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  • Avatar is one of the best shows out there after the 90's cartoons.

    Avatar, I was not sure at first as to watch this show or not. Whenever I went on Tv.com I could see that TLA is always first. I was intrigued, but what displeased me was the child-like animation (or maybe the image of Aang smiling when I entered the shows main page). I decided to give it a try. Many thousands of people cannot be wrong, now could they? I've started to watch the show and I was hooked on it ever since. The animation was great, the plot and fight were simply awesome. And on top of that it was like anime, it was not random episodes about nothing like we see nowadays. The plot developed the characters, their relationships. That is what made this show so great, there was love, fighting. My only disadvantage towards the show is the fact it is for kids, I wish it was for 16+ audiences, it would certainly be more interesting. So if you haven't watched this show yet, try it, I think you'll like it.
  • The Greatest Anime I've Ever Seen

    Avatar its a great story about the end of the world and a profechy about the "one" that will save us from extinction
    Season 1 was the awsome beginning the iceberg thing was awsome and the persecution from Zuko, the War on The North awsome really awsome
    Season 2 its like the uphill of the show with Aang learning Earthebding, new friends & foes, Zuko's transformation for a destiny to seek and the Fall Of Ba Sing Se awsome really awsome
    Season 3 the end with Aang defeating the Fire Lord (the battle is the best awsome), ZUko destiny acomplished and everyone happy
    The end is awsome with Aang & Katara finally kiss
  • A great show that manages to pull off epic story telling and fantastic use of the 4 elements.

    Avatar is by no means the best cartoon ever to come out, lets not exaggerate. However with its pg kid targeting and i would say appropriate for most people they have done a fantastic job. At first i thought the whole idea was too shallow, four elements, make the main guy overpowered and can use all four. But then as it progressed and the elements are explored, it opens up wondrous possibilities. Although the show tries to pull off being funny and amusing, it doesn't do that very well, xept that sword guy i already forgot his name. Where avatar excelt in my opinion is in the script, most importantly the princes uncle, his lines add real depth to the story. Action starts out pretty shallow, but develops to be powerful indeed. The earth bender bending metal, and using it as armor, the water bender bends blood, the fire bender produces lightning, the air bending is probably the one that started good from the start which is why it didnt need much development. Overral Avatar is a great show that should be watched from start to finish in order to fully love it, i find myself picking guilty pleasure because its a kids show, but i still love it.
  • I cant believe it ended..

    I believed this show brought Nickelodeon some MULA!! Honestly a true classic and one of the best shows of a lifetime. I also love the way the characters are drawn, very well developed and superior show. Its a true competitor against the animations of Cartoon Network. If only there were more shows like Avatar, the television world would be a better place. Honestly a very unique show. I'm really impressed the way the show's story went through. It's not the longest lasting show ever, and I know that, but I just had hoped there could of been a 4th season...
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender, is about a boy named Aang, who being the Avatar, must journey off to save the world from the Fire Nation, and ultimately stop a 100 year long war, with the help of his good friends Katara, Sokka, and later on, Toph.

    This show is magnificent, if nothing more. The plot is great, the characters are fantastic, and the relationship between some of them adds a spice to the story that makes the show what it is.

    It starts out at the South Pole, where two siblings from the Southern Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka, are fishing around their village, when they discover an iceberg, and a boy inside it. The boy's name is Aang, and eventually, Katara and Sokka find out that Aang has been frozen inside that iceberg for 100 years, and that he's the Avatar, the person who watches over the world and keeps it in balance, and who is a master of all four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Aang is also an Airbender, and the last of his people. Aang finds out that a war, started by the Fire Nation, has been raging for 100 years. And after a Fire Nation ship attacks Katara and Sokka's village, Aang must leave with his new friends to find a way to master Water, Earth, and Firebending; Avatar skills he needs in order to defeat the Fire Nation's leader, Fire Lord Ozai, and resort balance and peace to the world.

    All three seasons were great, with lots of excitement and heart pounding battles! And, although I love the show so much and in my heart, wish it would continue, the ending, and the final suspenseful episodes, were still an excellent way to conclude Avatar: The Last Airbender!
  • In a lost age, the world is divided into four nations: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads.

    My favorite TV show on Nick! I really like it- so CLASSIC. It's original, exciting, and tickles my funny bones! Who think that a cartoon based on Asian influence would be this popular? I love every episode and I enjoy every minute of them. I also luuurve the ending- it really just like what I wanted. Zuko and Mai reaffirm their relationship, Suki and Sokka end up together, but what I wanted most- no Zutra. At. All. [No offense, Zutarians!]. I just don't like the pairing, especially Katara. Awwww, young love.. [Did not reach 100?!] But also make me cry.
  • this is one of the greatest animated shows I've seen ever. Top 5 animated show for certain.

    This is one of the greatest animated shows I've seen in a long time. Though it's a show meant for elementary and middle school children, this is truly one of the few animated shows that can be enjoyed by the whole family. I'm a college sophomore and I must say this show is great. I truly wish they would make not only an Avatar movie (post war), but a 4th book. The Air book. I would love to see how their lives turned out since the new Fire Lord is in place, and the Avatar is the most powerful being in the world. Revisiting our old friends from episodes psat would be fantastic. A lot of other reviewers thinks that Nickelodeon is losing it's touch, and it might be. But it's not because of this show. Avatar: The Last Airbender is part of my top 5 greatest animated shows of all time.
  • My most favorite show ever, and it always will be.

    Ever since i saw the commercials showing up on the tv screen about this i thought it was going to be a pretty good show, until i saw my very first episode which happened to be Warriors of Kyoshi. Now, as time progressed and i watched more and later episodes they got more thrilling and epic, in fact, they were so amazing that i immediately thought: Man, this show sure does rock, one of the best shows ever!!! And i always couldn't wait to see the next episode. Truly amazing characters and a cool story in some episodes, and always something exciting happening in just about every episode. We also got some episodes with very good life lessons, a good episode that shows that would be The Storm. Book one was great, especially the last four episodes, but if i got a favorite book it would have to be book two. That book was awesome and i think had the best episodes, absolutely fantastic. There was so many exciting and epic episodes in that one that i lost count. Book three was great too, and the last four chapters made a very awesome and successful finish to this show. I swear, this show was one of the best shows of all time to hit tv, and is like tv's ultimate pirate treasure. Sadly this show is now over but it will live on, and we all will be ready to get a kick out of the live-action movie (i hope its good.) Anyone who doesn't like this show just don't know good shows when they see them. Avatar has so many great things about it. Man this show rules in so many ways. Peace out!
  • The last episode of Avatar. Has Aang dealing with should he take a life or is there some other way to solve this without blood on his hands.

    All in all i think it was a very clever way of finishing off a fantastic series. Remember Aang never kills anyone in the series . he is a calm monk. In the episode with the water tribe with Zhao.Aang is released before the spirit kills Zhao. So I think it was very true to the Aang's character the way it ended. He figured out a way to solve the problem without killing someone.I love this series and I hope Nickeloden comes up even more shows like this one where kids and parents alike can both be sucked into a great storyline.
  • Excelent

    Avatar its a Tv show animation like no other every season it gets better and we get to know the four nations culture every season
    Alright Book One: Water was the start, Anng is found, the war blah blah but excelent!!
    Book Two: Earth introduction of Azula and the Earth Kingdom City of Ba Sing Se falls excelent too!
    Book 3: Fire its the end when the final battle gets place the fight with the Fire Lord Ozai its awsome OMG i never saw an animation battle so great
    The show its really awsome and the story about a legend blah blah blaj awsome too!!
  • Possibly the best show in all of TV history. Loved it so much, before it ended and I still love it.

    This is just an awesome and totally epic show. I loved it so much before it ended, and I still love it. It's just amazing. All the characters are great and all the episodes are great (yes, I even like The Great Divide). The progression of the show it just fantastic and the whole concept. I have to admit, at first I thought it was stupid, but I've grown to love it. Avatar is the best show in the world, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. ~boomeraangsquad

    BTW: I am so excited for the live action movies. We avatards still got something to look forward to.
  • GREAT show, i love it so much!

    I LOVED this show!! I'm so sad it's over but it had an awesome run. That finale was just amazing! *sigh*

    This show really had everything; a great story line, great characters, great animation, great music! it wasnt just a one show pony, it had drama, action, humor, and romance all magically balled up into one!

    Every episode was always so interesting to watch and there were always such great messages behind each episode. Whatever challenges the they characters might have faced, there was always that subtle message about the important things in life; friendship, loyalty, belief in self, determination, justice, compromise, awareness, and, of course, honor.

    It's easily one of my favorite shows to watch, it's absolutely awesome!!
  • I well done story

    This show is fabulous in many ways. Although the original concept when i heard it seemed very uncreative what they did with it was unbelievable. First of the fights and fight choreography is some of the best you will EVER see in any type of show. The characters are fun but also have depth. I cant get enough of the complexity of Zuko character.The lands are well drawn and creative and truly drags you into a new world. My only complains would be that some of the characters can be annoying at times and there is not a lot of uniqueness in abilities at some times. But these are minor this that only slightly hurt an incredible show.
  • Great show fun entertainment for the whole family.

    One of the best shows I have watched in a long time, The story is so interesting that once you get started you have keep watching more and more. The characters are really realistically created making you feel what they feel at the time. All the injustices or fun times, this will one of the few memorable shows that you will be able to watch again and again without getting bored. I loved every second of it, from the start to finish. Overall a very well put together show that will enchant its audience again and again or for how long they keep watching it.
  • One of the best shows.

    Where do I start? First I have to say that this is one of the best shows that I have encountered in my life. It simply has everything that a perfect show is supposed to have: brilliant story line, seriousness, great humor, the production is just flawless, the voices are matched to the characters....

    There are thing happening between the characters from which you can draw life-meaning conclusions.

    The sound track is beautiful, every piece of music is always perfect for the moment.

    If you are looking for an exciting journey filled with feeling, love, fights, jokes the look no further you have found the right show.
  • A light of hope for Nickelodeon

    Lately Nick has been coming up with some really bad shows, but Avatar shows that there is hope still for Nickelodeon. It's about a twelve year boy who is not only the very last air bender, he is also the avatar, the only person who can master bending water, earth, fire, and air. He travels around the world as he tries to master all four skills, but the fire benders who had ravaged his temple and killed his people keep trying to stop him. It results in very enjoyable action sequences. The show also brings some laughs, like using a stick as a snake. Avatar is a great show ending with cliffhangers that will keep you waiting to see what happens to Aang next.
  • This show is so funny and cool. It's really popular in my school and I LOVE IT. I think that it's a bit stinky though, because I was gonna write a book that had something similar to this plot, but I was too slow to produce it. Other than that its cool.

    Avatar: The last airbender, is a popular, hit cartoon show for all audiences, with all the confronting issues that are dealt with, within the show. Teenages and many children are going through many difficult situations these days, and there are few solutions to resolve their problems. Thats why Avatar is great, because it helps them resolve their problems. It deals with love to losing a loved one. I think the writer wanted all kids to see that we all should be proud that we are living in a free nation. Not have to fight hatred and war, whilst others do.
  • Great show. Watch it!

    Yeah... Avatar the Last Air Bender's an all out amazing show. There are great fight sceens, hilarious episodes... Yeah. It's just great.

    The story centers around Aang, and air bender who is trying to master all four elements, (air earth water and fire), Katara, a water bender, her brother sokka, Prince Zuko from the Fire Nation, and later a blind earth bender named Toph.

    Aang has to defeat the Fire lord, Zuko's father, before a comet comes and the Fire Nation uses the comet's power to destroy all the other nations and rule the world.

    It's a much better show that my summery is, so WATCH AVATAR!
  • The Earth, Fire, Air and Water nations of this allegory are at peace when they treat each other with respect, acknowledge that they have different ways of life, and different philosophies, but can still coexist peacefully.

    Children's cartoons are rarely the realm for thought out philosophies and intelligent character dramas.

    When I was a kid, there was nothing like Avatar: The Last Airbender on television.

    After finishing the entire series today, I have firmly decided that it has to be one of the most progressive shows ever, let-alone for kids.
    Most of the themes and symbolism evident in this show probably washes right over the heads of the targeted viewers, and probably even their parents.

    I love it, because this fable embodies the many reasons why I believe what I do about religion, science, violence and the importance of human connection.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I believe people are able to manipulate the elements in such a way that the "benders" on this show are able to, but that the underlying concept to the story is that one way of life is not right for everyone else in the world.

    Even when the Fire Nation has demolished all opposition, eradicated the followers of the peace-loving nation of Air, and taken over the fictional world of Aang and his cohorts... the way to bring order back to their world ends without death, and revenge, but with the revelation that all life is valuable... even the lives of those who could be described as evil or tyrants, and especially the lives of those who see the world differently than ourselves.

    The Earth, Fire, Air and Water nations of this allegory are at peace when they treat each other with respect, acknowledge that they have different ways of life, and different philosophies, but can still coexist peacefully.

    Violence and revenge, savagery and pain are only brought out once one corner of the world has decided their way of life is superior, and must therefore "save" the rest of the world from themselves.

    When the only possible outcome of this conflict seems to be the assassination of the leader of the onslaught of conversion, or complete destruction of the earth... Aang, the avatar, is compelled to find another solution because he knows disconnecting himself from the world by taking another life will only continue the cycle of oppression and aggression.

    It is a kids show... to be sure.
    There are plenty of interesting and amusing animal hybrid creatures, and the world encompasses a people that are able to will the movement of rock, water, fire and air by training in the martial arts to the point that physics doesn't matter.
    Kids save the world, all the while cracking jokes, making fun of eachother and getting into amazingly difficult situations no person could ever fathom coming out of alive.

    But... beyond that, the series has a much greater meaning for anyone that is concerned for the rising tide of fundamentalism on both sides of the globe, and adds credence to the idea that pluralism is the only route to a peaceful coexistance with one-another
  • Next to Spongebob, Avatar is Nickalodeon's best show.

    Surpassed only by Spongebob, Avatar is one of the few good shows remaining on Nick. Before all the crappy shows on Nick invaded (Mighty B, 6Teen, Naked Brothers Band, etc.), there were such great shows like Ren & Stimpy, Rocko, Rugrats, and to some extent Rocket Power (hey! there's a pattern! they all start with r!) all deceased. Now the only surviving good shows (at the time this review was originally written) are Drake & Josh (dying; only 3 episodes left), Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, & Avatar. I love it. My friends love it. Even the fa****s that I can't stand to be within a 50 mile radius love it! Avatar rules! FIN
  • Water, Earth, Fire, Air, this is Avatar the Last Airbender. It has a suprising depth to the show as well as humor, action, and even a little romance thrown in.

    Avatar has gone from "ok" to "amazing". This show is just 3 seasons but it is definatly worth watching. At first I thought what a dumb kids show, but it has suprising depth and originality. It follows the story of Aang, the last airbender and avatar as he follows his mission to save the world (and make some friends along the way.)
    Avatar takes place in a world where warriors and benders rule. The four nations are supposed to live in harmony with the avatar keeping peace, but with the death of the last avatar (Avatar Roku) and avatar Aang frozen for a hundred years, the world changed and a global war erupeted, started by the greed of the fire nation. Now it is Aang's job to bring peace once again. This show is a must watch.
  • For some reason I got being into it.

    Well, I watched a few episodes. And, from what everyone says, it's pretty good.Here's the premise;

    Avatar is about Katara and Sokka who finds the newest Avatar, Aang, into the iceburg. When he tries finding the whole life saving, there is he who finds all four elements, to awaken hi Avatar state, which, by the way, smexy.

    Over the storyline, I must say, it has structure, and it actually continues. It has continued to what has been, the best life of the centuary.

    The characters, ranging from crazy princess Azula, to rich, but tomboish, Toph, has takeing into the audience into like a hypontizing energy. They have turned into a mature take during the course of the series. Which, is pretty.

    Then, comes the action, Its action has a take onto it. With heartbreaking powers and amazing effects, it has taken the flow upon our minds. It, in one word was... breath-taking.

    The animation is just.. amazing. I will say that. Nothing more.

    Overall., this show is the most spectacular show in this whole world. But, it has flaws. Too bad we can't see much of them. But, overall, this show is the best in history on B=Nick, and, might be, the best show in animation.
  • Great Show!

    the Show needs to Come Back ! The show Could have a Fast Forward into the furture episode ! Maybe The Next Avatar After Aang.Give me some more Elements for Example : Light , Darkness , Lava , Grass , Shadow , and Sound !
    Why doesn't nick Bring it Back ? At Least Show Reruns For Pete ' s Sake ! Why not Create Flashback episodes of the Previous Avatars . This Show was so Great , Elements : Oringal , Characters : Great ! As I Said Before : Brin it Back I bet Tons of Fans Have Ideas!
  • Show you want to watch over and over.

    Avatar The Last Airbender is about a boy who tried to run from destiny but found out that destiny is what you make of it. Though the show could have easily gone more than three seasons, it a very excellent story. The characters grow and expanded on their adventure to stop the evil Fire Lord. Though the show is targeted towards kids, adults who grew up on cartoons will find it funny, well written, and a show you defiantly want your kids to watch. The show also shows that you can't judge a person base on a person alone, that everyone has their own personal strengths.
  • For a children's show, it has suprising depth.

    Being one of those people that still loves cartoons at the age of 22, this huge nickolodeon franchise struck me as nothing more than that; a franchise.
    My god, was I wrong. I devoured each and every episode I could find, ceasing to exist in the world around me, but stop to sleep and eat. After buying the first season on a recommendation, I quickly went out and bought the rest.
    The animation is pushing the limits of what a western animation studio is capable of, since the east, obviously, leave us in their wake. Unsuprisingly, it's style is heavily based on anime.
  • In an age where warriors harness the elements to preform amazing feats heroism. The world has become a darker place when the fire nation begins their reign of terror to conquer the world. Ang must summon his own amazing power to save the world.

    This is probably the best animated series that I have ever seen. Not only was it funny and comical but it was also dramatic and intense at the same time. Most of the time I would even forget that this was a cartoon. Though it was only on for four seasons, this show was so amazing and the conclusion of the show was perfect. I am so excited for the live action movie that is set to be made based on this show. The best part about this show is that it never forgot what made it so good, and it stayed true to it self.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has got to be my favorite anime/cartoon of all time

    Avatar: The Last Airbender has got to be my favorite anime/cartoon of all time. The story revolves around Aang, an airbender, Katara, a waterbender, Soka, a fighter, Toph, an earthbender, and Zuko, a fire bender. Every generation an person is born that can master all form of bending, and this is Aang. The fire nation is trying to take over the world and only Aang can stop him. The story is about Aang's pursuit in learning the different elements. It doesn't have any death or blood, but is does have a good amount of action. It is also very funny, mostly due to Soka. There is also a very beautiful love story between Katara and Aang, and it develops very naturally. All in all, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great show.
  • A show to love from beggining to end

    Another one of my top favorite shows. Filled with action, drama, fighting, romance, friendship, a journey.. its what every good show is. I loved the how everything just flowed perfectly and how they group made new friends, new enemys, and travelled the world. The main theme of the show was the comet and they kept it all the way through from beggining to end... and it oddly never got old, just more exciting. Well i wasnt crazy about the very ending but i thought the finale was pretty amazing... which is hard to do. Like many ended shows i pray they make a new season... there r still many questions that need to be answered!
  • Avatar is an awesome anime show with great details.

    In this show we got a setting of time: a lost age of time where everyone is born under having one special bending elemental technique out of four: air bending, water bending, earth bending, and fire bending. There is one person in the world however, that can do all four of these elements, and he is known as the Avatar. This show has one of the greatest storylines and plots ever, because we got this show featuring a point of time where the world is in peril, the fire nation has gone bad with an evil firelord that goes by the name of Ozai. So it is up to the avatar to stop his destruction. The fire nation has wiped out all of the airbenders from existence except for Aang, which makes him the sole survivor. This show got a wonderful set-up for seasons by having them as books, books 1-3. In each of these seasons things changed around and new characters were met, and Aanga and his friends got closer to Ozai's plans. Aang alo trained hard a lot fot he time too. I saw the finale of this show (which got broken up into four parts) and it was amazing and a definite total action filled TV movie. Well that was the layout and recap of this superb animated TV show, so now i will give out my opinions for this: It is unfortunate that this show only got three years because this show ended (for some) a little to a lot fast. This show is amazing though and i will always like it a lot. I think this is one of the best shows ever made, it had so much exciting things happening in every episode. Since it ended though rest in peace: Avatar: The Last Airbender. And for those who manage to read all of this you can freely agree/disagree too.
  • The Avatar and the Fire lord

    When eveyones sleeping roko contacts Aang they travel to rokos home island. back in the fire natoin zuko finds a scroll saying to find out about his great grandfather fire lord sozin he then the mesege said the sagins kept the secret.Aang finds Roko and visits roko's past.while zuko kept reading the final testament of Fire lord Sozin Aang finds out that roko was friends with Sozin.And roko was batling a volcano Sozin whanted to help him but then Sozin betrad Roko and left him there to die then Aang was born Aang got back telling his friends what had hapend then they all held hands
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