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  • Wayyy better than the movie

    Funnier, better representation of bending and better flow than the movie.
  • I Wonder how many Awards this Show got.

    I bet the nominations were high when this show ran its course on Nickelodeon, because it deserves all the appreciation it can get.

    By personal standard, it is my favorite Nickelodeon show, as it's levels of drama and connection with strong story telling makes it a timeless masterpiece of animation.

    I love nearly all of the characters in the show, from the excitement of the character Aang, to the wonderful charm I found in Iroh.

    I do wish this show was airing reruns on Nickelodeon right now.

    I get the feeling that sometimes, the shorter a show lasts in production, the more nostalgic and greatness in quality it is.

    4/4 Stars
  • Best Nickelodeon show next to Invader Zim

    Dammit why are some people hating this show, whoever are obviously didn't watch the whole series or just watched the bad movie that had come of it. But this show is amazing. It had a beautiful ending, a beautiful and completely original animation style, and the story was so straight forward that there was no way it was "confusing" or "overrated" because it wasn't. Avatar The Last Airbender needs to be seen by everyone. Kids, Teenagers, even adults will definitely like this series! And I highly recommend it!
  • Awesome

    Great anime
  • Best Cartoon

    Best Cartoon and essentially flawless. Great world, dramatic, and still funny.
  • A little overrated

    I find this series to be a tad overrated. As you can see by my score, however, I still find this series to amazing. I just don't think it's as good as a lot of people make it out to be. It felt kinda inconsistent to me. Season 1 was between average and good for the most part. Season 2 was fantastic. Season 3 was a step down from season 2, but still very good. Even in the good seasons the show still had "meh" episodes. If you want to watch a series that did a better job at what Avatar tried to do, go watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. That series, like Avatar, started slow but when it got good, it never really lost its momentum. Every time Avatar got good, it just had episodes in between that were "meh" or just weren't as great. In addition, this maybe a small issue but I believe the romance in Avatar was done poorly. I always found Katara and Aang's relationship to be weird. Katara was always more like a mother to him and the other main characters. They even mentioned this a few times in the show. Zuko and his girlfriend have way too similar personalities to be in a working relationship. Just imagine if Raven and Robin from Teen Titans got together. There was even an episode in the third season where Zuko and his girlfriend were on the beach together and it was so awkward. Even though they only spent a little time together, I think Katara and Zuko would have made more sense in a relationship if the writers had decided to go that direction. Again, romance was not a big deal in Avatar so this is only a minor complaint.

    Overall, Avatar is a great show, but not worthy of ALL its praise in my opinion. I recommend FMA: Brotherhood if you liked Avatar. Hell, even if you didn't like Avatar you should still check out FMA.


    After reading some of the negative reviews of this show it just came to my attention that this series was very pro-female. I can't help but wonder if this series was initially suppose to have a female lead but the writers realized a female hero story wouldn't be as popular so they switched to a male protagonist. Then after the success of this show they made Korra, the female hero they always wanted. Just think about, aren't most of the males of this show weaker than the females in terms of powers and personalities? Aang was a pansy in many ways and Sacca has no bending abilities. Iroh was cool, and Zuko was also cool, but still overpowered by his sister. This is another way FMA beats Avatar. There was no pandering towards one gender. Both males and females had their fare share of weaklings and badasses.
  • perfect!

    Ive watched the whole thing 3 times, amazing just amazing!! i always wish there was more seasons but hey the 3 were flawless.
  • One Of A Kind

    Avatar the last airbender is the best anime show , nevermind anime this is the best tv series created ! From the storyline , the character development , the funny moments its all just perfect.

    I love the romance also , Aang and Katara were close from the beginning but only started taking a romantic interest at the end .

    The ending could not have been better , balance has been restored and everyone is happy . Ive created an account just to review this epic cartoon . Best cartoon ever if you have not watched it check it out you wont be dissapointed . BEST SHOW EVER
  • Amazing!

    This is my favorite TV show! I watch every episode over and over!!!!!!
  • avatar

    I'm gonna be honest here. I do not like this show. at all. i will admit that the show has great animation and some of characters are pretty likable and if you like the show then i guess i can't convince you not to. However, the story is dumb and generic, your basic messiah has to stop a war. the protagonist is one of the most ANNOYING PRICKS THAT I EVER HAD TO ENDURE FOR HALF AN HOUR! AND THE BENDER CHARACTERS THAT AREN'T THE MAIN CHARACTERS CONSTANTLY ACT LIKE THEY'RE CLOSER TO GODS THAN ANYTHING EVEN SOME OF THE PRIMARY CHARACTERS ARE EITHER IDIOTS, JERK OFFS OR IN MANY CASES BOTH! the sheer fact that people call this dreck anime just pisses me off as a fan of actual anime. This series is an insult to anime if anything and i know that wasn't suppose to be the case with the creators since they are apparrantly fans of anime like cowboy bebop and dragonball which i do respect as i too like those series but honestly aang just feels like a dumb ripoff of naruto who shouldn't be compared to goku hell he shoudn't even be compared to naruto! point is I hate this series in terms of animated series but at least it's not the cloudy movies or naruto part 2 and the creators at least tried and considering how popular this series is i guess succeeded in making an animated series akin to their favorite anime series.
  • Best Nickelodeon cartoon

    This was the best Nick cartoon show . The fights are cool, the characters all develop, and the animation is pretty good. Wish they kept it going
  • would love to watch

    I would love to see an avatar show based on avatar Roku and avatar keoshi. I loved this show so much that I will buy the dvds and let my future kids watch avatar the last air bender and thats why I think you guys should make shows based on past avatars as well please and thank you and Im pretty sure alot of other people who watched the show will agree as well.
  • The most beautiful anime ive ever ever

    Kept me glued to this breathtakingly amzing masterpice for last three days; its brilliant & sublime storytelin gave smthin unforgettable that iwil always cherish.. a perfect anime that beats everything else i ever wtched...

  • GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Out of ten, I would give this show a 200. This is my favorite show that I have seen and I wish this show was still on.
  • Amazing

    Can't get over with awesome..
  • It's really good

    I really love Avatar and this is just one of reasons.
  • By Far the Best Cartoon/Anime show ever made

    I give this a 10/10 because i cant imagine how it could be made better and still entertain kids AND adults.

    I read some of the other reviews here and the most what i wanna say is already said so i am just gonna point out some things about the amazing characters in this fucking amazing show.


    When i recently watched the show a second time i just fucking adored every scene where azual was in. When she first appears she is just a villian who seems like she is just evil and cruel. She never does something stupid in the second season and she never does something which doesnt fit to her. She is always winning the situation and it makes so much fun watching her just being herself. Though later on in the third season she changes, or maybe you could call it she Progresses in some kind of way, we already got to know her better through flashbacks from soku and spread information but when it all come to the end, the character just makes the next logical step and she gets just freaking insane.

    But befor that we have one of the, in my opionion, best episodes from season 3, "the beach" episode. This Episodes kinda shows us how it could be if there would never have been a war or would it would be like if they werent the freaking children of the firelord, speaking of soku and azula at this point. In this episode they kinda seem to like each other and they look like they are really brother and sister. and you almost which like soku would just stay on their side, because it some kind of way it fits and it some kind of way you want that to see more of that. At least i wanted. With a love for realistic and cruel fantasy/scify storys i would have also liked a bad ending of all of this, of course it would make you cry even more at the end, but how freaking cool would it have it been if just soku and azula stand beside ozai over the burned Country of the earthkingdom? dont tell me that wouldnt be kinda awesome.

    But back to her character progression, she gets insane. Not like fire lord ozai, who seems confident in what he is doing until the end, she turns from a logicial though radically thinking person to shadow of herself, just lead by misstrust and fear that she could loose her power or get betrayed again. Of course caused by the betray of ty lee and mai. And this logical progression just made me adore her even more, it makes so much sense, she always has been mentaly unstable and after she got betrayed by the only persons who, she thought, she could trust, she gets driven insane by misstrust and fear. I still shivers me thinking of the scene when katara ties her and she just screams and crys and laughs.

  • This is legendary

    Every so often there comes a show that changes everything. It becomes a huge hit and everyone talks about it, its stories are talked about by the fans talk about it and even take life lessons from it, it revolutionaries the we think about TV. I am proud to say that Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of these shows.

    I mean it this show was just unbelievably awesome in every way. The characters were very well written and developed, they went through changes as the show went and which is like real life. They had their good characteristics and their bad ones which made them more relatable. They gave Zuko, the main villain for the first seasons a very good backstory and a lot of honor which is rare in a villain for a kids show. All of the main and some of the side characters have awesome backstories, it showed how much the creators wanted to gives us something memorable and it worked.

    This show had humor, I mean really funny stuff, stuff that still makes me laugh and laugh hard to this day. It was humor that was generally well thought-out and matched the characters personality, they did not go for the low brow humor that I see all too often in shows now, the humor seemed genuine, it was not forced and was done to lighten the mood which is what humor is supposed to do.

    It had action, I mean like top notch action. I couldn't believe half the stuff they put in there. They went and meet with martial arts users and they used their moves in the show that shows that again shows that the creators put a lot of work and thought into this. This was pulse pounding stuff that made you go wow that was awesome and every character; both villain and hero had them. They even gave minor characters their moments of awesome

    It had a lot of heart too I mean some really sad and really inspiring stuff. In the sad stuff no one could blame you if your cried, that is how good and genuine it felt, in the inspiring stuff you could learn a lot, it gave you life lessons on never giving up, that you should not let your past actions control you, that you can forgive people for what they did. I mean is some powerful stuff. And all from a kids show! That is very impressive.

    Honestly I can think of very little wrong with this show, I meant there were some episodes I likes better than other but that it natural and I can't hold that against it. Most if not all of the characters were very likeable in their own way.

    I loved that show did not talk down to its audience, it did not treat them like they were idiots who couldn't handle life's problems. It portrayed life problems and made the characters go through them and something things did not turn out ok which is life. The good guys did not always succeed but they did ultimately win is a sign of a show that really gets what people want and can handle.

    This show is by far the greatest thing nick had done in a long time, maybe the best thing they have ever done. it is better than many of the show I watched and unlike other shows on nick it did not get worse over time, in fact it could be argued that it got better.

    The characters were awesome, the idea was awesome, The humor, action, drama and flow of the show were awesome. It was just a beautiful piece of work. Future writers and creators of cartoons should watch this and take notes. Nick thank you for giving use this amazing piece of work whoever or whomever created this show or worked on it should be very proud of it. it was just about perfect.

    I will remember this show forever and I think that it will go down as one of if not the greatest show that nick had ever shown as well as one of the greatest shows in TV history.

  • Just feels like it has no direction and a confusing story

    Just like Pokemon, I have a hard time seeing the ultimate story about what is going on. True, it does do better than most Nickelodeon shows but I think that seeing the live action movie kinda ruined the show for me since I saw the film 1st before the show. Stil, you got to be impressed with the characters poweres and fight scenes.
  • Up there with the very BEST of Anime!

    I'm a HUGE Anime fan and thought at first that this would just be some generic rip-off with no sense of emotion or was I wrong!

    Avatar is not only deep and well-thought out but it also transcends the box it was put in; what with it being made by Nickelodeon and all... It's a brilliant show full of extremely realistic characters and themes. Everything from the animation, pacing, music and story is just PERFECT without a single minute to waste. Such an energetic series that knows exactly what it's doing and doesn't try to be anything else than an Epic Masterpiece.

    My favourite character is Zuko, he's the one who resonated with me the most and I look forward to new seasons of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, an equally awesome show! Love this world and can't wait to rewatch it. :)
  • Amazing!!!

    Such an addicting tv show it is crazy, you can't stop watching when you start. Such a good plot with characters that you eventually hold dearly to your heart. This show is good for everyone and anyone. Also such a good message hidden in the plot. Best tv show ever, if you haven't watched it you're missing out big time. : )!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Clearly Overrated

    Doesn't deserve all of its praise.

    Plot = 5 (basically World War II)

    Action = 4 (not really that eye catching)

    Humor = 8.5 (quite hilarious)

    I mean I've been told by friends and read the reviews that this show gets and was really expecting to get blown away, but I happened to find this average junk.

    Reviews stated this show attracted a more mature audience than expected. How the hell is that possible? It's utterly childish on several levels, felt like I was watching Dora The Explorer (that's how bad it was)

    There is totally nothing special about this show, I can list tonnes of shows way than this. I guess the only reason why people liked was low expectations.
  • Top Shows - One of Nick's best shows

    Complete (06-12)

    This show was so clever, funny, awesome, and downright freakingcepic

    give it a watch you won't be sorry
  • Not just the best Animated Series, but the greatest TV Show ever produced by America!

    One of the greatest Television Series of all time - what at first seemed like a goofy, childish Nicktoon with some Asian influences, turned out to be an incredibly poetic, symbolic and unbelievable epic filled with timeless characters and masterpiece writing!

    Surprisingly, it's one of the most realistic portrayals of War. Avatar: The Last Airbender delves deep into the moral dilemmas that arise from such conflicts with much ambiguity and treats the audience with extreme respect. Truly a timeless classic!
  • superb

    patta story ya
  • One of the lights of Nickelodeon that shined bright

    This was a great series. It was imperfect, and some episodes were a lot more boring or uninteresting than others, but the good outweighs the bad. The writers do an excellent job of world building, the animation is awesome, and the main characters are all interesting.

    This is one of the few cartoons that was able to stand on it's feet with the same strength throughout.

    As good as it is, it does have it's faults. Sometimes the characters are in some situations that make for some boring episodes. I'd honestly have a terribly made episode than one that is boring to watch.

    Even with its flaws, it's still a great show.
  • One of the best cartoons of all time

    As someone who has seen this show multiple times, I can easily say that this one of my favorite cartoons ever. The characters on this show are very interesting and well developed, each one of them having a certain history shaping them into the characters that they are such as Katara whose mother was killed in a fire nation raid which lead to her (and Sokka) developing antagonistic feelings towards anyone from the fire nation or Toph (my favorite character) whose blindness caused her to be constantly pampered by her parents which eventually caused her to develop a rebellious attitude because her parents never let her have any real freedom. All of the main characters are very interesting in their own ways and it will eventually lead you into liking all of them.

    The animation is very well done for the time this show was released. The characters are detailed very nicely and the bending choreography as well the martial arts mixed with them is well executed. The music for this show is great to listen to and I even have a few tracks on my iPod lol.

    Like another user said, this show has a perfect balance of action and comedy. Although there are a few filler episodes, they are very fun to watch and add a little bit of character develop in the process. If I had to grade the three seasons, It would be like this:

    Book 1 - 9/10: A great start to the series

    Book 2 - 9.5/10: Better than the first book and it introduced my favorite character

    Book 3 - 10/10: The final battle against the fire lord is one of the best fights I have seen in a cartoon

    All in all, ATLA is definitely one of best cartoons I have ever seen and I'm really glad that Mike and Bryan decided to make a sequel series to this because more Avatar is always awesome to me.
  • Best Show Ever

    It has the right balance of action, drama, and a hint of comedy to go with it too.
  • The Laughs

    Last night, I dreamt of the laughter of Aang... When I told my boyfriend, he jokingly asked me to propose to the character.. i WOULDN'T MIND..
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