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  • Nick Struck Straight Gold Years Ago With This

    Avatar will be around long pass it's time you know when shows need to end but this one will keep going this down right the Best Show I have ever watched I new more about this show than I did My science social studies Math and ELA Homework put together I mean this show is simply the best I use to stay home from school just to watch the episode I love the Sequel to The avatar I mean this show can't be compared to any other show Upset mine because when I get older I'm going to be a Show Creator but yeah Avatar is the best action packed beautiful plots I always wondered how they just come up with the unique city names and Character names but this show is the best cartoon ever to happen and the Creator needs Generation award for Making my favorite Characters are on and off but you this show is beautiful Thank You Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko beautiful story plots and everything
  • The best American tv show of all time

    American tv shows have a tendency to fall flat in comparison to Asian productions, particularly Japanese anime, but Avatar: the Last Airbender rivals some of the best of what Japan has to offer.

    This was one of those famous shows that are essentially pop culture phenomenons that I always heard about but never got around to watching until around a year ago. I now regret I haven't watched it sooner, as I've been missing out on one of the best tv series ever. The story follows the adventures of Aang, the avatar (spiritual and physical guardian who masters all four forms of bending the elements) of his age, who is freed from an iceberg he had been trapped in for 100 years by two Water Tribe siblings, Sokka and Katata. Sang discovers that the world is in the midst of a devastating war, and that his entire people, all the airbenders, were killed in a brutal genocide, and he is the last one, hence the title. He sets off to master the four elements to defeat Fire Lord Ozai to end the war. Ozai's son, Zuko, in the meanwhile is after the Avatar for his own tragic reasons.

    Plot: The story is unique in that it has two main characters, as it is Zuko's story as much as it is Aang's. Their two stories are intertwined and are constantly wonderfully paralleled in every aspect, a parallel that grows stronger and more clearly as the series progress. Like their ancestors Roku the Avatar and Sozin the Fire Lord, Aang and Zuko's destinies are tied to each other. The story, which starts off simply enough, gradually becomes more complex as the show carefully builds and expands the world its set in. The plot is engaging and it has loads of plot twists and emotional moments, so be prepared for an emotional ride. The story itself is surprisingly deep, exploring mature and complex themes ranging from war to hope to loss to utopian conspiracy and abuse of power, even nuclear warefare. It's a powerful story and each episode has its own depth, parallelism, or symbolism in its own way. It all culminates in a huge and powerful climax. You'll be heavily invested in the story, which grows steadily darker with each season, from beginning to end.

    A special mention should be made for the setting and humor. The amount of thought put into designing prominent locations and basing them off real locations is staggering. Ba Sing Se's design for example is genius with each section designed carefully. The humor in the show is hilarious and almost always finds its mark. I would find myself rolling over in laughter, and the show's balance between serious and humorous is brilliant.

    Characters: THIS is what A:TLA is famous for amongst many, and for good reason; the complexity of the characters in this show, their sheer depth, is mind-blowing. Many essays have been written on them, and the brilliance of the characters never fails to astound me. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph are amongst the most complex characters I have seen, as is Zuko, whose character arc is nothing short of incredible. Azula is one of the creepiest and deepest villains I have ever seen, and the character dynamics provide an abundance of both humor and emotion. There are tons of characters to love and admire. To this day I still look at the show's characters with admiration and love.

    Action: Even the action in the show has a level of depth rarely found since all the bending forms are based on real life martial arts which tie in beautifully with the theme of spirituality. Each move is carefully executed, resulting in fast paced action sequences that are both awesome to watch and amazing in detail and thoughtfulness.

    Music: Amazing, loved the main theme especially.

    Animation: It improves as the series progresses, becoming more fluid until it is breattakingly amazing by the end of the show.

    This is one of those shows where a review doesn't do it justice, so watch the show to appreciate its depth and the sheer amount of thought and work put into it. It's both my favorite American cartoon series and favorite American tv show, and I don't think that's changing anytime soon.

  • I Really Hate Anime (No Offence To Anime Fans) But This Was Amazing!!!!!!!

    This Show Is About The Last Airbender Named Aang Who is The Last Airbender, and His Friends Sokka and Katara who have to train him to beat the fire lord, and this can be enjoyed from people all ages.It's Funny,A Ton Of Cartoon Violence, Entertaining,and there are no fart jokes! Finally Nickelodeon You Have A Really Good Show!!! Here is My Review in a scale from 1-10:

    Plot- 10 Nickelodeon Thanks For Bringing A Show To Us That Has A Good Plot!!!!!

    Humor- 9.8 This show is funny!

    Action/Adventure- 10 A Ton Of Cartoon Violence

    Overall- 10

    I Recommend This Show For All Ages 8 and up! Even If Your 85 or 10 you will still enjoy this show!
  • I have always been a fan

    This show is a perfect combination of slapstick and serious. The characters are amazing, and the animation is really good. The story is wonderful. Anybody who doesn't like this show, I have no clue why, but whats there not to like about it?
  • nota 10

    the best of its kind
  • The fricking best TV show ever.

    Do you have any idea how many times I've watched the reruns of this show? Do you?

    And I still love it. STILL.

    The plot is amazing, the characters are great, the jokes NEVER fall flat, it's so entertaining. Not to mention it's sweet, teaches great life lessons and is AMAZING overall.

    Yes. Yes yes yes. I will forever love it.

    This is the best show ive ever watched. great jokes, (sokka)awesome voices that fit each characters personality, awesome episode ideas and awesome EVERYTHING. i never saw a single flaw in this show and watched all the episodes in a week. every time it comes on nicktoons i watch it since its better than the crap that disney channel shows. the only thing i didnt like was there wasnt enough romance!!!<3
  • Yes, I'm giving a Nickelodeon show a 10. Shocked? So am I! Read my 5th reveiw to see why.


    Avatar: The Last Airbender (which I will just call Avatar), Is an amazing masterpiece. Now, I was never one to love anime shows. I like drawing anime, but shows like Pokemon and that other stuff always annoyed me. But unlike the others, Avatar is one anime show on a kid's channel that isnt about toys coming to life and brawling. Yes! It is the fantastic journey of three kids (plus Toph in season 2) facing this fantasy world. Each of them have their own destiny, which they ultimatley have to overcome. I have only one issue with this show, but Ill give you come compliments first.

    Compliments of this show

    Compliment #1 The Environment- The really cool thing about this show is that some people are gifted with the ability to control the elements. (No not with plastic toys that spawn monsters.) They use ancient martial art moves (which are real) to summon the element. The avatar, Aang, can control all four elements. The environment is set in some type of fantasy world, maybe Asia? There are four nations: water, fire, earth, and air. Everyone from the air nation is dead, except Aang. But what I want to get to is that these places are amazing! The floating Air Temples are detailed masterpieces, and the Earth Nation capital city is amazingly detailed as well. It looks like real life. Also adding to this environment is a huge cast of unique characters. They add so much variety to the show.

    Compliment #2 Storylines- In this show, each character is meant to have a "destiny". The main destiny is Aang's which is to master all four elements and defeat the evil Firelord. Prince Zuko's destiny is undecided at the begging of the show, but he finally finds out what it is in the last season. Sokka and Katara's destiny is to find their dad. All of the destinies, (and theres more than 3), are not only intresting, but also deep and sensitive, leaving you feeding off of it. And even though theres so much facts to keep track of, the writers manage to let it all flow.

    Compliment #3 The Variety of Genres- The last thing you should worry about when watching this show is, "Maybe this show isnt the kind I want to watch.", becaue it is. There is a perfect blend of comedy (especially in the first season), action, romance, and drama. It all fits perfectly. Theres not to much romance or to little comedy. Theres not an overflow of action, and not enough drama. Theres the perfect amount.

    I have just one issue with this show

    Problem #1 Dont leave me hanging!- I don't really like how this show dosnet wrap up alot of plots... Like one part a guy names Jet gets brain washed (this is in the really creepy season), and he is left behind... What happens to him! Another huge cliff hanger is Prince Zuko's mother. She was supposedly killed... but we dont know. At the end of the very last episode, Zuko asks his father, (whos in prison) where she is. But we dont see the answer -_-

    Ok, I need to wrap up this reveiw. All I can say is just give the show a shot! The more fans, the better. Its truly a masterpeice.

    P.S Dont plan on too many more good Nickelodeon reveiws :P


    I'm in love with it :D

    And I can't wait for book 2 in The Legend of Korra GAWD :DDDDDD
  • Cool!

  • Favourite

    This is my fav. Cartoon Series so far...like 2 watch again & again....:D
  • Best TV Series of all time!

    I honestly believe this show beats Batman: The Animated Series in place for the greatest animation series ever! It's Epic, dramatic, hilarious and a huge masterpiece. The Show has some of the greatest characters that are fully developed and interesting. Some of the greatest relationships that are fully explored and analysed. The fantasy setting is not your typical Tolkien rip off, but rather a unique and intriguing world full of wonderful mythology built around it.

    The soundtrack by The Track Team is absolutely fantastic, it's some of the greatest music pieces ever made. The look of the show is unique with a blend of asian and western style animation that looks amazing! It takes its audience seriously and that's why millions of people take it seriously.

    I could go on and on, but Avatar: The Last Airbender is the greatest TV Program in my opinion. The Story has a beginning, middle and an end, paced masterfully. This is one Epic show you DON'T want to miss.

    A+ ,10/10, 5 Stars out of 5.....Its Perfect.
  • Best animated show ever

    One of the best show's ever..
  • Best Show Nickelodeon Ever Had!

    I love this show! It is even better than Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius and other junk Nick comes up with nowadays! I especially love that Prince Zuko turned around and decided to join Team Avatar in part 2 of Day of Black Sun!
  • A show that truly amazed me as a Kid and as a Teen.

    Around the time where Nick, CN and Disney started to die out and loose good shows and put crap on The Last Airbender impressed me as a child.he story is about a young monk who bends air, named Aang, and he is joined by Katara and Sokka. Together, they must defeat the Fire Nation and stop a war that's been going on for 100 years. Aang must learn all 4 elements before facing the Fire Lord, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, but while they group travels save the world, they are pursued relentlessly by exiled Prince Zuko. Premise wise, the story may not sound interesting, but the show manages to execute it perfectly and turns it into a gripping story that leaves you wanting more. The show manages to combine humor, action, romance, and drama into a well balanced show that never relies on one segment, but does a good job with doing all of them greatly. I recommend this over the crap they show today on TV.
  • Well, a shameful opinion calls for a change of heart.

    In part of an edited review, yeah, I don't mean what I say about this show anymore, because I'd be put to shame to hate something that is actually incredibly astounding, and that is what I think about the show now. So yeah, this show is reccomendable, worthwhile, beautifully done, even with the action scenes, it has a special price of effort. It's also one of those animated shows that have made me laugh, that's for sure. As for the characters, they are amazingly done as well, it's kinda hard to describe a bit, but it's enjoyable. So yeah, I honestly and faithfully regret hating through this show, considering my old n00b days. Anyways, I highly reccomend this, and I would hopefully get more into this show along with Legend of Korra.
  • In a sea of bad shows on Nickelodeon, Avatar: The Last Airbender rose up out of the crap, and became a beacon of hope that Nickelodeon will one day return to their former glory

    It seems no matter if you watch Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, they always show bad shows. now granted CN does still have some good shows, Nickelodeon seems to suffer, but along came Avatar: The Last Airbender. The story is about a young monk who bends air, named Aang, and he is joined by Katara and Sokka. Together, they must defeat the Fire Nation and stop a war that's been going on for 100 years. Aang must learn all 4 elements before facing the Fire Lord, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, but while they group travels save the world, they are pursued relentlessly by exiled Prince Zuko. Premise wise, the story may not sound interesting, but the show manages to execute it perfectly and turns it into a gripping story that leaves you wanting more. The show manages to combine humor, action, romance, and drama into a well balanced show that never relies on one segment, but does a good job with doing all of them perfectly. The action scenes are really great and are adrenaline rushing and get you on the edge of your seat to see what the outcome is and are really creative. As you watch the show you actually come to know and love all the characters and see some of them change, and hope the heroes will win. My only complaint with this show is that some of the plot points were never finished and leaves audience member asking what happened and fell disappointed. Avatar was a good show while it lasted and it gives me hope that Nick will one day have more shows like this and go back to the glory days it had. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is sick of all the crap on Nick and CN. I have heard this show will return and I hope so because we need more shows like this.
  • Great Show

    This is a show we are going to show our kids and they will love. It is everlasting and has you hooked at every moment. It is somewhat anime but is completely more developed than any anime show ever will be. This show saved Nickelodeon and will forever be up there with Spongebob.
  • avatar last airbender

    the last airbender was and still is a good show i loved it and was sad when it ended but they started up legbend of korra which is awsome and hopefully there will be more avatars to come
  • best show

    avatar is like a little of every genre in one a lot of action and comedy a little romance and drama. its the best!
  • love this show

    i love this show no contest .my favorite character is Aang,toph,katara,and sokka
  • This Show I s so Awesome!

    One of the best show's EVER. No contest.
  • This is a 10. what more could you want. great acting, smooth animation, and a masterful story.

    The story is surprisingly deep and involving. It includes morals and good deeds. It forces viewers to think about decision making and good will. At its core the story has hidden innuendos with deeper meaning than just saving the world from a ballistic war. And for that i commend the writers. it is impeccable. Design:10
    The shows design is of an obvious asian perspective involving many different regions of china and Mongolia. It also includes Inuit likings. all of this is represented through Japanese style drawings. The characters are lovable even the villains who you love to hate. their involvement mixed with the story is so perfect you get emotionally attached. If you think i'm wrong search the internet for all the fan swag available from art to fan fiction and more.. people love this. The music is fits nicely with the mood and tone of the show. and the general audience is pleasing although it is a children's cartoon. Animation:9.5
    The animation studio pulled this off nicely. although there are some episodes where the drawings are not consistent, the key framed animation is reminiscent of traditional Japanese anime. This puts all other American anime to shame, like Totally Spies. The action sequences are marvelous and push the animators to show the full extent of their skills. The show represents many different real life martial arts skills through elemental "bending" and the movement of the characters and the effects are amazing. Booty. SCORE: 10
  • A timeless masterpiece of animated storytelling

    If there's a simple, straightforward reason this show is recognized and praised at it is? Well, it's a masterpiece and nothing less.

    Revolutionary to it's genre in every way and filled with deep, complex and meaningful messages and themes that are carried through some of the most engaging, well-rounded and well developed characters I've seen in any animated series, ATLA simply stands out.

    But the best thing about it? Avatar does it in a FRESH way, unlike most "mindless action" shows out there. With enhancing touches of Asia all over it. The creators managed to create a world filled with cultural and ethnic diversity and complexity as well as an intriguing fauna and flora.

    On top of it all? Gorgeous and detailed background art and beautiful animation in a unique mix of eastern and western style bring said world to life, and surprisingly clever dialog seal the deal and turn this show into an epic adventure with a solid plot executed as close to perfection as this humble reviewer has ever seen in western animation.
  • There is a world in which people have the ability to control water, fire, earth, and air.The Avatar, controls all of the elements and maintains peace between the four nations made up of the benders of each element.

    Unfortunately, this peace diminished when the Fire Nation begun its plan to conquer the other three nations, starting first with the Air Nomads and wiping out almost all of the airbenders. Avatar Aang was away from the Southern Air Temple and was not there to defend the airbenders or stop the firebenders' aggression; he became trapped in an iceberg for 100 years. When he finally emerges the world is near turmoil and the Fire Nation is nearing victory in the war. Aang then proceeds to find teachers from whom he can learn water, earth and air to help him defeat the Fire Lord. Helping him are a waterbender Katara, her brother Sokka, and later on a blind earthbender Toph. Banished Prince Zuko tries to capture Aang for a long time in order to redeem his honor and be accepted into the Fire Nation again, but (spoiler?) he later joins the group and helps Aang learn Firebending. thevatar is one of the best cartoons I have watched in a long time. The idea of people bending the four elements and the plotline intrigued me from the start. The characters are relatable and realistic, and I loved the fantasy, drama, and action in the show, and the funny moments really had me laughing hard. I also learned a bit from the morals that were in some of the episodes. Season one was great, we were introduced to the characters and watched them on their many adventures as Aang searched for a waterbending teacher. Season two was even better, and personally my favorite season. There was more action, and the characters developed further and had more interesting; we learned more about them and my favorite characters I loved even more. Season three also had more drama and action, and the last four episodes, Sozin's Comet, were amazing. I hope I get to see more Avatar projects in the future beyond the live action movie because it would be a shame if this was the last I saw of Avatar.
  • Loved this Show!

    Man I miss it...
  • An actual masterpiece.

    First off, this is NOT AN ANIME! I'm a big anime and manga fan (actual anime, not cartoons-masquerading-as-anime like Pokmon), and this is not an anime. It's a cartoon.

    An amazing cartoon with amazing plot development and original characters.

    The characters, the enviroment, the development (both plot and character)... There's a reason why everyone says this is Nick's masterpiece. That reason? It's true.

    There's also a reason this ended Spongebob's five year streak of winning the award for Best Cartoon in 2007 or 2008. Because it has a point. No offence and all.

    There are some points where you're like "GET ON WITH IT!!", but mostly, this cartoon is amazing. It has the perfect blend of humour, seriousness, and action. It's got something everyone will enjoy.

    Definitely worth checking out, even if it did end.
  • A work of art!

    I miss this series, and "The legend of Korra" fails to satisfy. I loved everything about this series, the animations the storyline, just everything. First of all, it had a good, satisfying plot that all tied together, and the animations had a very great style of art. Also this series had a nice, no, a great ending, best I've ever seen so far. It had a long enough series and each episode got better,"the legend of Korra" had good potential but sorry, try again. I would recomend this series to everyone, because its got something for everyone!
  • Outstanding World Of Avatar

    The best cartoon ever made. One of the best series finale ever.

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