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  • Avatar: The Last Airbender > Greatest animated show of all time!

    This show is too fantastic it's going to be hard for me to explain!WOW,WOW,WOW!!!Where has it been hiding for all this time?This show has so many emotions connected to it.It could make you cry, feel guilty, be happy, laugh, jump in the air and also make you wet your pants(just joking)not that last one!I rate this show a perfect ten.It has no flaws. Bless those people who created it!Sometimes I wish I was in the show!This show has such twists to it!I love it!Now at season three it is at its peak!It is so good!I hope this show never ends and goes on forever!Go Avatar the Last Airbender!!!!!!!!!
  • Great cartoon. Hope to see it come back again.

    I began watching the show recently with my son and I have to say the storyline is fantastic. Both me and my little boy try to watch it everytime it comes on. The cartoon is very imaginative and all of the characters are very likable. On the series finale we were very pleased how it ended but was somewhat disappointed that the series had ended. Though we have some hope there may be a chance that a season four would come out. Again, this cartoon is great, very fun to watch and I hope comes back, or a new series with similar to same characters and story line.
  • I absolutely loved the whole avatar series and was hooked the first time I watched it. If no one continues the series I think I might cry. Absolutely Addicted!!!

    I absolutely loved the whole avatar series and was hooked the first time I watched it. If no one continues the series I think I might cry. Absolutely Addicted!!! I think this is a great show for all ages and there should be more shows out there like it. Please regard my praise seriously because I love the show! Aang and all his friends are an inspiration and I almost wish I had bending powers too. The actors, ideas, and illustration for this show was great. Thanks for you interest in my words of gratitude. With much thanks, Elizabeth Bills
  • ORIGINAL!!!!!!!

    This is one of the best shows I've ever seen! The plot is great, unique and original. The animation is awsome, the creators and the rest of the crew really did a very good job. It's a story about a 12 (or 112) year old boy whose destiny is defeat the Fire Lord and master all four elements.This show is eveything a good show needs to be: Funny, original, "diffrent", good story line, good animation, action scenes, tear jerker episodes, and you can only realize all these things when it ends...
    Im really gonna miss this show.
    GO AVATAR !! !! =D
  • one of the reasons to watch tv

    one of the reasons to watch tv,and it is a good cartoon and movie about martial arts and other things, and should keep on airing. Why does this thing have to be one hundred words long? I can not think of any thing else too write! I am going to keep on repeating that thats thats thats thats thats thats
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated anime about a 12 year old boy that must save the world from the evil Fire Nation.

    In season one, Aang Katara and Sokka must journey to the North Pole, but on the way they battle the struggling Prince Zuko who will stop at nothing to capture Aang, the avatar. Season Two is where Aang, Katara and Sokka must find an Earthbending teacher for Aang, and on the way they battle Princess Azula who also struggles vs. Prince Zuko to capture the Avatar. The turning point of the Series unleashes the true "Fury of Aang". For any Avatar fan that has only seen Season 1, Season 2 will surely keep you at the edge of your seats. Season 3 can be considered the "Filler" season, but from episodes 10 to 21 of Season 3, it is less "Fillerish". The kids must prepare for the invasion of the Fire Nation in "The Day of Black Sun." But will they win? Not only do they have Azula to worry about, but there is a new villan called Combustion Man. This is surely the BEST SHOW EVER!!!
  • Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    This is the best animated show I have ever seen. There's lots of action, great fx, and a really awesome plot. The world is imbalanced and the Avatar has to save the world... but no one expects a 112 year old person who looks 12. This is outstanding... there are so many great characters put together and each has their own personality and talents. That's why it was/is and will be the best animated show ever. The best thing about this show is there aren't any fillers in the show. Its an American anime... I guess that's what you would call it. This show deserves a 10/10.
  • Avatar: the last airbender is totally awesome!! here's a summary.

    it is about a 12 year old boy named aang, who finds out that he is the avatar.the avatar's duty is to master all four elements(water, air, earth, and fire) and protect the world. aang was an unsure and nervous to take on such a big resposibility, so he ran away and got himself trapped in an iceberg. 100 years past until 2 southern water tribe members katara and sokka find him. aang them learns of a war that was created by the fire nation. now he must learn all the 4 elements and save the world. with the help of katara and sokka. favorite show by far.
  • Best animated show since Tom and Jerry!

    Oh My God! Just about the cutest show ever!!! The plot is unlike any thing else on tv and the charactors are adorkable! I started watching it in '05 when it first came on and I still love it!!!! Who wouldn't love a show with people fighting each other with elements! So amazing! I have always had a crush on Prince Zuko. I just think that he's adorable! And he does have a sweet side! I also like Suki and Sokka as a couple! It may be a total cliche, but I think its cute! So long Avatar Aang, you'll be deeply missed by all your fans!
  • Avatar the Last Airbender has an outstanding Story with Great imagination and Close up looks on the story.

    Avatar seems like a SuperB show for Anime lvers to Wtach and Enjoy Until the Lasy episod of Avatar the las Airbender. Katara and Sokka Were the first ones to discover the Avatar which is Aang and his flying bison in a floating Iceberg. Katara and Sokka Recue Aang by wakening him with Sokka's (unknown) weapon. At First Aang was Uncoucious but regainig couciosness And Penguin Sleds With katara to a sunken fire nation ship in the middle of the south pole which is full of traps that can capture any one who goes in there. To be Continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha
  • hello this is my summary on the greatest animation so ive have seen. the avatar was an original sounlike naruto you didn't have to make complicated hand signs are 50 clones of yourself or really ridicoulus shows like inuyasha i mean c'mon soul stealer.

    I know the 4th book! look i was frustyrated when i found out that the avatar series would end but looki know the fourth book and i know where you can get it to just send me a mmessag asking for it okand ill give it to you but to tell you the truth i think sokka should have hade way more action time or atleast hi own little battle just for him i like sokka and zuko mor than anyone on thhe so but i was pleased with zuko's fight though.my secong favorite two characters are bumi and momo i like the way bumi stays calm and just goes on with life with no worries he has a most singular fighting style and momo is so cool he makes me want to buy me a lemur myself don't forget to contact me ok
  • Awesomesauce show!

    This is a great show. I love how the show incorporates heart pounding action, while also incorporating other good show elements, such as romance, drama, adventure, thrills, mystery, and many other elements that make an awesomesauce show! With all of the utter crap on Nick, one show shines through the darkness to reveal something worth watching. Such shows as Spongebob Squarepants, The Mighty B, Back at the Barnyard, etc, have ruined the greatness that Nick was. Avatar is there to bring Nick back into good shows. But, Avatar has ended, and thus does not show anymore. I loved this show. I will never forget...Avatar...the best story ever told! :D
  • Absolutely fabulous show. Great plot, character development, animation and writing. Highly recommended for younger audiences, but has a lot of humor and insight that even adults can enjoy. If you enjoy cartoons or anime, you'll probably like Avatar.

    I had heard very good things about Avatar, but I don't think I believed them until I started watching the series. From episode one, it had me hooked. I'm sure you can read a synopsis elsewhere, so I'll just jot down some quick thoughts.

    The characters are each very unique and display both positive and negative personality traits which are developed in a way to make them easy to relate to. Their positive sides shine, showing those things that all of us should aspire to. The negative sides highlight what makes us all human and show us that though we all have some weaknesses, it is the acknowledgment of them and the will to overcome that make us strong. Themes of friendship, love, honor, and the search for who we are as a person are found throughout the series. Each episode tackles different issues and adds to the overall plot.

    I highly recommend this show to all viewers and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
  • First I thought that this will be another Pokemon or Naruto kind show, but still I decided to take a look...Now I realized that series have ended and I don't know what to do!!

    This is one of the most unique shows I have ever seen and this is means a lot from me, because I have watched really A LOT of shows and not a little of them are my favorites.

    What does make this show so original and unique? I say that primarily it is the idea of element bending and difference between each of element nation, people in these nations, which is as huge as the difference between the elements itself. Secondly, the main characters also are not the same all the series - there is continuous "evolution" and in the end of series they are almost totally different! I also liked that the show has so many advices and lessons, that touches many matters of great importance and uses Asian ancient knowledge - Chinese Theory of Balance, Japanese Reiki (kind of spiritual healing) and Indian chakras, for example, not to mention metamorphosis. I won't write about the story itself, because it is quite obvious that with such characters, kung fu combination with element bending and a lot of spiritual lessons, the scenario won't be any simple one. Though, in the beginning I knew that the Fire Lord will be slain, but I was only half-right, because he was beaten, but not killed and in the end there were still some things what were left hanging.

    I don't remember what I was thinking of this show in the beginning, but now I hope that they lied about the end of series and there will be more, despite the movie what will come out in 2010. I guess that I'm not the only one who wants more...

    Ok...I need booze...cheers!!
  • I really love this show. I hope that a fourth season is in the works.

    I began watching this show on its first season and immediately fell in love with it. I soon programmed my DVR to record the new episodes. Even at the age of 29, I waited patiently for each episode to air, and I loved each one. Just recently, however, I saw what appeared to be the last episode. I really hope that it wasn't the last episode. The show was only on for three seasons. I hope that you guys decide to bring it back for a fourth, and fifth season. Who am I kidding? I never want it to end. I did notice in the last episode that Zuko went to his father to find out where his mother was. I really hope that this is indicative of a fourth season.
  • this was a fabulous show- while i wish there was more of it i thinkit ended right

    it was funny, cool had great animation and story line.

    in their world, there were 4 nations.
    Air Nomads- a peaceful nation of monks.
    Water Tribes- eskimo like Nation.
    Earth kingdom- a proud, rather divided nation; the biggest w/ the peasents, middle class and royalty.
    Fire Nation- a strict yet lovely nation that vowed war. they exicuted the Air nomads, took out most of the water tribes and did some nice damage to the Earth kingdom.

    Benders- gifted people that could control the element of their Nation. simple but impressive powers.

    the Avatar- the most powerful bender that control all 4 element, one is born every life time.

    Aang ;a young Air Nomad,when he learned he was the Avatar it got him scared ,so he ran away. by accident, hefrooze himself, and his flying bison, for a hundred years.
    he unfroze and learned it was his responsibility to spot the fire Nation from destroying the rest of the world. his people were all gone- except Appa ;flying Bison and Momo, cute flying lemur.

    Aang- goofy, friendly kid. more powerful than he knows and that freaks him out a little. since waking up he's done much better with responsibility. -last airbender, reconized by his arrow tatto- he got it for mastering Airbending-

    Katara- motherly, passionate waterbender. she's most sesniblie, Aang's love interest. she supports him most, lost her mother when young.

    Sokka- Katara's scarcastic, rather doopey but meanwelling brother. he can't bend but is rather inventive. comic relief.

    Prince Zuko- an angry Fire Nation Prince. he was the bad guy for most of the show. he didn't agree w/ Fire customs, got scared inside/out. when he got what he wanted, he didn't like it like he thought he would -his father's concern, honor, place in the world. he became a good at the very end.
    a firebender- very stubborn and hottempered. can't help but like him though.

    Princess Azula- Zuko's twisted, perfect sister. she's very gifted and cruel. perfect dictator really. confident and manipulative.

    Toph- tomboyish earthbender. she's small and blind but takenocrap incredible earthbender. cute,scarcastic ,go w/ the flow little girl- probably my favorite character.
    her wealthy parents overprotected her because she was blind, so she fought in toruments underground.

    Ihor- Zuko's uncle, a lazy, kind old man and the only person -other than Azula& Zuko's decesed mom- who cared for Zuko. was a war general but after retirement he just wanted to run a tea shop. such a likable man.

    Appa- Aang's big, gentle flying bison. Momo- Aang's cute flying lemur, not expressive but fun.

    Ty Lee-a sweet, cheerful girl. Azula's friend, ran away to the circus, very agile and know the body's pressure point- makes them numb. great assassin and total sweetheart, suprising 4 FireNation.

    Mai- gloomy, unfeeling girl. another friend of Azula's and fine assassin. fast and has small daggers. she was also Zuko's girlfirend and the only thing he liked about being back home.

    plently of other great characters but watch the show to see for urself=
    King Bumi, Suki, June, princess Yue, Avatar Rokku and so many others.
    plu all the animals int he show are hybrids except the earthking's bear...just bear....that's werid to them.
  • Best show ever!

    Best show ever! A very good plot about people that have the ability to actually control other elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air(wind).They use a good storyline about how the fire benders used their abilities to kill of of the air banders just to destroy the avatar, the one person in the world who can control all of the elements. To thier surprise, the avatar freezed himself to escape his destiny and woke up a hundred years later to try and save the world then. Along with Katara, a water bending master, Sokka, a planning mastermind, and later Toph, the best earth bender, and Zuko, the banished prince fro the fire nationn
  • A gAang of three kids, eventually six by the finale, help fight a the fire Nation, who want to take over the world.

    Very enlightening show. Uses themes and cultural context highly efficiently. The protagonist has the traditional responsibility to set things right, however the twist is the mixtue of the fictitious world full with read world modern spur. Full of love, hate, lust, greed, anger and pride. Aang, being the avatar has to restore balence to the world by ending the war, and defeting the firelord. The firelord, Ozai, is a ruthless tyrant, who will use the energy of a comet to finish the war by enhancing his army's firebending (pyro kenisis). Aang is an air nomad, who can perform airbending (aero kenisis).
  • This show gives me hope in TV

    With all the horrid shows that are popping out lately, it's good to see a small sliver of hope in the distance. That sliver is the awsomenessity of Avatar. I know its suppose to be a kids show but you know what? It's still great! That's right, despite being aimed towards a slightly younger audience, this show actuallyy rocks. I have watched this show form beginning to end and i will admit there were some episodes that weren't as great as others, as an overall experiance it acheives perfection. Watching the characters slowly change form one season to another, watching them succed and even watching them fail brings a great set of charaters the watcher actually cares about. If you missed the experience and were pondering looking into it, i strongly suggest you do so, you won't come out dissapointed.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender is a great show in my opinion

    Avatar the Last Airbender is a show for all ages. it is safe and innocent enough for the kids with well written storyline and characters for everyone else. When I first saw the show I thought here is another crappy Nickelodeon teenage superhero show. I decided to watch the premier on nick, because I liked some scenes in the previews. Mind you I went in watching the show thinking it was bad, meaning that I probably wouldn't like it, but was absolutely amazed. I loved the characters and the storyline I believed was just what nick needed to pull some people away from Cartoonnetwork. My favorite part about the show is that the bending is based on real martial art styles. The animation was done very smoothly and I loved the fight scenes. What is also great is the creators creativity. I love how they go so deep into the history of the story and how it all fits together. Watching later shows is like watching a movie based of a show with lots of easter eggs because the story is so detailed. They use characters that we have seen before while also not letting those characters over stay ther welcome. I also love the creative animals like Momo and Appa. Now you may ask me if it is so good then why the 9.5 and not a ten. well my only problem is that is a family show. nothing wrong with that unless your like me and you don't have kids and you rather see a water bender bend all of a persons watter out of someone's body. besides the lack of brutality I love this show and I usually can see past the family part because it is such a great show.
  • Japanese anime and American cartoons rolled into one. This story has a life-like cast, great animation, and just great overall.

    I don't think its over hyped at all, but it got the hype it deserves. I think that avatar combines many favorite elements from japanese anime, and american cartoons into one hit kids show that could appeal to people of all ages. The story, although as many people would point, "unoriginal," still retains its greatness. There's only a bad guy out there that a good guy must stop, but there are limitless ways to tackle that. So, given the shows story arc, I would count this show, original, in its own way.

    Character progression, character attributes, life-like relationships, otherworldly elements like "bending," great story, great animation quality, a nice soundtrack team, its a great show.

    And although i'm a college student, I still find it embarrassing to be watching a nicktoon, so I hide it away from my family so they don't think i'm crazy :)
  • The Greatest Animated Series of it's time

    Avatar will have you glued to your seat from start to finish, ending in a Season Finale that will blow your mind. I've always loved how Avatar was everything you could want in a show, it was everything you could even dream of. Things in the Avatar Universe shock you step by step on your way to Aang facing the Firelord! The epic show that was always meant to be! It's just.. Mind Blowing! Apparently every other fan is shocked, but that's the whole point of being a fan, you hop on a thrill ride and you ride it until it stops.
  • The Avatar is unfrozen from a hundred year slumber into a world on the verge of domination and looking for a savior. The Avatar(only 12)must master bending all four elements:Water,Fire,Earth,Air and bring an end to the war.

    Avatar is one of the best shows in many aspects, has been neglected, and is capable of much higher potential. However, even with this the show still is spectacular in almost all facets. Unlike most shows in its classification it has deep character development which is a key to the show. It combines action and seriousness with comedy to give a good balance. Much of the show requires advanced knowledge about what is going on but is well worth the investment to watch all the episodes. This show has a much higher potential that would explode on a network appropriate for its caliber.
  • avatar master of all four elements, fire, earth, water, and air he must defeat the firelord and restore balance.

    i think this is the best show in nickelodeon rite now. The depth of character, the plot, and everything is perfect. it lets the viewer really get into the plot.
    you will be edge of your seat during fights, and you will feel sad.and you will hate someone because he did something bad.
    this is natural because they did such a great job making the show, you are virtually one of their gang.
    although avatar ended (i know, i know)
    the passion for it still lingers in our hearts.
    and i will to.
    i will never forget avatar, and i will remember avatar forever.
    even though it is over.
  • The Best Animated Show on Television. Period.

    Avatar: the Last Airbender follows the epic tale of the Avatar(the master of all four bending disciplines: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air), a 12 year old named Aang, who was frozen in an iceberg, and his friends Sokka, Katara, and Toph on their quest to bring balance to the world and defeat the evil Fire Lord and the Fire Nation.

    There are many parts of Avatar that make it such a great show. While the "save the world" plot may not be all that original, the show executes it in a very interesting way. The writing is second to none, which is something you can not say about many kids shows. On more occasions than I could possibly count, I found myself forgetting I was watching a kids show on Nickelodeon. The art is also superb, and I often get lost in the beautiful backgrounds or engaging effects. One of Avatar's greatest strengths is the fighting choreography. Everything is planned out, right down to the slightest movement of a hand. It is amazing.

    Don't get me wrong, though, Avatar is not all action. The characters all seem so real, and you can understand the battles that each character has with other characters or within themselves. Avatar balances out the action with smart humor, exciting drama, and complicated romance.

    All these elements make Avatar the best animated show I have ever seen, and I think this epic tale will be told from generation to generation for years to come.
  • The best Animated Show of all time!

    Though this show recently got canceled due to the finale episode airing last Saturday, Avatar: the Last Airbender will continue to live on in all of us Avatar fans, this show deserves to have a great Memorial set up for it, as it was an immensely popular show with scores shooting through the roof. Great Characters, great voice actors/actresses for them, and superb Plots was what made this show one of the all time greats, as it had an influential storyline with appropriate levels of action-packed excitement and entertainment that anyone of all ages can enjoy to watch. one part of this superb storyline for this show was the heroism of good people who all joined together to become a gang to stop a very powerful evil: the wrath and destruction of the Firelord. And one great thing about it was that certain people in this world in a lost age of time can have powerful, special, and unique powers called elemental bending, and there is four main elements these personnel can bend, though just about everyone is only able to bend one out of the four of these, the Avatar is able to bend all four. that is what makes the Avatar a great Hero, as he/she can train hard every day to become ultra powerful and strong with all four elements by his/her side. and when the world is in danger, it is up to the avatar to save it form mass destruction. Aang vs. the Firelord here is the main example. And is also the Storyline of this show, though with an extra twist Aang knew about his past Avatar lives like Avatar Roku. This show has done a wicked good job with epic battles and great action. I am sure a lot of the new Avatar episodes in the past week had a lot of people's Hearts racing with excitement including the Finale, that is how awesome this show is. It would be nice though to have this show renewed sometime in the future with different plots and stories t unfold for this show: Avatar: The Last Airbender. So great and awesome, Avatar will rule forever!
  • Avatar is one of the greatest animated show of this time!

    Unlike many animated show nowadays, Avatar has depth, fantastic and coherent plots, round and well-developed characters and still manages to be funny. It is a show that can appeal to people of all ages since it serious enough for grown-up and silly enough for children (including grown-ups inner children.) Also, all episodes have a moral value, whether it is friendship, trust, loyalty, patience, etc. If moral values and cute things are not really your thing, there are also mesmerizing and exciting battles that spice up the show. Any and every fan of animation should watch this wonderful series, you won't regret it!
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender is probably the only animated TV show that I know that has a continuous story line. With its Asian styled animation, and its lovable characters, Avatar is superior over any other animated show.

    The Asian influenced animated show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is so greatly enjoyed that the finale brought 5.6 million viewers to Nickelodeon to watch the ending of this magnificent adventure. Although many people underestimate its brilliance, its style and humor brings smiles to its fans. Avatar: The Last Airbender is an epic story that has improved Nickelodeon's reputation greatly. Nickelodeon is best known for Spongebob Squarepants and other classic children's shows. But overall, Avatar is the most interesting and mature show that has ever aired on Nickelodeon.

    In a world of 4 nations: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, a select amount of people can control the elements or "bend", which is the term in the show. The Avatar, the master of all 4 elements kept balance between the nations. When the Fire Nation turned evil on the world, the Avatar at that time, died. The next Avatar would reincarnate into the Air Nation. But he never came to the world's rescue. 100 years past and a water tribe girl named Katara, and her brother, Sokka, found the next Avatar frozen in an iceberg in The Southern Water Tribe. They leave The Southern Water Tribe to help the Avatar, a 12 year old boy named Aang, master all of the other elements so he can defeat the Firelord, the ruler of the Fire Nation. You follow Aang, Katara, and Sokka as they journey through the world making new friends and enemies.

    The story and characters are sure to draw you in from the first episode you watch. Avatar is brilliant and clever, no doubt about it.
  • Maybe the best american cartoon of the age!!!!

    There is so much that can be said about this show. It has a great story, with it's own deep and interesting history. Each character has a past different from the others as well as a mind that leads them through the series. All of the characters grow and change a great, they start at kid that don't really know what they are getting themselfs into and turn into intellegent leaders that can change the future of there world. To be honest I can't find much that I don't like about the show. In my opinion this is one of the rare shows that seem to have as much talent and time put into them as the great animes. I say it is a must watch no matter your age!!
  • An amazing show. It deserves all the fame that it has.

    At first, I thought Avatar was going to be just another dumb Nick show, but when I watched it, I was amazed. The plot is so, different. Aang, just a child, has been stuck in an iceburg for over a 100 years. But then, 100 years later, he is rescued by two siblings from a water tribe named Katara and Sokka. He befriends them and soon learns that the world is in danger. The world used to be in peace between 4 nations, but that peace was destroyed while he gone because the fire nation decided to attack. Each of these nations has a specific type of "bending". The fire nation has fire bending, the earth nation has earth bending, the water tribes have water bending, and the air temples have air bending. Although Aang is actually the last air bender and with that, the only person who can master all four elements. With help from Katara and Sokka, he seeks out to master them so he can stop the fire nation's leader from taking over the world and become the Avatar. On his journey, he meets many friends and foes. Prince Zuko, son of the fire lord, desperately tries to regain honor by chasing after Aang. But is that really what is right? Many questions will fill your head, but they all end up being answered soon enough. In the future, I hope Nick will air more shows like this.
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