Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 06, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great way to show how righteous anger can turn into wrong Actions

    In this episode, I felt sorry for Jet that he lost both his parents to the Fire Nation, but I felt even more sorry for the innocent he attacked when he lured Aang and Katara onto his side which I'm glad Sokka resisted! This is shown from what Sokka saw Jet do to that poor old man that he attacked and nearly killed. This shows lots of character development in Sokka because he shows that just because someone is Fire Nation doesn't necessarily mean he is willing to harm them! But most importantly, Sokka saved everyone's lives in that village Jet destroyed just in time!
  • Jet

    Jet was a superb episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Aang and the gang meet Jet, a charismatic rebel leader whose gang operate some what like Robin Hood or Peter Pan with a twist. This episode had a lot of character development for Sokka who is continually being challenged and questioned. I think Aang and Katara learned a lot from this experience. The fire snaps scene with Aang and Momo was funny! This episode sets up future episodes as I'm sure we will see Jet again. I look forward to watching more episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • The gang travels to a forest and meet a gang of liberators called the Freedom Fighters. Led by a man named Jet. Katara takes a liking to him, but will she be blinded from Jet's true side because of it?

    I like this episode alot. We finally get to see how ruthless the firenation is. All of the freedom fighters have tragic stories involving the firenation. It really shows the daily struggle of war victims and what they now must do and what drives them to do it.
    The beginning started out well with action and jokes about Sokkas Instincts... poor guy. The plot quickly went to meeting Jet and you could instatnly tell Katara was falling for him. This story was more about katara and sokka. I liked that alot and i like how Sokka never trusted jet. It was horrible what they did to that old man. Even though he was fire nation they were about the beat him up. I like how sokka is serious when he needs to be. i really wish they showed off jets way of life better and showed him as more of a leader.... that victory speech... sucked.....
    anyway when sokka found out the true plot i was stunned. To think they would drown a whole town... Finally the best parts of the episodes was the final confrontations. Alot of drama in this part as Katara felt betrayed by Jet. The sequence with jet and aang fighting was flawless and one of the best parts of the season. After the dam exploded i actually was in shock that the show would take a turn like that but then we found out sokka saved the day by telling all the villagers to leave. perfect how this wasnt a totally happy ending but still managable. The good guys cant always win completely. Very very good episodes and one of the seasons best for me
  • An episode that broaches the issue of how far is too far to defeat the enemy?

    This episode introduces many new characters to the show. The characters are a group of teenagers that have been directly hurt by the Fire Nation. They form a group called the "Freedom Fighters" and their sole goal is to rid the world of the Fire Nation. Whilst the group appears to be on the "good side" by wanting to defeat the Fire Nation, the tactics they employ are highly questionable. This episode broaches a topic that is quite sophisticated for a children's show. How far is too far in a war? There is never an easy answer to this question, but this episode deals with the question maturely and adeptly.
  • If I didn't know any better I thought this was a full length feature film!

    Once again another episode of Avatar is packed with so much quality that a half hour animated episode felt like an hour special. Although we have only been introduced to Jet in this episode, his character development was so great that it equals to that of an entire seasons character development! It's amazing how we know this guy so well in just a matter of ten minutes. Just some brilliant acting. And the fight between Jet and Aang is arguably the best in the show so far; the creativity and dynamics of battling around the woods was just awesome. Overall this is the best episode so far.
  • A guy named Jet... a nice guy... right...? Nope!

    Aang and the group follow Sokka's 'instincts' and walk right into a fire nations camp site. Ready to... try and attack, a guy named Jet swings out from the trees and attacks the fire nation small army. Well, thats pretty much the start of a great episode! Jet is a freedom fighter, he and his friends live in the tree's, away from the sight of the fire nation. While hiding they usually attack anyone thay see walking in the forest, even old travelers! Katara really likes Jet, and of course... her relationship with random people never turn out so good! Aang and Katara think Jet is a good guy, while Sokka thinks he is bad... and he's right. Jet wants to flood a close Earth Kingdom town, ridding the fire nation soldiers there, along with its people, a risk he takes. Luckily Sokka gets them out in time. Aang and the group leave with a hatred of Jet, lol! Anyways... a nicely put episode I loved, lol!
  • Aang and the gang encounter Jet, a young man whose hatred for the Fire Nation finds him planning a town's destruction.

    This episode started out alright, but then it took a weird turn. When the gang is almost captured by Fire Nation soldiers, a team of boys save them. The leader of the boys turns out to be Jet, whose hatred of the Fire Nation ignited when his family and friends were killed by soldiers. Katara and Aang soon find themselves friends with Jet, but Sokka is not so gullible. After following Jet and his gang, he realizes that they plan to destroy a town of innocent Fire Nation villagers by destroying a dam. He is caught and captured by Jet before he can relay the news to Aang and Katara. The next day, Aang and Katara discover Jet's plan. They confront him about it and that leads to a fight. Katara freezes Jet, but not before he gives the signal to destroy the dam. Soon after, Sokka returns and tells everyone that he managed to lead the villagers to safety and nobody was hurt. The gang leaves soon thereafter - without unfreezing Jet.
  • Whoa, that Jet sure is nuts.

    Onto another episode! This time we got Aang, Sokka, and Katara heading out into the woods again. They come across some freedom fighters who are solid enemies of the Fire Nation. The leader is Jet, it is kind of sad seeing him though take on hardships where he is not too well in the head and wants to annhilate all fire nation people, even good ones that aren't troops and not as ruthless and under the power of the fire lord not as much. They attack a harmless old man, and Jet lies to Katara saying that he had a poisonous knife and he was trying to kill someone, but that was a false story. I guess maybe this episode teaches some life lessons. This episode is not a favorite of mine but i still like it and think its great. That's good how a fire nation town is saved at the end of this episode from a river flooding.
  • An episode about how people could blind themselves for take things to personal...

    A good episode about personal vendetta because Jet's intentions are not bad i mean the Fire Nation killed his parents and he want to prevent that the same happend to anyone else but sometimes people do the wrong things for good reasons its like Jet takes things to personally and he was blind by his own sense of personal justice...
    About Katara next time trust your brother baby dont let that handsome eyes blind your judgement about Aang wow first time that he's not in time to save someone i really scare when the dam blow out SOkka keep trusting in your instincts... well sometimes :):)
    Reallyu nice episode
  • Amazing episode.

    I never told anybody how much I really admire this episode. Jet was a great character introduction and he wound up dying in Lake Laogai, it was sad. Even that Iroh and Zuko weren't in it, it was a great episode with a great fight at the end between Aang and Jet. Sokka was a major character in this episode, we learned that even Sokka only has a boomerang and a club, he can still fight. We also learned Sokka is very smart. Jet was an awesome character who can fight a little better than Sokka and he hates the Fire Nation. That's why Jet is a cool character. With Katara beating Jet was very funny. Overall, I give this episode a 9.1.
  • Jet is a nice guy and leader........oh wait

    The gaang meets another gang that tries to fight the fire nation. Jet, the leader of the other game, invites the gaang to stay at there hideout. The hideout is in the trees. Sokka's instincts doesn't trust Jet. Katara and Aang do trust Jet. Jet invites Sokka on a mission and Sokka accpets. Jet ambushes and old man and Sokka doensn't approve of that. Sokka tells Katara and Aang but they don't beleive him. Sokka starts to spy on Jet and Katara and Aang help Jet with a plan to get rid of the fire nation. What Katara and Aang don't know is that the fire nation is not the only thing they are going to get rid of. I gave this episode because it is suspensful and you don't konw what is going to happen. They also did a good job with the character development.
  • the gang meets a crazy freedom fighter

    the reason i dont like this episode is because of jet,
    he is a crazy freedom fighter that likes to kill innocent people.
    only firenation that is.
    just because his parents were killed doesnt mean he should kill all the firenation poeple.
    katara's mother was taken by firenation but she didnt turn out to be a crazy anger fillled giirl
    i think it was a wrong approach by jet.
    and i think nickelodeon couldve done a better job for this episode,
    maybe they couldve introduced jet better, like telling his real intention at the end, to keep people guessing who he really is. but it was above averrage
  • the gaang meet another gang.

    while they were walking in the forest, the fire nation attack them. but jet saves them and katara crushes on him. sokka doesnt really like the gang and hes suspicious. sokka goes to hunt with jet and they meet an old man and jet attacks him. sokka said that hes a helpless old man but jet thinks otherwise. katara tells sokka hes just overreacting but sokka doesnt listen. sokka finds out that jet is trying to destroy a whole town. katara and aang help jet destroy the town without even knowing it. then they also find out but its too late. the town is destroyed except for the people in it. sokka saved all those people from dying and they leave with jet being stuck on a tree.
  • great episode and character developement for katara and sokka.

    Aang was in the background. but katara and sokka had great character developement. This episode seems a bit under appreciated. I can't say it was the best, but I liked it quite a lot. Jet's a cool character, but he needs a lot of help. Sokka really shined in this episode, for it was he who saw what Jet truly was. Katara falling in love with Jet was interesting. Later on she realizes Sokka was right, and she gives Jet a little piece of her mind. I love the large amount of action in this episode. Sokka saving the people was somewhat predictable, but I enjoyed how it all turned out. This is a great episode for the development of both Katara and Sokka.
  • This episode had plenty of action but the ending was rather predictable... And things got a little out of character.

    This episode had plenty of action but the ending was rather predictable with the whole instincts thing. And Jet reminded me way too much of the ex-boyfriend type, smooth talking tough guy but dishonest. Major props for Sokka but we already knew he takes his role as protective big brother seriously. And it was rather frustrating that Katara was so blind. I'd have thought she was smarter. If Sokka was THAT adament about something, Katara should've trusted her brother's word over some stupid crush. Aang was rather absent from this episode until the end. His own feelings for Katara weren't even acknowledged for the purpose of keeping him in favor of helping Jet. I know Aang's a little tactless and unobservant, but could he really sense no romantic behavior from Katara towards another male?

    The saving grace of this episode were the action scenes between the rebels and soldiers, and Aang and Jet. Much love for Jet's awesome weapon choice of tiger hook swords. I would think Katara would be more angry toward Jet and was rather disappointed she only froze him to a tree. I'd rather see him arrested by soldiers for destroying the town/attempted murder.
  • about jet obviously

    While traveling towards the North Pole, the group almost gets captured by the Fire Nation. However, when a charismatic young man and his band of rebels attack the Fire Nation's camp and rescue them, the gang learns that the rebels are trying to resist the Fire Nation's motives to expand their territory. Katara and Aang really enjoy their time with the band of rebels, but Sokka soon discovers that they aren't as noble as meets the eye. some jetara in there...too bad he wont last more than two seasons. crazy crazy people katara likes. first haru and now jet. he got weird eyebrows
  • The gaang comes across a kid named Jet and the freedom fighters who fight against the fire nation.

    The gaang comes across a kid named Jet and the freedom fighters who fight against the fire nation. The begining is great Sokka's instincts. atahey walk right into a fire nation camp. anyway I'm surprised that Aang didn't notice Katara's obvious crush on jet. Jet and his group remind me of peter pan and the neverland kids very much when he delivers that speech. Sokka usely distrusts new characters anyway so that wasn't new, but this time he was right. Jet plans on flooding an entire village to kill the fire nation soldiers. Jet as Sokka said would do whatever anything he could to get what he wants. Nice fight between Aang and Jet. Sokka saves the day.
  • Aang and the gang meet a teenage warrior named Jet and his band of Freedom Fighters.

    In himself Jet is a very complex and interesting character, which makes it all the worse for me that he turned out so bad. I loved the illusions to Peter Pan and his Lost Boys through Jet and his Freedom Fighters. I also think kids liked them at first because they would like the idea of kids doing whatever they want and beating up on the bad guys. I only wish Jet hadn't been bad, I know it was done to make the episode interesting and plot driven, but I still think it could have been that if Jet had not gone about the wrong way of doing things. Overall, it's still a good episode and fun to watch.
  • Sokka saw what Aang and Katara didn't.

    This episode seems a bit under appreciated. I can't say it was the best, but I liked it quite a lot. Jet's a cool character, but he needs a lot of help. Sokka really shined in this episode, for it was he who saw what Jet truly was. Katara falling in love with Jet was interesting. Later on she realizes Sokka was right, and she gives Jet a little piece of her mind. I love the large amount of action in this episode. Sokka saving the people was somewhat predictable, but I enjoyed how it all turned out. This is a great episode for the development of both Katara and Sokka. I kinda missed Jet after this episode, and I always wondered if he had or would change. Well, I actually got to find out later on in the series. ^_^
  • One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.

    The G'aang stumble upon a traveling fire kingdom camp, and are beat to the punch.

    A nearby village is held by Fire Nation, and Jet wants them gone. He finds in his own twisted logic, that sacrifices must be made. But what if it is at the cost of lives?

    Jet is introduced, and Sokka's skills are a leader are pronounced. Katara is easily smitten by Jet's charisma, and is taken in by him. Aang, who also is taken in by his charm feels no threat from him.

    It takes Sokka's instincts to show Jet's true colors, (Or his lack of) and prove himself a prominent part of the group assets.
  • Maybe it was well written, but not the best episode. It was where Katara has to learn the hard way again. Kind of out of character if you ask me.

    It was a good episode to watch on airing day, but it wasn't quite my favorite. Like 109, The Waterbending Scroll, Katara had to learn the hard way. Katara seems to be out of character lately in book one. But it was a good episode. In this episode the gang meets a freedom fighter named Jet. Sokka didn't exactly trust Jet, kind of simmilar to how Sokka felt about Aang in the beginning of the series. There was some funny parts in the episode, I absolutly love it when Sokka humiliates himself! "Sokka's Instinct" That was really funny. It was good, kind of out of character.
  • Season 1, Chapter 10 Jet Apparently, not everyone is who he or she seems to be. Unfortunately, Katara learns this the hard way (well, this is a carton show with themes)…

    The theme behind it was pretty good, but the plot could have been handled a little better to make the episode memorable. For example, the part where Katara magically has feelings for Jet right away as soon as she meets him is just unoriginal. And Sokka telling Katara what turns out true has been done before thousands of times.

    Also, they showed Fire Nation soldiers too weak. If Jet can take out so many soldiers so easily, how is the Fire Nation winning the war? If there were like ¼ of the soldiers that were there it could be justified with the element of surprise. But, trained soldiers just falling without even getting a scratch on kids who don't have bending powers…going a little too far.

    Also, how did Jet get the advantage of Aang so easily. He's the avatar. He's a bender. How's he supposed to fight the Fire Lord if he can't handle a kid. Aang didn't have fight Jet. H could just have knocked Jet out with the quick air blast. Jet wouldn't have seen it coming. Also the gaang seemed a little gullible by falling into Jet's plans without asking any questions. Though, they still are kids and this episode would probably make them less trusting later on.

    The episode begins deep in the woods with Momo stumbling into a hunter's trap that leaves him caged and hanging from the branch of a tree. Fortunately, Aang, Katara, and Sokka soon notice he is missing, and Aang uses his Airbending to rescue the lemur. Sokka examines the traps of two other animals they free, and determines that they were constructed by the Fire Nation; thus, he advises that they leave quickly. However, he decides that they should not fly on Appa, as they will be easier to spot. Katara protests slightly, but Sokka tells her that his "instincts" indicate that they should stick to traveling on foot. They get lost in the woods, due to Sokka having led their course based upon his "instincts." Aang and Katara relent, but soon grow frustrated over their slow progress. The two start teasing Sokka over his choice, just as they stumble into the middle of a Fire Nation campsite.

    A Firebender cuts off the group's escape route by setting the ground behind them aflame, and Sokka tries to bluff their way out of the predicament, as they are seriously outnumbered. However, a group of children led by a teenaged boy wielding dual hook-swords suddenly descends from the trees, and begin combating the Fire Nation soldiers. Aang and Katara help to battle the opposition, but each time Sokka prepares to engage a soldier, he is knocked out by the children's leader, who single-handedly dispatches more than half a dozen of them. The leader introduces himself as Jet, and his allies as the Freedom Fighters: Sneers, a somewhat obese hand-to-hand combatant; Longshot the archer; the slim-bodied blade expert Smellerbee; The Duke, a shorter and younger fighter than the others; and lastly the gigantic, log-wielding, ironically-named Pipsqueak. Aang wastes little time in befriending the Freedom Fighters.

    Katara very quickly develops a crush on Jet, and acts rarely by shamelessly flattering him briefly. As Katara and Jet speak, in the process indirectly insulting Sokka's instinctual behavior, The Duke and Pipsqueak raid the now-abandoned Fire Nation campsite, finding crates filled with jelly candy and barrels of explosive blasting jelly. When the Freedom Fighters mention bringing their score back to the hideout, Aang expresses interest, and Jet invites them to come. Katara eagerly accepts on behalf of the group. When they reach the site of the Freedom Fighters' hideout, however, there is nothing to be found, as Sokka comments. However, Jet offers Sokka a rope dangling from between the thick foliage of the branches above, which yanks him up through the canopy. Aang uses Airbending to simply jump into the trees, and Jet holds on to Katara while he is pulled up. During their ascent, Katara blushes deeply at the close contact. Upon reaching their hideout in the trees, Jet explains to Katara the Freedom Fighters' mission: several years ago, the Fire Nation took over a nearby Earth Kingdom village. The Freedom Fighters have since then ambushed Fire Nation troops and done everything in their power to cut off the town's supply lines. Their goal is to one day force the Fire Nation from the town permanently. Katara expresses further infatuation with Jet, temperately praising his bravery, which provokes a sarcastic comment from Sokka. Jet, however, shows no ill will in response to this comment. He then explains to Katara that all of the Freedom Fighters live in their treetop base, and none of them have their families anymore- Longshot's home village was burned to the ground, while The Duke was found on his own. Jet himself lost his parents' lives at the hands of the Fire Nation, which incites great sympathy in Katara, having also lost her mother to the Fire Nation.

    That night, Jet gives a speech to all of the Freedom Fighters, congratulating them on their victory over the Fire Nation. Immediately afterward, he also privately compliments Aang and Katara for their role in the battle, as well as their Bending proficiency. Katara blushes and diverts attention from herself, revealing that Aang is the Avatar. After learning this, Jet states that he hopes to have Aang and Katara help in their battle with the Fire Nation. Sokka quickly interjects, stating that they plan to leave that very night. Jet replies with feigned disappointment, stating that he was hoping Sokka would assist him in a mission the following morning. Sokka hesitantly accepts, and the next morning he waits in the trees overlooking a path with Jet. Using a trick with his machette to amplify vibrations, Sokka alerts Jet when a man approaches. Jet and two other Freedom Fighters, Smellerbee and Pipqueak, descend, despite Sokka's statement that the approacher is just a feeble old man. Jet and his Freedom Fighters bully the man, eventually knocking him prone onto the ground, the whole time with Jet ruthlessly ignoring the man's pleas for mercy. Sokka stops Jet from striking the man further, and tells him to stop his actions. Jet orders the man searched, and turns on Sokka angrily. He ignores Sokka's insistence that the man is harmless and innocent, justifying himself by stating the man is with the Fire Nation. Inevitably, Jet and the Freedom Fighters leave with the man's belongings, Sokka reluctantly following with regret evident in his expression.

    After Jet and Sokka return, Aang finds the latter deep in thought, leaning against a tree. Aang has been enjoying hanging out with The Duke, while Katara has made Jet a hat from the leaves of the trees. Sokka dismisses this and announces that they're leaving. Aang and Katara object, to which Sokka responds by revealing Jet's previous bullying action. Doubtful, Katara demands to hear Jet's side of the story. Jet reiterates that the man was with the Fire Nation, and then produces a knife, which has a compartment for poison in the hilt. He claims that the man was an assassin, sent especially to kill him. Sokka is still angry and heavily doubts Jet's story, stating that he never saw a knife on the man's person, although the explanation has convinced Katara and Aang. Sokka storms off, stating that he will be preparing to leave. Upon his departure, Jet quickly pleads for Katara and Aang to stay, stating that the Fire Nation plans to burn down the forest- he needs the two to use Waterbending to fill the nearby reservoir, which will allow the Freedom Fighters to quench the fires. Katara approaches Sokka with Aang, and adamantly refuses to leave until they have helped Jet. She accuses Sokka's actions as having resulted from jealousy, and refuses to listen to the reasons he gives for his actions.

    That night, Sokka overhears Jet and the core of the Freedom Fighters sneaking out of their base, and decides to follow them. The six bring with them the barrels of blasting jelly on a cart, and Jet reviews their plan: to blow up the barrels directly beneath the dam of a river, which runs through the city. With the reservoir full, the village will be flooded, wiping out the Fire Nation soldiers stationed there. The Duke expresses concern for the lives of the innocents living there, which include Earth Kingdom citizens, but Jet replies that they must be willing to make this sacrifice. Sokka has overheard all of this, but he is caught by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. As dawn arrives, Sokka is dragged out to face Jet, and confronts him over the plan. Although he attempts to persuade Sokka to persist in the plan, Jet soon realizes that the young Water Tribe warrior will not change his decision, and has Pipsqueak and Smellerbee walk him into the forest so as to prevent him from warning Aang and Katara of the plan.

    Soon afterward, Jet leads Aang and Katara to an extremely shallow river, which leads into the reservoir. Katara, still unaware of Jet's true plans, apologizes for Sokka's crude behavior, to which Jet responds by lying that Sokka has already apologized for himself, their dispute is resolved, and Sokka is currently out scouting with Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. Although Aang and Katara find it strange that Sokka would be so quick to apologize, they do not question Jet's word. Suddenly, a steam geyser goes off directly under Aang's feet, launching the Avatar several dozen feet into the air. Jet states that they have reached their destination as Aang floats safely back down on his own accord. Jet explains to Aang and Katara their role in the mission- they must Bend the water that resides beneath the vents. Upon release, the built-up pressure beneath the geysers will keep the flow of water going, thus filling up the river leading into the reservoir. Katara initially doubts her ability to bend water that she cannot see, but Jet provides her with words of encouragement, accompanied by his hands on her shoulders, and soon she and Aang successfully release the water from one of the vents. Jet leaves Aang and Katara to their work, stating that he will be at the reservoir and will meet them back at the hideout. However, Jet underestimates the time Aang and Katara need to release an adequate number of geysers, and they quickly have the river at a high enough level. They decide to go to meet Jet at the reservoir.

    Sokka, with his hands bound, by this time is being marched through the forest by Smellerbee and Pipsqueak. Although he attempts to convince the two Freedom Fighters to reconsider Jet's plan, they refuse to listen; they are loyal to Jet, who has demonstrated great leadership in the past and whose actions have always turned out for the better of the Freedom Fighters. Sokka gives up trying to reason with the two, and spots a number of Fire Nation traps that he, Aang, and Katara came across before meeting Jet. He breaks away from his escorts, and tricks them into pursuing him straight into the traps, which leave them caged and suspended from the branches above. Sokka frees his hands, and quickly moves to stop Jet's plan.

    Just then, Aang and Katara come to the edge of a cliff overlooking the dam, where they spot four Freedom Fighters setting up the barrels of blasting jelly. Aang immediately realizes Jet's plan, and moves to fly down and stop it on his glider. Katara, however, is in denial, until Jet jumps forward and snags Aang's glider with his hook-swords, preventing the boy from flying off. Jet confesses what his true plan is, and attempts to convince Katara that the action is necessary. After he and Katara have experience the pain of losing loved ones, he argues, they cannot allow the Fire Nation to hurt anyone ever again- they must be merciless. Katara is completely nonplussed, but Jet persists, stating that he had hoped she and Sokka would understand his reasons. Katara immediately responds to Sokka's mention by demanding to know where he is, and tears begin to flow from her eyes. Jet places a comforting hand on her cheek, but Katara has had enough- she draws water from her canteen and uses it to violently throw Jet to the ground. Aang goes for his glider so that he can prevent the explosion, but Jet reaches it first, snatching it off of the ground with his hook-swords and placing it on his back before engaging Aang in combat.

    The two head into the trees, where Jet adapts an aggressive fighting style, swinging his swords dangerously. However, Aang avoids almost all of his attacks, using his superior agility and Airbending prowess. Still, Aang is reluctant to fight Jet, and for quite some time fails to make any progress in reclaiming his glider- the key to saving the village. Eventually, he blows back Jet with a powerful Airbending move, sending the teenager plummeting to the ground until he succeeds in catching a branch with his swords. This causes Aang's glider to drop from his back, and the two race to the ground after it. Jet succeeds in kicking Aang from behind in mid-air, causing the Avatar to crash into a branch and fall to the ground, directly beside his glider but extremely dazed. As Jet lands, however, Katara arrives on the scene, bending water from a small nearby stream to aggressively attack Jet, pushing him back towards a tree and then freezing him to its trunk. She berates him for betraying her trust, but before she can get too far in her tirade, she is startled by a bird call from off in the distance. Jet responds with his own call, the signal to set off the explosion. He has managed to delay Aang and Katara just long enough for his Freedom Fighters to set up the blasting jelly. Aang tries to fly on his glider, but it is no use- the glider's main sail is torn in several places, damaged at some point in the scuffle. Aang and Katara can only wait, and hope that Sokka succeeds where they have failed.

    Longshot, perched in a tree, fires an arrow with a burning tip, igniting the jelly and wrecking the dam. In mere seconds, the village is completely flooded. Sad, hurt, and angry, Katara turns on Jet and resumes insulting him for his actions; still, Jet does not back down, stating that this act was a victory against the Fire Nation, who will forever be absent from the valley, which will be safe. Suddenly, Sokka arrives, riding Appa and accompanied by Momo. Jet is infuriated to learn that Sokka successfully warned the villagers of the impending flood, and the town was evacuated. Although at first the stationed Fire Nation soldiers believed him to be a spy, Sokka's warnings were supported by none other than the elderly man that he and Jet encountered the previous day. With the man's urgings accompanying Sokka's, everyone was safely escorted out of the village to safety. Jet calls Sokka a fool, as he has ruined the people's chance to win freedom from the Fire Nation; Sokka responds by coldly stating that there would be no one left alive to appreciate this freedom. Katara turns her back on Jet, and she, Aang, and Sokka fly off on Appa, leaving the leader of the Freedom Fighters frozen against the tree.
  • I love this episode.

    jet is a cool charcter to the series this episode has great charcter inprovement and lots of cool action especially the fight between jet and aang though sokka was alittle annoying in the beggining of the episode he got better at the end of the episode i bet alot of avatar fans will love this episode cause of jet and of the cool action and this episode good for season 1 usually when its season 1 in other shows the episodes are usually boring but not this one so i give this episode a 9.5/10 cool action i love the episode !!
  • Katara falls in love with a bad boy named Jet. He is a skilled fighter and hates the fire nation. Sokka believes he is a bad guy. She later has to decide who to trust. Jet or her own brother.

    This was a great episode because is shows that Sokka isn't always just a happy go lucky guy.

    It also gives viewers the idea that fire nation isn't always bad. they are people too that try to get along with their lives. It also shows that fire nation citizens can be just as affected by the war that is going on. They are probably forced to live in the colonies far away from relatives and home.

    This ep also shows how much Aang cares for Katara. He even gets a... lot jealous. He tries everything to get them apart and ends up embarrasing himself
  • new charcter, jet

    jet is a cool charcter to the series this episode has great charcter inprovement and lots of cool action especially the fight between jet and aang though sokka was alittle annoying in the beggining of the episode he got better at the end of the episode i bet alot of avatar fans will love this episode cause of jet and of the cool action and this episode good for season 1 usually when its season 1 in other shows the episodes are usually boring but not this one so i give this episode a 9.5/10 cool action i love the episode !!
  • the rebel boy

    The ggroup was saved by a gang of good people that are verry kand and they faight aganst the fire nation the look coll the look good they look dengerus...in fact his leader the great jet was a special kand of boy a trublemaker fo sad something.sokka look like he does't loke him in the was he act so silly he was absesinated to win the wasr aganst the fire nation and all does stuff in fact he try to destroy a inter city only for kill some fire benders it is so bad In the way that jet act with katatra was so good so aang get angry for that so he suspicious was true. he was using katar like a puppet doll of his mean intations in the end katara get so angry so she attack him and the ganng runaway for that group of crazy boy.i hink that jet had some problems because the fire nation killed his family and his city but in the end he help the gang to save appa in the laogai lake.but now he is gone i not agree that he have to be killed in a special way he changed a lot. not like zuko but he mke a difference to save appa.
  • The kids meet Jet, a kid with a huge grudge against the Fire Nation. He wants to do the right thing, and he thinks he knows how. Unfortunately, it's not quite what the kids were led to believe.

    This episode stands out for an amazing number of reasons. First, the characters and characterization. This first happens as the group makes its way through the forest, arguing over how to travel and demonstrating each one's own desire to have some say. They meet Jet, who saves them from an "army" of Fire Nation soldiers "almost single-handedly". The writing here is excellent and wastes no time introducing Jet, his gang, and their motive. Sokka, however, remains skeptical. Aang becomes enthralled by Jet's way of life while Katara develops a bit of a crush.
    Jet decides to use Katara's and Aang's trust and bending powers to further his own plans, but Sokka discovers them. With a clearly illustrated disagreement in methods between the two and one argument behind them, Jet decides to have his followers "take Sokka for a walk". When Aang and Katara discover Jet's true plan, Jet forces Aang to fight him instead of thwarting the plan. This fight is a classic in the series and pits the two in a treetop duel where balance and grace mean everything. Along with the beautiful animation and stunning attacks, the music pulls the viewer into the struggle, which ends well for neither combatant. Whether Jet's plan succeeds, you'll have to find out; either way, the kids leave him, Katara feeling betrayed. And if you think that this episode introduces Jet just so he can disappear in an instant, well, think again.

    All in all, one my favorite episodes from my favorite series.
  • Instincts!

    This ep shows how Sokka is gorwing as a person and ino the leader he has always wanted to be. This ep really does focues on Katar and Sokka not so much Aang. Katar develops a crush on a new character that is introduced in this ep. A boy named Jet. This ep. also shows us a different side of the on going war and what people are doing to deal with it. We also learn something very important about Katar and Sokka's mother in this ep. that explains something more about both of their characters, and more about how far the war has gone.
  • thanx to sokka's insticts, the group get's captured by fire nation troops, they are then resscued by a teenager, jet, and his group of ek rebels, jet has a great personality and katara has a crush on him, sokka soon discovers something else about jet

    This is a great episode, i like jet's weapons, the twin tiger head hook swords. Jet is also an interesting chracter, he appeals to katara and aang while sokka hates him. For once, sokka gets to be the hero of the show, saving a village when aang could not. Usally aang gets all the glory while katara and sokka are tiny foot notes. The tree house that jet lives in is really cool. I hope jet apears in another episode, his chapter doesn't really seem finished. The other freedom fighters follow jet with a loyalty that sokka wishes he could have from katara. I think this episode is another great installment to really let sokka shine for once, i think that now sokka has proven something and will do better in other upcoming episodes.
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