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  • Wow! Just Wow!

    Okay, I don't know if this is a Nickelodeon original cartoon or it's something that they just picked up, but OH MY GOD! Nick hit the jackpot with Avatar: the Last Airbender! This just might be the greatest western cartoon ever made (Yeah, maybe even more than Kim Possible or Looney Tunes, two shows that I absolutely adore). It's story, the characters, the action, the humor, everything about this show is practically perfect. I can't believe I'm just now reviewing this.

    Aang, like Goku, is one of the most likable characters to ever be drawn. He's a good-natured kid, but he's also flawed, as he goes through inner turmoils trying to deal with who he is. Also, he had to learn the techniques required of being the Avatar instead of just having them from the beginning. It was great seeing him go through so much development. Katara is just as equally awesome. She's kind, but also has her limits and will gladly stick up for herself when she needs to. And her water-bending techniques are pretty spectacular to see. Also, I LOVED the romance between her and Aang, and I have no shame admitting that I squealed like a little girl when they finally kissed. Sokka, while a little annoying in the beginning, probably went through the best development later on in the show. Going from full-time comedy relief, to badass warrior who could still be funny. Cudos to the creators for that. Prince Zuko and most of the other characters had their moments of awesome too.

    As for villains. The buildup to Fire Lord Ozai's reveal was perfect. He was perceived as a huge threat for the first two seasons, and when he was finally revealed, he did not disappoint. This guy was evil. Truly evil! The attitude, the look, the voice, the power, what more could you ask for in a villain. And his fight with Aang in the final episodes was among one of the greatest fights I've ever seen in any animated show.

    The story of Avatar is incredible. It's mainly Aang learning how to master all four elements, but there's also plenty of amazing battle sequences with the Fire Nation and other villains along the way. The bending techniques are freakin' awesome to see. Avatar's animation is beautiful. It's a lot like Teen Titans, I love the mixture of Japanese and western style animations, only this show mixed it better with the incredible action scenes. And the show knew how to balance drama and humor, which made the story even better.

    All in all. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a phenomenal cartoon. Hell, it's a phenomenal show. Forget Invader Zim, Kim Possible or Looney Tunes, This is the greatest western-made animated show that has ever been conceived. Awesome story, awesome characters, plenty of action, comedy and drama, Avatar raised the bar for future animation. So high, that it may never be reached again. If your one of the few people whose never watched this, go watch it, and be amazed!
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