Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 6:30 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • The gang travels to a small Earthking village for food, but after Katara and her new friend Haru do a good deed, it ends up turning bad.

    Although some people arent as crazy about this episode, i am. I thought, it was funny, creative, and very inspiring. The beginning starts off with Sokka being made fun of for finding the gang a delicious dinner... nuts. Very funny to me how Katara makes fun of him later. The gang fianlly arrive at a village for food besides nuts and discover the Fire Nation occupies it. I like that they showed the firenations as bullies cause they sort of are, it was also sad how they just too the money from Harus family. Kataras words were very encouraging when she talked about why Haru should Earthbend, and she was right too. The two also got a little personal time and we find out Kataras necklace is her moms. Very sad part. After they save to old man, he rats Haru out for earthbending... stupid old man. Katara decides to go to where Haru is being held to save him. How she gets caught for earthbending is hands down, the funniest part of the whole show. I liked how Sokka told Katara to seriously back down, and her face when she said Earthbending power was sooooo funny and then the soliders though Momo was earthbending and sokka had to say it was katara, too funny. At the prison, There is supposedly no earth around. Katara finds Haru. The part where Katara tries to get the earthbenders to escape is just pure gold. Its a very inspiring moment even though its just a cartoon show. I also just turn everything off and listen to her short, but very meaningful speech. And how Katara doesnt give up on the people shows alot about her character and shes like that throughout the series. When they get the coal out and nobody does anything, that was another sad moment, for a secound i could feel katara. We all know what its like to fail at something we try so hard to fix and when Katara did i felt for her. Finally everybody attacked!! I was expecting a bit more from the battle they were beaten often quick. In the last few episodes they were able to deliver great battle scences but this one wasnt quite up there. And then we get a cliffhanger with Zuko having Kataras necklace. Good ending and its great to see Zukos back on track in the story. Just amazing episode right here. One of the best of season 1