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  • They call this Anime!?

    Yeah, you thought of this pile of junk? Like I said, this is the cheesiest Anime I've ever seen. Well, whoever thought of this probably has no experience with Anime. I mean look at that junky anime art!

    A good example of Anime is Inuyasha. It became pretty successful. Now, Avatar on the other hand, is a bit successful but no Anime whatsoever.

    In my opinion, Nick should never have broadcast Avatar. I agree with a certain user that maybe they should have put this show on Cartoon Network. But they shouldn't classify this Anime wanna-be as good as other Anime shows.
  • Avatar is one of the finest examples of Television Programming that I have ever seen. It improves every season! This is one of the few shows that I would excitedly wait each week for the new episode.

    Avatar is MY favorite PROGRAM, not just animated show. It has amazing characters, the script is flawless, OUTSTANDING backgrounds and art, and a beautiful music score. Most other shows cannot come into comparison with this one... The bending is handled very nicely, and looks very clean on the screen. The final Agni Kai was beautifully animated with a great musical score. The second season in my opinion is the best. Azula, Ty Lee, Katara, Aang, Zuko, and Toph are my favorite characters. Anyways, I just absolutely love this fantastic show!

    Overall, this is an amazing show! :D

    By: SangoFan22, from tv.com
  • The only flaw I found, was that it wasn't long enough

    While I do agree that all good things must come to an end, I also agree that all good things must be enjoyed to the fullest. I still can't believe that I didn't watch Avatar the first year it premiered, and now that it's over, I'm still not ready to let go. Avatar's Finale was spectacular and no doubt lived up to it's hype, Yet it still managed to leave a few loose ends. I don't think I need to mention which of these threads I'm referring to, as mostly Avatar fans will read this. But I do think I speak for every fan when I say, "Long live the Avatar."
  • I have to say that this show is not that good.In the begining I watched it.And I liked it! I happly waited for the next with joy.All of the sudden,it stoped.I missed an episod and when I saw it,it was bad!So sorry to say but this isnt my fav show.

    I have to say that this show is not that good.In the begining I watched it.And I liked it! I happly waited for the next with joy.All of the sudden,it stoped.I missed an episod and when I saw it,it was bad!So sorry to say but this isnt my fav show.
  • It's about a young boy, named Aang, who is known as The Avatar. In this world there are four different kinds of bending(or special abilities). Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. The Avatar(master of all bendings) is said to be able to create peace between the n

    It's a really good show. It's obviously for younger viewers but I enjoy it for it's simplicity. Aang and his friends have a lot of cool adventures but it gets kinda slow at times. It tries to teach a lot of life lessons which goes along with the "for younger viewers". But Aang's honest and naive look on the world is kind of refreshing.
  • the show avatar is great showing the journey of aang the airbender i would give it this score because it techniclly is not an anime from japan but people claim it is so it is overhyped

    this show is a great and very accurate in its fighting styles but having a twist to them they manipulate elements it seemed a little dbz/fma ish but the journey and the characters tottaly unique showing two characters the once exiled prince zuko and the very last airbender anng who journys with two eskemos basicly one who yells and thrashes his sword around while the other one can manipulate water and just to balance it out between peppy jumpy and motherly they throw a earthbender into the mix, yes you guessed it the serious one highly predictable in its balance scince this tatic has been used before by other well known shows and movies it is a good tatic but now i would guess thyere going to have a firebender travel with this seemingly strange faimly
  • This show is so new and different there's no way someone could possibly dislike it!

    I've always liked characters with powers and stuff, like witches and vampires. But those creatures are nothing compared to Avatar: The Last Airbender characters! This show is so different and awesome, it even makes me wish I was an airbender!! And, not only is it fun to watch, every episode has an extremely different adventure from the others, but it's funny too! I just love it when Sokka makes those comments, and when he's the one that keeps getting hit all the time, like, if they throw a rock, you can bet $100 that he'll get hit in the forehead!! Take it from me, I love to watch cartoons, and I'm 17 (shhh), THIS SHOW ROCKS!!
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender was one of Nickelodeon's first shows to incorporate an Eastern style and proved to be successful. The story is about a young boy Aang who was locked in ice for 100 years and in a midst of a war he has to save the world.

    Okay, so I really wanted to see how an anime style cartoon would do on Nickelodeon so I turned it on a few times. The story between the four warring countries and the Avatar (Aang) saving the world was mildly interesting, not really an original scenario, but originality hasn't been Nickelodeon's specialty recently (I think we've seen enough horrible Rugrats spinoffs, Fairly Odd Parents movies, etc. ).

    Recognizing the cake around the doughnut instead of the hole in the middle, I really found the artwork beautiful, especially the environments, almost resembling a Dali piece crossed with a Hikushima piece. The production quality of the show was well done and very pretty, excluding a few CGI glitches. The voice acting was superb, better than some anime series I've watched.

    On the downside, the story was incredibly linear and dry in contrast to how pretty the show appeared. The four warring states and "bending" styles could all be traced to animes like Naruto; very unoriginal. It seemed to parody animes, I wasn't too happy how it did. The story winds down quickly and you'll be bored out of your mind after three episodes. Please, this sounds like something an eight-year-old would think of, don't watch it if you like very complex storylines, it just in dry. All style, no substance.
  • This show really sucks.Plot,characters all Boring!

    I always hated anime so istill decided to give it a chance and of course like all other japanese like cartoons this one sucks too.I hate it its so stupid an dboring i cant finish an episode without yawning or complaining at least once.

    Even other crapy shows that nick has out there is better than this.Where r the good ol wild thornberry,rugrats,arnold,etc... classic days? Now those shows deserved an emmy they rocked.Now cartoons are starting to suck all.
  • Very Boring!

    Common now, some little annoying kid going around kicking everyones behind. Yeah right, give me a break will ya. This is a pointless show, cause he rides creatures that aren't very cool at all, and he's just some kid. The point of the story also is very good, it's just puts no real interest in things. I can understand monsters and crazy animal, but the animals and monsters drawn in that show are boring, the artists are bad, or whoever thought of that doesn't have much of imagination. They use penguins and just add an extra wing, that make it boring!

    ... Is what Nick was thinking when they came up with Avatar.

    Avatar is an overrated ball of garbage. It's like watching a dying animal: Only barely alive and trying to get up, but failing. It confuses me how huge the fanbase for this show is.

    Not only is it just not good, but it's another sad attempt to imitate anime in order to get more money. I'm very, very depressed that it worked. I would have been less depressed if the show was actually GOOD.

    Bottom line: Ick. Don't watch this.
  • My real review Good

    Who can learn to harness their inborn talent and manipulate their native element. Bending is a powerful form combining martial art and elemental magic. In each generation, only one bender is solely capable of controlling all four elements. That bender is the Avatar. The Avatar is the spirit of the world manifested in human form. When the Avatar dies, it reincarnates into the next nation in the cycle. Starting with the mastery of his or her native element, the Avatar learns to bend all four elements. Throughout the ages, the countless incarnations of the Avatar have served to keep the four nations in harmony. This show is good but its not my type of show. Im not saying I love it but I don't hate it.
    Finall for this show 8/10 80%
  • The new avatar sets out to stop the fire lord from taking over the world.

    The new avatar is a boy named Aang. He ran away from his home when he was 12, because he found out he was the avatar. Two water tribe siblings, by the name of Katara and Sokka, find him one hundred years later fozen in an ice burg. After Katara accidentally frees him from it, Aang immediately falls in love with her, giving new meaning to the phrase, love at first sight. The three travel the world together, helping Aang find masters for water, earth, and fire. While they are trying to find teachers, a very angry, exiled fire nation prince named Zuko, is trying to capture Aang to regain his honor.
  • Drama! Suspense! Soothsayer! The "Aang Gang" arrives at a town where the local fortune-teller is revered, and the futures of the gang of are revealed.But, when tragedy threatens to strike, Aang hatches a plan to save the wayward town from destruction.

    This episode is a great example of the how talented and under-appreciated the staff of this show is. The Fortune-Teller is a superb episode! The kids become obsessed with knowing their futures and in the end they learn about the dangers of knowing to much and that they can control their own destines. Aang and Katara search for love in all the wrong places, and just when Aang thinks Katara will never love him, she realizes that her fortune and destiny could be linked to Aang. The romance here is touching and written to perfection. I give this an episode A. P.S. Sokka gets an A+ because, come on, he's Sokka!
  • Four elements, Four Nations, One Avatar.

    This show is simply excellent, it has what every great anime has, excellent plot, great characters, awsome battle scenes and a little good humor, i know the show isn't an anime, but still, it is awsome.
    The plot is really beautiful, besides the whole being able to bend elements thing, the story and the characters are very human, everything they do is for a reason, they don't do generic stuff, and during the series they all grow more and more, you can easly notice a difference in every character between the beggining and he end of the season.
    In conclusion, this is a ver recomendable series, 61 episodes of action, drama and humor that show one great storyline.
  • A great show, with even better values! I haven't seen such in this genre for many years now. If you think that you are too old to watch cartoons, then think again and you might actually learn something!

    After watching the entire 1st season within 24 hours, I know I have too much free time, I think I can say this show is amazing and highly addictive.

    I don't remember being so hooked on a cartoon, since 10 years now, when they started airing Dragonball in Hungary. I was literary running home every afternoon from school just to catch the latest episode from the very beginning. I had one problem with it though, that too many episodes were just a complete waste of time to watch, and therefore to create as well. I'm talking about the episodes where the story didn't continue of course.

    And here is when the creators of Avatar make an exceptionally good job. I could see that every episode brought something new something exciting and still familiar. The story slowly, but continuously, revealed itself with one clear goal for the season finale (To reach to the North Pole).

    The characters are deep and yet easily understandable. My personal favorite is Uncle Iroh, I just love what his character stands for, I can easily see him on Aang side at the final battle. He is disciplined, but not rabid at all, knows when to act but relaxed all the time. He is just superb! He is a great role model for any Uncle out there.

    I just can't wait to have some more time to start watching season two. I hope it's just as great as the first one was, and I can only hope that the creators won't ruin this show, with making more episode out of it then they should.

    And for all the parents out there: I know many of you are concerned about what your children might see on TV,and how it affects their lives. This series is not only completely harmless, but communicates some great values, about friendship, family, the rules of rivalry, the importance of learning, and many others. Not believing me, then see it for yourselves.

  • it was funny when aunt wu tells sokka that his life is full of anguish and most of it is self-inflicted and when he kicks a rock it rebounds and hits him back

    Sokka is the most funniest character and to prove it there is Aunt Wu's prediction. Also that he is no bender and he has a boomerang, he has a ponytail, just like Zuko's but Zuko's looks much nicer. Something funny about Sokka is his voice. It is cracky, just as Katara mentioned it, in the episode Jet. He could never be a leader because his instincts are mostly wrong. I like that he never quits, just like in the episode the Library. He finds out about the solar eclipse and doesn't quit until the Earth King of Ba Sing Se finds out the important news.
  • If you are a cartoon fanatic, heck if you want to just watch something that's really good, you owe it to yourself to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Best animated cartoon ever produced? It is definitely up there. An action cartoon where we are treated with a definite feel of progress and closure. How many other cartoons have we watched over the years where a cast of characters set out on a journey to find a sacred jewel that will save the world, find the time portal back home, but are thrown into a never ending journey of episodic half assed plots? Avatar looks to destroy this trend, creating one of the most deepest, creative, and lush universes ever conceived in a cartoon. A wholesome experience filled with action, laugh out loud humour, top notched writing, all presented in greatly detailed world, not many, if at all any, can compare to this cartoon.

    Now despite one of the most unique settings a cartoon can be based on, Avatar's story really isn't anything that special. Four nations have lived in harmony and peace with each nation governing an element they can control; water, earth, fire, and air. One day though, the Fire Nation grew greedy and waged war on the world, whiping out the Air Nomads and have since been clashing with the Earth Kingdoms. The Avatar, master of all four elements and the single one entity capable of stopping the Fire Nation, mysteriously disappeared. Katara and Sokka, two water tribe siblings, rescue the last living airbender from an iceberg where he has been frozen in for a hundred years. His name is Aang, and he also happens to be the Avatar.

    Story doesn't sound anything too deep, and although you will be sort of expecting some deep plot twists late in the last season, there really isn't any. A few surprises here and there, but nothing that will make you jump out of your seat in awe. So Aang needs to learn and master all four of the elements, defeat the Fire Nation, and all is swell, right? The story couldn't be anymore straight forward, but this is not where Avatar excels in. Far too many cartoons and anime often get caught up trying to be too cool, stringing together a way too complicated story that ends up making no sense, or just lazily slapping together a cartoon around a gimmick.

    Avatar excels in the one area important to all forms of entertainment, and that is the characters. The entire cast is just filled with so much life; from the main characters to the supporting, the antagonists to even the animals, Momo and Appa. When your talkless animals have so much personality, you know you're in for a treat! In particular what it does so well is achieve a perfect balance of perfection and flaws within its characters. The problems that they solve aren't beaten to death to the point they become incessantly annoying, and what's even cooler is that the show does a wonderful job of incorporating it within the unique setting of Avatar. For example, Sokka is the lone member of the group incapable of bending elements, so he makes up for it by being the team's tactician and master swordsman. Though if there is one thing that will take your notice before the personality rich characters, it is the whole concept of element bending. At first it seems like another gimmicky power system, but it is amazing how well Avatar makes use of the idea. In every episode, there isn't a single instance where you are taken by how elemental bending replaces energy powered machines in real life. Like how earth benders can create an entire train system running through an entire city, or how water benders can heal wounds. This isn't even the greatest part of the elemental bending system. Ask anyone about Avatar, one of the first things they'll praise about it are the fight scenes. The fights are just so creative, well choreographed, all backed up by a good budget, that Avatar has produced some of the best looking fights ever!

    There are little flaws to this astonishingly well detailed and excellent cartoon, and most of them are so miniscule that happen episode by episode that they aren't even worth mentioning. However, if there was one noticeable down fall, it is the ending. What was shaping up to be an epic grand conclusion ultimately comes out flat, heck it feels rushed. It looked like it was going to end with a bang, a finale for the ages, but it's almost as if all that was built up to that point was a bit wasted. Other than the first two seasons final episodes, there is nothing epic about Avatar.

    In the grand scheme of things though, it doesn't take away from the overall experience. Although the ending could have used some major work and maybe some more heads could have been involved in the storyboard to actually make it epic, everything before that were just masterpieces; the excellent character development, a fun and funny cast, eye pleasing fights, and a unique world that will inspire thousands and thousands of fan fictions with plenty of material to write upon. If you are a cartoon fanatic, heck if you just want to watch something that's really good, you owe it to yourself to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Tough to find a better show than this!

    avatar is a world that is divided between four elemental nations(fire, air, earth, and water) each nation as control over their element threw the process of "bending" and one select person named an avatar has the ability to control all four elements.the fire nation has been waging a war for 100 years since the last avatar disapeared. a tiny boy (avatar ang) frozen in an iceberg is freed by two children of the northern water tribe.Together they set off to stop the fire nation. I was introduced to the show by a friend who is almost 30 now. I never knew that a show put out on nick could be so great. the writing is amazing and genuinely funny considering the 8+ rating. the choreography of the fight scenes are epic and get more powerful and over the top as the seasons go on. my friends all say this show is like watching an Role Playing Game because the characters (not just Ang) all grow strong and their appearances change as the show goes on. I do have a few gripes with the speedy ending of the third and final season. the final four episodes are rolled into one episode and it doesnt' disappoint but i felt like the final season was going way to quickly. I still watch the final four episodes from time to time just for the 2 best fights (ang vs phoenix king and zuko vs azula). i still get chills from the score of the zuko vs. azula fight. this show has heart and alot of it. All the Characters even the bad guys/gals get tons of character treatment/development and you learn to love them all. I can't recommend this show enough. Don't pass up on this show even if you think your too old for it. Sit threw the first 5 episodes and I have no doubt you wont be able to stop watching.
  • Southern Ice Tribe Members Sokka and Katara find Aang the last Air Nomand and the Avatar who has not been seen in over a 100 years. He must master all 4 elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth and save the world from the evil Fire Nation.

    This show is great. It has tons of action and the comedy is even good for a kids centered TV show. I hope the movie is as good as the show. The Charaters are all great. Aang is a fun loving boy but he is the avatar and his intense power. Katra is the sweet loving girl who is a water bender and teaches Aang waterbending. Sokka is a warrior of the water tribe with heavy sarcasm and comes up with some good ideahs. Zuko is the banished Prince who must capture the avatar. His uncle Iroh was a firece genreall and now mentors young Zuku. He loves tea and takes life very realxed unlike Zuku who is very series. Toph is one of the most powerful Earthbenders there is she is young and blind too she joins the gang of Aang, Sokka and Katra in season 2. Fire lord OZI the main bad guy of the series. Oppa is Aang flying bison. Momo is Aang pet who is a flying lemer. Azulu, Zuku evil sister who hates him. Admiral Zoah and easly anger Firebender who hunts the Avatar as well. Suki a Kashick warror that hase a love intrest with Sokka. Hakoda the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and father of Sokka and Katara. Avatar Roku who was the previous Avatar incarnation who existed before Aang. (sorry for any spelling and gramer mistakes not best at that.
  • I love this show, i didnt think it would be good, but now i realize that it is amazing, it has great morals, along with great humor, action, and an amazing story, I wish they would continue the story, instead of a live action movie.

    If they were to continue the story by creating more books, i think the creators would make a lot more bank/money and that nickelodeon would be saved, I really hope they bring this show back, like they continued the rest of the story has a short book, by zuko finding his mother, aang trying to get people to stop hating fire nation and spreading peace and helping people back up on there feet, and then they could create a new book where everything is restored but then evil rizes and azula attacks zuko and becomes a bigger psychopath, by this time aang is sixteen and everyone ages, and they are mature, but still funny, and appa finds a female sky bison and has more sky bison , same with momo, lol just a thought, i really hope they bring this show back
  • Nickelodeon, this is how you do it.

    This show is beautiful. It has the one thing that other shows lack on this channel lack, a proper storyline from episode to episode. It doesn't rely on random humor. This is something Nickelodeon can't seem to grasp; A show with heart. With beautiful animation and story, Avatar really brings all the characters to life. While it was a terrific show, it did have its faults. For example, the show felt way too short. It really could have used a fourth season. I felt that the length of the show reflected on the some things like relationships and character development, for example, Zuko. Zuko's transition from "bad" to good was sort of rushed, and I never liked how he came to join the team. His relationship with Mai was just horribly written, despite the potential it had. (Even though personally, a relationship with Katara would have been extremely interesting if they went with it, but alas, what can you do?) The last season was also compromised of too many filler-like episodes. Did we really need an entire episode dedicated to Aang's nightmares? Sometimes I felt like during Book: Fire, they were saving all their creative juices for the finale. So in comparision to the finale, the rest of that season wasn't too memorable. But what an epic finale it was, mind you. If only they could have sprinkled some of that finale magic on the rest of the show, it would have been awesome. I own all the boxsets of this show, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 9/10.
  • Despite it being a Nickelodeon show aimed towards children and preteens, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a truly unique and heartfelt show whose message is relatable to people of all ages.

    The four nations have fallen out of balance. The Fire Nation is out to take over the world, the Air Nomads are wiped out. The world is in turmoil. It falls to a twelve-year-old Avatar named Aang, the last remaining Airbender in the world, to set things right. This premise sets the stage for what I consider to be Nickelodeon's greatest television series yet. The work that went into producing this series is obvious. The story across all seasons is extremely well-rounded, with most, if not all, of the questions the viewers have being answered by the end. Character development is exceptional; while some characters go through more transformation than others, they all have experiences that change their lives to some degree. Aang takes up his responsibility and really matures and faces his destiny. Katara matures as well, but in a different way, letting go of her pent-up anger over her mother's death and moving on. Sokka undergoes several attitude adjustments which results in his character being far more agreeable. Zuko perhaps suffers the most emotionally, and grows from an antagonist, to something in-between, to a reluctant enemy, to a hero. Even the main villains' characters aren't ignored by the series' exceptional writers, as Azula, cunning and confident, slowly gives in to her mental instability, and we watch as her state of mind rapidly deteriorates.

    On another note, the characters that remain largely the same throughout the series are just as engaging. Toph is an enjoyable foil to Katara, a blind but stubborn and more than accomplished Earthbender whose tough exterior belies a genuinely kind girl who cares nothing for other's perception of her. Zuko's uncle Iroh stands by his nephew at all times, offering advice which relates to not only Zuko, but to all of us, and no matter what circumstance he finds himself in he never gives in to worry. The bending is always fun to watch and brilliantly conceptualized: each form of bending is based on a traditional Chinese martial art that most relates to the ideas and mythology present in its parallel element. This makes for some wonderful action scenes which are meticulously animated.

    On a less positive note, the distinct "anime" look to the animation may put off some viewers who are new to the expressions used in that style. In spite of the legitimate and witty humor that shines in Avatar, the writing is also peppered with "potty jokes" for the younger viewers, and while groan-inducing at times, isn't enough to overshadow the brilliant characters and story.

    The message about balance and meeting one's destiny that is so prevalent in Avatar doesn't only work for the show: much of the wisdom between the lines of the script can be applied by us, the viewers. This is what really sets it apart from other Nickelodeon shows, even many other television shows in general.

    10 out of 10.
  • Please read the rest of it ^_^ I love avatar by the way! I cannot wait for the movie! Long ago four nations lived in Harmony; Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Air Nomads and Fire Nation.

    Until the Fire Nation expanded their economy, wiping the Air nomads to a brink of distinction. With havoc on the loose, due to the Fire Lord, Air, Water, Fire and Earth benders are dramatically deteriorating. A young water-bender named 'Katara' and her obnoxious older brother 'Sokka' discovered the Avatar that had been lost for 100 years. The three set out on a journey to enable 'Aang' (the Avatar) to master all four bending techniques. Gaining friends along the way, they're also being hunted by a ferocious Fire-bender, 'Zuko'. With little time left, 100 years of mysterious will be unravelled.
  • Use to not like it, now I can't stop watching it LOL!

    When this show aired, it looked boring. That was when I only wanted to watch cartoons, no anime, no live action. But now I'm more into anime, and when Nicktoons Network started airing the Avitar extras (kinda like pop up vids), I wanted to watch it because I'm into that behind-the-scenes stuff. But as I watched the show, I started to really get into it. I'm have now watched about half the episodes, but I want to watch them all!

    This is a great show! It's definately not boring, and can be really funny and cute at times. The show is full of action and great animation. This is definately a show I wish I would of watched from the beginning. Please watch this show! It's AWESOME!
  • so much more than a children's show, really has depth, appeals to all kinds of audiences, above other shows like spongebob and gossip girl

    at first i couldnt pinpoint what exactly drew me to this show. obviously it has amazing animation, and well developed characters that everybody can relate to. the plot line draws you in with the suspense, humor, and interesting adventures that aang goes on. the humor isnt stupid-funny, it actually makes sense and ties in with the show. each characters different, and you're drawn to every one of them for different reasons. even as the show ended, you still want to know what happens next. where's zuko's mother?? i, personally, love the complex character of zuko. from the beginning you could tell there was more to him than capturing the avatar. :)
  • Yeah... My second review for the show... So what... Its freakin awesome!!!

    Best damn story line, best characters, what more can I say!? When it was on TV, I didn't get to see all the episodes, and when I missed them I would just be like 'Oh well.' But now... I would almost cry! I wish they were still on TV, its not fair. Okay, I couldn't believe I only 'liked' this show, its freaking awesome, seriously, I cant get it out of my head. Water, Earth, Fire, Air, I had already loved it when the intro came on... I'm seriously in love with this show (and in love with Zuko, I think he looks cute!) I love how Toph came into the show, and how she stayed with Aang and the others... Avatar is awesome, and I cannot express how great a show this is... I love it!!!
  • My favorite show.

    Avatar rocks! I miss this show being on Nickelodeon, I watched Avatar all the time back before it ended. I saw all the episodes from The Boy in the Iceberg to Avatar Aang. This show is epic and is like, the best show ever! Avatar's still my most favorite show, my favorite character is Toph. I think this show has such great animation, characters, and episodes, that it'll always have you coming back for more. My favorite episode is probably The Blind Bandit! Avatar's quite adventurous, if you haven't seen this show you're really missing out! Aang rocks and is a ture hero for saving the world from the wrath of the Fire Lord (also known as the Phoenix King!)
  • This is the first review of a show that I do not hate.

    Avatar is no doubt the greatest Nicktoon of all time, past and present. It is unlike any other Nicktoon out there. It is wonderfully captivating with its animation and characterization. All of the characters are noteworthy in their each way, providing a significant role throughout the course of the plot. I love the development of characterization as the seasons go by. Aang changes from a happy go lucky Airbender kid to a very serious and respectable character. His three teachers- Katara, Toph, and Zuko- each bring a new personality to the mix of characters. This reflects their style of bending where they teach Aang.
    Katara is changably feminine, especially in battle, where she often fluctuates from the graceful dance-like styles of manipulating water to becoming cold and merciless as ice. As the love interest and main female lead in the show, Katara is often the one who holds the most development in the characterization element. Toph is very brash and solid, often the one who shows her emotions the most. While she is shown to be confrontational at first, we get to see how earthbending truly impacts her life. There is some sympathy to her character, especially being blind, but Toph refuses to be patronized. I love the clashing characterization between Aang, Katara, and Toph, especially in "Bitter Work." Zuko is the best character in the show. At first, he appears to be a merciless and angry person. We then gradually notice his complicated, tortured soil, slowly but steadily conflicting between what he truly wants and what is necessary. Last but not least, Sokka changes from being the comic relief of the group to a respectable inventor and tactician. While he tends to be impatient and reckless, Sokka often demonstrates that there is more to a character's strength (and worth) than simply using "magic," as he calls it. This is especially noteworthy in "The Boiling Rock," where Sokka is able to cause chaos in the facility almost singlehandedly. The animation in the series, especially around the ending (the lion turtle), is top-notch. Of course, when it's made by Koreans in a sweatshop, they have to provide animation of this calibur (or else they're dead). Plot-wise, Avatar is mixed for me. The first season, which tends to have a lot of "filler" episodes, really lacks any epic of characterization. The second season gradually becomes better, as the episodes focus more so on the plot and different characterization elements. The third season is the best- who did not like the Aang/Ozai battle? Avatar is better than any other show on Nickelodeon, especially Spongebob.
  • i love it!! :D

    I love it!! There isn't really alot of cartoons that are cute and funny... but then i watched Avatar and it's just awesome. All my friends watched it and loved it. Sometimes i wish i was a fire bender but then again the others are pretty cool 2. Water can help you alot when you go through the desert or if you want 2 play in the rain. Earth is a nice weapon 2 have and it can lift you up when you want 2 get on top of a mountain. Fire is awesome when you go camping and just 4 fun as well. Air is something you may need alot to move through the sky. HaHa! Avatar is awesome... i hope everyone enjoys it as much as i did.
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