could use Airbending to make it looks like Katara was Earthbending at Sokka. But once Katara gets to the prison, the tone changes to something more depressing. Katara can't convince the Earthbenders to fight back at first, but later does with the help of Aang and Sokka. I just found Katara really admirable in this episode, and it's always a treat to see the Fire Nation get beaten- especially by Earthbenders. :)Maybe this wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it was pretty good. Katara can do some really good speeches, too bad they didn't do much in the way of convincing.
  • this is why i watch the series. this was an exciting episode which really had a lot of katar development

    When the group arrives at a small Earth Kingdom mining town, they see an earthbender, named Haru, who is practicing his ability, but he runs away when Katara tries to confront him about it. They soon learn that the Fire Nation has taken over the town, that earthbending is forbidden and all earthbenders are taken away to an offshore prison. However, when an elderly man is trapped in a collapsed mine, Katara urges Haru to use his powers to save the man's life, but then, the old man reports Haru to the authorities. Katara blames herself for his predicament and she vows to rescue him, but will she succeed? what more can i say?
  • In an exciting and well-written episode, we follow the Gaang as they help a young earthbender regain his courage.

    The kids have arived in an Earth Kingdom town, only to find out it's being controlled by the Fire Nation, who are using its coal to fuel their ships (which is weird, because they can shoot fire from their hands). There they meet Haru, an earthbender who fears using his powers because his dad was arrested for earthbending.
    Katara bonds with Haru over the course of the episode, and inspires him to not be afraid of using his abilities. Then Haru gets arrested. Big help Katara was then.

    Katara, determined to save Haru, devises a scheme to get her arrested for earthbending, with predictably hilarious results. The plan works however, and Katara ends up on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, miles from any earth to bend. Katara tries to inspire all of the other earthbenders into fighting back and escaping, she gives a motivational and awe-inspiring speech which gave me goosebumps, and no one listens to her, their spirits already crushed by the malicious warden.

    Katara then manages to get the earthbenders some coal to bend, and after another motivational speech, they finally pluck up their courage and fight back, kicking Fire Nation ass in an exciting battle scene.

    So, an exciting episode, less joking around than normal, which was nice for a change, but still the perfect amount of humour for it to be a funny and serious episode.
  • The gaang heads to a vilage controlled by the fire nation where Katara meets an earthbender named Haru. She gets him arrested and to rescue him also gets arrested, but when the other earthbenders at the prison have given up she refuses to give up on them.

    The gaang heads to a vilage controlled by the fire nation where Katara meets an earthbender named Haru. She gets him arrested and to rescue him also gets arrested, but when the other earthbenders at the prison have given up she refuses to give up on them. I like the character development of Katara in this episode. Sokka his same distrusting self "He may be dangerous so we should approach cautiously-Katara: Hey what's your name? Anyway I love Katara;s speech to the earthbenders too bad it didn't work. The warden is a real jerk, but he got what was coming to him in the end "No please I can't swim" Haru's father:" Don't worry I hear cowards float"*drops coal* At the end O no Zuko has Katara's necklace!
  • Aang and the gang embark on an adventure dealing with a Fire Nation prison for earthbenders.

    "Imprisoned" is a good and decent episode because it shows and gives off the first feeling of a town under control by the villians: the Fire Nation. You get closer to the world at hand that the people, outside of Aang and his friends, have to deal with. The prison itself is colored vibrantly to reflect evil, despair, and lonliness. You can feel some small touches of "Shawshank Redemption" in the mix of the episode but it's very vague. I like that the warden is especially evil and cruel, it makes the prison feel more like a prison and less like nursing home. The ending, of course, is wonderful and it's good to see people fight for what they believe in.
  • A good character development episode for Katara.

    Another filler episode, but it's another good one. Katara, feeling guilty about having Haru sent to prison, decides to "Earthbend" to get herself thrown in prison, so that she can help Haru and the other Earthbenders. This is done in a comical way, in that Katara uses Sokka to have a fake argument with so that Aang could use Airbending to make it looks like Katara was Earthbending at Sokka. But once Katara gets to the prison, the tone changes to something more depressing. Katara can't convince the Earthbenders to fight back at first, but later does with the help of Aang and Sokka. I just found Katara really admirable in this episode, and it's always a treat to see the Fire Nation get beaten- especially by Earthbenders. :)Maybe this wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it was pretty good. Katara can do some really good speeches, too bad they didn't do much in the way of convincing.
  • When Aang and his friends pursue a fleeing earthbender, Haru, they learn he lives in a Fire Nation controlled villiage, where Earthbending is forbidden. When Katara urges Haru to use his ability to save someone, she inadvertantly causes his arrest.

    This episode shows the Fire Nation as not just conquerors, but overlords. While they are not evil, they are aggressive and demanding tyrants. The Warden is slightly overdone, but still very amusing. His tendancy to throw people overboard manages to both show the severity of the Fire Nation, while still comming across as funny. - "Then go wake someone I haven't thrown overboard yet!" Katara's inspirational speech seemed a bit corny, but this was made up for by the fact that it failed to move anybody. A critical factor of Earthbending is revealled: it cannot affect refined metal. Imprisoned is not the greatest episode. However it is amusing, entertaining and informative about the show's mythology.
  • This episode was fairly good. It was just kind of "off topic" and didn't really have much to do with the main plot of the show.

    This episode was alright. It had its moments (particularily when the gang tries to trick some fire nation guards into thinking that Katara is an earthbender, and they mistake it for Momo), but the plot of it was weak and way off topic of the main storyline. It didn't even have any character development invovled. The only exciting part was at the end. I think the episode would have been alright as a chapter in the Earth book, but thats just my opinion. This episode just had too much "down time," and got kind of boring at times. For this reason, if you ever watch it over again, the episode has no value or sense of surprise in it. So my score is based strictly on the first time I saw it.
  • That's two filler episodes in Season One. One was "The Warriors of Kyoshi" and this is "Imprisoned," I honestly think this one is the worst of them both.

    This episode was terrible. Even WORSE then 104 (The Warriors of Kyoshi). I stood in front of my TV shouting and was so excited for this episode. Then when I sat down and watched it, I was very dissapointed. But not all episodes can make it to 10. There were plenty of other episodes that had more meaning than this episode. The only thing great about this episode was the end when Zuko found Katara's most prized possesion from her mom. This episode was a waste of 23 minutes. I could have done anything else that night. I luckily still liked the show. Two episodes out of Six aired after this one have been filler. Terrible episode.
  • Great episode.

    Another "Okay" episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Well, it was above average but "Okay" for an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I like the character Haru. He's actually "Normal". No one else is really, well normal. I just wish he was in a couple more episodes. He was a good character in my opinion. He could've made a big impact on the show. Well, the fight at the end was awesome. Withe the Warden and the Gaang. And now, Zuko has Katara's necklace! Well, she got it back in the episode "Bato and the Water Tribe" anyway. Overall, I give this episode an 8.6.
  • Another excellelent chapter!!!

    Aang, Katara and Sokka awake from their camp site and are startled by loud noises coming from the distance. Aang and Katara are curious and set out to investigate with a less than cooperative Sokka right behind. They then find a young Earthbender practicing his bending, Katara introduces herself but before she can finish the young bender races off seeming very fearful. Katara decides that they should follow him and they end up in a small town that happens to be under fire nation control. They later find the same young man and follow him into a store. He is talking to his mother when Katara, Aang and Sokka enter the store asking why he ran. He tells them that his name is Haru, he and his mother explain that since the Fire Nation took control of the town any one discovered to be an Earthbender is arrested and sent to a Mining Rig in the far off shore. Haru then tells them that his father was also sent to the rig a long time ago.

    Later on that day Haru and Katara are walking with each other both sharing their own stories and seemingly falling for one another when they come across an old man that has been trapped by a cave in. Haru reluctantly uses his Earthbending to save the old man. The next morning Katara wakes up to get some water when Haru's mother tells Katara that the old man he had saved told the Fire Nation that he was an Earthbender and was arrested and sent to the mining rig. Once she learns of Haru's situation she decides to take action and find a way onto the rig. She decides the only way to get to that rig is if the Fire Nation thinks she's an Earthbender, so after some strategy she is able to "Earthbend" with the help of Aang and some ventilation pipes while fire nation solders are watching. So now she's captured and sent to the rig. There she and some other captives meet the Warden of the rig, a self-important and cruel taskmaster. He states that since the entire rig is made of metal there is nothing for the Earthbenders to control so they are helpless.After finding Haru and his father Tyro she asks what their plan is to escape. Tyro says that escape isn't an option and that the only way to survive is to do what they're told and hope the war goes in their favor. Shocked by his lack of hope Katara tries an inspirational speech to try and stir to life the spirits of the other benders but to no avail. That night Katara meets up with Aang and Sokka to try and find a way for the prisoners to fight back and gain back their confidence. Then Aang notices the smoke stacks and states that they are burning coal and therefore there is earth on the rig that the prisoners can use.

    Drawing from her experience from the fake Earthbending she used to get herself arrested, they have Aang close all the vents around the fire save for one that will lead to the outer vent where Katara and Sokka are at. Then the Warden discovers them and states that they are to surrender or die. Then the coal bursts from the vent and lands in front of Haru and the others, Katara tells them that this is their chance to stand up and fight. But no one seems to have the will to fight anymore. The warden states that their spirits were broken a long time ago and he walks away in triumph. Or so he thinks, as a chunk of coal strikes him on the head. He turns around to see that it was Haru who threw it. The warden attacks Haru but his attack is blocked by Tyro and two other benders. Then all together the prisoners attack the fire nation soldiers and after a dramatic fight the Earthbenders are victorious and they throw the warden overboard. They then sail off in stolen Fire Nation ships.

    After winning their freedom Tyro thanks Katara for giving his people hope again, then Haru thanks her. She is touched by Haru's words when she notices that her mother's necklace is gone. There on the rig we see Katara's necklace on the ground and is picked up by Zuko. And with a blank look he clutches the necklace and looks out toward the horizon.
  • The group wakes up from their campsite and finds an earthbender practicing. He runs away, and they are led to a village. They learn that the Fire Nation is taking away all of the earthbenders to a prison camp. The group devises a plan to free them.

    A great strength of this episode was the character development. It is in the episode that we understand Katara more. It sets a precedent that Katara will try to help anyone that requires it on their journey. The lightning effects were top notch again. The dark smoggy background fit the hopeless attitude of the prisoners well. The clear, lighter shaded sky in the the day after shows renewed hope that was revived in the prisoners which gave them the courage to win their freedom. One of the most impressive aspects of Avatar is how the backgrounds always seem to match or set the mood for the current situation. I enjoy how it reciprocates the emotions in me as well. The best scene was the short ending scene with Zuko picking up Katara's necklace. Cliffhanger endings are one of those things that make Avatar great. It draws the viewer deeper into the Avatar world as their curiosity intensifies. The setting with the orange sky accompanied the sequence very well. The best new character was the prison warden. George Takei voice work was fantastic. He captured the evilness successfully. I didn't particularly like Haru's character though. The voice work, although it was still good, was a little generic. Emotion in his dialogue seemed to be lacking. Katara's speech to the prisoners felt cheesy. The writing on that could have been better. It felt like watching a bad performance in a talent show. It is that feeling, when one winces as he or she feels extremely embarrassed for that person. It is not known whether this effect was intentional or not, but if it was supposed to be an attempt at a serious speech, it could have used some work. This episodes seems to trade action for more storyline. There is nothing wrong with more storyline, but I felt that the short bending battle sequence could have been a bit more detailed. The creative techniques with bending abilities were shown, and this was the strength of the battle sequence. The air cannon, using coal as ammo, was an ingenious idea. Overall, this a good episode, where the trade of action for storyline doesn't affect it negatively.
  • This review will consist of a General part, in which I will talk about the experiences I had while watching the episode. For those who don't like to read much, all Negatives and Positives will be put together in short after the General part.


    I gotta tell ya.. I love this episode! We begin with Sokka returning to the others with food he found in the woods. He has all kinds of nuts, including some rock shaped nuts, which might just be rocks.. xD Then they hear loud noises and decide to see what's going on, against Sokka's will.. But.. seriously.. Who ever listens to Sokka.. right? xD Ah well..
    They soon discover that the loud noises came from an earthbender, training his moves in the woods. But Katara approaches him, he quickly runs off.. weird.. However, Aang quickly figures out that the guy must've run off towards a village, to which Katara happily replies that that means she won't have to eat nuts for dinner.. xD very funny lol =P Poor Sokka.. he DID work hard to get those nuts xD
    So.. as they arrive in the village, Katara spots the earthbender walking into a shop.. Here, we find out that his name is Haru, and the shop is his mother's. When 'the gAang' (as I will be calling Aang, Katara, Sokka.. and sometimes Momo and Appa too, from now on) enters the shop, they confront Haru with seeing him earthbending in the woods. When his mother hears Haru had been earthbending, she quickly closes the door and window to ask him about it. Haru denies that he had been earthbending, and tells his mother that Aang and the others are crazy, trying to confirm his theory by pointing out to the way the are dressed .. xD really funny!!
    Haru's mother repeats how dangerous it is to be earthbending around here, but before she can finish her lecture, we hear knocking on the door...
    Fire Nation Soldiers!! Sokka quickly tells the others to act natural.. and when the soldiers come in we hear a sarcastic tune as he looks upon everyone.. 'acting natural' xD OMG one of the funniest things I've seen in the whole show so far! xDD HILARIOUS!
    Anyway.. the fun doesn't last long, as the soldier commands Haru's mother to pay taxes.. Threatening with firebending within the wooden shop.. Haru's mother has no choice but to pay him with the little amount of money she has, and the soldier leaves along with some others...
    We find out that Haru's father was one of the earthbenders who defended their village when the Fire Nation invaded.. But he was taken prisoner and they had never seen him again.. Ah well.. Haru's mother offered the gAang a place to sleep for the night, but they must leave the next morning.. Aang tells Haru he'll make sure that Appa will not eat all their hay.. while Appa eats all the hay.. xD pretty funny moment.. Dry humor for everyone! =P A little while later, Haru and Katara are walking together, sharing their stories.. But they are distracted by an old man crying for help.
    They quickly run towards the sound and find out the old man is stuck between rocks at the entrance of a mine.. The mine is about to collapse any second.. And the only way the poor old man can be saved, is by Haru's earthbending.. Katara is able to persuade him into doing so.. At night, Katara tells the others about Haru's courage.. But Sokka says they should get some sleep because they're leaving at dawn to prevent 'eating fireballs for breakfast,' to which Katara replies that she'd rather eat fireballs than nuts.. xD! Ooh I LOVE this kinda humor!!
    In the middle of the night.. Fire Nation Soldiers knock on Haru's house's door. When Haru opens the door, we see the TREACHEROUS old man pointing out to Haru, saying he's an earthbender, after which Haru is taken prisoner... Ooh I so wanted to KICK that guy in tha NUTS! xD
    Anyways.. before I get too carried away.. let's continue shall we? =P When Katara finds out the next morning that Haru has been captured, she decides to rescue him, as she feels she is to blame because of her forcing Haru to earthbend the day before.. Since it's too late to track the soldiers down, Katara thinks of an ingenious plan to get to Haru..
    Aang will blow a rock into the air with his airbending, while Katara pretends it to be her earthbending to fool the Fire Nation Soldiers..
    So.. when three Fire Nation Soldiers walk towards them..Aang stay's hidden while Sokka and Katara begin to swear at each other. Which is quite funny to see because Sokka is actually hurt a little when Katara makes fun of his 'big' ears.. Then, as Sokka pretends to be going to battle his sister, Katara pretends to lift the rock.. "EARTHBENDING STYLE!" omg Hilarious how Katara does that! XDD seriously this stuff makes Avatar so incredibly funny! But nothing's happening... After she repeats Aang's cue to lift the rock, he wakes up from his daydreaming and blows the rock upwards.. Revealing Momo who stood behind the rock.. On ofe the soldiers thinks it's actually Momo who's bending the rock xD To which Sokka replies that it's 'the girl.' OMG I seriously love this episode!! =D So.. Katara gets captured and Sokka confronts Momo with his big ears.. xD I want to say something about the 'Earthbending style' thingy that Katara did.. While saying that, the background behind her is changed into a fast moving but non realistic background, for the dramatic effect. If people have read my review on episode 1x03 – The Southern Airtemple, they know I hate these kind of backgrounds, as they make the show less realistic.. BUT, in this episode, there's a major difference!! In episode 1x03, the background change was also used to create a more dramatic effect, but it was a serious scene.. The background change was used in this episode to create a dramatic effect on something FUNNY.. This means we are not expected to take it seriously, and if we don't take it seriously, it will not make the episode less realistic. That's the difference and that's also the reason why I approve the one in this episode and disapprove of the one used in episode 1x03.. Ah well.. back to the story..

    Anyways, Katara is taken to some rig entirely made out of metal, to prevent any earthbending, and finds Haru and his father. Katara tries to convince the earthbenders to escape from the rig, but no one has the courage to fight..
    When Sokka and Aang (and Momo) return to the rig on Appa to bust Haru and Katara out.. Katara refuses to give up on the prisoners and convinces the others to rescue all of the earthbenders.. When Aang tells Appa to go hide, he flies away, but is spotted by two guards.. When the warden of the rig asks them to tell him what they saw, the guards aren't sure whether they had seen a flying buffalo or a flying bison, when the warden asks them to tell which one it was, one of the guards replies saying he doesn't know what the difference is, and that that's not really the point.. The warden reacts furious to him, telling him that HE'll decide what the point is, and throwing him off the rig into the water.. He tells the other guard to wake up the captain and to search the entire rig.. However, it appears he had just thrown the captain overboard.. xD lmao! =D
    The gAang decides to give the earthbenders back their courage by getting them coal they can bend, since coal is the only source of earth on the rig..
    Their plan to get the earthbenders coal worked.. However.. The plan to give them back their courage didn't.. Except for one man.. Haru! When the warden attacks Haru, his father protects him with his earthbending, after which he starts fighting too. Soon after, all the earthbenders find their courage and start fighting!
    During this fighting scene we hear one of the battle African drum themes, mixed with a somewhat 'heroic theme.'
    The earthbenders manage to escape the rig and the warden is tossed into the water, while he's not able to swim... xD (YAY!)
    Haru and his father, Tyro, thank Katara, after which and plan on taking back their villages. Haru asks Katara to join him, but she denies his request, telling him she must go with Aang, the Avatar. Short after, she finds out her necklace is gone.. And we see Zuko picking up Katara's necklace back at the rig...

    In short...


    I don't like it when Tyro tells the warden not to worry because cowards float.. It's like he's trying to be cool or funny or something.. While he should be a wise man.. It would've been better if he hadn't said anything at all, or if Sokka had something sarcastic to say.. =D

    The fighting scene with the earthbenders could've been much more spectacular.. They are good but it could be a lot better..

    Not that much character and/or storyline development..


    This episode was REALLY funny.. Really HILARIOUS sometimes!

    We got to meet Haru (and his father).

    This episode was not only funny, but also serious.. The way in which funny and serious parts of the episode are combined here is very good. It doesn't make the serious parts less serious, or the funny parts less funny. Because of this, the episode is very fun to watch!

    Favourite quote(s) of this episode:

    [Sokka:] "Everyone should get some sleep, we're leaving at dawn." [Katara:] "Dawn?! Can't we sleep in for once..?"[Sokka:] "Absolutely not! This village is crawling with Fire Nation Troops. If they discover you here, Aang, we'll be eating fireballs for breakfast, good night.." [Katara:] "I'd rather eat fireballs than nuts.." [Sokka:] "Good night!"

    [Katara:] "I'll show you who's boss.. EARTHBENDING STYLE!"

    [Fire Nation Soldier:] "That lemur.. He's earthbending!" [Sokka:] " No you idiot, it's the girl!"

    [Warden:] "Tell me exactly what you saw..." [Captain:] "Well sir, it looked like a flying bison.." [Warden:] "What??" [Fire Nation Soldier:] "It was a giant flying buffalo, sir.. With an empty saddle" [Warden:] "Which was it, a buffalo or a bison..?!" [Captain:] "Uhh, I'm not sure what the difference is, but that's not really the point, is it sir? [Warden:] "I'LL decide what the point is, fool! *throws captain overboard* .. YOU! Wake up the captain.. Search the entire rig! [Fire Nation Soldier:] "..Sir.." [Warden:] "WHAT?!" [Fire Nation Soldier:] "That was the captain you just threw overboard.. so.." [Warden:] "Then wake up someone I haven't thrown overboard and search the rig."

    Favourite quote so far:

    [Fire Nation Soldier:] "That lemur.. He's earthbending!" [Sokka:] " No you idiot, it's the girl!"

    (..Yep! a new favourite quote! =D)

    My grade for this episode:

    This is one of my favourite episodes. I enjoyed watching it more then I do when I'm watching a regular episode. And even though this episode is not my ultimate favourite, it is a VERY good one.. especially with all the humor! Absolutely loved it! Some people say that this episode was a little boring... I couldn't agree with you guys less.. The constant dry humor and the serious parts of the episode makes it absolutely anything but boring... It's too bad we don't get to see a lot of character or storyline development though, we do see how Katara cares for all the people around her... The best thing about this episode is definitely that it combines humor and serious things like sadness and fear in a very good way!

    After some comparing, I think I will give this episode a 9,0

    Of you want to correct me on any errors I might have made or just tell me your opinion about this episode, or Avatar: The Last Airbender in general or if you want to tell me what you think of my opinion, all your responses to this are more than welcome and I'll be happy to read them. =)
  • Imprisoned The gaang go to an earth village. There they see how life is really for the people oppressed by the Fire nation. Oh, and Katara teaches them courage…

    This episode starts when Aang and Katara and Sokka heard some noise. They see it's an earthbender. The earthbender runs away. Wondering why the earthbender runs away they follow him to a village. In the general store they see the earthbender again. After a while they finally find the truth: The Fire nation took away a lot of earthbenders when the first came here and they continue to take away earthbenders they find. Therefore, the earthbender, Haru, keeps it a secret.

    Katara and Haru talk about Haru's earthbending. They hear cries for help and see the old man who is almost dying. It was brave of Haru to use his earthbending in front of someone. Though, it was kind of obvious what was going to happen. I still can't believe the old man turned in Haru when Haru saved his life. I guess this is how the Fire nation was able to beat the other three nations. The people of the village had to pride in their nation and just went to the Fire nation.

    The Katara part with the earthbenders in the metal ship was very encouraging. Katara says that bending doesn't make someone who they are, but their courage and action. This theme plays a major role in the rest of the episodes in this season and especially the next seasons. Katara convinces the earth kingdom people to fight back. The earthbenders defeat the Fire nation soldiers and the warden. After five years of being imprisoned with no hope of getting out, they are finally free and ready to kick from Fire nation butt. You can tell that Haru and the others will be seen again.

    I didn't think that highly of this episode like I did the other ones. There wasn't as much action in it as philosophy and that just annoys me. However, some people like it so they may think of it was better.

    I hope they don't keep repeating these sort of episodes, but they will because it's just like Katara to help anyone and everyone.
  • Katara shows her compassion toward people, and reveals her bleeding heart, leadership, and vulnerability.

    In this episode Katara makes her big debut in compassion. More so than her brother, Sokka, and even the Avatar himself. She meets a bender named, Haru, who lives in a village under the strict tyranny of the fire nation. His father, and several other tribesman are taken aboard a steel ship of a prison, where they cannot bend and lose hope of every going. After convincing Haru to save an elderly man trapped in rock slide, the man turns him in, and he is taken away. Of course this doesn't go well with Katara, since she does not leave anyone behind when people need her. To her dismay, she could not offer hope to the benders in need, and only fed their despair. With the avatar's help, he relinquishes coal from the hull of the ship. (Something none of the benders who had apparently been there for more than a couple years, did not think of) Using the coal, they took over the ship, and with a new found courage, went back home to reclaim their village. Not just theirs, but all of their surrounding villages. This is the first episode were Katara goes out of her way to help out a group of people, showing early depth to her character.
  • GO! Katara! Woot Woot!I like this episode because Katara showed alot of leadership and im a leader in alot of things. So it made me like her more. Go! Katara! Lol.

    This was a great episode for Katara. Really she really showed her leadership in this one! Even though the Earthbenders would not hear of it she would not give up on them. I didn't understand why they didn't listen to her because they outnumbered the Firebenders, Not only that but they are Earthbenders they are suppose to have the most fight in them! they rock ha, literally. I loved how in the end the Earthbenders ruled and with the earth they beat the Firebenders and will live to fight another day. With all this I wonder where they will be going, will they make up their own army and take a part in the defeat of the Fire Nation because really they are all made up of Earthbenders and there are a lot of them so I think that they will be a powerful force! All-in-all I loved this episode it was action packed with a lot of girl power by Katara A+.
  • this episodes is about the gang meeting a earthbender named haru who is forbidden to earthbend

    this was a filler, thougha pretty interesting episode. one thing i like about avatar is that there aren't that many fillers. so we finnaly get to see the true colors of the fire nation, the warden is a stupid person, zuko makes a short apperance in the end and finds katara's necklace, i wonder what he'll so with it. Katara is a really determined and courageous person, is this what traveling with the avatar can do to yo?, or is it already in her? anyway i hope they keep up the good episodes. season 3 starts the 21st, can't wait.
  • A great episode and a shining moment for Katara.

    I thought this episode was very well done. It isn't my favorite but I thought it was really good. We are introduced to Haru and after Haru helps free an old man stuck under some rocks, the old man tells on Haru for earthbending, which is against the law set by the Fire Nation. Haru is arrested and Katara gets herself arrested using fake earthbending to try to free Haru. Once she's arrested, she on a ship and Katara stops at nothing to save the people from imprisonment. The prisoners refuse to do anything against their enemies but after a plan to bend the coal used on the ship against the fire nation succeeds, everybody join in the fight in one of the best fight of the entire first season. Aang even uses a small funnel or air to launch coal at the enemy. Katara and the others manage to defeat the Fire Nation soldiers and are freed. Katara looses her mother's necklace in the fight against the Fire Nation, and Zuko finds it... This episode had a good plot but it felt a bit slow.
  • We get to see just how passionate Katara really can be about something.

    This is the first episode that we really get to see Katara get passionate about a cause. In later episodes, we see this more, but here we really see how much Katara cares about freedom, independence and family. She risks her own life to free a prison of earthbenders. She is a strong young woman when she needs to be. She has hope for these prisoners, even when they don't. Katara has a way of encouraging people and getting their morale up. She uses these abilities when teaching Aang waterbending. Aang needs constant encouragement to be able to learn well, and Katara can supply that. Through her encouraging words, she rallies the earthbenders into revolting and overthrowing the Fire Nation occupation of the town.
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