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  • Great Show

    This is a show we are going to show our kids and they will love. It is everlasting and has you hooked at every moment. It is somewhat anime but is completely more developed than any anime show ever will be. This show saved Nickelodeon and will forever be up there with Spongebob.
  • avatar last airbender

    the last airbender was and still is a good show i loved it and was sad when it ended but they started up legbend of korra which is awsome and hopefully there will be more avatars to come
  • best show

    avatar is like a little of every genre in one a lot of action and comedy a little romance and drama. its the best!
  • love this show

    i love this show no contest .my favorite character is Aang,toph,katara,and sokka
  • This Show I s so Awesome!

    One of the best show's EVER. No contest.
  • This is a 10. what more could you want. great acting, smooth animation, and a masterful story.

    The story is surprisingly deep and involving. It includes morals and good deeds. It forces viewers to think about decision making and good will. At its core the story has hidden innuendos with deeper meaning than just saving the world from a ballistic war. And for that i commend the writers. it is impeccable. Design:10
    The shows design is of an obvious asian perspective involving many different regions of china and Mongolia. It also includes Inuit likings. all of this is represented through Japanese style drawings. The characters are lovable even the villains who you love to hate. their involvement mixed with the story is so perfect you get emotionally attached. If you think i'm wrong search the internet for all the fan swag available from art to fan fiction and more.. people love this. The music is fits nicely with the mood and tone of the show. and the general audience is pleasing although it is a children's cartoon. Animation:9.5
    The animation studio pulled this off nicely. although there are some episodes where the drawings are not consistent, the key framed animation is reminiscent of traditional Japanese anime. This puts all other American anime to shame, like Totally Spies. The action sequences are marvelous and push the animators to show the full extent of their skills. The show represents many different real life martial arts skills through elemental "bending" and the movement of the characters and the effects are amazing. Booty. SCORE: 10
  • A timeless masterpiece of animated storytelling

    If there's a simple, straightforward reason this show is recognized and praised at it is? Well, it's a masterpiece and nothing less.

    Revolutionary to it's genre in every way and filled with deep, complex and meaningful messages and themes that are carried through some of the most engaging, well-rounded and well developed characters I've seen in any animated series, ATLA simply stands out.

    But the best thing about it? Avatar does it in a FRESH way, unlike most "mindless action" shows out there. With enhancing touches of Asia all over it. The creators managed to create a world filled with cultural and ethnic diversity and complexity as well as an intriguing fauna and flora.

    On top of it all? Gorgeous and detailed background art and beautiful animation in a unique mix of eastern and western style bring said world to life, and surprisingly clever dialog seal the deal and turn this show into an epic adventure with a solid plot executed as close to perfection as this humble reviewer has ever seen in western animation.
  • There is a world in which people have the ability to control water, fire, earth, and air.The Avatar, controls all of the elements and maintains peace between the four nations made up of the benders of each element.

    Unfortunately, this peace diminished when the Fire Nation begun its plan to conquer the other three nations, starting first with the Air Nomads and wiping out almost all of the airbenders. Avatar Aang was away from the Southern Air Temple and was not there to defend the airbenders or stop the firebenders' aggression; he became trapped in an iceberg for 100 years. When he finally emerges the world is near turmoil and the Fire Nation is nearing victory in the war. Aang then proceeds to find teachers from whom he can learn water, earth and air to help him defeat the Fire Lord. Helping him are a waterbender Katara, her brother Sokka, and later on a blind earthbender Toph. Banished Prince Zuko tries to capture Aang for a long time in order to redeem his honor and be accepted into the Fire Nation again, but (spoiler?) he later joins the group and helps Aang learn Firebending. thevatar is one of the best cartoons I have watched in a long time. The idea of people bending the four elements and the plotline intrigued me from the start. The characters are relatable and realistic, and I loved the fantasy, drama, and action in the show, and the funny moments really had me laughing hard. I also learned a bit from the morals that were in some of the episodes. Season one was great, we were introduced to the characters and watched them on their many adventures as Aang searched for a waterbending teacher. Season two was even better, and personally my favorite season. There was more action, and the characters developed further and had more interesting; we learned more about them and my favorite characters I loved even more. Season three also had more drama and action, and the last four episodes, Sozin's Comet, were amazing. I hope I get to see more Avatar projects in the future beyond the live action movie because it would be a shame if this was the last I saw of Avatar.
  • Loved this Show!

    Man I miss it...
  • An actual masterpiece.

    First off, this is NOT AN ANIME! I'm a big anime and manga fan (actual anime, not cartoons-masquerading-as-anime like Pokmon), and this is not an anime. It's a cartoon.

    An amazing cartoon with amazing plot development and original characters.

    The characters, the enviroment, the development (both plot and character)... There's a reason why everyone says this is Nick's masterpiece. That reason? It's true.

    There's also a reason this ended Spongebob's five year streak of winning the award for Best Cartoon in 2007 or 2008. Because it has a point. No offence and all.

    There are some points where you're like "GET ON WITH IT!!", but mostly, this cartoon is amazing. It has the perfect blend of humour, seriousness, and action. It's got something everyone will enjoy.

    Definitely worth checking out, even if it did end.
  • A work of art!

    I miss this series, and "The legend of Korra" fails to satisfy. I loved everything about this series, the animations the storyline, just everything. First of all, it had a good, satisfying plot that all tied together, and the animations had a very great style of art. Also this series had a nice, no, a great ending, best I've ever seen so far. It had a long enough series and each episode got better,"the legend of Korra" had good potential but sorry, try again. I would recomend this series to everyone, because its got something for everyone!
  • Outstanding World Of Avatar

    The best cartoon ever made. One of the best series finale ever.

  • Just Downright Wonderful

    This show was unique, creative, hilarious, mature and beautiful.
  • Wow, did not expect this

    when this came out I was in my mid 20's. I turned on the TV and came across this by accident on a Saturday morning. Now I couldn't commit to this show at the time as I was busy or valued my sleep more. Finally when the show was concluded I was able to get a copy of it as a whole. From start to end I was in love with this show. There were times when you roll your eyes but it is a kids show. But the fact that a kids show had me returning was testament in itself. This is a great cartoon from start to finish. The only thing I could have asked for was more violence but that would take away from the fact that this is a kids show. I just learned about the new series that is 7 episodes in. Without thought I know that I will be watching these soon enough. Just watch the show and enjoy it. So long as it's not live action then I am good.
  • Simply the Best Children's Show Dealing with Mature Issues I Have Ever Seen

    Certain individual episodes may be wanting, but as a whole, this series is a masterpiece in a way few can be considered to be. There is no other cartoon series that I have ever seen with characters so compelling and entrancing, stories so interesting and exciting, stakes so high, and such great fun when things are lighter, than this. The power, especially at the ends of seasons, hope mixed with sadness and fear of one's own enormous, indomitable power at the end of the first season, despair with the faintest seeds of hope, unlooked for, mixed with a feeling of utter betrayal and yet ultimate sternness at the end of the second season, and such bittersweet finality at the end of the series, knowing that, though this story is over, the characters are still mostly just children and they have much more of their lives in front of them than behind. Yet this portion of their lives, wherein they are wandering free but with purpose is over and it was a good and happy period overall that simply will never be able to be recreated. Nonetheless at the end they have restored the world to balance and there is great cause for hope for a brighter future. Sorry this is rambling. This is a great series.
  • Wow, just wow

    I used to watch this show in elementary school and was obsessed with it. I completely forgot about it for two years and just dug up my old DVDs. This show has a lasting appeal and will always be in my mind, the greatest animated show ever. And just so all of you otaku people know, avatar is not a traditional anime so calm down
  • Avatar The Last Airbender is a show that is really ahead of its time absolutily wonderful i could not think of a better kids show!!!

    Avatar the Last airbender is a story about a world that has be torn for about 100 years(and about a 12 year old boy who must accept his calling) the firenation has band together and started to take over every other nation (the other nations are Earth Kingdom, water tribe, air nomads)the firenation has totally got rid of the airbenders as far as we know and has put the other nations at its knees but it was not always like this you see there was a person known as the avatar he was the only one who could control every element that all the other nations can control (which are water, fire, earth, and air.) but when the old avatar died a new avatar was born in the air nomads( you see the avatar has a cycle that it must follow you see when a avatar dies he is rencarnated to the next nation and the order goes air water earth and fire) his name is aang but aang is not so happy to be the avatar so he runs away and there is a storm that threw aang and his bison named appa in to the water and aang protected his himself by putting him and appa in suspended animation next thing you know 100 years has passed and things are not how aang remebered come to find out the fire nation attacked every other nation to take control over the world and the fire nation is near victory now aang is the only one who can stop the firenation from finshing the horrible task and must accept his calling as the avatar who is the only one who can stop the firenation aang must master all four elements and stop the firenation from winning.
  • Why cant all children's programmes be like this?

    I love it. The story of a group of friends quest to destroy the nation that rules over all the others. I think the key to this being great is the fact that almost all children would love to be aang, kitara, soka or toff. They travel around this amazing world having adventures and meeting new people. I've watched naruto and samurai x (which in my opinion is pure trash) and both seem too hung up on how the group loves each other and it gets all bogged down with nostalgia and "feelings." Although avatar has its moments, it always seems more raw.

    Again I love this programme. I have watched every episode of this and the legend of korra. it makes me very happy to know that somewhere there are still people who write good characters and great plots and all for the imagination of children. thank you.
  • This is the greatest cartoon out today.

    When I first saw this show's commercial before season 1, I thought that this show would go down hill fast. I figured I might give it a try anyway. The first 2 episodes were okay and I thought I had seen better, but I also felt that the story line had potential, so I continued to watch it. By the 4th episode I fell in love with Avatar and I couldn't miss a single episode. This is a really good show coming from Nick,which I think has a lot of corny shows. Avatar is also one of those only shows that are interesting to almost any age. Avatar also can deal with real life problems. If you haven't seen this show, I suggest that you get to your nearest movie rental store and rent all of the DVDs, trust me, you will go through them quickly!
  • great show

    i think this show was amazing i pent my younger years watching and waiting for the final episode to see who wins the 100 year war.

  • The only reason Nick is even in existence anymore!

    I have never seen a Nicktoon so awesome,normally we'd be stuck with this baby stuff like Barnyard,Tak,etc.Thankfully we have this to guide us through the dark ages that are now current day Nick.It's got some really cool graphics and anime styled drawings,some solid plots.great voice acing and BGM,plus they actually have death in this American anime.If it was any other show they'd just say they go to another dimension like what 4kids did in Yu-Gi-Oh.Even if you aren't a big anime fan or like it at all,I will recomend this to any one of those people.I'm missing a lot of season three though because of the bad timeslots they put it at as if Nick is just trying to replace it with more NBB or Spongebob repeats I can watch 500,000 times a day.I hope Nick won't cancel it like that,I'd prefer to see the story be finished properly before doing such a thing
  • Possibly Nick's last cartoon to get 9 out of me.

    A lot of people have been regarded this as one of the best shows Nick has ever made, and I can understand why. Avatar: The Last Airbender is about an airbender named Aang who is the last of his kind, and has to defeat the Fire Nation, being the Avatar. The story is very great and is perfectly executed. The characters themselves are also great, and are amazingly developed. Aang would be my favorite character. The artwork is also executed well, giving the environments more depth, and with the characters being very originally designed. The animation is also downright gorgeous and everything flows pretty smooth. The voice cast also suits perfectly well, and all the lip syncs are perfectly on cue. The action is very entertaining to watch, and everything seems so beautiful. The humor itself is actually fresh, and while at some parts, it does come off as recycled, most of it is pretty funny. Heck, its humor tops most of the garbage Nick calls "comedies". The only thing I didn't like is how boring it got at some parts. At some points, I felt that there was too much dialogue and not enough action.

    Overall, at times it can get boring to look at, but Avatar: the Last Airbender is a very enjoyable experience to look at. I say watch this show whenever you get the chance.

    Presentation: 9/10 The premise is very fresh and original, and most of the plots are very well executed.

    Animation: 9.5/10 Artwork is great, the animation is awesome and flows very smoothly.

    Voice: 9.5/10 The voice cast suits the characters perfectly, and all the lip syncs are perfectly matched.

    Entertainment: 9/10 It does get boring on some parts, but the action is executed perfectly, and many the jokes are laughable.

    Lasting Appeal: 10/10 Everything here is so rich and executed perfectly that you are probably going to have a hard time putting this show down.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10 Incredible
  • Avitar vs. korra

    Jusy watched the legend of korra and im dissapointed. I was expecting that it wouldnt be as great as avitar but this was just sad i with they had just continued on with avitar. Like what happend to zuko's mom??? Did he find her? Did he and mai have kids? Did they get married!?!? I have so many unanswered questions!!!!!!!!! D:
  • This is simply the best cartoon I have ever seen! I can't wait for the new episodes to come out in July 2008!

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is a really good cartoon to watch. It is full of action, adventure, drama, and sometimes a little romance. Then when it comes to the plot of the whole show, it is truly amazing. This is the first cartoon I have ever seen that takes the plot, and make it better and better. It's so good if you watch it, you might not even want to blink your eyes. To me this is the best cartoon in the whole world. Mad props to all of the creators, producers, writers and cast who put this magnificent cartoon on the air. I will always be a fan of, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Avatar isn't an anime, it just resembles the anime style. @Darkparrisia. "Avatar: making anime look stupid since 2005" How is it not original? I'm sorry, why don't you try to go air your own show, and come back and then talk about not original, If it wasn't original I don't think it would've gotten that far but it did, And if you loved anime as much as you said you do, you would've known that this isn't an anime. You are obviously mad that you couldn't make a show as good as this one, and it urks me that you would bother to watch the whole series, if you didn't like it why continue. Gah you lack common sense, to me you're just another japanese obsessed "OTAKU". You sicken me.

    I love this show so much, and I love the legend of korra, I just wish they didn't take out the old characters, I mean I'm fine with aang, sokka would've been a funny old man..so would have toph. :c
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender. Making anime look stupid since 2005.

    I really, really love anime. But when I first saw Avatar: The Last Airbender, I began to regret the fact that manga and anime had ever been popular in the United States. This farce is a complete mockery of the Japanese manga art, dragged down by its Japanese-American hybrid art form (which looks horrendous) and lack of an actually interesting plot. It's not original, at all. The characters, who are somewhat believable in the first series, become artificial, their dialogues forced. The only reason it seems anyone does anything in the show is because it's their "destiny-" Is there any actual reason the fire nation is taking over everything? Any reason at all that Aang has to be the one to stop him and no one else? There's plenty of action, but it doesn't go anywhere. Also, the ending is so predictable, it's not even worth watching the last few episodes. Bottom line: If you want to watch real anime, watch Inuyasha or Death Note. Not this horrible, horrible show.
  • A surprisingly good American made cartoon -- that\'s right, it\'s not actually an anime! Unlike many recent cartoons, this one has good voice acting, an interesting storyline, and its not afraid of putting effort into animating the violence.

    Well, my first impression of this show was \"Oh no, not another badly dubbed anime\". However, after watching for about 10 seconds and changing the channel, I decided to go back and see what the heck the show was about. As it turns out, its not actually a dubbed anime, it just resembles japanese animation so much that I could hardly tell!

    The theme of the show is surprisingly asian for an american made cartoon. Names, writing, and the overall feel is more asian than a lot of actual anime Ive seen. I was pretty impressed any american animation company would actually go along with that, and I\'m proud of them for doing so.

    However, the reason this show got me hooked is not because of its similarity to anime. The storyline is actually quite well done, and the voice acting is nowhere near as bad as a lot of cartoons that have been coming out recently. In fact it\'s actually pretty good. I also always look forward to watching the fight scenes involving the fire tribe - they are well animated and action packed.
  • Probably the only Nickelodeon show that had real substance

    I like a lot of things about this show. Great character development and plot.
  • This is so much more than a children show. I think everyone of all ages could get behind this series. I mean, they even attempted to make a good live action movie of this, even though fail, don't let that turn you away from this animated series.


    The story for this animation is new and exciting. Sure I've seen shows where people are able to control the elements and have these cool attacks but I never seen a way so fresh and exciting. Everyone wanted to be a bender of some sort . The stories that underlie the main story is just great. The adventures they have, and what it takes to become the avatar will capture you. And this could also get emotional at some points and the theme of overcoming one self in this show is strong. No matter your age, give this show a try.

    I am so excited for the Legends of Korra, the next avatar.

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