Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 6:30 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Katara loses her mother's necklace on the prison rig, and it is recovered by Prince Zuko. This will become a small sub-plot over the next few episodes.

    • While Katara is sleeping with the other imprisoned earthbenders and before Aang appears, her braid is missing.

    • When Tyro thanks Katara on the ship and she looks away in embarrassment, her braid is not connected to her bun or even to her head.

    • When Tyro is trying to convince Katara to stop rebelling against the Warden while she is standing on the coal pile, the blue beads connecting her hair loopies to her bun turn brown.

    • When Katara says that the Firebenders will take her to Haru, Sokka's gloves are missing.

    • From Katara shouting "Earthbending Style!" to being being taken away by the guards, the fur lining on the bottom of her outfit disappears.

    • When Katara is captured, and when the prisoners are walking onto the prison hold, Katara is second to last in line. But when we see the doors close on her, she's last.

  • Quotes

    • Katara: See this necklace? My mother gave it to me.
      Haru: It's beautiful.
      Katara: I lost my mother in a Fire Nation raid. This necklace is all I have left of her.
      Haru: It's not enough, is it?
      Katara: No.

    • Katara: What can they do to you that they haven't already done?
      Haru's Mother: They could take Haru away. Like they did his father.

    • Sokka: Momo (pause) you have some big ears.

    • Aang: Great hat. I'll trade you some nuts for it.

    • Katara: We just wanted to say hi.
      Aang: Hey, that guy's gotta be running somewhere. Maybe we're near a village, and I bet that village has a market!
      Katara: Which means no nuts for dinner!

    • Katara: An earthbender!
      Aang: Let's go meet him!
      Sokka: He looks dangerous, so we better approach cautiously.
      Katara: Hello there, I'm Katara. What's your name? (The earthbender runs.)
      Aang: Nice to meet you!

    • Katara (shouting): Earthbenders! You don't know me, but I know of you. Every child in my Water Tribe village was rocked to sleep with stories of the brave Earth Kingdom, and the courageous Earthbenders who guard its borders. Some of you may think that the Fire Nation has made you powerless. Yes, they have taken away your ability to bend, but they can't take away your courage. And it is your courage they should truly fear! For it runs deeper than any mine you've been forced to dig, any ocean that keeps you far from home! It is the strength of your hearts that make you who you are; hearts that will remain unbroken when all rock and stone has eroded away. The time to fight back is now! I can tell you, the Avatar has returned! So remember your courage, Earthbenders! Let us fight for our freedom!

    • Fire Nation Soldier (gasps): That lemur...he's earthbending!
      Sokka: No! You idiot! It's the girl!
      Fire Nation Soldier: Oh... of course.

    • (When Katara is about to get arrested for earthbending and she and Sokka are setting up the trick)
      Sokka: You know, I thought you were crazy at first, Katara, but this might actually work. There are ventilation shafts throughout the mine. All Aang has to do is send air through that vent to this vent, and, ta-da! Fake earthbending!
      Katara: Aang, did you get all that?
      (Screen shifts to see Aang air at a butterfly)
      Aang: Sure. Sure. I got it. (keeps playing with the butterfly) Just relax. You're taking the fun out of this.
      Sokka: By this, do you mean purposefully being captured by an army of ruthless firebenders?
      Aang (Keeps playing with the butterfly): Exactly. That's fun stuff.

    • Aang: Great, you're back! What's for dinner.
      Sokka: We've got a few options. First, round nuts and some kind of oval shaped nuts, and some rock shaped nuts that… might just be rocks. Dig in!

    • Aang:Hey, that guy's gotta be running somewhere. Maybe we're near a village, and I bet that village has a market!
      Katara: Which means no nuts for dinner!
      Sokka: Hey! I worked hard to get those nuts! Yeah, I hate them too.

    • Warden: No! I can't swim!
      Tyro: Don't worry, I hear cowards float.
      (Tyro throws Warden into water)

    • Warden: You thought some inspirational words and some coal would change these people? Look at their blank, hopeless faces. Their spirits were broken a long time ago. You failed.

    • Aang (thinking of a way to get the earthbenders off the rig): I wish I knew how to make a hurricane.
      (Katara and Sokka stare at him)
      Aang: The warden would run away, and we'd steal his keys.
      Sokka: Wouldn't he just take his keys with him?
      Aang: I'm just tossing ideas around.

    • Sokka: Shouldn't we run away from huge booms, not toward them?

    • Warden: Listen to him well, child. You are one mistake away from dying where you stand.

    • Wardon: Well, which was it? A flying buffalo or a bison?!
      Firebender Captain: I'm not really sure what the difference is...

    • Sokka: Get out of my way, pipsqueak!
      Katara: How dare you call me pipsqueak, you giant eared cretin!

    • Warden: Wake up the captain and search the rig.
      Firebender Soldier: Sir, that was the captain you just threw overboard.
      Warden: Well then wake up someone that I haven't thrown overboard!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Haru literally translates into "spring" from Japanese, which may allude to Book 2: Earth, which takes place in springtime.

    • Haru's name means "to dig out," in Akkadian, which alludes towards his earthbending abilities.

    • The earthbender prison is far out to sea and resembles modern oil rigs, used to find oil underwater. The firebenders are using these prisons for similar purposes, to get coal for their huge fleet.

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