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  • An impressive show that is not just a simple cartoon

    Even though this show is on Nickelodeon (which is known for a lot of child-friendly humor), this show goes beyond expectations and proves itself to not only have jokes here and there, but a well written plot, some drama, tons of action, and likable characters.

    The story follows the tale of Aang, the next Avatar who can restore peace to the world by controlling all four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. He comes in a time where the firebenders have risen to take over all of the nations. The story follows his emotions for being the Avatar, love for Katara, and solving many conflicts with his friends.

    You have to give the show much credibility of including many diverse cultures, such as the many ones from Asia. It's a drastic contrast from the cartoons set in a suburban America. They also deserve respect for also creating the Avatar universe and the many different animals that live in it.

    The art is incredible, like the detail on the scenery and the realism on the elements, such as the animation on the water and fire bending. The action scenes do not disappoint, and have original moves. It pretty much bites that this show has ended, but it had a wonderful run.
  • An interesting show where a young, twelve-year-old boy gets a rude awakening(from being frozen for 100 years) in a time of war. Guided by loyal friends, he sets off to save the world from evil.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is truly one of the best shows that was created for Nick. It is not your normal cartoon, for two reasons. First of all, it is influenced from Asian and Martial Arts themes, a good refreshment from your standard Nick Show. Second, although a cartoon, it reached out to several beyond its intended demographic range, myself included. This show is not mindless humor, and the entire show has a plot. It is unlike others in which every episode can contradict a previous one. Each episode of Avatar is carefully made so that it builds on the previous one, and works toward the ultimate finale.
    It is a real shame this show was done after three seasons.
    The show focuses on character development, and the characters are incredibly real. You feel like you can relate to them. Each character is carefully made, even minor characters like the Cabbage Man. All the characters are memorable, and you would enjoy watching them.
    Finally, the show is a good balance of seriousness and fun. There are humorous moments and comic relief, yet also well handled adult themes like war, love, and sacrifice. It is a very enjoyable show that keeps its audience just waiting for the next adventure of Aang and the Gaang.
    Two thumbs up, and highly recommended.
  • Easily one of the best show out there on TV today.

    Avatar is easily one of the best shows out there on TV today. Mike and Bryan have managed to create a world that we all enjoy and that we all want to experience. I mean, the heavy Asian influence and the idea of people being able to control the four elements made the Avatar world a world that we all could fall in love with. The idea of a boy having to save the world from the fearsome Fire Nation was truly amazing to see and follow and all the characters are great, from Aang to Zuko. Avatar in general is one of the best shows out there.
  • Water. Earth. Fire. Air... the 4 nations lived together in harmony... the Fire Nation attacked... the Avatar could stop them, but he vanished. A hundred years passed... discovered the new Avatar... he still has a lot to learn... Aang can save the world.

    I'm not going to claim avatar has a great plot. Frankly, It sounds like an idea I would scrap for being unoriginal. The ending is spoiled before the show begins thanks to the less than subtle opening narration, and the "previously on avatar" clips at the beginning of every episode.

    The voice acting is great. The occasional bad joke lightens the mood and doesn't sound cheesy because its appropriate for the age of the main characters.

    The characters are relatable, inspiring, and well fleshed out.

    Avatar has got high quality animation, and great fight choreography. Particularly in the season finales where screen is tinted and and the show reaches its climax. Each season outdoing the previous one.

    Avatar may have started as Nick's anime rip-off but over time became something far more epic than most anime can hope to be.
  • This show rocks!!

    I've seen every single episode of Avatar; it's one of my favorite shows on Nick ever!! This show was pretty confusing in the beginning, with all the talk about war and junk, but it got really interesting was the show went on. My favorite characters are Toph and Sokka. Toph because, well, she's tought, witty, and doesn't go easy on anyone who gets in her way. She is the best person ever!!! I love her "i can do it myself" attitude. she really knows how to take care of herself. Sokka is so funny! But sometimes he can be lazy.
  • While it may not have a completely original plot, Avatar never ceases to impress me.

    Avatar, in my opinion, is one of the best shows Nick ever put on the air. Unlike the newer pointless cartoons they're airing, Avatar has an amazing plot, lovable characters and actually teaches morals. From the first episode of the first season to the last of the third, I've watched it and enjoyed it.

    Avatar: the Last Airbender follows the journey kids make to defeat the Fire Lord. While the plot may not be 100% original, it is still outstanding. At times I even cried because it seemed so real. I can relate easily to most of the characters.

    Overall, if you're looking for a good cartoon to watch, diffidently try out Avatar. You'll be impressed.
  • Awesome show.

    2 words. Awesome show. This show may seem retarded at first, but it actually has a awesome plot and makes sense. The main villain is much more sinister than loads of other main villains from other shows. The characters are epic. Great Sokka jokes, lolzy at Aang being epic about learning Fire Bending in Season 3. Katara is lol worthy at points. Toph and Zuko are cool. Heh, 2-3 episodes were blasphemy but eh. I liked the rest. Season 1 was good, 2 was even better and Season 3 was.. So epic that I nearly cried. Note that I said nearly. Okay, I did not even nearly cry. I did'nt. But this show is epic, what-so-ever.
  • The show follows the last Airbender Aang after he is awakened from being in an iceberg for a 100 years. He is the Avatar who can control the four elements and now a 100 years later he has to stop the Fire Nation from taking over the world.

    This show is the first anime I ever watched and it's what made me love it! The show was so GOOD!!! It always had a little romance and A TON of characters to love. Tough Toph, Sweet Aang, Funny Sokka, or Motherly Katara. The show is very unigue and i've never seen anything like it, but if your looking for something mature you won't find it in this show. I thinking it's extremely funny, but it was made on Nick so no cursing or sexual comments. Don't get me wrong! Just cause it doesn't have that it does have some marute things about emotions and pasts! I love this show more then anything and would recommend it to almost anyone!!! :D
  • Greatest show in the history of Nickelodeon.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of those shows that have you keep coming back for more, its highly enjoyable and entertaining, you shan't be disappointed when you watch its superb and epic episodes. This show is about an adventure, and I love a lot of adventure based shows that have it in their show categories. Watch this show whenever it airs next on whatever channel its on right now! Or better yet, buy its DVD sets! I say this show is a great value and entertainment source that can brighten up anyone's day. This show has a very well done storyline, and keeps new episodes and plots in a good order. The characters are very full of life and enjoyable too, it all looks so real! Last thing is that the animation is flawless. So again this Animation and Action/Adventure Gold, truly a masterpiece! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch it!
  • At least we had a few years filled with the joy of Avatar!

    Oh, man. What can I say? I love this show so much. It has the perfect mixture of humor, romance, and action. I could talk about his show for days. I love the charcters because they are so relatable. They could be my best friends. No one knows that I still rewatch the episodes on DVD all the time....I mean, it's one thing being obsessed when the show is still on but I guess its a little ridiculous now. I will always cherish the three or four years I had with Avatar. I feel bad for those whole won't have it as they grow up.

    Avatar=epic win! =)
  • :ninja: Nobody knows I watch this. It's a secret, man.

    Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the best animated American shows ever. Avatar the Last Airbender goes to the top with Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, South Park, and some others that I just don't feel like listing. With only 3 seasons, Avatar the Last Airbender had the right length, not too short and not too long. The story was smooth and easy to follow and by beginning each episode with a recap of the previous really helped viewers that had missed an episode and didn't know what was going on. I loved the addition of characters to the gaang throughout the show, Toph season 2 and Zuko season 3. I would have liked to have seen Zuko with the gaang a little more. Ending with I'm looking forward to the up-and-coming live action movie. I really hope they put extra effort into making it. The dedicated fans really can't afford to be let down.
  • the best show i used to thing nothing could top american dragon but this, this takes the cake!!!

    the best show i used to thing nothing could top american dragon but this, this takes the cake!!! this is one of the best shows, wait it is the best show. award winning avatar has taken us all off the ground and the writer is genius! your head will get blown off with laughter! it's been written so well and planned so nicely. i don't think another show can top it. i have many favorites but this is just pure greatness! its so unique with such original ideas i can go on forever about how great this show is and you would agree with me. but this show is just perfect! i give it five stars, 10/10 and 100% rating :).
  • Can't believe Nick busted out with this.

    I thought this was going to be Nick's attempt at anime, but I find this show to be a hell of a lot better than a lot of anime I've seen. This show amazing. The characters are deep, the writing is brilliant and funny and the animation is beautiful. I found myself tearing up when the characters cried and dying laughing when they were being silly. Every emotion conveyed in the show was so skillfully executed. I ADORE Sokka (especially with his hair down XD) and was happy none of the female characters sucked. I was worried about Katara but she rules. Toph and Suki are amazing. Azula is unworldly in power and Mae and Ty Lee and so different and skilled fighters even without bending. I love how the series actually gave all of the main and supporting characters a story and honored them instead of making everything about Aang (even though that wouldn't have been too). Hope the creator makes something more adult because I felt the only thing that could have made this better was if they were maybe in their later teens, early 20's and got even more serious. Maybe a little more loss and blood shed too, but nothing crazy.
  • I used to hate this show.

    I used to hate this show. Why? I felt there were too many "spiritual" things, and besides, my mom didn't allow me to. :P Suddenly, I got interested in it again. I asked my mom if I could see it again, and she let me.


    The art is beautiful, the characters are cool, the plot is interesting, and I just thought the bending looked awesome, lol. Not to mention it's funny, I laugh a lot while watching it. It's mature and serious without being boring, and it's funny and kid-friendly without being too stupid. It's also one of those shows when you just LOVE the bad guys. (Azula
  • I really like watching Avatar, it'll capture you n keep you watching! I still love DP though! :D

    Avatar is really good and has character development through the series. I enjoy watching it if its on, maybe stick around for more. Every episode is interesting their own way, but theres a few that could've been better. Sokka is hilarious, Aang is REALLY NICE, Katara defends, Zuko is fun and Toph...well, she's Toph, she's awesome! I was watching it today on Nicktoons Network, but they were gonna pass a bunch, I can only see so many episodes before changing the channel... Still, I like watching Avatar, but like I mentioned before, I'm a Danny Phantom LOVER!!! So yeah. ;D
  • Are you kidding? This show is great! I personally don't see how anyone can hate this show.

    So, in a lost age of time, when darkness rises from the Fire Nation, it is the Avatar's duty to stop the evil fire lord from causing mayhem and world destruction. The avatar is the only person in the world that can master all four fighting techinques with elements! Its like a super power! You get to control Air, Water, Earth, and Fire! This show is about the only other true masterpiece Nick has besides Drake and Josh. All the characters are awesome! Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Momo, and Appa are the good guys (with Momo and Appa being the good animals.) The bad guys are at first Zuko, then Azula, Mai and Ty Lee, and the biggest opponent is the Fire Lord who at the last four episodes becomes the Phoenix King! But towards the end, Zuko, Mai and Ty Lee all eventually join the good side! And peace is restored to the world after Aang takes Ozai's fire powers away. This show has some of the best characters, plots, storylines, settings, and animation art EVER!!! Really, this show is simply amazing! Not to mention perfect! I am a true Avatar fan and love all the episodes and everything about this show! All three books were exciting to watch and its great seeing the world of Avatar! The video games are awesome too! feel the exciting adrenaline rush baby! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    Man how I miss this show and want it back so much! But I am looking forward to those live-action movies coming out in the future! Bring them on!
  • Stunning visuals, great voice-acting, beautiful music and smashing animation - a must watch for the young and the young at heart!

    After watching the first episode, there has been this uncontrollable desire to keep watching and wanting to know more, and the next episode never fails to wow you. The battle scenes and ideas are so original and astounding that it makes one really want to re-watch the whole series again. The music and sound-effects are always spot-on and adds to the overall beauty of the whole show. Humor and the many different emotions literally bring the film to live and manipulates the mood of the audience in the Avatar's epic battle against the fire nation. Avatar: The Last Airbender really deserves its many awards and it really gets better every season as each character changes and grows. In short, stunning visuals, great voice-acting, beautiful music and smashing animation - a must watch for the young and the young at heart! All these qualities sets this show apart from the rest. I give this show two thumbs-up and a rating of 10/10.
  • A fantastic show about an Airbender, Aang, Waterbender, Kitari and her brother Sokka as they journey to defeat the Fire Lord.

    This is one of my favourite cartoons. Into is interesting and fun to watch with humourous, suspenseful, action packed episodes.

    The characters personalities and past are portrayed well and developed, each different, each interesting. I need a new word instead of interesting. My favourite characters would have to be Azula, (she is so awesome and dark), Iro, he is so funny and enjoyable to watch and strong little Toph. They make the characters so interesting. Characters: 8.5/10

    The animation is quite good, not over the top or detailed but still detailed enough and the use of colours is quite good too. The animation for the action scenes are done really well and look believable enough (despite the fact that it is cartoon).
    Animation: 8/10

    The story has a well developed concept that gets more involved and deeper each season, and more addictive in a sense. Story: 9/10

    Total: 25.5/30
  • It was centuries ago when all four nations; fire, water, earth and air lived in peace. When the fire nation started war, however, things went downhill from there. There was only the Avatar, master of all four elements, who could stop the war.

    Aang is a twelve year old boy from the Southern Air Temple. Normally, you are given the title of The Avatar when you are sixteen, but Aang found out the news when he was twelve. He never wanted to become The Avatar, because it negatively impacted his life, even though it was a great honor. He ran away from the Southern Air Temple with his flying bison, Appa. It was then when he and Appa ended up inside an iceberg only to be found one hundred years later. In the beginning of the series, Katara, a water bender from the Southern Water Tribe, and her arrogant but humorous brother, Sokka, find Aang and Appa inside the ice berg. Since then, they embarked many adventures, while running away from the fire nation. Because it was The Avatar's duty to master all four elements, he started with water. Katara was the perfect teacher for him. Then, he moved on to earth bending. Aang and the gang found an earth bender named Toph, a blind girl who was recognized as "The Blind Bandit". The four of them continue to adventure, as Aang prepares to end the war by fighting the fire lord. Aang must fight the fire lord before the occurence of The Sozin's Comet, a periodical time where Fire Benders are at their most powerful. Can Aang bring the world back to peace? At first, I didn't pay much attention to this show. It wasn't until after the series finale when I started watching. The series finale was so exciting, and I had to know everything that happened before. Although it's hard to see a series end, this show is definitely a favorite.
  • This show is one of the best cartoon shows out there and it always will be even if it has ended already!

    Avatar I definitely know is the best show on Nickelodian, it's fortunate it for us Rockin' Avatar fans that they released DVD's in the stores for this show so we can watch them at home until our heart's content. I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, it is an exciting show that is totally an epic win! It has very memorable and cool characters. The show also has some awesome girls like Katara and Toph. That was great Ty Lee became a good girl at the very end and left the dark side! The last four chapters in book three were SUPER AMAZING and EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord Ozai (aka the Phoenix King) was defeated and Aang and his friends achieved sweet victory! I loved this show when I watched, like, the first few episodes. Book one was great and the last two chapters were definitely worth watching. Book two and three were extremely awesome. More exciting plots and things started happening in those two books. More confrontations and plot twists were forming, and new characters entered the scene. This show is truly a God of excitement and action/adventure filled with entertainment and thrills, stored in one special treasure chest that unleashed the beautiful animation treasure the very first day this show aired on television! This show is so popular that this show was broadcast worldwide! There is a lot of proof as to how this is one of the most greatest carton shows of all time that the whole family can enjoy by sitting down and watching it! Whenever and wherever this show airs next, go ahead and watch it! You shan't be disappointed! This show still lives on even when it is over, that's how awesome this show is! It also brings back good memories of the good old days when this was running and shown a lot more on television. (2005-2008.) Long live Aang and the rest of the characters and the whole show Avatar: The Last Airbender! Oh, and users who disagree with this review don't know what a good show is for sure. Good day, I love Avatar!
  • 3 years ago a show premiered that changed the way we watch telrvision that show is avatar the last airbender.

    aang is the last of his kind. the last of the air nomads. he is also the avatar the one who is supposed to leran all elements earth water fire and air learning of an impending war and having to restore order he runs away on his sky bison appa they then are frozen in a block of ice. 10o years later enter katara a lonley southern water waterbender and she is the only one of her tribe who can bend water. she and her brother sokka then find aang in a block of ice setting a stage for a new line of adventures ahead.[ note: this is for season 1]
  • This is definitely the best Animated show Nick has ever obtained!

    I love Avatar, this was a superb and excellent type of animated television show, and its truly Nick's best. This show I find to be about the only show so far that I like even more than SpongeBob (I love both shows.) But with SB's decline and some crappy new episodes its no match for this animated gem right now on Nick even if it has ended. (If SB was doing as good as it was in its first three seasons right now then maybe it would be powerful enough to compete witht his show, but not right now at the moment.) Personally I think this show is the most awesome and it always will be, I think this show is one of the best there is, and Nick did great with it for a while until they decreased its air time. Things just seemed to go downhill continuously with Nick ever since that happened. Well hey at least this show had a truly awesome grand finale episode split into four segments, and it ended great. This show can withstand the test of time and will forever be immortalized and live on in our memories because of its powerful excitement, characters, plots, stroylines, morals, and epic structure. This definitely is Nick's best animated tv show, whilst Drake and Josh I think is Nick's best live-action show. This show is so great that from sources around here I see that it looks like this show will get a movie to hit the big screen, but it will be in live-action form. The characters are some of the most memorable ones ever, and each one is great. I like Aang, Katara, Toph, Ty Lee, Azula, Uncle Iroh, Zuko, and Lord Ozai (aka the Phoenix King.) There's a few other characters I think are pretty good too. Now, when this show started it became a top favorite of mine immediately. I also loved the show as it progressed through new chapters and books. Exciting episodes and TV movies are what makes this show worthwhile. Live on Avatar: The Last Airbender! Now I am ending this perfect review. ~Reno.~
  • This show is really amazing. Its an easy show , excellent characters and storyline . I enjoyed watching this show.

    This show is really amazing.
    Its an easy show , excellent characters and storyline .
    I enjoyed watching this show.
    When I first heard about this show I was thinking "Hmm , It is looking pretty childly." But after I started watching it , I really didn't regret .
    I enjoyed very much. this show is for all ages, for children and for teenagers and adults .
    Even this is a cartoon , the story is fantastic , the characters are great, and full of humor , when you are starting to watch it , you can't stop.
    I really recommend on this excellent show for anyone!
  • being able top control all four elemnts but you have to learn them first, c'mon people this is wisdom! i bow to the person who created this show!

    k serious who doesn't love this hsow? the plan and ideas for it and the way it was done was so great! i wish it was back on television because i never saw the last episode and i really want to, the last episode i saw was the one with Toph, the sick earthbender, i heard they're making a movie Avatar, but it isn't going to be cartoon which is kinda a letdown because cartoon was the original idea, but whatever i'll still be one of the first people in line in the cinemas with my popcorn and lollies and drink waiting to watch the movie, rock on!
  • The avatar is a master of all four elements and keeps the nations at peace. But when the avatar disapears and the world is taken over by war, the next avatar (who is a small boy) has to face all the things he tried to run away from. This is his journey.

    This show is absaloutly magnificent! you may think its just a childish cartoon but if so you are completely wrong! The show takes you to a world of bending, magic, war, love and loss. you cant help but fall in love with the characters in the 1st five minutes! it is extremely well writen and the way the martial arts and bending is done is fabulous! The story has an ongoing plot line unlike most of the other shows out there. The freindship of the 5 main characters is lovely. this show really deserves much more than it is given credit for. this is truely a classic, one of a kind, show. and if you havent watched this show i strongly recomend to you, with every bone in my body to do so. it will change your life.
  • The greatest show ever!

    Avatar is the best show on nick. No other show can compete. It is very original and maintains a balance of action,comedy, and romance. It has a wide rage of fans that support and love the show. It is a great loss that Avatar ended, but it will always be remembered as the greatest show ever. The creators,Mike and Bryan, are 2 of the best writers. They made Avatar possible and great. The show got 3 seasons and lasted for 4 years. That is very good considering most shows don't get that long. Over all Avatar is a very successful show and will always be remembered.
  • This show is one of the best animated shows EVER!!! It clearly is the best Nick show right now. #1!

    I love Avatar! I am a huge fan of this truly amazing action and adventure television show. This show is one of the reasons to watch tv since sometimes it truly has animated gold such as this that is always worth watching when you got the time. This show I say belongs on the top ten best shows ever in all of tv history's list. The whole show in general is very imaginative and creative, the creator is very cool and a genius! This show is based on a different kind of world that is in a lost age of time, and there's four natural elements where certain people can bend one of them. The avatar is the only one who can bend and master all four of the elements. The characters in this show are cool (like the guys Aang, Zuko, Iroh, and Sokka) and the girls (Katara, Toph, Ty Lee, and Azula.) Let's not forget the villain: Lord Ozai! He is cool too even though he is very evil! I will always love this show and will always truly be a spectacular masterpiece! All the characters are great, and the whole concept of this show is well thought-out and organized. Which element is your favorite? Air, Water, Fire, or Earth? There's also special episodes like The Library and Appa's Lost Days that show sand benders! So yeah this always will be animated gold on Nick, no matter what Nick does with it! Not airing it much won't change nuthin', because we got DVDs! So ha! We don't need Nick to watch Avatar (at least not entirely.) Well I also got a lot of favorite episodes too and I am so glad they made video games out of this! The video games are just as exciting as the show! Man, this show is so awesome and was truly a golden idea. I can't describe it enough because its so awesome!
    This show will always be better than a show that is currently in a crappy stage right now which is SpongeBob too, no matter what the SB fans say, this show beats SB right now anyday and no fan can defeat this show as it will always better infinity and beyond! So the two people that are disagreeing with these reviews I think don't have good taste in tv shows. (And I think they are just wasting their time.)
  • the show is liked by people of all ages, and is absolutely amazing!

    I've been watching this show since the day it came out!! its my all time favorite! it has like every drama in it which attracts so many people, but the show is defiantly underrated, especially by Nick. they hardly ever advertize or better yet even air the show. they really need to change that. for some weird reason they think not a lot of people like it. but whats not to like? it it has drama, suspense, Romance, tons of action & adventure, and humor, what more could you want in a show!!?? even though the last episode was amazing, the ended it too soon. too many cliffhangers!!
  • If there ever was a TV show to shut me up, this would be the one.

    When I first saw Avatar premiering on Nickelodeon, I was just at the age where I was getting out of this stuff. Cartoons were no longer cool, parties and cell phones were. I laughed at it, never really taking it to heart, casting it aside when I really actually hadn't seen a single episode. Three years later something strange happens. I see a good review of the show from a guy that had a Ph.D.. My interest was peaked. I started to do my research and I realized that it was highly rated on this site, and critically acclaimed overall. I still couldn't respect it, but I wanted to watch it to see what it was about. Another year passes, and I hear my friends talking about Avatar. I'm off to buy season 1. I didn't regret it for a second. Even though the characters acted like they would on Spongebob or Suite Life of Zack and Cody, it was complemented by an amazing story that could be compared to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Some of the episodes were amazing and some of my personal favorites would be "Jet", "The Storm", "The Fortuneteller", "The Water-bending Master", and "The Siege of the North".

    Then went back and bought season 2 and 3. And then it was over. I sat their stunned at the end of Sozin Comet, picturing myself four years ago, writing it off as another "children's" show. This is a rare show that will appeal to the whole family. I humbly bow before the show that proved to me this was possible.
  • In a time of turbulant war and a traitor at every corner, the world cries out for a hero. The Avatar has been gone for 100 years, and now he's back. With his friend's, he's out to save the world and rid it of the turbulance of the Fire Nation.

    Avatar is one of my favourite shows, hands down. Personally, I love things with action, comedy and romantic tension, but Avatar also tackles more mature things, such at the dicomety of good and evil. Its a show where the charactors actually expierence growth and changes and mature into something different. Bad guys are not truly bad, good guys struggle with their inner darkness, and all of them are pushed to the breaking point while they fight their own demons and try to make sense of the world.
    You how how, when you watch a show from the very beginning, you immediatly make presumptions on it? You decide you hate this charactor, love this guy, ship those two, that sort of thing; if a show is good enough, the charactors change and remake your opinions. Avatar is this show. In fact, my previous inclination to Azula was pure hatred. I still dislike her, but since the finale, I can understand and sympathize with her. Zuko is someone I love and admire. Katara is someone I disliked, but have grown to appreciate. Sokka: hands down folks, who doesn't like Sokka?
    Keep watching Avatar and steer clear of cactus juice ;)
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