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  • This is so much more than a children show. I think everyone of all ages could get behind this series. I mean, they even attempted to make a good live action movie of this, even though fail, don't let that turn you away from this animated series.


    The story for this animation is new and exciting. Sure I've seen shows where people are able to control the elements and have these cool attacks but I never seen a way so fresh and exciting. Everyone wanted to be a bender of some sort . The stories that underlie the main story is just great. The adventures they have, and what it takes to become the avatar will capture you. And this could also get emotional at some points and the theme of overcoming one self in this show is strong. No matter your age, give this show a try.

    I am so excited for the Legends of Korra, the next avatar.

  • A great show and very well thought out. One of my favorites.

    I believe that this is a very good show all around. It is one of the best shows on Nickelodeon and I'm happy that it won the Kid's Choice Award. The show is greatly written and has a very good plot as well as being very well written. The characters are well developed and it is one of the only shows that has continuity and dynamic characters. It's refreshing to see a cartoon show that's not completely stupid or gross or shows a complete lack of thought or planning. I have completely given up on watching Cartoon Network and Avatar is one of the only shows that are any good on Nickelodeon.

    Often times the only regret people have about the show is that it takes too long too for them to come out with new episodes. I personally don't mind as long as the creators make the episodes as good as possible. After all, it takes a long time for them to make the more realistic looking somewhat anime characters and incorporate all of the martial arts into their actions. The only downside to the show is that is sometimes somewhat corny and cheesy when it tries to be funny. Although it's nice to some humor is the show as the world teeters on the edge of complete destruction.

    For all of those people who gave this show a 10 I hope that it is absolutely your favorite show in all ways and it is completely "perfect". Because a 10 means that it is absolutely 100% perfect in all ways. I would advise you to give it a more realistic rating. Overall I give this show a 9.4. It's a great show and has many very good episodes. I would recommend this show to pretty much anybody.

    It's just too bad that the series is going to end right in its prime. Oh well... At least there's going to be some live-action movies coming out based on the series.
  • I may not be a big anime fan but I really love "Avatar: The Last Airbender"


    As you just saw from the intro of my review, I am not a big anime fan but I happen to love "Avatar: The Last Airbender". When I saw the first episode of this show which was the day it premiered, I didn't get into it. I don't know why but the first episode of the show didn't live up my hype when I was younger. Anyways, I decided to give more episodes chances the more episodes I watch, the more addicting this show started to get. I heard that this show was even popular than "SpongeBob SquarePants" when it was on the air. I was offended since I love "SpongeBob SquarePants" but I got used to it as I was growing. Who ever came up with this show is a genius. It has a bunch of action, it can be very funny at times, and the dialogue of each episode is just terrific and mind-blowing. I have seen every single episode from beginning to end and it is just amazing. There are a few episodes that have bored me but most of the episodes are just all-around entertaining and exciting. We also get some very good and terrific drama in this show. We have characters such as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Momo (the lemur), Appa (Aang's bison), Iroh, Zuko, Azula, and more characters. Even you have never seen this show, you must watch it. It is just epic, very funny, and it can be very addicting. Overall, it's a shame that this show ended but "Avatar: The Last Airbender" will always be the most epic and most addicting Nickelodeon cartoon that I have ever seen. 10/10

  • It had it all...


    Avatar is one of the few animated series I watched from the first to the last episode. It was fun, mysterious, romantic and friendly on the eye. That being said, I have mixed feelings about the show ending.
    On the one hand, The story has come full circle. The purpouse of the story has been reached and there is no reason to continue. Lovely as it was, it was time to end it.
    On the other hand, all evil that the Avatar was there to straighten out did not magically disappear. There will always be bad-guys and there is a reason the Avatar existed in the first place.

    I am thrilled that the series will be rebooted with a different avatar in the lead. I just hope they can match up to the original series.

  • this is the best show of ALL!!!! DONT CANCEL IT PLEASE DONT!!!!! the avatar is WAY better then any other show

    This is the best show in the world everybody watches it me, my brother, my mom, my sister, and my entire family this is a really good show that everybody should watch. When it first came out I thought it was going to be a very gay show but my nephew told me about this show so I watched it but I didn't know much about it and so I decided to watch it with him I had to ask some questions like asking who was Aang and what does the avatar do but I learn much more and I really like the I watched more and more and more of the avatar but I wanna know why they wanna cancel it and I think I know why is because the avatar is becoming more realistic like the ladies in the avatar show have better ass and bigger boobs and there's always lots of kissing scenes and that's something kids shouldn't watch oh well everything that has a beginning must have an end. But please just keep making new episodes until the whole season is over.
  • Aye Nick ...

    I dislike Nick. and it's the truth. Some of the best shows cancels there. Hey Arnold, As Told by Ginger, and now this greatness!! Avatar... the ending could have been better i'll admit and only because you watch it and you could see how much further they could have gone with the plotline. Even a new plotline could have accure. Sure he can access into his spirit mode and go all AVATA! but he himself have't mastered the elements. Or in the ending series I would have LOVE to see Zuko's mother and where on earth the sister end up going?...I mean she SNAPPED at the end...that child needs "special care". I'm sad too see it go...and my believe is no human can EVER portray them...and it almost saddens me to hear them coming out with a live action...EH...but nevertheless I can't wait to see how Hollywood is going re-create a simple classic such as this.
  • Stellar

    Upon seeing that it was a Nickelodeon show and watching the first few episodes I wasn't expecting much but it really blossomed into a great show. The writing and characterization in the show is amazing and the action is usually spectacular. The first season was pretty good and the second season is easily the best but the third season was disappointing. First of all the animation seemed different and not in a good way. The colors were way toned down and faded and the action scenes were not as spectacular as they were in season 2. Also, the writing was way to goofy and didn't flow well. But aside from the not-so-great 3rd season, overall the show is awesome. The best episode is "Zuko Alone" but also check out "The Blue Spirit".

    Season 1: 8.5
    Season 2 : 10
    Season 3: 8
  • The best show ever

    Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
    Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.
    Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
    Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them.
    But when the world needed him most, he vanished.
    A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar,
    an Airbender named Aang, and although his Airbending skills are great,
    He has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.
    But I believe Aang can save the world.

    avatar is one of the best shows ive seen in a long time. The first time nick has made a cartoon drama show.i think they should make more drama shows and cancell all the shows like the x's and catscratch.
  • I love this show so much

    This show is a true classic. It is by far my favorite show on nickelodeon and also my favorite show period. It has everything, romance, drama, suspense, and a great amount of action. It has some of the best characters in all of tv, and it also has a great plot. It has its few kinks, but these are very small. Avatar is just almost perfect. I cant even write a full review on it. I love this show so much, it has me on the edge of my seat and anticipating when the next episode will come out. It is just a great show and one of the best all time.
  • Una de las mejores caricaturas de todos los tiempos

    Hacia tiempo que no se estrenaba una caricatura que valiera la pena, sin embargo nickelodeon llegó al rescate al estrenar Avatar:The last airbender (primer título de la serie). ¿Qué la vuelve tan especial? Sencillo, no trata a todos como idiotas, ni nos espera un humor para retrasados. Por el contrario hallamos una caricatura con una historia fabulosa, que combina todos los elementos del entretenimiento durante todos sus capítulos, envolviéndonos en la trama y creando una atmósfera tensa por ver lo que ocurrirá después.
    Avatar cuenta con impresionantes escenas de batalla, con planeadas estrategias, guiones estupendos, un toque de humor, buenos, malos, amor y muerte, locura y sobre todo, entretiene a cualquiera que busque algo diferente, tenga la edad que tenga.
  • Best shows of Nickeadean of all time may even be one of the best shows of all time ever seeen on teivision.

    Avatar the last airbender is taken place in an epic fantasty world where each nation has it's own different element which represent it's own culture, government type, and way of life. The show is infunce by many eastern cutures like China which in represented by the Earth Kingdom, India represented by the Air Nomads, Japan which is represented by the fire nation, and the Inuite native american of north america which is represented by the northern and southern water tribes. Tt features a really unique set of characters both male and female, with aang being the lead, Katrra is considered the supporting role. The show also featured a femiest verision of the female characters being considered as equal roles comparied to the male charachers, due to the equal ratio of the male and female fans. Withe seting of the show being a world War 2 based theme, it really shows the consiqueces and reality of war. With Avater the last airbender representing WW2 with supperpowers takeing over the world and genecide, the upcomeing new sequal The last airbender The legend of Korra will be reppresenting our modern war of racism hate crimes and terrosim.
  • I know a lot of people are going to disagree, but, I do not like this show

    I find this show to be quite annoying. I really don`t see what the big deal is. Sure it is full of action, but to me, it is very boring, and I don`t think its all that awesome. I am happy it ended. In fact, it should have ended a long time before that. I am just expressing my opinion. So no offense to any fans, but avatar is annoying. It is really bad, and I don`t like it at all. I used to like it, until I saw a bad episode, and for the next month, it aired bad episodes, and I changed my mind. I do not like avatar. Used to, now I don`t. I am done with my review. I do not like avatar. No offense to any fans.
  • Good at the start, but going downhill steadily.

    Believe it or not, this show was actually one of the better shows in its first season. However, its cast of characters and themes are becoming less appealing, and it would probably do better on a channel other than Nickelodeon, probably Cartoon Network. If it was allowed more realistic fights and brawls, it may have been the highest-rated animation show ever. It was a good idea, but short-lived. This show follows in the footsteps of other shows, such as Yu-Gi-Oh, that start off well but becomes so complicated and intertwined that it is losing viewers. This is a show that could've been good, had it stayed simple. If you're watching the first season, keep it on repeat. You're not missing much.
  • This show is nothing more than another "elemental" superpower show. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water..... the only element this show is missing Heart, and then Captain Planet will finally have a strong basis for the lawsuit.

    Very overrated, the use of "elements" as the premise for a story gets old quick, and this show was easily the straw that broke the camel's back. I mean, it was understandable when the old blue captain had his roots in elements, but that was also a 6am educational show about saving the environment, hence elements. Whereas this show has no excuse for its crappy plot and intensely un-evolved storyline. It's mock-japanese animation style is just sad, especially since even The Boondocks, a show about black suburban kids, seems more like anime than this. And don't even get me started on the incredibly lame dialogue.
  • I just don't get what the deal with it being so popular.

    I know your mad at me for giving this a bad review, but i am free to express my opinion. Avatar is Ok it's just kinda boring because the fights take like 10 minutes tops and it kinda confusing with all those charactors and things.I mean why is this Azula girl want to be firelord when aang killing the other one.Maybe it's because i didn't watch many episodes. it's kinda funny with sokka and Toph and Boomy and stuff.Well ummmm that's all i have. sorry i gave the most popular show on TV.com a medicore review :>( so bye now Cyclops Boy out.
  • Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar was the master of all four elements; only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world.

    Twelve year old Aang is found in a glacier in the South Pole by two members of the Water Tribe village known as Katara, whose the only water bender in all of the South Pole, and her brother, Sokka, whose a young warrior in the tribe. Other characters Aang and the rest of the audience gets to meet include Zuko, a fire bender and, in fact, prince of all fire benders. During the time that Katara and Sokka find Aang, Zuko is on a major quest to search for �the Avatar,� whom apparently is Aang, the one whom supposedly has mastered all earth elements, from fire to earth to water to air. Simply, an Avatar is someone who can control or shape these earthly elements. Other characters include Aang�s flying bison, Appa, whom seems to be quite the interesting creature to travel on.
  • good for the first season, okay for the second, and just disappointing in the third.

    -sigh- this show disappointed me. i was very excited about it when it first started. the first season was really good, the fight scenes were AWESOME and the characters were great. the second season was okay; i didn't like a lot of the stuff they did with it (like introduce mai and azula cause i hate both of them A LOT) and the third season i really disliked. everything cool i thought they were setting up for didn't happen; no, snowflakes123, zuko was NOT just pretending to be evil again to get on the inside of azula's operation, he really was just that stupid. no, zutara (one of the cutest couples EVER) is not gong to happen, zuko's going to get together with his stupid emo girlfriend and katara's going to get together with a kid who is 2 younger than her and VASTLY more immature. oh yeah, and the blue spirit? yep, you're never going to see him again. like...ever. have a nice life and thanks for being disappointed by our crappy fake anime! ^.^ so yeah basically i was just really let down, but i still like the first season :D and sokka's still the best
  • Normally I really don't like anime, but this show was fantastic.

    About 3 years ago I was hooked on the avatar show on nickelodeon. I had to watch every episode and I had to know how it would all end eventually. When it finally did end I was left with an empty feeling inside me...(I had the same feeling with the end of the Dead Zone) I just wanted more but at the same time I knew there wasn't going to be more. When a show does this to you, you know it's good! Like I said normally I absolutely can't stand anime. I don't even like most cartoons, but Avatar: The Last Airbender was just so good in comparison to the other Nick shows. It's just a one-of-a-kind and special and there will never be anything like it again. Sometimes it was a bit goofy for my taste but you know, it's still a Nick show. The overall plot was and still is something to be proud of. There are just a handfull of shows that could produce the same kind of quality episodes like Avatar did.
  • Just some thoughts on this show.

    I love Avatar. Part of me keeps reminding myself that I'm 15 and I've just gotten into anime shows and that might be kind of dorky but I still love Avatar.

    There are so many great plots and the whole story is very original. Zuko's a hottie and Toph is the coolest besides Sokka who is really the coolest, Aang is awesome and Katara can be annoying but she's great, Iroh is the best though. We all love Iroh.

    The new things they come up with, different ways to bend the elements its all really great and I can't wait to see the rest of the season.
  • Can't wait for the movie!

    What a great show this was. It was a pretty good mix of action and some humor. It was good for the only big action show on nick at the time. I loved the journey and I liked how things ended in surprise (take the end of Crossroads of Destiney for example. That was a real shock). I enjoyed the characters and what happened to them, especially Zuko. I liked the cycle of him going from the dark side to the good side. My favorite character is probably Sokka. He makes the humor of the show.

    Overall, there is really nothing negative to say about the show, so it deserves an A+
  • Why is this show named "avatar:the last..." I think it should be named "Katara the 12 y.o non-avatar grand master water/blood bender"..unconprehensive....

    Why is it, that this girl(Katara) is soo powerful. At first she could hardly pick up a drop of water, but a few days later into the aventure she has defeated Master Water benders and learned all kinds of new powers when Ang The Avatar( Star of the show??) is a weakling. If the viewer pays close attention he will see that the girls in this show are the most powerful warriors. example: Toph, Katara, Azula,the Kioshi warriors?....Toph is the grandmaster earthbender-Azula is the grandmaster fire/lighting bender, and Katara, the grandmaster water/blood bender....so where does Ang fit in this picture? HE DOES NOT. Avatar the last air bender is really a girl show, MADE for GIRLS. The only reason this show is named after Ang is to atract Male viewers, it's called marketing. I call'm like I see'm.
  • This is only a copycat of NARUTO, avatar SUCKS Japan anime are still the best

    i dont know how this cartoon is on the no. 1 spot but i tell this to the creator You dont have any more ideas creating cartoons you copy the idea of Naruto and too childish anime .i will give you some list u copy some ideas

    1. a world map of countries (earth fire air water)
    2. both the main character is a wind type element user 3. both has a demon root history
    4 both char. turn to demon posses well ive watch some first few episodes and the way the cartoon goes still not good and i think the reason episodes here in tv. com rating above 90 american kids vote and this cartoon are for americans only
  • Great Storyline, Everything else is not good.

    I have only watched this a few times, but it has a great storyline. I don't really like the fact that it is so much action and not that much of comedy or laughter. The show is way to far fetched for me to really realize what is going on, i'm bored with the show. It reminds me too much of Dragonball Z, or something like that. A couple adjustments to the overall show and it could be very good in my opinion. Others like the show, just the way it is. It could use work, just my honest opinion about the show.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favorite cartoon series on tv today. I think it is unique from most other shows on today as it follows the classical hero's quest pattern and actually has a plot and character development as well as moral lessons.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most character and plot complex cartoon series ever to air television with three full seasons of action, drama, intrigue, interesting characters, and beautiful backgrounds. The writers of this series were brilliant and the animators did a fantastic job on the scenery as well as every other aspect of the art. The voice actors really were perfect for their roles bringing the characters to life and connecting with viewers. This series had a complex story about a boy born to be a hero who has a group of friends to help on his way, as they are on their own paths as well. I really liked the creativity of the series characters. Appa and Momo, though animals were really awesome characters. I also enjoyed the funny combinations such as platypus bears, or catowls. This series is extraordinary and showcases every thing that makes any show great. I loved how Zuko was on his own quest, and his Uncle was great too. There were so many characters, so much depth, and lots of hidden wisdom. More shows should be like this. I only wish there was more!!!!!!!
  • This is a great show!

    I love this show and it is great and meaningful.from the charecters to the action to the great vioce acting.I think they honestly went all out for the animation of this show it`s alway`s bright,fun,and the girls are very pretty and attractive and they dont look like/act like superficail sticks or have an
    unhealthy figure or size.This show shows that disable people can do anything aswell and just because they can see or walk doesn`t mean that they need to be thought of as some helpless little babies.
    The voice acting is stunning and im glad thast michele musso didn`t get to do aang`s vioce....he just would of ruined it,we needed an 12 year old who could grow up as aang grows up and that was who we got he did Aangs vioce exclusively good.The series finale was great and this show will forever be remembered.

    Avatar:The Last Airbender
  • Well Well Well where do I start. Well the show is about a young Airbender name Aang who is the Avatar master of all thing.

    Well what can I say the TV show is good and all that but the first season was pretty good for the first time seeing it. But i think my favorite people in the tv show would be Aang Sokka and momo. But still it has been a long time since I've seen the show probly since I was a 13 years old and still in Middle School. But now I am 18 years old anf yet I am still a fan of the show. And since the Movie it's self came out into movie I really loved that. But even that they skiped a few parts of the tv into the movie I still love it.
  • It seems every time I watch this, there's something new to learn, or has been learned

    The intensity of this show is amazing. I also like the fact that this show points out that there is nothing wrong with extraordinary talents (or in this universe, magic). I myself am a Kataang shipper, but has anyone considered a Zuko/Toph pairing? She'd be strong enough to get him into some sort of emotional stability . . . and able to handle his firebending, since I'm certain that regular firebending can't do much to earth . . . it takes way too high of a heat to melt earth (check out the facts at any volcano). Both headstrong people, but they might be able to temper each other.
    Anyways, I love this show, and think it's one of the best shows that nick has ever had (along with Danny Phantom)
  • Nick's best show and one of the best cartoons of all time.

    Wow. Just wow. This was an amazing show that was barely even a kid's show to begin with. The story is that the fire nation is taking over everything. Only the Avatar, the person that can bend all four elements (water, air, earth, and fire) can stop the fire nation. The plot may sound weird, but the show was a lot better. The creators were really into martial arts, since all lot of the fighting done was based on real martial arts, such as tai-chi, preying mantis kung-fu, and bag-wa (forgive me for spelling). The show had a lot of action and was really explosive, with fire flying everywhere and stuff exploding. What really made the show great was the characters, particularly their development over the three seasons. Aang: the Avatar and secondary comic relief. Cool in battle, but immature outside of it. Can be funny at times.
    Katara: The one who keeps the story on track. She's never really silly, and always wants to stay on track. Whoever played her was excellent at acting.
    Saka: The comic relief. Never seroius. Never really liked him.
    Zuko: The other serious character and the main antagonist for most of the show's running. Has a large scar.

    This show is NOT for very young kids, however. SPOILER Zuko actually got his scar from his father burning him in battle, Katara's mother died in a raid, and there is violence in pretty much every episode. In the end, WATCH THIS SHOW! You owe it to yourself. All three seasons are available on Netflix (THANK YOU!) so watch it. 10/10
  • best show ever

    I started wacthing this show with my nephew a couple of years ago, and at first I didn't think much of it. But then I saw the episode where the avatar went to kyoshi island and I was hooked. Now I have introduced the show to my children and my wife and they all love the show. We watch the show every time it comes on and even have an avatar night once a month. To me the show has replaced the simpsons and I'm a huge simpsons collector. Now I have something new to start collecting.
  • Avatar legen of aang is the greatest show ever, it really saved nickolodian from its usually sucky shows

    So this show is one of the best iv seen in my entire life, the reason im doing this post is because i want to discuss about how GREAT season 3 was - it was unexpected, amazing, funny and it had the great ending of how aang defeated the fire lord/Pheonix king with all 4 elements. It was an amazing show on how he combined his powers to come together and defeat the fire lor ( i wont go into details for people who havent seen the end) but the way Zuko took the lightning strike for Katara was really cool and definatly earned the teams respect. Season 3 people say is BAD but i believe that it was amazing - i dont get why its so bad. Honestly though, what is so bad all he does is learn fire bending from Zuko!!!!!!!!!!!
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