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  • This show is pure brilliance

    I rarely give such high ratings to any show but this one blew me away. The plot is simple enough:In a world ravaged by war, Sokka and Katara, a brother and sister of the Southern Water Tribe, discover a boy trapped in an iceberg and set him free. The boy, Aang, turns out to be the Avatar, master of all 4 elements and the preserver of balance in the world. The series follows Aang,Sokka and Katara's adventures as they struggle to end a century long war by defeating Fire Lord Ozai and his minions. Now, I will enumerate the various factors that,in my opinion, make this show what it is

    1.The World: The series is well animated overall and the Avatar world or universe as some would like to call it is alive with so many rather cute hybridized animals(lion turtle, Platypus Bear etc.) as well as beautiful locations(Omashu, Ba Sing Se, The Northern Water Tribe etc.) yet it also suffers many of the problems of the real world like pollution(mainly in the fire nation)etc.

    2. The Bending: In many a Shounen anime, the protagonist and his allies as well as the antagonists have these "cool" powers which are absolutely useless for anything other than overblown fights. The usefulness of the bending abilities is an ode to the amount of thought put by the creators of the show. Bending is good for fighting yet also useful in daily life in a number of ways. Even the Avatar has a purpose in bringing balance to the world and maintaining peace. They don't undermine that power by having Aang spam the Avatar State every few episodes and instead,he has to use his own skills for fights.

    3. The Themes: Aside from the central theme of war and it's consequences, the series deals with many a real world issue like discrimination(the conflict between the Zhang and Ganjin), sexism(the Water Tribes), corruption(the Dai Li),pollution(the Painted Lady), even some psychological issues(mostly with Zuko). The Fire Nation is the picture of what we would imagine a communist state like the erstwhile Soviet Union or Nazi Germany would be like. Azula and Zuko are victims of a harsh,abusive childhood in their own ways. Yet both the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes have their own problems best represented by Katara, Sokka, and Toph. 4. The Characters: In addition to the above mentioned qualities, Avatar:The Last Airbender has a series of fantastic, well developed characters. You feel for Aang and want him to succeed in his journey,yet you even feel for Appa and Momo. Zuko's own journey and his evolution through the series is also an interesting subplot and you just wait for the time when his and Aang's destinies inevitably join. Every character is colourful and true to life in their own little way. Firelord Sozin represents the proverb"the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and Ozai represents what Zuko could've become. You even pity Azula's final mental breakdown, which, while I did not like it(it took away the biggest part of her personality:her calm,precise,and methodical nature) was necessary for Zuko and Katara's victory. Overall, this was by far the best animated series I've seen so far and I hope it's sequel "Legend of Korra" will be as good.
  • I used to like this show a lot. Now when I see it, I say "Ugh! I'm tired of this!"

    Avatar the last airbender is about a kid who finds out he's the avatar when he is awakened from an ice burg by a water bender named Katara and her brother Sokka. They go on adventures and meet new friends...blah blah blah. And then Aang and Katara live together happily ever after at the end of the series. THAT ALWAYS HAPPENS!!!!! The creators push two characters together when a show is about to end. They just say "Hey! Let's make these 2 characters a couple!" and they push em together and it annoys us to death (but we can still make up yaoi and yuri couples too :)) Avatar was great at the beginning. Then Toph came (I hate Toph) and the show was ruined.
  • Not bad

    I've only seen this show a couple times, but for the most part it's enjoyable and worth watching. It's about a boy named Aang (hope I spelled that right) being the last of a race of people who can control the four forces of nature (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) and defeat the evil forces of the Fire Nation from taking over the world. I've only seen this show a couple times, and for the most part it was great. I think the story is a little confusing, but I haven't seen many eps so thats probablly why. Worth Watching. 8/10 B-
  • This is just the kinda cartoon that should be shown.

    Now why isnt there anymore shows like this? It's a perfect balance of everything, action, humor, romance, great story, superb writing, great voiceactors, great animation style. i can truthfully say this is my favorite cartoon. And it's not a "kid's" cartoon either, unlike all the rest of the crappy shows on nick and disney and whatnot, its a show for everyone. Ok, maybe not everyone but you catch my drift. I'm 20 years old, my brother is 22, and we can't wait for the next episode when we just finished the current one. Favorite guy has to be Sokka, the groups idea guy, the only nonbender, the jokster (intented or otherwise). He simlpy kicks butt(allowed to use the a word?) and so does Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • About the worst show I have ever seen...

    Sorry to all the people that like it, but it is for one, getting WAY to much credit, and for 2, being played way to much for a new show. The kid in here for one is totally creepy. I know that has nothing to do with the show... but he is. For another thing,it tells you he is the ONLY avatar in every single eppisode, do they think we have memory loss? I mean, come on, we all get the picture already! Yeesh! It replays pretty much the same stuff over and over again. I have seen at least 5 eppisodes, and no longer even try to watch it, because it is telling me a lot of the same things over again! I am a huge fan of shows, and I normally wouldn't be this harsh against one, but this is definatly not a show I would want to keep on watching. Even if I was bored, I think I would rather watch the history channel then attempt to watch this. For another thing, he is like a little kid, and i couldn't possible see him saving the world in one single way. This isn't even close to being an exciting show, and I don't think there was much effort being put into it. Once again, this is my oppinion, and I really am a nice person, and don't mean to make it sound extremly bad or anything, but it isn't in one way my type of thing. I may be the only person that thinks this, I have no idea, but I just don't care for it, and I want to see how much people agree with me on this. And I am REALLY sorry for the people that like it, and don't agree :P
  • The avatar lives on even if the show is over.

    Avatar the Last Airbender was the only show that I liked on Nick and is the single most show that combines all my favorites into one. The animation detail done into this and the asian culture that it was placed on was sheer brillance. The intense story line made me watch more and the way they developed the characters was cutting edge. The ideas on how the war was going on made it feel like an actual battle to save everything on the earth. The drama and the hilarious scenes can make me feel like i am watching something that was created by a Japanese anime legend.
  • this is a good show

    this is a show about a boy name Aang the last airbender and the all powerful Avatar who can master all 4 elements Air Water Earth and Fire as the Avatar Aang travels the world with Katara his best friend and love intest and Katara's dumb warrior and funny meat joke funnyman Sokka a wantabee warrior. As Aang travel the evil fire nation and other bad guys want to take over the world. Will Aang be able to master all 4 elements and stop a War thats been going on for a 100 years.

    This is one of the best show to aire on Nickeloden one of the best
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender is an anime show on Nick. It is about a world where there is four nations, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The Fire Nation has been waging war for 100 years, and with the avatar back, it's time to save the world.

    I started watching this TV show when I was eight years old. I was addicted right away. Then, we changed TV service networks. I was devastated, but eventually, I forgot about the show. Just recently, I started watching it again. I watched the entire series from start to finish. The show pulls the watcher in to every character's plight and personality. There is Aang, the avatar, who lost everything he ever knew and loved. Katara is the mother figure, even though she is only 14. Her mother was killed by the Fire Nation. Sokka adds humor and sarcasm to the story, even though he is Katara's older brother and hurting inside also. Toph is like a rock. She always holds her own, even against her parents. The main antagonist for most of the series is Prince Zuko. He has a lot of emotional turmoil because he lost his mother to the Fire Nation also (or so he thought). After many adventures and failures, he decides that it is his destiny to help the avatar. This imaginary world is full of humor, adventure, action, and even some cheesy romance! :)
  • In this episode Zuko gets reunited with Uncle Iroh, Uncle Iroh is so happy to see Zuko and doedn't even stutter to forgive him. Zuko has to fight his sister.

    My comments on this are
    1.I was sooooo happy when Uncle Iroh forgave Zuko, I almost cried of joy.
    2. Oh no where is aang... I hope he finds a way to defeat the firelord without killing him (hint, hint nudge, nudge) maybe it envolves a Lion Turtle?
    3. I Love how Zuko and Katara both say "he's not my boyfriend" and "She's not my girlfriend." Hilarious
    4. Also hilarious how Zuko keeps Iroh's sweaty, old sandel and Toph is right, it is kinda' sweet. That is why this episodes is one of my favorites, this show just keeps getting better and better.
  • I dont like this show but sozin,s comet was good(spoilers)

    As you Know I dont like avatar but i gave a a 10 for the remarkable sozin,s comet but i will get onto that in a mintute,first of all tthe reason why i dont liek avatar,is becasause,at the star,its goofy as hell and unintentiably funny,the second season is when the unexpected twists come and characters change alot,for instence katara,s bro is always changing hairstyle, aang got hair! and katara changed hers too.Then season three were zuko became a good katara,s brother yet again changed his hair,and the characters lear flashback bending i remember the episode were they went to see a play,it sucked badly it wasnt even funny or dramatic a couple chuckles here and there,but it was bad,but avat suffered and amazing leap form befor with sozin,s comet the art desing,action,direction was all flawless and it was a good 4 episodes long each episode is about half an hour so 4 epsiodes would be about 2 hours wich a a movie man o, man sozins comet was amazing if you dont like avatar theres a good chance you will still sozin,z comet man 0, man over9,00/10 sozin,s comet has a perfect win!!!!11111oneoneone
  • Definetely one of the best, most thought-out, and just brilliant cartoons on the planet.

    When I first saw the commercials for Avatar, I thought, "Oh, here we go again, another American Anime..." I hate anime. But this show from the moment I turned it on, midway through the first episode, I realized that this could be a promising show. And I was completely right. The show combined slapstick humor with intense action, engrossing romance, and a storyline that left me wanting more. After the end of the show, I was immensely sorrow. Now with a live-action movie coming out, I see that the show was a marvel that will definetely rival huge programs such as Spongebob Squarepants and will go down as one of the greatest cartoons of our time. Animation: 8/10 A little choppy in small places, but overall great
    Music: 9.5/10 (Loved the intense drum beats)
    Story: 11/10 Definetely one of the best stories in a cartoon
    Characters: 9.5/10 From laid-back Sokka, to never-rest Zuko, all the characters shine
    Overall: 10/10
  • Avatar was a great show, until season 3.

    Avatar was show that captured my eyes and my heart. I was amazed when Nicklodeon picked up this show, because It was not like the typical Nick shows. This show is about a boy who isn't sure if he wants to follow his destiny and is overwhelmed by the responsibility given to him. From the Boy In The Iceberg to Ba Sing Se, the show is an amazing adventure. The animation is beautiful and the character are very Three Dimesional. After seaosn 2, I couldn't wait for season 3 and after I saw the season 3 trailer, my patient really wore thin. But after watching season 3 I was disappointed, everything seemed to be toned down, went to fast, and had less serious episode. Despite, the less than steller third season, Avatar is great show, that I believe many will enjoy.
  • Best show ever! The characters are awesome.Avatar is number one!This is all i can say! :D

    The best show ever! Most of my favourite anime and cartoon were beaten! Avatar is number one!! Favourite all time.The best episode's are..Almost every episode's,Usually the exciting episodes are when Sokka is Joking around and when Toph is around, there are no disappointment.The ending is awesome! I said it once more The ending is awesome! The storyline is cool, episodes after episodes doesn't disappoint me, for real.Chinese martials are magnificent.Especially Earth Bending.I just don't know what to say anymore!Just awesome!The inside avatar world sight is so calm,It make's my mind relax by just watching it. And the other characters are also the one who makes Avatar an exciting show.Damn! I don't what's this feeling inside me.(I think im sick)
  • One of the best t.v. shows ever in my opinion.

    This is not only one of my favorite animated series ever, it is one of my favorite t.v. shows ever. Why? The writing is so intelligent, the characters so interesting and multi-dimensional. Right off the bat you get the sense that Zuko, one of the villains, is actually quite tortured and morally conflicted, and that there's much more to his tea-obsessed chubby uncle than meets the eye. Likewise the "good guys," even Aang, have their weak and dark moments and have to work through emotions like jealousy, rage, distrust and fear. I remember pausing the show once and realizing that in the frame were a disfigured boy (Zuko), a disabled boy in a wheelchair, and a blind girl--all powerful, skilled and smart characters, so much so that I really didn't notice that the show was no doubt intentionally giving some of its characters challenges of this sort. Nice touch! Also lending depth to the show are the shamanic and eastern spiritual motifs: the parallelism of the elements--the "meta-bending" skills of metal bending, blood bending, lightning bending and spirit bending, the chakra lesson Aang receives, the spiritworld sojourns. Most of all I loved the mirrored journeys of Aang and Zuko, that eventually (inevitably) converge. The message of the show, in my mind, is: trust your power, follow your heart, and listen to your conscience, no matter what. When that message is delivered through an epic that also delivers imagination, humor, drama, and romance, you have a true classic. I know I'll want to watch the whole series again in a year or two, and certainly once more when I have kids. Looking forward to the new show set in the same universe. Cheers to the makers of Avatar: The Last Air Bender: Thanks for both the entertainment and the inspiration.
  • the show was great at first but...

    Ok i liked this show a lot not so long ago but it was gone to long when it came back i was all..."...uhh...what happen last time why dose ang have hair?why are they in the middle of fire nation?"so i was all confesed in when i tryed to under stand it i got all confesed - _ - i like this show but it's like it was gone for two years...Or was it...?anyway if it wasnt gone for so long i would of liked it but i do like the old episodes because i know them anyway(agian) it's cool but not great
  • Saved Nickelodeon

    This show is the best Americanized Anime ever. Back in 05 I thought this show was going to be a piece of crap (Because back in 05 Nickelodeon was going extremely downhill). I then gave it a try and saw the 1 hour premiere on Feb 05 since I don't judge the book by the cover, then I kept on watching new eps every Friday and I was amazed. The plot/storyline is amazing, the animation is better then all of the past Nicktoons, and the character development is amazing. Each season got better and better. The series if full of twist (Especially in Book 3), and excitement. Unlike most Series finals THIS one was actually good, and I liked the fact that it was a 2 hour premiere instead of a half-hour premiere. This cartoon is the best.
  • Like most shows, Avatar The Last Airbender, was my favorite, in fact, it still is. Lots, of action, Comedy, Fantasy, and Romance. Too bad, the series had too end. But it was a great series.

    Avatar The Last Airbender, is a story about Aang, a 12 year old boy, Who is the last of his kind, Aang is an Airbender, and also the Avatar, destined to save the world, from the fire nation. However defeating the fire nation will not be easy. Aang will first have to master all four elements. Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. However, it will take more then power, to win. Aang has made many friends over his journey, Sokka, and Kitara. Together, the face many difficult challenges. And have pulled through, in the end. A Great Show, and one of my favorites. And I'm looking forward to the live action movie, that will release in 2010.
  • If I tried to summarize my thoughts about this show, I'd probably understate how awesome it is.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is more than a cartoon. No, it isn't a cartoon at all. In my opinion, that word is mostly used negatively. "Looney Tunes" is a cartoon. "SpongeBob Squarepants" is a cartoon. "Avatar" is NOT a cartoon. It is an epic saga of extreme proportions, one with drama, over-the-top action, mystical powers, adventure, and spunk-- plus, it just HAPPENS to be made by Nickelodeon. During its lifetime, Nickelodeon has been mostly known for making "cartoons"-- animated TV shows focused towards younger viewers, and ones that don't normally have extended, ongoing storylines. Avatar, however, manages to take all of that and turn it upside-down. Not only does this show have a good story, it also has excellent animation, based on the fighting styles of actual martial artists. The show's characters develop reallistically, and interact in ways that are both intriguing and funny. The conflicts that these characters go through and how they handle them is so expertly portrayed by the writers and voice actors that you begin to make a connection with them. To be honest, if I had a choice of watching either this or "LOST", I'd be watching Avatar. Since the storyline is so long and complex, there wouldn't really be any point in me trying to explain it. Just know that it involves the fate of the world. Any questions? I thought not. So go watch it, NOW.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender. Reclaimer of Nickelodeon's shoddy reputation.

    Nickelodeon has a knack for throwing out incredibly popular shows out now and again. These are what have stopped the long running TV Network from going liquid. Spongebob Squarepants entertained kids by the hundreds of thousands and yet still managed to the adults a quick giggle as well. Fairly Odd Parents managed to even steer the incredibly difficult Teen Sector towards cartoons; a light Disney Channel only saw once (Phineas & Ferb), and Cartoon Network has yet to see. The financial summary of the show can be explained in one quick sentence: Whoever told Michael Dante Dimartino & Bryan Konietzko to create this show should be given final payday that'll take even the biggest spender a lifetime to drain. Honestly, this show couldn't get better even if it tried, the only bad point about it is that it stopped.

    In a world rooted in ancient Chinese philosophies, music and culture, Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the adventures of a young boy Aang who is the Avatar; A being of supreme power as he is the only person in the world who can control all of the 4 Elements: Air, Water, Earth & Fire. The show explains that he was frozen in an iceberg for 100 years during which time the Fire Nation (The nation who's natural element is fire)have waged all out war on the rest of the world to prove that fire is the best of the elements. But he never would have got out if it wasn't for Katara and Sokka: Two teenagers from the Southern Water Tribe who discovered the Avatar frozen in an iceberg. On the path to mastering the other 3 Elements (Aang is an airbender), the group must constantly evade the attacks of Crown Prince Zuko. A complicated individual who hunts the Avatar in order to lift his banishment, along with his comedic uncle Iroh, probably best described as Zuko's conscience. As viewers will find out during the series, Zuko's alliances are not always set in stone. Along, the way Aang and his little group (Nicknamed "Team Avatar" by Sokka) juggle all important avatar training with helping locals fight off the Fire Nation. What separates this show with all others in it's class is that it attracts all audiences. Adults and Children alike have something to like about the show. The quick witted humour and powerful action sequences attract the children, and mature themes (such as love interests, conflicts of heart and closeness of the group) attract the adults.

    If opinions don't make you want to watch this show, then numbers might. The show averaged around 3.6 million views for each episode, and 5.9 million for the finale.

    If you want my honest opinion WATCH THIS SHOW.
  • huge and wildy popular enertaing show

    avatar the last airbender was huge show when it came on in 2005. it was about anang the last avatar he controlled all the elements each tribe cold control a diffrent element but the avatar had the power of all of them the basics earth win fire and water. it was cool the way they used the elements could make the water rise shoot fire and could control fire from diffrent parts like with all the elements and cold make bolders and the ground rise and the water could shoot out water and could make the ocens rise and diffrent thing he travled with kataria and her brother the two of them had to help anang on quest master the elements and to stop the fire nation.
  • The quest to redeem and save the world through personal sacrifice. The Avatar must save his people and redeem himself as a hero.

    A cartoon that brings back some of the nobility that cartoons once had that really can only be seen in video games now. It has themes of courage and personal strength that run much deeper than physical prowess or attitude. With perhaps too childish a presentation for me it still reminds me of the noble nature that I like coupled with a stong sense of the everyman rising up to become great.

    Being not young I feel guilty watching Nickelodeon for this show sometimes (along with Spongebob), but I don't want to stop. It has more substance to it than many of the more popular and mainstream cartoons, and I find it more entertaining than many sitcoms or reality shows.

    If you are looking for a classic fantasy story that would lend itself perfectly to a role playing game then look no further.
  • whoa

    Avatar is the first American show to grab my attention in a LONG time. I am hooked on this show - the plot, the characters. It is beautifully animated, and everything about it is so interesting. My only gripe is the bad writing at times, but overall - I am hooked and look forward to the development of the characters and how the plot reaches fruition. This is a very very good cartoon, but I reccomend watching it chronologically to get a better understanding of it. As by accident you may see one of the more childish episodes. But trust me, what we have here is a gem, especially considering it's on Nickelodeon.
  • Wish it never ended.

    I love this show so much. It just wasn't meant to end. Even though the series is over and has been a long time, I still watch episodes 24-7 (it's kind of sad) I'd have to say that my favorite aspect of A:TLA is how it's such a good blend of action and emotion. I didn't become a fan until after it ended and would watch episodes on tv every now and then. It's confusing if you just jump into it, but to start in the beginning and watch it all the way through like I did makes it the most well put together show on Nickelodeon. I'd go back and watch the entire thing over again in a heartbeat.
  • Avatar : A great series" In a world where there are four elements, and masters of each elements called benders, the fire nation decides to invade when the last Avatar (the one who masters 4 elements) dies, starting by killing all Airbenders

    Avatar : A great show"

    The idea of four elements is used here in a very interesting way, each having specific properties, that also shape the cultures of each tribe. The story of the avatars is also an interesting one.

    The characters help a lot to the development of the main characters. The story arch, develops nicely among the 3 books, with some nice pauses to tell side stories. Yet there are a few episodes that are kind of slow like "The swamp".
    Also a great comic relief in each episode. That has become more comic since book 2 on between Sokka and Toph.
    Voice of characters is good too, and helps a lot to give more depth to the personality of each character, like Katara and the sweet but hard voice helps to her maternal personality, Or the anxious Zukko voice helps with his down and angry personality.
  • In response to the review posted by BSirum on 27 August, I think you're being a bit hard on Nick. I noted this week that they have started to air Avatar with a 'Mature Themes' warning.

    I'm not sure exactly what content prompted them to add this warning, when they are airing the show at 9am where I am, but we're still getting regular new episodes every Saturday am. Although I do agree that there was a huge gap and a long wait for the new Book 3 episodes. We did get intermittent repeats of old episodes in the meantime, but they didn't seem to have a regular schedule.
    Have you noticed a distinct change in the language, theme and tone of the new episodes? Although I still love the show, I do note that it has taken on a more mature tone, and this may be the reason that Nickelodeon has chosen to move the show to a different time slot, or cancel it in some markets altogether. As I mentioned before, we now see it with 'Mature Content' warning, so I'm glad that I TiVo it, and then watch it with my kids afterwards. That way, if I think anything is inappropriate, I can turn the episode off.
  • Introduced me to drama television - animated drama television!

    Avatar is, in a few words: brilliant, amazing, and intriguing. Why? Because this anime-action-drama-comedy is packed with great animation, captivating stories and light-hearted humor. Avatar has a continuous storyline that moves on episode after episode, instead of episodes that stand by themselves. The characters are entertaining and interesting to watch, and the premise of the show itself is original and thought-provoking

    The characters really drive the show from storyline to storyline. The hero, Aang, is fun and light-hearted, and the way he grows as a person and avatar are interesting. Katara provides a more stable character and Sokka works as a comic relief. Zuko is one of the most complex characters, constantly switching alliances and bonding with his uncle. My favorite character has to be the ruthless Azula, a raging sociopath who has a dark and sadistic personality.

    While some of the episodes may seem boring or unnecessary, most provide an exciting viewing experience. The whole show doesn't deteriorate, it stays excellent consistenty thoughout. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Where would I start?

    Avatar the Last Airbender looks like a show that are for kids 10 and under. Think again. There's no way its that kind of show. Avatar is packed with everything there is to love in a show, drama, action, comedy, romance, you get what I'm trying to say. I'm not sure why, but this is the show that I'll never be able to forget. I am so sad that the producers ended this show just after Book 3: Fire. This show could have been as good as Lost or any other show that had like 5 seasons. I'm sad to see this show go on air and off so quickly, I've known many people, (not just kids) who said that they loved this show and if I were the producers, I would make another 2 seasons at least.
  • Didnt start that great, probably will end a lot worse.

    This show is REALLY kiddy. I like seeing it as Teen Titans for younger people. I mean, I really dislike Nick, but this show isnt even the best (action show) on the networrk. Danny Phantom is alot better. The plot is really bad, I takes to long to understand. A lot of my friends really like this show, but I do not understand why. The characters are unoriginal, the villianous mood is not that tempting, and most of the characters are really like today's kids, not like kids in the time era of that show. In conclusion, do not watch this show. Just change it.
  • This is probably the worst of the anime wanna-bes.

    Like no one has ever made a show where people had elements as powers. This guy is also bad at animating, they're not good with making it move because the people are constantly freezing up in one place where all they're trying to just turn around. Another aspect is lack of comedy, without it, it makes the show very long and borring. There's not too many fight sceenes supprisingly for an action show when they mostly just talk and go from island to island and taking a long time to find out how to find one element to bend. In other words, a slow not-as-actionpacked-as-it-should-be action show that is long and boring.
  • it's ok

    i kinda don't really get it but i still gave it a good score so i guess it'll stay on my fave shows section.I haven't seen much and known much about this show but i'll keep 6.3 as the offical avatar score by rksexy2finger which will be me of corse.
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