Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 9

Nightmares and Daydreams

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The gang arrives on a cliff inhabited by Koala Sheep, where Sokka says that this was the place where he and his dad picked for the meeting place before the invasion. Katara then says that it is good that they are here four days before the invasion, and Aang begins to freak out. Sokka tells Aang that four days is long away and quickly falls asleep. Katara agrees with Sokka and tells Aang that they just need to get some sleep. Aang agrees hesitantly and slowly falls asleep.
Aang then begins to have a nightmare about him confronting the Fire Lord. He brakes open the door and runs to a platform in front of the Fire Lord. Aang tells the Fire Lord that he is here to defeat him, but the Fire Lord questions how Aang will do that when he isn't wearing pants. Aang, dreaming, looks down and sees he has no pants on and walks out embarrassed.
Aang then wakes up from his nightmare and checks to see, if he is wearing pants. Momo then wakes up, and Aang tells him that it was just a dream, and he still had his pants. Aang then begins to continue training by kicking a bush and Momo falls back asleep.
Meanwhile at the Royal Palace, Zuko is getting ready for the day and the servants are catering him. Zuko then exits through the gates of the palace, where a group a people cheer for him. The servants ask why Zuko didn't take the carrier, and Zuko tells them that he is going to Mai's house. The servants tell Zuko that it isn't right for a prince to walk, so Zuko gets in the carrier and is carried across the street to Mai's house. After the very short carrier ride, Zuko and Mai look at each other, smiling.
Back at the cliff, Aang is punching a tree, waking everyone else up. Katara asks Aang how long he had been up, Aang answers a few hours, and that he has a lot of skills to work on, if he is going to fight the Fire Lord. Katara tells Aang that he is probably overworking, and Aang says that he has a bad form and doesn't know firebending. Sokka then tells Aang that he won't need firebending because of the eclipse and says it's a stupid element. Aang then says that he needs to work on everything else and will spend the whole day training. Then, he runs off on an air scooter.
When night falls, Aang is exhausted. He begins to say good night to everyone, and Toph tells Aang to just go to sleep. Aang falls asleep and has another nightmare. Dream Aang reenters the room where the Fire Lord is. He says that this time he remembered his pants, but the Fire Lord asked, if he remembered to prepare for his math test. Dream Aang begins to freak out, and Aang wakes up saying that he has to be ready. He begins to train some more, and Katara walks over saying that he needs some sleep. Aang tells her that he forgot his pants and his math test. Then, Katara convinces Aang to get some sleep by asking him to do it for her.
At Mai's house, Zuko asks Mai, if she could have anything she wants, what would it be. Mai tells him that she would like a fruit tart with rose pedals on top, and Zuko then asks his servants to bring him one. The servants compliment him for his choice and leave. Mai then says something about a war meeting that Azula told her about, and Zuko became shocked that no one told him about it and is disappointed that he was not invited.
Its morning back at the cliff and Aang is having a nightmare, where Ozai is telling Aang that he missed the invasion. Aang wakes up worried and wakes Sokka up, asking him what day it was. Sokka wakes up quickly and hits his head on a rock, waking up Katara and Toph. Aang tells Sokka that he needs to practice his rock climbing skills because in Aang's dream Sokka couldn't climb a cliff fast enough to get away from fire nation soldiers. Sokka tells Aang that he is a great climber, and Aang orders him to climb the cliff that was right next to them. Sokka then angrily starts to climb the cliff, when Aang notices Toph drinking water. Aang tells her not to drink it because in his dream she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the invasion, causing all of them to die. Katara tells Aang that he needs to relax, and Aang thinks that he is losing his mind.
Aang tells the group that he is really stressed out, and Sokka tells him, of course, he is because he has to face the Fire Lord, and he has to win to save the world. Katara tells Sokka that he isn't helping because he made Aang get more stressed out. Katara then takes Aang in a cave, that is like a sauna, and does some yoga stretches.
Katara asks Aang how he feels, and he tells her that he is warm like there are a bunch a fireballs around him, and the world is being engulfed in flames. Katara then suggests that Aang needs to talk his stress out.
Sokka is then wearing a fake mustache and beard and asks Aang what's bothering him. Aang tells Sokka that he knows what is bothering him about facing the Fire Lord. Sokka then hands Aang a Koala Sheep and tells him to scream into it. Aang screams, but it has no effect on his stress.
Azula is having her hair brushed, when Zuko confronts her about the war meeting. She tells him that he is welcome there, and that they don't need invitations because they are prince and princess. Zuko then angrily tells Azula that he isn't going to the meeting and walks out of the room.
Aang is lying on a pile of rocks and Toph attempts to pound the stress out of him. Toph begins to bend the rocks, and Aang tells her that it is hurting him, and she recalls that Aang has "baby skin." She suggests to use acupuncture, using a porcupine, in order to relieve Aang's stress, but he runs off screaming.
Zuko and Mai are looking out a window, and Mai tells him not to worry because it is just a dumb meeting. She recalls how things went at the last war meeting he went to and tries to get him to order some servants around in order to lighten the mood, but Zuko doesn't reply.
Aang thanks everyone for trying to help him relieve his stress. Aang tells them that he might feel a little better, with reluctance, and everyone falls asleep. Aang then has another nightmare with frightful images. He wakes up screaming, and wakes everyone else up. He tells them that the nightmares are getting worse, and he is going to stay awake until the invasion.
It is one day until the invasion, and Aang is very tired. Katara tells Aang that he should try to get some sleep, and Aang tells her that by staying up, he has realized that he is fighting the Fire Lord for the people he loves including her. Katara asks what he is talking about, and Aang tells her that he loves her, and they kiss. But then Aang realizes that he was daydreaming and tells the real Katara that he just had a daydream about living under water. Katara replies that it sounded neat and walks away, and Aang sighs in relief.
Zuko is at Mai's house, when a servant comes in and tells him that they are waiting for him at the war meeting. Zuko is surprised to hear that his father wants him there, and the servant tells him that the meeting will not start without him there.
Aang is practicing battling the Fire Lord by doing seek attacks on a tree stump with Fire Lord Ozai's picture on it. He blasts some air that completely misses the stump and hit Sokka, who is making armor for Appa. Aang attacks the stump again, and then he hears a voice from somewhere. Aang looks at Momo, who begins to start talking. In a delusional state, Aang then begins to talk like Momo in order to talk to Momo. Everyone else then tells Aang that he really needs some sleep, and then Aang has a daydream, where Momo and Appa are able to talk and are fighting. In Aang's daydream the Koala Sheep also begin to talk and rocks and the tree stump begin to dance, which sends Aang running off screaming.
Zuko exits out of the room, after the war meeting had ended. Mai is waiting for him and asks how it went. Zuko tells her that everyone greeted him, and he was sitting right next to his father. Zuko stops and looks at a portrait of his father. He tells Mai that he was the son his father wanted, but he wasn't himself.
It is the night before the invasion, and Aang comes across a bed made out of wool from the Koala Sheep. He thinks it is a hallucination thinking it was a bed of clouds, but Katara, Sokka, and Toph tell him that they made it for him. Aang then tells them that the invasion is tomorrow, and that there is so much he hasn't learned yet. Everyone tells Aang about how he has been training so hard for this day, and that he is ready and has nothing to worry about. Aang thanks them and falls asleep.
Aang then has another dream about facing the Fire Lord. The Fire Lord asks how Aang will defeat him, when he isn't wearing pants. Dream Aang smiles and tells the Fire Lord that he wasn't wearing any pants. The Fire Lord looks down and begins to freak, while Aang is fast asleep with a smile on his face.