Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 9

Nightmares and Daydreams

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • How do i watch it?

    I dont know how to watch it
  • Nightmares and daydreams

    easily the funniest weirdest most random episode of this of any nick show ever! and
  • Another filler.

    I will aslo know season 3 as the filler epsode season. Aang is suddenly nervous about the invasion. He doesn't sleep and trains all day (which is kicking and punching nothing). This episode was completly pointless. This episode was only going to be humorous. Which is like the infamous episode "The Great Divide". But The Great Divide was actually funny. The only scene I found funny was The ninja standoff between Appa and Momo. I think everybody would agree. They could have skipped over this, because Aang showed little hesitation later on. By far this is the worst Avatar episode I have seen.
  • Nightmares and Daydreams

    Nightmares and Daydreams was a perfect, entertaining and trippy episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Aang had a lot of character growth as he kept having hallucinations and nightmares about fighting the Fire Lord. I thought this was a very creative and artistic episode. I also enjoyed Zuko's scenes where he still doubts his place at home. I found it interesting to see more of the Fire Nation and that crew back at home and how things work. I thought the scene with Appa vs Momo was funny. I enjoy the various animal creations in this series, koala sheep, platypus bear, and chicken possums for example. The end of this episode was humorous and perfectly fitting!!!!!!!
  • Annag finds him self in somewhat of a dream land, not knowing how to handle the up coming batle. This episode follows him as he trys to focus and calm down.

    Over all this episode wasn't the best. Sure, it was funny, but it didn't do much to move the show along. I guess it did let you see how one can become nervous before a big event like Annag was dealing with, but still it seemed like just a filler episode. It was goofy and silly. The show may of needed that though. It had been a long Book 3 with lots of drama so a little humor and fun just gave for a break before the final invasion and battle. It is still worth watching though so if your a true Avatar fan don't skip out on this even though it is just a filler.
  • I swear the storyboard guys for Robot Chicken did this episode.

    How to describe this episode? Other than the Zuko moments and the characters established in this show already, this hardly resembled an Avatar episode. Felt more like your crazy Saturday morning cartoon full of crazy scenarios and kicks and giggles. And you know what? It was pretty damn funny! All the randomness, silliness, and craziness! Aang's nightmares were just a big collection of hilarity and nonsensical scenarios, like about needing pants and knowing math to beat the Fire Lord, Appa and Momo battling each other as if they were samurais. When the rocks acted like snakes though, that's when it started getting TOO crazy! Still a funny episode though.
  • Very silly episode which didn't make any sense, nothing happened, and was completely off. I love the Avatar show but in my opinion the writers are slightly messing up season 3 so far. Too many fillers, no plot moving, ackward episodes, here's my review.

    I'm really sorry to score this episode so low but like majority of season 3 so far, it hasn't made much progress in the story, if any at all and this episode really shows just that, no movement in the plot. I was really disappointed in this episode because unlike seasons 1 & 2, this episode showed no dramatic scenes that would lead to a tragic event. "The waterbending master" and "The earth king" made alot of sense before a tragic episode. They showed progress in the story and scenes that left a hint towards what would happen in the following episode. But this one goes way off course. It's way too cartoonish and off the whole serious Avatar genre. If Aang was going to have "Nightmares and dreams" why weren't they serious or as dramatic as they were in "The Storm" or "The Avatar State". The only progress I saw from this episode was Sokka making armor for Appa and Aang & Katara kissing (even though it was only a dream!). That's it. No dramatic scenes, no foreshawdowing, no hinting towards whats gonna happen next, just Aang running around in circles hullucinating. First of all, why would he be hullucinating? I thought Aang would be having thoughts about doubting himself, thinking "am I ready to face the fire lord?", not running around hitting trees and having thoughts that have nothing to do with the fire lord or unnecessary thoughts about the fire lord. Even Zuko's part was just a waste. Deja vu about Zuko not feeling himself again. They didn't even explain what the war meeting was about. And whats the deal with Momo & Appa talking? I admit it was funny but this would have been better off as a short rather than a whole episode. Just a waste of time. It's like this episode turned out to be even worse than "The beach". Not Avatar at all. Not story moving. Just a filler. Now the big event is coming and we are left with one question. How in the heck are they prepared for this invasion? The gang just sitting there at the rendevouz point just doesn't quite answer it. Yeah we know Sokka knows how to use a sword, yeah we know Katara is pretty good at waterbending(and bloodbending), and yes we know an eclipse is coming. But Aang hasn't done anything. He STILL has yet to learn firebending. Overall this episode could have been a lot better. Had it been more serious then it probably would have been a good episode. I can care less if anyone disagress with this review. I'm just expressing my opinion.
  • a great episode

    just 4 days in till the invasion Aang starts to get worry and starts training hard without the avatar state will Aang be powerfull to face the fire lord. I thought the invasion as going too happen at the end of book 3. then Aang is so worry that he is going to lose so he stays up in till the invasion start no sleep = Aang gets High not really he starts seeing thing first he kisses Katara, Momo and Appa can talk and start Sword fighting and a lot of crazy stuff and Aang was able to sleep better with a bed made out of cotton
  • aang has nightmares about the invasion.

    it was the funniest episode i have seen
    i forgot my pants and i have to study math!"
    it was very funny.
    it was very foreshadowing too.
    about the firelord and others.
    the momo vs appa was funny too.
    appa was a full dressed samurai and momo was just a samurai.
    it was very cool to have this kind of episode about aang's stress toward the invasion plan.
    a twelve year old boy is supposed to be restoring balance and defeating the most evil person in the world.
    would you sleep calmly before that?
    it shows how nerve racking job it is to do that.
    thats why i love avatar.
    it looks and feels like real person
  • I thought this had to be the funniest episode of Avatar as of late (nothing comparing to the Cave of two lovers) and it also brought out the human side of Zuko that was completely out of character but some how fit him right.

    First off great Zukkae moment. I like this episode the most because Aang daydreams that Momo and Appa are about to scrap it out with samurai swords. I think Momo wearing a Samurai garment is hilarious. He had a little knot in his bun, but then again what happens everytime you put a monkey in a suit? You get an audience. I also like this episode because I think that after 3 years Zuko will finally get to experience the love that he has wanted from his father just to learn that his Uncle was right in Ba Sing Se, the acceptance and redemption that Azula offered was not what Zuko sought out.
  • Worried about the upcoming invasion of the Fire Nation Ang has trouble sleeping. Over the next four days before the invasion Ang hallucinates and has nightmares pertaining to hsi fear and worries.

    HA! This episode was just plain hilarious! Yes it's a filler episode but it's one of the best episodes ever. What with Ang's rediculous dreams and his come-to-life fantasies. !SPOILER WARNING!I think the writing on this episode is really really good. The episode flows really nicely with witty dialouge and great allusions. We see a Dragonball Z allusion, along with Naruto and Final Fantasy. I love how the Fire Lord is built up to be this giant deity, which just expresses how nervous Ang is. Plus, the fight between Appa and Momo is extremely funny. What I love about this episode is just when you think Ang would explode from craziness it continues. I love when Ang says to Kitara,"Baby, you're my forever girl." Hands down, probably my second favorite episode later. (No doubt "Sozin's Commit will become my favorite.)
  • aang freaks about about his confrontation with the fire lord

    i think i should start actually reviewing again because if the mods read this my head will be chopped off. so i will now start reviewing again next chapter or episode how ever you call it. the episode or chapter how ever you call it is episode or chapter 10 from season or book hwo ever you cal it 3 and its called : day of black sun part 1 . i have 30 more words so im just gonna go play checkers when im done and yes i am that bored i have a couple of words to say. done
  • I'm not saying it was the worst, but I'm not saying it was the best either.

    This episode, all in all, was good. I enjoyed watching it. I guess that is really all that matters right? I kind of expected it to be like "Tales of Ba Sing Se", like maybe someone would have a nightmare and then someone would be daydreaming. I think it would have been cooler if they had done it that way. The Zuko parts in this episode were amazingly good. Normally they are amazingly cheesy, what with all of the make-out scenes and all. I believe that this was the part where he truly realizes his destiny, and considering what happens in the next episode.
  • only one good part in the episode

    On this episode of avatar the last airbender, it's a four days before the day of black sun invansion. aang if finally starting to lose it. he can't sleep and starts seeing some weird things. the first time he goes to sleep, he finds himself face to face with the fire lord. then the fire lords says he forgot his pants and he suddenly wakes up. three days before the invansion, he has day dreams. one is him finding himself kissing katara, but it isn't real. another is when momo and appa are fighting each other, but they can talk too! then he decides not to sleep again!

    After that, katara, toph, and sokka find a way for aang to get to sleep. they make him a bed from the elements. the clouds are the thing he sleeps on and stuff. he finally gets to sleep and is ready for the invansion.

    Overall, this was a funny episode and didn't move the plot to much too . I think they could have done alot better on this episode.
  • very funny episode

    Four days prior the invasion, Aang becomes nervous over his soon-to-come confrontation with the Fire Lord. His anxiety gets the better of him as he begins to suffer from outrageous nightmares and hallucinations. Meanwhile, Zuko becomes upset to learn that he was not informed about a war meeting. once od the dreams was of him in the firelords palace about to confront the firelord, ozai, but he didnt have any pants. another was him about to defeat the firelord but he forgot about his math test and didnt study. he had a weird daydream kissing and making out with katara
  • wasn't the best of Avatar

    In this different episode, in the likes of "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" and "The Great Divide". Aang and the gang get to a secluded island to get ready for the invasion. But when Aang hears he only has 4 days until he has to fight the Firelord he gets peranoid. He starts to have nightmares about having to face the Firelord. So he decides to stay up straight through to the invasion causing him to have daydreams. On the night before the invasion Aang finally gets the sleep he needs. Meanwhile Zuko attends an all day war meeting and was literally his father's right hand man. But he is still unhappy.
  • LOL! This episode is the funniest yet!

    LOL! This episode is such a very funny one!

    Okay there are 4 days left before the invasion starts! aang is freaking out and starts training and not sleeping soon he has bad dreams which disturbs everyone, and then he tries to have a spa but felt hot, gets sokka's advice, has a "massage" with toph. When none of those worked we see aang daydreaming about saying his true feelings for Katara and kisses her (which appealed to me) then we see Aang Hallucinating about Momo and Appa Talking.

    At The end the rest of gaang helped him to sleep and he doesn't get nightmares anymore.

    I think this is one of the silliest episodes in season 3, The animation is great! I love the backgrounds! and The voice actors did a great job!
  • Aang gets nervous as the day of black sun approaches and his days of meeting the firelord are just around the corner. Zuko continues with his inner conflict.

    I like many others was expecting a more serious episode however I think what they (creators) were going for was a silly, humor, and light episode to contrast with an epic, dramatic 2-episode TV movie. I guess it was to make us perceive the Day of Black Sun with much more intensity after being given an episode like this. It was a clever idea but didn't hold out too much. This episode produced perhaps the most lulz any episode had given me though, so that was one of its good points. The randomness in Aangs hallucinations were hilarious and was a remarkable resemblance to what you go through when you do some crazy drugs! It was good and all but was still lacking just by a bit. Great episode nonetheless and recommended especially if your tripping out on something.
  • More Funny then serious this time!

    On this episode of avatar the last airbender, it's a four days before the day of black sun invansion. aang if finally starting to lose it. he can't sleep and starts seeing some weird things. the first time he goes to sleep, he finds himself face to face with the fire lord. then the fire lords says he forgot his pants and he suddenly wakes up. three days before the invansion, he has day dreams. one is him finding himself kissing katara, but it isn't real. another is when momo and appa are fighting each other, but they can talk too! then he decides not to sleep again!

    After that, katara, toph, and sokka find a way for aang to get to sleep. they make him a bed from the elements. the clouds are the thing he sleeps on and stuff. he finally gets to sleep and is ready for the invansion.

    Overall, this was a funny episode and didn't move the plot to much too
  • The gang arrive on the Black Cliffs, which is where the invasion force will meet up.

    Aang is stressed about the invasion being only four days away and that night he has a nightmare, in which he comes face to face with the Fire Lord, only to be told by him that he forgot to bring his pants. Meanwhile Zuko is enjoying his life of royalty and making the most of it while his relationship with Mai goes well.

    After staying awake training for the past twenty-four hours, Aang tries to get some sleep, only to have another nightmare, this time he forgets to study for a math test administered by Ozai. He wakes up and starts walking around some sheep, Katara also gets up and asks him to try and get some sleep. As this happens, Mai tells Zuko that there is war meeting coming up, and he says that he was not invited, leading him to think that his father doesn't want him there.

    Aang has another nightmare in which Ozai tells him that he overslept and missed the invasion, riding atop a flying, fire-breathing cow no less. As he wakes up, he starts going crazy from the lack of sleep, and says that he's unraveling. Katara, Toph and Sokka all try and help Aang using different methods. Katara tries yoga in an artificial hot spring, and when she asks how he feels, he says that he feels hot, like he's in the Fire Lord's palace and he's shooting fireballs at him, making him panic. Katara says that maybe he should talk his problems out. Sokka dons his beard and mustache from "The Headband" and tries to be a psychiatrist, talking to Aang about his feelings on confronting Ozai. When Aang simply asks how to calm himself, Sokka suggests he screams into a pillow (a sheep), but this does not work. Meanwhile Zuko confronts Azula about the war meeting, asking why she got invited and he didn't. She says that he didn't get an invitation because it's obvious he's supposed to be there, and goes on to tell him to stop acting like a child and go to the meeting. He says he won't go.

    Next, Toph tries her method on Aang, giving him a brutal massage using log shaped pieces of earth, and Earthbending to create hard vibrations. When this fails, she offers acupuncture with a Boar-q-pine. Aang, terrified of the idea, runs away screaming.

    That night the gang asks Aang if he's okay. Aang says that maybe he feels a bit better. They all go to sleep, but Aang has another, more frightening nightmare, this time a jumbled montage, consisting of snap images, expressing Aang's fear and stress over the upcoming battle. He wakes up and because of the stress, he states that he won't sleep until the invasion. The next day, Aang, now very tired from lack of sleep, daydreams about professing his love for Katara, and passionately kissing her, calling her his "forever girl". He lies to her about it after, saying that he was daydreaming of what it is like living underwater.

    Meanwhile, Zuko is told by a servant, that everyone is waiting for him at the meeting, and he realizes that his father does want him there. Aang, on the other hand, is not doing so great, and as he tries to train, he starts hearing Momo talk, and then Appa. He then starts seeing them fight samurai style, as Koala Sheep cheer them on.

    After the meeting, Zuko tells Mai that his father treated him like his right-hand man. But he confesses that although he acted like the perfect son, he was not being himself.

    Aang (now completely exhausted) wanders around the campsite and stumbles across what he takes to be a bed of clouds. He immediately dismisses it as another hallucination. His friends inform him that the bed of wool is indeed real and they spent hours working on it, so he could sleep. Aang continues to insist he is not ready, but Katara and the rest of the gang encourage him, with Katara saying that he has been training for this since the day they met, and that he is ready. Aang finally calms down and falls asleep. He has one last dream in which he appears before the Fire Lord. Ozai says that he forgot his pants but Aang merely smiles and says that it is in fact the Fire Lord who has forgotten his pants. Ozai covers himself, embarrassed that "his royal parts are showing". Aang, with his nerves gone, can now rest for the invasion.
  • It's nice to see Aang become nervous about Ozai.

    Not that I like to see the heros fear their opponents. I hate it when anxiety goes undealt with; it comes back to haunt the series. Since this episode is now out of the way, the Avatar will be able to effectively defeat the Fire Lord (soon, I hope!).

    Also, in my opinion, there is a great deal of growth for Aang. He has found peace within himself. Don't you love it when another hurdle has been discarded? Now the only thing left is to open up that blasted jakara! :P

    While many will think this is a filler episode, Night Mares and Daydreams had a special purpose. It was to show the audience that Aang does have worries, but they are now gone. It's important to prove to the viewers that all is settled before the big finale. The Avatar is ready for the Fire Lord!
  • Hilarious episode (MUST SEE) the best lead up to a season finale

    I pretty much loved the whole thing so funny. Bit boring in the wait up but still very good. I realized at the end that nothing really happened throughout it but it was still enjoyable. I thought it was also a good lead to the season finale, with the awaiting major pressures to the destruction of the firelord and the fire-nation.
    In my opinion the best bit was when Momo and Appa appeared to start fighting. I couldn't stop laughing throughout that bit, so hilarious. Bit out of the ordinary in the Avatar series, but still very well planned into the setting of the finale (which is the main reason i put the episode into the alternate reality category, but was still very pleasing). I gave it 9.8/10 mostly because in my point of view it was the most hilarious episode, but nothing really happened (well besides the fight seen between Momo and Appa, which was very well done). It kinda looked like Aang was stoned or something, but i guess there would be illusions, when you don't sleep (kinda happened to me after exam block).
    To bad about the kiss though.
  • One of the funniest episodes of avatar ever!

    I was dying to see this episode,but I couldn't.Today I bought the DVD and I guess it was worth it because the episode was awesome!Not the best episode of avatar but truly the funniest.My favorite part was the part where Appa and Momo started talking,then they had a fight.The rocks and trees started dancing.The sheep were cheering on and Guru came by with 6 arms.That was so funny I rewinded to watch it again.The no pants and math test thing was funny.Especially the way Aang looked.I was very disappointed that the Kataang kiss was a fake,but they have a real kiss in a later episode anyway.I loved this episode for it's humor and it gets a 10/10.
  • One of the funniest in the book of Fire. A bit gut wrenching at sometimes, but there is clever humor.

    Whew! I finnally got around to typing this review!
    This episode was very funny, do to its insipid, yet clever jokes and play on words. The "math test" and "no pants" joke was hilarious. This episode had a lot to offer for the open minded. The setting was quaint and beautiful. A place where the fire nation never checked out... That seemed convenient, but possible.
    I wish I got to see it when it aired, but I missed it. I think that took away from the impact it couldv'e had on me. But I still got my thrills. Overall, this episode was funny until the ending, when it transformed into a heartwarming episode. That is not a bad thing either. It gave me hope and excitement for the next installment...The day of black sun.
  • Worth watching, but Avatar can do better.

    Okay, so the fandom seems completely divided on Mai and the Maiko as portrayed in this episode. Me? I saw a boyfriend and girlfriend cuddling on the couch together like any realistic teenaged couple would. I saw two lovers who could not possibly be more hot for each other. I saw evidence backing up Mai's statement that the one thing she cares about is Zuko. Some say she was OOC- consider the possibility that when she's around Zuko and actually emoting are the only times she's in character; she drops the "I don't care about anything" facade and loosens up. Also consider how one-dimensional she'd be if she were quiet and bored 100% of the time. Real people have more depth than that; displaying more than one side is not out-of-characterness but realism, and realism rocks.

    I also saw the most stoic girl in the world nonetheless making an effort to cheer her boyfriend up and predictably failing- cheering people up is not everyone's strong point (certainly not mine, and certainly not Mai's). She's not perfect; once again, the writers go for realism over perfection. Aang's love interest is practically perfect in every way; Zuko's is flawed and human, but that's why I love this ship.

    I don't see anything unreasonable about truthfully answering someone when they ask what you a question. Any girls out there who would answer differently if your boyfriend asked, "What do you want more than anything in the world?"? How romantic! Mai doesn't get pleasure out of being waited on or ordering people around; she gets pleasure out of being with Zuko. Sending the servants on a quest for a fruit tart was also an excellent way to clear the room and get some alone time to do... things teenagers do alone, if you know what I mean. Late at night, an entire house to themselves with no parents...

    Seriously, what's not to love about Maiko? These two are so sweet and genuine and have such great chemistry even when things aren't perfect. If Zuko was feeling estranged from Mai, he would have ignored her and told her to leave him alone (like he does to everyone else), not confide in her. And if Mai didn't care about Zuko except as a trophy boyfriend who can pamper her, she wouldn't have continued to stand by him while he was angsting and later waited for him hoping to find out if he was now happy. Mai is not interested in Zuko because it's always fun and easy, so she must care about him. They are both so good for each other. Maiko- what's not to love?

    Anyway, I gave this episode a 5 because Aang's side of the story was just... not my thing. I bet the kids loved it; I saw it as a waste of episode space that should have been used for advancing the plot. DoBS better not feel rushed like "The Awakening" because now they don't have "not enough time to flesh it out" as an excuse.

    I loved Zuko's side of the story, though, just like back in Season 1. I loved his realization that he doesn't fit in with the royal pampered lifestyle anymore. I do wish we had seen inside the war meeting (and if it hadn't been for what they wasted Aang's plot on, I would have said "they didn't have enough time," but truthfully they didn't use their time wisely). But what he said afterwards was powerful all the same.
  • Aang finds that he cant sleep, revealing that he is shivering in fear at the thought of Firelord Ozai.

    This episode is a quite strange episode. On one side it has serious tone and on the other it is just silly. i would say that it isn't such a waste of time however, as it has a sense of realism. I mean, come on, a twelve(or 13) year old boy trying to summon his past powers to defeatprobably the most feared person in the Avatar last airbender ingenuity.The only problem is that it is not a needed episode. What i mean is that if you don't watch , it won't kill you or make you say "OMG!!!!!!!!I missed an episode!!!!!!!!!!!11one".
    even though the slight silliness of the episode intolerable, it gives the avatar an edge of humour as an interval between serious and important episodes. But in my opinion, i couldn't wait for it to get OFF THE SCREEN!!
  • This is an above average episode. Not the best, buy pretty good.

    This episode was an "OKAY" episode of Avatar. It was still above average. This was a horrible way for Aang to prepare for facing the Fire Lord, Ozai. All he cared about is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!! Well, at least he got a good night of sleep. He didn't even find the Fire Lord, Ozai, in the next episode. But, he did get a lot of practice. He got better at Waterbending, and Earthbending. This episode really didn't have any action. It was actually kind of a boring episode. It was still above average. Okay for an episode of Avatar. Overall, I give this episode an 8.7.
  • Nightmares and Daydreams

    this episode is the funniest episode of avatar i have ever seen ( and i have seen them all ) well the epiosde starts with aang not being able to sleep because of him facing the fire lord the next day. During the episode aang has daydream about appa and momo sword fighting (funniest moment) then with Guru Pathik with 6 arms singing chakras. The kataang moment was the best moment until you then realise tht it is a daydream. But at the end of the episode aang over comes his worries :).
    So overall i think that this episode in particularis the funniest.
  • This episode has been getting a lot of bad comments as many people believe it was out of place, kind of trippy, and not appropriate to the series. I can't say that I totally agree with that.

    Nightmares and Daydreams is an episode about Aang's anxiety of the upcoming battle, The Day of Black Sun. He is exhibiting sleeplessness, hallucinations from aforementioned sleeplessness, and lack of faith in himself. This episode made an effort to confer the feelings of anxiety and desperation through Aang's time leading up to The Day of Black Sun. He has lost his faith in his fighting ability and is constantly wanting to train even though he can barely stay awake. After a while things start to get to him and he begins to hallucinate and daydream, but this only furthers his restlessness and only makes the situation continually worse. This cycle occurs until he finally is able to be calmed down by his friends.

    I think this episode tries to convey the feelings that Aang is going through during the time leading up to the invasion, like anxious, bewildered, and confused. It does this while trying to keep it as light hearted as possible with the parts with Appa and Momo talking and fighting and the Guru making his cameo appearance. So all in all, it wasn't as disappointing as everyone makes it out to be but it is a way to prepare us for the Day of Black Sun just as Aang is trying to prepare himself for the big day.
  • Very Funny

    This was one of the best episodes of avatar i have ever seen. Starting with Aang's hairdoo that resembles Goku. Then when the Fire Lord tells him if he is prepared for a nonexistent math test. After that when he is waked up by the Fire Lord and tells him he slept through the invasion. (How can someone sleep through such an important time?) After when Aang has the nightmares that parody some horror movies. And when that scene where the meteor crashes and everything explodes like with an atom bomb. Also when Sokka pretends to be a therapist and know why Aang is stressed. When Aang starts to daydream about kissing Katara. Finally when Appa and Momo start fighting like samurais. All of tthese things were halarious!
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